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Holding Onto My ManChapter 31


Edited by Rush

Fu Junli found that the youth was in fact really different from the person in his heart. Other than those eyes with the same color, the two didn’t have even a shred of commonality. EsW8Il


The Lianzhi that he knew was as elegant and pure as orchids. He loved white clothing, soothing music, and orchids, but had a slightly arrogant and cute disposition. Although he was low-born, he brought with him the air of a magnificent noble that could overturn the world.

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And yet the other youth named Yunxi… he also liked to wear white clothes, but he liked fast paced cheerful music. He was fond of orchids, yet he did not love them. His temperament was cute, but it did not resemble Lianzhi’s air of haughtiness. Yet he also carried with him a different air, one of standing alone above a chaotic world. VQS8Kr


Even those blue eyes of his that were the same color as Lianzhi’s, were different somehow. Lianzhi was lofty and unsullied, yet he was also pure, so pure that his charm could leave an imprint on one’s soul. 


Often, Yunxi would call him ‘Brother Junli’, just like the person from that time would, yet  it always had a different feeling. It was full of a flourishing vitality that did not seem to disperse, and hearing it made him feel happy.



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The imperial examinations that occurred every three years were just around the corner, and the entirety of the Country of Chu is very lively. Jun City was near the Imperial capital city and was known as the Hundred Flowers City, thus, before each round of examinations, Jun City would hold a lively flower appreciation banquet.


When the time came, well-known and gifted scholars would come to the city to participate. They would also compete in poetry composition. If they won, not only would they become famous, but they would win all kinds of prizes, too. KatnMo


In the past, the prizes were sometimes money, sometimes even rare collections of famous paintings. It was said that this time, the Minister of Revenue would be choosing a husband for his daughter at this flower appreciation banquet. 


Everyone had somewhat heard of the Minister of Revenue’s daughter. She was a woman who was delicate as a flower and refined as jade, and brimming with talent. Therefore, the entertainment at this year’s flower appreciation banquet would be more lively than the previous years’ banquets.  dj8EFB


Fu Junli would be a participant in this lively banquet. He wasn’t rushing over there to try to marry the daughter of the Minister of Revenue, but because all the accomplished and attractive gifted scholars were requested to attend as guests.


Since Fu Junli was going to go, Gu Bai naturally had to follow. He had to take advantage of the time before the white lotus appeared to quickly get this person into the palm of his hands. Otherwise, once the white lotus appeared, his odds of success would be greatly reduced. OMmVUF


Gu Bai wore white from head to toe, and held a decorative folding fan. While he was ridiculing all the inconvenience of a gathering of scholars, he sat next Fu Junli to participate in the flower appreciation banquet. 


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Before the poetry composition competition officially began, all the scholars who were fortunate enough to get seats had already sat down and started mutually greeting each other. The rest, who didn’t get a seat, could only stand around and watch the excitement. After all, the location of the banquet was only so big, and there were over a thousand talented scholars who came to participate. If every person who came participated in the poetry verse competition, then the banquet wouldn’t be able to finish even if it was held until tomorrow morning. Therefore, every time a flower appreciation banquet is held, the people actually participating in the poetry composition contest would only be a dozen or so people from the thousand attending. aRyVqm


Gu Bai was not participating in the poetry competition, but he had the benefit of being in contact with Fu Junli, the number one talent in Jun city, so he also had a seat. 


However, no one here was familiar with him. Also, the people who saw his outstanding appearance and wanted to come over and give a greeting were scared off by Fu Junli’s cold face. And so, for a period of time, no one spoke to Gu Bai.  yDRLtV


Since no one struck up a conversation with him, Gu Bai could only sit in his seat, so bored that he yawned. Two drops of moisture seeped from his beautiful eyes, hanging onto his thick eyelashes. With one hand he propped up his cheek and with the other, he held a cup of tea. The white steam coming off the tea was dense. It blurred the five senses, giving the delicate and beautiful youth an alluring air that charmed and moved others, attracting many people around to secretly cast their gazes over… 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


On the surface, Fu Junli was talking to another scholar, but he was actually always looking at Gu Bai. Noticing his appearance, the color of his eyes slightly changed.  T637SV


The Lianzhi in his heart would never have such a lack of care for etiquette, or have this languid posture. Although he did not take the Confucian code of etiquette too seriously, the way he usually behaved scrupulously followed the etiquette of a young noble. If there was someone in front of him who did not have good etiquette, Fu Junli would definitely frown and feel disgust in his heart. 


But, at this moment, Gu Bai’s lazy gesture did not give him a feeling of disgust. Instead, looking at the youth in that blurred, foggy way, he felt that the youth was truly adorable in his unruliness.  xiq uw


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“Are you very bored?” He couldn’t help but whisper to him. 

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“I am. Look, I’ve already drunk two pots of this tea. I heard that the banquet only starts at the Hai hour, but it’s only the You hour right now…” Gu Bai said, nodding. He picked up his teacup and shook it, his lips slightly raised. He seemed as though he had grievances, acting grudgingly, as if he were a spoiled child. Those clear azure eyes of his flickered with the reflection of light, giving off an enticing appearance.  pK8EQ5


Me Aecil kjr rb mjqalnjafv ys tlr yfklamtlcu, rbei-rcjamtlcu mtjgw atja tlr ygfjatlcu rabqqfv  obg j ofk rfmbcvr. Ycis atfc vlv tf gjlrf tlr tjcv jcv gey Xe Djl’r tfjv, kjgwis rjslcu, “Pc atja mjrf, tbk jybea kf qijs j ujwf?” 


“Qtja ujwf?”  LS oCr


Ktf sbeat’r fsfr ila eq ilxf atf vjhhilcu jcv wjuclolmfca reciluta. 


Fu Junli’s breathing paused again, his eyes staring at Gu Bai for a long while, only to smile warmly and gesture at him to wait. Then he stood up and turned to the gifted scholars below him.  nhUH32


“At such a fine time and with such beautiful scenery, there’s no harm in everyone playing a game together. As it is the flower appreciation banquet, how about we play the Fluttering Flower game? Today the topic can be ‘Hundred Flowers’…” 


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The Fluttering Flower drinking game was originally one of those drinking games to liven things up. It belonged to one of the forms of entertainment in the Book of Songs, and was rather elegant. People without a poetic foundation wouldn’t be able to play it well, so this wine-drinking game was one of the favorite literature games for scholars.  Zl2z f


This kind of elegant game was suitable for today’s occasion of the flower appreciation poetry competition, and it was the number one scholar of Jun City, Fu Junli, who suggested it. Everyone, one after the other, agreed. 


Gu Bai also revealed a look of interest on the surface, but in his heart he was ridiculing them. He didn’t want to have to act like these pretentious literati. He really didn’t like this kind of game that wasted one’s mental capacity…  bYjgkp


But seeing that everyone, including the big BOSS, was so interested, it would not be good for him to be contrary. He could only brace himself and accompany this flock of pedantic scholars to play.

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After going around the circle, it was his turn. Gu Bai exhaled, took his tea cup, and smoothed his lips before beginning to speak.  WYymqg


“The swallows have yet to return to their old nests, yet the beautiful spring sun has almost set, a misty rain shrouds a piece of desert, and the apricot flowers in the chill of spring breeze, have lost their beauty with the light, appearing wretched.” The words fell, and eyelids lifted. Gu Bai plagiarized without feeling the least bit of pressure. 


Everyone was shocked. Before, everyone recited the Analects of Confucius as well as the Five Confucian Classics, and within the books they memorized the old verses. Gu Bai actually recited verses they had never heard before on the spot. It was obvious that this youth had composed them himself. Having written such fine verses in such a short amount of time, it was clear why everyone there exposed a look of admiration. Q51ULG


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Even Fu Junli, whose eyes often looked down on people from above, revealed his admiration. Gu Bai did not change his expression on the surface and turned towards him, grinning. “Brother Junli, it’s your turn now…” 


This smile, paired with the fragmented light scattering in the pupil of his eyes, made him look compassionate, yet also ruthless. It seemed to be intentional, but also seemed unintentional, and it was inconceivably brilliant, inducing a spell that nothing could break.  Ts 1eb


Fu Junli’s breath stopped, and for a split second, his state of mind was affected. Holding his breath, he stared at the beautiful youth in front of him, unable to speak. 


He only snapped out of it after a long while. His brain was blank, and he conceded defeat, picking up the wine cup and drinking.  nLgCbp


Gu Bai looked at his movements and smiled happily in his heart. It seemed that the strategy he used over many days was very effective, but his counter-attack was not yet finished. Vengeance has not yet been achieved, and these comrades still needed to work hard. 


Afterwards, every time it was his turn, Gu Bai carefreely plagiarized the verses he had heard in the last two worlds, as well as the world he was living in before, with a thick face.  ba IvM


When they came across him giving verses similar to the style here, everyone praised him for his great erudition and scholarly attitude. When they came across him reciting something different, the scholars who were not in the least aware were even more stunned by how creative and clever he was. The unsuspecting talents were amazed by his quick thinking. He really could finish a poem in seven steps. 


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Until the very end, the entire Fluttering Flower game had become Gu Bai’s one-person show. Gu Bai shamelessly did not even have a shred of passion for poetry, or guilt for plagiarizing in his heart. After all, he was not doing this for the fame, but rather, for the admiration in Fu Junli’s eyes to deepen.  xlH3g


Fu Junli was a talented scholarly nobleman. The kind of person he liked the most was a person who had the same interests, personality, and circumstances. The more he showed his talent, the more Fu Junli would value and pay attention to him. 


Once Fu Junli began to pay more and more attention to himself, then the completion of his mission of obtaining Fu Junli’s love would not be far away. The love between men is often derived from a beginning of appreciation.  JuDNlb


As for the future, Gu Bai didn’t even consider the possibility of Fu Junli somehow discovering that he had schemes from the very beginning. By that time, Gu Bai would have basically completed the mission and found a way to throw him away. Fu Junli would not even get such an opportunity! 

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When said like that, it seemed like he was toying with the other person, but there was no other way. He was but a passing traveler in this world, his purpose in coming to this world was to complete his mission. The original host’s request must be fulfilled.  xLWGmO


His past lives, the results of this current life, the endings of all the targets of his missions, these were all things the original hosts exchanged their souls for. He… was just an outsider.


Yes, in the end, he was just a stranger…  JNIZrv


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After thinking about it, Gu Bai smiled and picked up the cup of wine on the table. He tilted his head back and poured the wine into his mouth. 


For the first time in his life, he actually reflected on the significance of living. The significance of him always trying hard to keep living. Why did he have to strive so hard to continue living? Why… EUyOJi


His movement of drinking wine had an indescribable confidence and ease, and his expression was also incredibly enticing. All the people around him looking at him fell into a daze.


In addition to all the people in the hall, there was a man sitting in a pavilion to the side who was peering downwards through the window, his eyes also following that charming person. The color of his eyes darkened a little. 8NrB0Y


The subordinates at his side saw the man’s expression, and couldn’t help but butter him up “Master, this young master is really quite a wonderful person…” 


He still dares to tease this lonely person…”  dSOcZ0


Ji Changyin stared at the youth radiating brilliance in the banquet hall and his mood was very joyful, laughing quietly. 


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At this time, Gu Bai, who was in the banquet hall, seemed to feel something. He looked toward the side. The moment he discovered his man’s figure, an expression of pleasant surprise burst forth from his eyes.  Kl7q4o


Upon seeing this, the smile on Ji Changyin’s face grew bigger, and his mood became more and more pleasant. He gave an order to the Imperial bodyguard at his side. 


“Go down and send him up…”  o751TI



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The Imperial bodyguard immediately went down the stairs to go get the person as if his life were dependent on it.  nhsjZt


On the other side, when Gu Bai was in a moment of sadness for no reason, he felt a familiar aura around him. In an instant, he knew who this aura belonged to. His sad mood suddenly became excited and joyful. He almost couldn’t bear it and wanted to immediately leave this place to go find him, but in the end he still resisted urge. 


He should not be impatient in seeing his man. If the mission failed, the fate that awaited him was getting turned into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and he would never have the chance to end up with his man again.  3gauCh


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And so he waited like this for a while, when Ji Changyin’s Imperial bodyguard finally came. 


“My family’s Master would like to invite Du-gongzi to come upstairs and drink tea together.” VADou9


The Imperial guard did not say much, and directly took out a token, clearly and concisely expressing his purpose for coming. 


They only saw that the token was completely made of gold, and a golden dragon was wrapped around it. In the middle there was only one simple ‘Ji’ character. Outsiders wouldn’t know, but the people present who had some status immediately sucked in a breath.  Uh kel


Fu Junli’s complexion also changed. Hesitating for a long while, he picked up Gu Bai’s hand, ready to go together with him. That master is not a good person, if Yunxi went alone and carelessly offended him, the consequences were unfathomable. 


“Fu-Gongzi, my family’s Master said to invite Du-Gongzi…”  5WMwRq


The guard expressionlessly blocked him. 


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Seeing this, Gu Bai looked up at the man in the window on top of the pavillion, and smiled in his heart. Pulling Fu Junli’s sleeve, he slightly smiled and spoke.  H7ZTNL


“Brother Jun Li do not worry, Yunxi will go over and quickly come back. It’s just to drink tea. Yunxi understands what to do.” 


After saying that, Gu Bai left with the guard.  FR6knr


Fu Junli stood in his original place, watching Gu Bai’s back gradually drift further apart from him. His eyes revealed concern. The youth and Lianzhi were the same. They seemed as if they understood propriety, but in reality, their true nature was pure and they were unaware of potential mishaps. Moreover the proud youth was actually even more uninhibited than Lianzhi by a few degrees in regards to the guiding principles of the Confucian code. 

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Lianzhi, Yunxi, Lianzhi, Yunxi. For a moment, Fu Junli’s brain continuously intertwined those two similar yet not similar figures… HMniuE




It seems that GB’s careful planning and execution of the original host’s revenge is paying off~ In the middle of this chapter, it got a bit melancholy 🙁 But we get to see our ML next chapter!!! WqZTVs


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Fu Junli’s breath stopped…”  mD2Xto


Editor Rush: And stay that way, you jerk. Seriously, this is the second time already. It might as well become a permanent thing.


Dan-dan: *thinking to self* Rush is fierce :O lPOxun


Translator's Note


Translator's Note


Translator's Note

A collection of poetry dating back to 11th-7th BC, one of the five Confucian classics; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classic_of_Poetry

Translator's Note

for the original host

Translator's Note

also slang for homosexuals

Translator's Note

of his plagiarism

Translator's Note


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