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Holding Onto My ManChapter 32


Translated by Sleepchaser; TLCed by Callis and Dan-dan Mein 


On the other side, Gu Bai followed the imperial guard and quickly entered the pavilion that had an elegant ambience.

“Ji Zhangyin!”

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As soon as he had entered the room, Gu Bai threw himself in front of the man with joy flashing in his eyes, hands thrown around the other’s neck, his whole body weight on him. If it could be said that in the last world he still had some hesitation, then this time he did not have that apprehension anymore.

No matter the emotions he had for this person, in short, this person would always get his heart pounding. That was what was most important, the mysterious master had said. Three thousand worlds. It was impossible for them to cross paths each time. Who knew if he’d be able to meet this person again in the next task? 1n3qWy

“A while ago, you were in the limelight. After today, your name will be famous throughout the city. One really can’t tell that you would be so full of political wisdom…”

The man immediately supported his buttocks with his palms and kneaded his full and perky butt a few times, fondling it quite admiringly, his tone of voice bringing a pleased feeling.

A smile graced Gu Bai’s lips. He relaxed and leaned against Ji Zhangyin, saying, “I’m not full of scholarly wisdom at all. Just now, those were all lies I told them. Do you also think I look like a cultured, refined scholar…?”

Ji Zhangyin stared at the man who was completely lacking etiquette hanging off his body, and shook his head. 


“Right? But, although I’m not full of talent, I can still recite a couple lines of poetry. Do you want to hear it?”

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After saying that, he began to recite without waiting for the man to speak. “The depth of the sea is not half that of the yearning between two lovers; the sea reaches its shores, but yearning is without bounds. Carrying the guqin towards the top of a tower, the tower is empty but flooded with the moonlight. Plucking a song of yearning, the strings of the guqin strum one at a time. How do you feel about this poem?”

Once he had finished reciting the poem, Gu Bai lifted his head. He gazed at Ji Zhangyin, his expression speaking of his desire to be praised.

Due to the lively expression on his face, Ji Zhangyin couldn’t help but let out a low laugh. oUtWx2

“A good poem is a good poem. For what reason have you recited it? Why must you recite such a sorrowful poem?

“I was pining for you, missed you so much it felt like my insides were cut in pieces. Did you miss me…?”

Gu Bai stared intently at the man in front of him. The unusual expression in his eyes caused Ji Zhangyin‘s own to darken again. He found that he really had no resistance to these eyes.

It always caused him to feel a kind of overwhelming joy. He could not help but want to kiss and suck those sweet lips of the youth. ajwtib

But at the last moment, he held back, lowering his head, his voice hoarse as he said, “Then tell me, should I be yearning for Gu Bai or Yunxi?”

As he spoke, his palm was slowly sliding down the spine of the youth. Separated by his clothing, his hands kneaded those soft and supple buttocks, the soft and perky feel simply driving people crazy.

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“Of course for Gu Bai…” said Gu Bai resolutely as he raised his face, showcasing his eyes moist with tears. His butt being kneaded and pinched by the man caused his legs to turn soft. He could only stand with help from the man holding his arm, then leaning against him. Inhaling the familiar scent of the man made him feel extremely comfortable.

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With a laugh, he took the initiative to kiss Ji Zhangyin. He continued to say, “You can use Gu Bai as my courtesy name. If you could call me it then that would be good…”

“Where did this courtesy name come from?” Ji Zhangyin continued to hold him and knead his soft flesh.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I like it. Do you like this name?” 7UVR0a

The young man smiled brightly, one that could lift others’ mood quite a bit. Ji Zhangyin did not prod further. No matter what his name was, who he was, he was him.

Holding Gu Bai horizontally to his body, he sat down on the chair beside him. He took a piece of pastry and put it to the other’s mouth. He was in a rather good mood, and when the youth opened his mouth, he took it away, teasing him.

The young man glared at him discontentedly, then grabbed his hand, opened his mouth and ate the pastry, afterwards stretching out his delicate tongue to lick his fingers. Ji Zhangyin’s Adam’s apple bobbed a few times, and he said in a husky voice, “What about the good wine you talked about last time? Is it ready yet? “

“Not yet. It’ll be ready in a few days. Once it is, I’ll give it to you. It’ll definitely be better than your collection of fine wines… Give me another piece of pastry,” said Gu Bai, licking his lips, not thinking much of the command. jZS8LX

The eyes of the imperial guard outside became sharp at once. This gongzi is really daring. He actually had the courage to instruct His Majesty to serve him. Did he not want his head anymore?!

With a smile, Ji Zhangyin fiercely pinched his little butt. “Do you know who I am? You dare to have me serve you?”

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“Ji Zhangyin, you introduced yourself to me last time…”

“Don’t you know what this name represents in the Great State of Chu?” Ji Zhangyin arched a brow. PROvrx

Gu Bai stared at him for a while. Yet his smile did not falter. “Don’t know. You tell me…”

In fact, he really didn’t know. He had always stayed in the Fu estate, rarely leaving except for his private studies. However, he was aware that the imperial surname of the Great State of Chu was Ji. Did his man reincarnate into the imperial family this time?

As Gu Bai had expected, Ji Zhangyin raised a finger and said, “Didn’t you ask me where I live? Over there, in the East Palace of the Forbidden City… “

It went without saying who lived in the East Palace of the Forbidden City. His man was the crown prince! HYshWr

Afterward, Ji Zhangyin stared at his face. Just from Gu Bai’s face, it seemed evident that he realized his identity as the Crown Prince. To the average person, this was not an ordinary thing. In addition, his moody temper was known to all. Whether the youth was afraid of him or not, he would know with just a glance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The youth had appeared so suddenly, and was extremely beautiful, with a pleasant personality. Like a jade doll made personally for Ji Zhangyin. Growing up in an imperial palace full of intrigue, he had to be on guard at all times. But as he stared into the youth’s eyes, he could not find it in his heart to put his guard up.

Later, the youth’s eyes unexpectedly sparkled. “You’re the Crown Prince, so can I be your crown prince consort?”

It took several minutes for Ji Zhangyin to process these words. Then he burst out laughing. Ye6uhC

“Were men able to become crown prince consorts in the past?”

“Before, there were none, now there can be. The rules of the ancestors were set by people, and naturally they can be changed by people as well. Would you like to take me to the palace so I can accompany you?’

Gu Bai did not seem to care, staring at Ji Zhangyin with a burning gaze.

Those passionate eyes stared at himself. As if there existed nothing else in the world but him. 82XMS7

Ji Zhangyin felt as if something hit his heart hard. Like thunder in winter, his mind growing blank and turbulent.

He took a deep breath. It took Ji Zhangyin much self-control to calm his heart. He reached out for the cup near the table, picked it up, and downed it to further calm himself.

“What are you drinking today? It smells different from before. Let me try…”

Look at him, Gu Bai thought as laughed in his heart. This grandfather has lived for hundreds of years. It’s no problem to deal with a lover like you. ZOBFY0

After that, he tilted his head back and drank the rest of his wine.

As Gu Bai downed the spirits, a rouge-colored cloud broke out on his cheeks, his eyes misting as he turned his gaze around fluidly. It seemed as if he had the ability to drag people into his blurred world of seduction. So bewitching there was no antidote.

This scene made Ji Zhangyin find it hard to breathe. This youth always seduced him, eroding away at what had always been his cold and hard heart until it gradually turned soft.

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“Does it taste good?” U85g J

Ji Zhangyin brushed some stray hair off Gu Bai’s forehead, his eyes revealing a tender love that he himself did not notice.

The imperial guard, who was still nearby, was shocked. This little gongzi was definitely a deity. He could actually make the master show such a gentle expression!

Over the years, not once had they ever seen this expression on their master’s face! Such a look was quite rare!

“The wine is better than the one last time, but still not as good as my own…” Gu Bai narrowed his eyes and smiled, boasting in an extremely shameless manner. FDwYLS

Ji Zhangyin wasn’t sure just how much he liked this look. Never had he thought someone would be able to make him lower his guard in such a short time or that he would let them get so close to him.

All of a sudden, knocks sounded at the door. “Reporting to Gongzi, the eldest gongzi of the Fu family from Jun city has asked for an audience!” reported the imperial guard outside.

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Jun City, Fu Family’s eldest son? Fu Junli?

Both Gu Bai and Ji Zhangyin were shocked at the same time. Ji Zhangyin had yet to speak. Gu Bai quickly tried to climb off him, but Ji Zhangyin stopped him in his tracks, his eyes flashing dark. kyDjmI

“What are you doing? Afraid of being seen like this?”  

Of course he was afraid! If Fu Junli caught them, this mission would be over! But judging by the other man’s voice, he was angry. He hurried to plant a kiss on his cheek, whispering into Ji Zhangyin’s ears, “For now, I don’t want to let Fu Junli know that I love you.”  

“Why?” Ji Zhangyin’s previously gentle face darkened all of a sudden, a dark emotion swirling in his eyes.

“I will explain it to you later. You just need to remember that if Fu Junli can’t fall in love with Du Yunxi, Gu Bai will die…” LWup97

As soon as he heard the word “death,” Ji Zhangyin held his breath. After hearing “Gu Bai will die,” his chest ached unbearingly, as if something had torn through.

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His gaze fell upon Gu Bai for a while, before he let go.

Noticing Ji Zhangyin’s emotions and actions, Gu Bai inexplicably felt relieved and pleased. Although this man had no memory of the past, his shadow was marked into his soul.

“Let him enter…” Fw4CjT

Gu Bai gazed at him, eyes devoted and joyous. The gloom in Ji Zhangyin’s heart vanished. Then he waved his hand, signifying for his imperial guard to let Fu Junli in.

“Zigu greets Gongzi. Just now, my brother was rude and angered Gongzi. Zigu apologizes on his behalf. It’s no longer early. Please allow Zigu to bring his younger brother home…”  

Zigu was Fu Junli’s courtesy name, and the literati generally used this name.

As soon as he had entered the room, the man who usually gave off an elegant and indifferent impression showed a tense expression. And regardless of etiquette, he pulled Gu Bai to his side, like a gesture of protection. 48j9Wg

Such a situation shocked Gu Bai. It was unimaginable. He thought Fu Junli was treating him like Lianzhi again.

After sighing with much difficulty, Gu Bai looked at Ji Zhangyin. His eyes expressed the meaning that he was leaving.

Although Ji Zhangyin still seemed sweet, his mood had tanked in the blink of an eye. As Ji Zhangyin stared at Fu Junli, Gu Bai felt his hand grow more and more sweaty. It were as if he couldn’t wait to slice off the hand of the villain who dared to touch Gu Bai.

Yet as Ji Zhangyin recalled Gu Bai’s previous words, he endured it and nodded. “Go…”   4PChps

“Thank you Gongzi…” said Fu Junli immediately. He did not hesitate in taking Gu Bai away. Ji Zhangyin’s gaze grew even more gloomy.

It wasn’t until when Gu Bai reached the doorway, turned around suddenly, flashed him a smile, and mouthed a “goodbye,” that Ji Zhangyin’s chilly expression subsided and his gloomy gaze eased.

“Go investigate! I want to know all of the Fu family’s matters, especially Fu Junli’s!”

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Once the other person had left, Ji Zhangyin still recalled Gu Bai’s words, about the circumstances that would lead to his death. 1Km6VY

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