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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh3 - Abnormal Physical Examination


Editor: Wiji, Noks

Soon, the sound of the man washing his hands came from outside. Le Yao put his ear close to the door panel, waited until the sound of tap-water stopped and the sound of footsteps began to fade away. He opened his zipper and began to pee. After peeing, he also went to wash his hands. At that moment, his mind flashed to the tall figure he had seen before. CjZad4

He didn’t know what was wrong with that man. He somehow felt that those eyes were very familiar, just like… just like Xu Yao’s picture that he had seen the previous night through the light brain. But in the picture, there was a scar between Xu Yao’s eyebrows. It was obvious that the scar was thick and was estimated to be seven or eight centimeters long, making it hard to ignore. Besides,  Xu Yao seemed to be much older and darker than the man he had just met.

There was also another funny thing. When he woke up this morning, Le Yao could have actually applied for an ID from the marriage center, and by using the excuse of ‘understanding the future spouse’s  information’, he had permission to see what Xu Yao looked like. But he had been traumatized by the previous picture. Since he had already seen the most terrible side of Xu Yao, it was not like he couldn’t see him anymore, so no matter what Xu Yao looked like now, it would be better than that picture, right? So, he didn’t have to worry about being scared when going to meet the real Xu Yao.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Anyways, it is just for a marriage registration. It’s not as bloody as being on the battlefield, is it?

After Le Yao checked himself in the mirror once again and went out, he saw that tall pine tree man chatting with Wang Hao in the corridor. li8PoQ

He was a bit confused.

“Oh, he’s here,” Le Yao heard Wang Hao say.

“Wang Ge, you…” Le Yao had a bad premonition as he approached them, “Do you know each other?”

“This is Mr. Xu Yao,” Wang Hao pointed to the tall pine tree man and said in a respectful tone, “Senior brother, this is the eldest son of General Le Feishan, Le Yao.”


“Yes, we met in the bathroom just now,” Xu Yao looked at the child whose ears had instantly turned red. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and with a flash in the depths of his eyes, pondered  for a moment, then said, “He also praised me…”

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“Who, who praised you?” Le Yao quickly cut off his sentence. 

Do you even have any face? Is it a compliment to say you pee loudly?

Le Yao’s face was as red as a monkey’s butt. He summoned up his courage and glared at the person across from him. lov3uA

At this time, he couldn’t be too overbearing. After all, Wang Hao was still watching him, although he didn’t seem to be paying that much attention. At home, he knew that Le Feishan would not take his attitude seriously, but Xu Yao was different. This was the first time they had met. In case he didn’t hold back his natural attitude of acting arrogant like the original body and upset Xu Yao, wouldn’t it be troublesome in the future?

It was not too much to say that Xu Yao was the local tyrant of Planet Huaxia. Le Yao felt that he had to rely on Xu Yao for a while whilst he was there. He must not make this person angry. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any chance to survive. The him now couldn’t even use a talisman or summon an underworld creature; he only had his hands and legs which were small and weak. What if something happened to him? Although he was genetically abnormal within the Omega population by having an excellent height, appearance, intelligence and better physical ability, he couldn’t be compared to any alpha at all, especially this alpha in front of him.

After glancing at this red-eared little omega, Xu Yao turned his head to look here and there. He didn’t look at Le Yao, but his expression became a little subtle.

After a while, he said to Wang Hao, “Junior brother, is it convenient to let me have a chat with my future little wife alone?” othAzB

Wang Hao didn’t even look at Le Yao. He muttered a  “No problem” to Xu Yao, then turned around and left.

Le Yao: “???”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Who is your master, Wang Ge? Why did you sell me so easily?

Of Tjb’r jcufg kjr jybea ab fzqibvf. Lf rajgfv ja Qjcu Ljb’r yjmx, tbqlcu ab xlii tlw klat tlr rtbfr. osral2

Ktf vbeyar lc We Tjb’r tfjga ugfk yluufg. C wbwfca ijafg, tf ktlrqfgfv, “Qts jgf sbe jcugs? Glvc’a sbe qgjlrf wf pera cbk… lrc’a la ylu?”

Ktf gfvcfrr atja tjv pera ojvfv ogbw Of Tjb’r ojmf,  kjr gjlrfv eq jujlc jr tf ktffhfv, “Qtb, ktb kbeiv ybjra atja sbe’gf ylu? P wfjca  atja sbe qff ibevis! Vb fnli!”

When Xu Yao saw the little omega’s reaction, he found out that he was fun to tease, and realized that something was strange in his heart. He raised his chin towards the lounge and said, “Let’s go to the lounge and talk.”

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As soon as Le Yao thought about how he had to pretend to be a little arrogant outdoors, but when in private it would be easier to talk, he nodded. Anyways, it was the first time Xu Yao met him. No matter what his behavior was like, as long as it was not too exaggerated, it should be categorized as that of a normal person. yJKa0p

So Le Yao and Xu Yao entered the lounge.

It was not a special privilege only for Xu Yao’s marriage. The marriage center had already prepared a lounge for the two of them since he had arrived, it was especially prepared for those who received a marriage order to talk and rest. Most of the people who received a marriage order would meet and talk privately to deepen their mutual understanding before coming to the marriage center. But some of them were like Xu Yao and Le Yao, and would meet for the first time on the day of their registration.

The lounge was sound-proof, but half of it was transparent, so that it would not only protect the privacy of their conversation, but would also prevent people from becoming violent due to inappropriate conversations to some extent.

Le Yao and Xu Yao sat on opposite sides. Le Yao looked at Xu Yao boldly for a while and asked him, “You!” He straightened out and made himself look a little more imposing, “Why have you changed so much? I don’t remember you being as white as you are now.” VzZvnG

He looked very nervous in front of Xu Yao, but he had to show a ‘I’m tough! I’m not afraid!’ attitude. Xu Yao felt that there was a big gap between this man and the information he had learnt about him in advance.

“When did you see that I was dark?” Xu Yao kept staring and examined his little wife. “I didn’t think that you wouldn’t recognize me at our first meeting. You didn’t do any homework at all,” said Xu Yao.

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“Did… I did my homework!” After thinking about it, Le Yao brought up the web page he had seen the previous night from his light brain. He showed the frightening picture, which could be used to guard a residence by itself, to Xu Yao and said, “Isn’t this person you?”

“That was four years ago,” Xu Yao glanced down and added, “This is a picture that was automatically captured by my comrades’ communicator when Sarna attacked Planet Huaxia. Are you that brave enough to come out and meet me even after seeing this picture?” G4u7AM

“Why should I be afraid? You are killing the enemy. I’m your wife,” said Le Yao.

“Is that so?” Hearing this, Xu Yao leaned forward slowly. A pair of hawk like eyes, giving a full sense of oppression, stared at Le Yao like he was prey. He asked in a low voice, “Then tell me, why did you run away last night?”

He was so close that Le Yao could feel Xu Yao’s breath on his face. So hot and powerful!

This Xu Yao, when he first saw him in the picture, felt like a devil that wanted to kill anyone who looked at him; but now, he looked like a wolf which wanted to eat sheep. It was the kind of bad wolf that tried to scare the sheep before eating it. He couldn’t help but subconsciously dodge the breath on his face, and then took the opportunity to turn off the web page to lower his head, and tried to say in a tone that didn’t sound so tense, “If… if you suddenly have to marry someone you are totally unfamiliar with, wouldn’t you want to… wouldn’t you want to escape? Isn’t hiding human nature?” LAfi2B

Xu Yao’s body leaned forward a little more, “What about now? Do you want to hide?”

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Le Yao shook his head and said, “No, I don’t want to.”

He still wanted to hide, but he couldn’t say that. Planet Huaxia belonged to the Tarot Empire, but not everyone could go as and when they wanted. For now, Xu Yao was his best chance to get there.

Xu Yao looked at Le Yao for a while. Seeing that he still didn’t dare to look at him, and his ears were still red, he straightened his back, tapped his finger twice on the tea table, and said into his communicator, “Yan Jie, let the registration staff come here.” necF 1

A male voice came out of the communicator with a trace of confusion, “Why, Brother Xu?”

“For the registration,” said Xu Yao.

At this time, there was a ‘bang’ on the opposite side. It seemed that something had fallen onto the ground. Then there came a ‘crackle’ and a rushing sound. After about seven or eight seconds, there was a normal reply, “Received! Right away!”

The registration staff came very quickly. She was a beta sister. After she came, she gave two paper forms for Xu Yao and Le Yao to fill in. Then she asked them if they wanted to have a physical examination, “The physical examination is free of charge and a voluntary choice, it is alright if you don’t want to do it. If you don’t, just sign on the form and say you want to give up the physical examination.” IdUhMf

Xu Yao asked Le Yao, “Do you want to do it?”

“Let’s do it,” said Le Yao. 

What if there were any problems between them? It was free anyway.

“Then please come with me,” said the beta sister. Jzro9a

Xu Yao and Le Yao were taken into the physical examination room, one person on the left and right, separated by a small partition. After about five minutes, Xu Yao came out of the physical examination room. But Le Yao still hadn’t finished the inspection. Upon hearing the conversation between Xu Yao and the alpha examiner at the door, Le Yao asked his examiner, “Why is he so fast? Why do I need to take so long here?”

His examiner was a beta aunt, she laughed and said, “Because you are also responsible for the birth of a new life, so there are more things to be examined.”

When Le Yao realized it, he stopped making a sound, then bit the corner of his mouth. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Oh, right, I’m an omega. rZmvMi

This beta aunt had never examined such a good-looking omega boy in all the 20 years she had worked in the marriage center. The boy had chestnut hair, a white little face, and starry eyes. When he looked at her nervously, he looked like a deer that had just come out of his mother’s care. At first, when she had heard that this was the eldest son of General Le’s family, she was worried that he would not be easy to get along with, because it was said that the child was grumpy and rebuked loudly when he didn’t agree with anyone. But this boy said hello when he came in  and was very polite, so she couldn’t help but say, “It’s nothing to be shy about. Both your and General Xu’s genes are excellent, so you will definitely produce many outstanding babies in the future.”

Le Yao could only smile and say, “Thank you.”

The beta aunt didn’t say anything more. She continued to help Le Yao with the test.

After his test, Xu Yao went back to the lounge where he had talked with Le Yao. But this time there was one more person there, he was the one who was in a rush on the communicator, a person named ‘Yan Jie’. ijdAW4

Yan Jie had black hair and eyes, framed by a pair of black spectacles over his thick eyebrows,  who was a beta boy and a top hacker working for Xu Yao. He looked at the door and found that he had come alone. He whispered, “Brother Xu, are you sure you want to register your marriage with him? This Third Young Master of the Le family has a bad reputation, ah!”

“I know what you mean, but when I talked with him, I found that his behavior was different from what we had learned before,” said Xu Yao, playing with the light brain he had used before.

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Yan Jie was still uneasy and hesitated to say, “What if it’s just a cover? There are many bad videos of him on the internet. Let me show you this one.”

Yan Jie directly pointed at his light brain and delivered a command. The communicator immediately helped him search for the video he was looking for, and selected an angle that would not be seen by others to play it. UTig1z

The video should have been shot in autumn and secretly from a side angle. Wearing black leather trousers, Le Yao, with a smile on his face, tricked a rather tall boy into the woods, and then let a group of people beat him up. At last, he personally beat the man’s face until it was fully covered in blood. Le Yao stepped on the man’s chest, said something and left.

Xu Yao looked deeply at the scene where Le Yao had sneered at the man. He was stunned and didn’t speak for a while. He knew how to read lips, so naturally he knew what Le Yao said, which should be: “Dare to talk about Lao Zi, I’ll tear your mouth next time!”

“I’ve identified this video, it’s real and without any fabrication,” Yan Jie said. “Later, I also learned that the beaten boy was just chatting with his classmates when he casually said that it would be good to have looks like Le Yao. He must be able to live well. Of course, it’s not good to talk freely behind people’s backs, but this boy has been in hospital for more than three months because of this. Brother Xu, do you think it’s worthwhile for you to marry such a person and bring him to Huaxia?”

Xu Yao shut the video, remembered the entire conversation with Le Yao and his behavior during that time. He squinted his eyes slightly and said, “He’s only 20 years old. If he’s as bad as you say, I’d like to know more about him and his attitude. Don’t worry. If there is a problem, I will teach him how to behave myself.” Pt1Mu6

Yan Jie said nothing about that matter again, “But you know, someone has deliberately done something about this marriage arrangement. Just in case… “

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Xu Yao glanced at Yan Jie coldly.

Yan Jie closed his mouth and dared not speak. Soon, there was a slight kick at the door.

Le Yao wanted to knock, but it was too polite to knock. If it had been the original owner, it would have been a direct kick to the door. But he didn’t have the guts of that dog, so he just compromised and kicked the door lightly to show that his arrogance was still there, but he would not be violent enough to kick it open. EceSj6

Xu Yao came to open the door and said, “Have you finished the examination?”

As soon as Le Yao saw the man, his previously forced confidence immediately withered away. He still felt nervous around this man and his arrogance disappeared, “Hmm! They say it’ll take half an hour to get all the results!”

Xu Yao: “…” Just say something! What’s with your stunned expression in front of this little omega?

Xu Yao then came back to reality and leaning to one side, said, “Then, come in and have a seat with us?” wm3hel

Le Yao thought that if he wanted to go back to the Earth that had disappeared 500 years ago, he would have to contact the populace of the dead, and this would need a long time. So he agreed to Xu Yao’s invitation and came into the lounge. Not long after that, Wang Hao, who had gone to report to Le Feishan, also came back. These few people chatted casually. Most of the time they talked about when Wang Hao and Xu Yao were in the military academy. Le Yao didn’t know whether it was intentional or not. They all avoided the topic of him. In this way, half an hour passed quickly.

A nurse from the physical examination department came and said, “General Xu, Mr Xiao Le, your physical examination results have come out. Dr. Hu has asked the two of you to come over.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yao knew that there must be something wrong with the result. Otherwise, the doctor would have come and explained it to them personally. But since he hadn’t come, and had asked the nurse to invite him and Le Yao to his office, it showed that there was something inconvenient for outsiders to hear.

Le Yao didn’t know anything about this, so he went into the doctor’s office with Xu Yao. But as soon as they were seated, the fat middle-aged male doctor said, “The results of the examination are out. General Xu has no problem. All of his data is excellent. But there is something wrong with Mr. Xiao Le. His OTR data is too low.” YEc6Tw

“What is OTR data?” Xu Yao asked.

“The OTR data represents an Omega’s comprehensive gland health index,” the doctor said, “Mr. Xiao Le’s OTR index is 70%, which is lower than the minimum health value required. Pardon me, but has Mr. Xiao Le taken any special medication recently?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

T/n: I hope you aren’t confused with the characters, I will post the character introductions after we have more appearances ~~ JCBMl8


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