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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh2 - First Meeting


Editor: Wiji, Noks

Le Yao felt that as early as Jiang Xinduo had said that Xu Yao was a bit fierce, he should have guessed that Xu Yao was particularly fierce. But when he saw the pictures, he found that the gap between his thoughts and reality had surpassed his imagination. 87ZrJn

Xu Yao was indeed fierce, and he not only looked fierce, but also had an inextinguishable burning light in his eyes. Le Yao didn’t know who had taken the photos. It seemed that Xu Yao was on the battlefield. His hair was a little bit long and looked as if he hadn’t cut or washed it for a long time during the war. It was stuck with the coagulated blood on his face, forming a menacing sight for the eyes. And such a terrible man tightly gripped a sword with a cold gleaming blade in his fist. There was blood dripping along the sword, moreover, there were corpses littered at his feet. Just a glance, and it seemed like you would be the one killed in the next second!

At first sight, Le Yao got really scared, but when he looked again, he realized that only such a domineering man could serve as the Commander of The Flying Wolf Division of the Tarot Empire at such a young age.

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Xu Yao was a Major General of the Tarot Empire’s 12th Military Corps Air Force. He was now the Commander of The Flying Wolf Division of this Corps.

According to the information on the internet, in January 275 AC, Planet Huaxia was attacked by Orc troops from Planet Sarna. At that time, Xu Yao, who was just the Deputy Division Chief, was ordered to lead the Flying Wolf Division to Planet Huaxia in order to resist the foreign enemies. DPLiv7

In July of the same year, Sarna’s army was defeated. The Flying Wolf Division, led by Xu Yao, emerged victorious from all their battles and chased after them. In one stroke, they took two mineral planets that originally belonged to Sarna. His ruthless and frightening fighting style on the battlefield made his subordinates give him the nickname ‘The King of Hell’.

And in August of the same year, he was promoted by two levels, and became the youngest regular Division Officer in the history of the Tarot Empire. At such a young age, he led more than 30,000 soldiers.

However, when all the people of the Empire thought that Xu Yao would lead his team back to the Capital, his officers and subordinates got stationed to Planet Huaxia and have continued to stay there for a long period of time.

At that time, there was a lot of speculation about Xu Yao’s behavior. Some people said that the natural environment of Planet Huaxia was beginning to recover gradually after more than 200 years of recuperation, and Xu Yao was ordered to remain in order to re-explore the new value of Planet Huaxia. Others said that Xu Yao had discovered the existence of some important secret on that planet, and could not return to the Capital without finding it first. Some even frankly thought that Xu Yao and his subordinates were ready to spread their wings far from the Capital, and intended to stay on Planet Huaxia to stand on their own feet with Xu Yao as their ‘Emperor’.

Kj t3M

All in all, there were many different theories. That was until the end of last month, when the Marriage Center of the Tarot Empire announced a special marriage order on their official website, ordering Xu Yao to rush to Planet Tarot immediately and register his marriage with Le Yao, the eldest son of General Le’s family.

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The marriage order came suddenly and urgently, as if containing some sort of hidden intention. However, when he received the news, Xu Yao immediately responded with his agreement.

When Le Yao saw this online, he was not sure about what Xu Yao wanted to do, but he wanted to know more about him. He found that there was just this one picture of Xu Yao in the whole network. Some other sites seemed to have photos, but one needed special permission to view them. He was very sleepy at this time and didn’t want to bother anymore, so he simply put down his light brain and fell asleep.

Anyway, he must go to Planet Huaxia. FsGDzr

“Is Le Yao still asleep?” At the breakfast table the next day, Le Feishan didn’t see his eldest son — that’s right, eldest son. Although Le Yao was known as the ‘Third Young Master’ outside, it was because he had two older cousins in his family. In fact, he was Le Feishan’s eldest son.

“He must have been tired after yesterday’s incident, so I didn’t ask anyone to wake him up.” Jiang Xinduo looked like a kind mother and added with a smile, “Just let him sleep a little more.”

“Who said I was still sleeping?” said Le Yao as he came downstairs. He had actually gotten up early, taken a bath, and changed into clean clothes. b3w5Fl

He had seen a lot of bloody pictures last night, and couldn’t sleep well because of it. Now he had a headache. But he couldn’t be too weak. He should still speak as harshly as the original body had, couldn’t be gentle, and had to be cynical occasionally.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Aljcu Wlcveb vlvc’a rtbk fwyjggjrrwfca ja jii. Vtf rwlifv jcv rmbbqfv bea j ybki bo qbgglvuf obg Of Tjb, “Vlcmf sbe tjnf kbxfc eq, mbwf jcv tjnf ygfjxojra klat er abufatfg.”

Of Tjb rja bqqbrlaf tlr rafqygbatfg, Of Kljcse. Obbxlcu ja atf ybki bo qbgglvuf lc ogbca bo tlw, tlr rqbbc vlvc’a wbnf ja jii.

Jiang Xinduo saw this scene. There was a flash of anger in her eyes, but it soon disappeared. coHu5N

Le Feishan also saw that Le Yao didn’t eat the porridge that Jiang Xinduo had served him. But fortunately, Le Yao hadn’t gotten into trouble again the previous night. Le Feishan rarely slept well at night, so he didn’t blame Le Yao for this little scene in front of him. It was his habit to frown whilst he spoke, so there were three deep wrinkles between his eyebrows, which caused him to look unhappy without any facial expression. He said, “Xu Yao won’t stay on Planet Tarot for a long period. He still has a lot of business to deal with back on Planet Huaxia. So this time, you will register the marriage first and hold the wedding later. In addition, Xu Yao has also said that he would make it up to you after finishing his business.”

“It’s okay if we don’t hold the wedding,” Le Yao said, “It’s not like I want it either.”

“What’s with your attitude? Is it my fault that you can’t be with the person you like?” Le Feishan’s face turned black. “Which Omega outside is like you? Fighting, skipping classes, not disciplined at all. Xu Yao hasn’t refused the marriage order, so you should be glad.”

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“Why should I be glad?” Le Yao said unhappily, “That Xu Yao’s face is so fierce and frightening. If I marry him, even his smile would be frightening, alright?” nAxj0P

“… He doesn’t make a living with his face! What do you want him to look good for?” The fire in Le Feishan heart grew bigger, “I’ll tell you, Le Yao! Your suppressant medical effect wears off too fast. You must be together with Xu Yao within a few months! After the marriage registration, you will go to Planet Huaxia with Xu Yao. As for your school, I’ve already gone through the formalities for you to take a leave from school temporarily. After half a year, if you want to go back to school, you can resume your studies. But before that, you must be obedient and not make any trouble! Do you hear me?”

Le Yao chewed his food vigorously, not replying back.

Le Feishan stared at him.

At this time, Le Tianyu said in a warm voice, “Dad, brother is going to be with someone he doesn’t like. He must be very sad. Besides, you know that he has liked beautiful things since he was a child. That General Xu is so… Just give him some time.” j PNbd

Le Yao sneered, “Le Tianyu, is any of this related to you? Being so considerate, to show to whom?”

Le Feishan said, “What are you saying?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Enough,” said Le Yao.

 Bang! He kicked the foot of the table, got up and went out of the dining room. 19nFkd

Le Feishan shouted, “Where are you going?”

Le Yao shouted back louder than him, “To register!”

His arrogant attitude almost made Le Feishan get a heart attack, but when he saw that stubborn figure, he thought of his late wife again. She was also a tough character, but in front of him, she would become very soft. It was not at all like his stinky son Le Yao, who always fought against him.

At the thought of Le Yao’s attitude towards him, Le Feishan felt a sharp pain in his head. He saw Le Yao disappear from his sight completely and shouted, “Old Chen!” YFcrVE

Chen Bo came in from outside. He was about fifty years old and had a fat little body. He looked very happy, sporting a bright smile on his face. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha with long hair, especially with his big ears.

He used to be Le Feishan’s guard, but later became ill. It was unsuitable for him to remain in the army, so Le Feishan scouted him and brought him home to help with his household matters. He stopped in front  of Le Feishan and said with a smile, “General, the Third Young Master is gone. Wang Hao is already following him.”

Le Feishan pinched his forehead and said “Mmm”. Y9mT2a

At this moment, Le Tianyu got up with red eyes, bowed his head and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m full, and I have to hurry to school. Take your time.”

Jiang Xinduo waved, “Okay, go. Be careful on the road.”

When Le Tianyu had walked away, Jiang Xinduo sighed, “How well do you think those two children can get along? Le Yao is too strong, and Tianyu is too soft. I’m worried about Tianyu being bullied outside.”

“Who would bully him?” said Le Feishan. “He is also a son of our Le family. You’re thinking too much.” GsVTd9

Jiang Xinduo said half-serious and half-jokingly, “Why not? You have seen how he’s afraid of his brother even when he’s at home. I’m not sure how he’s doing outside.”

Le Feishan’s face, which had just calmed down, turned cold again. “You’re just not used to his attitude.”

Jiang Xinduo looked aggrieved, “I don’t want him to hate me, who would expect that Le Yao still hasn’t accepted me even after all these years.”

Le Feishan was silent for a moment, “Forget it. Anyway, Le Yao won’t live here anymore. Today, he will finish his marriage registration with Xu Yao. It is estimated that Xu Yao will bring him here to meet me and then take him away to return to Planet Huaxia.” B6PfDs

Jiang Xinduo said with a smile, “That’s true.” 

She asked Chen Bo, “Old Chen, have they arrived at the Marriage Center?”

Chen Bo replied, “They’ll be there soon.”

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The speed of the hover car was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, Le Yao had flown straight to the Marriage Center. zsfY5K

There were Civil Affairs Bureaus and Marriage Centers in Xingdu, both of which could handle marriage registration procedures. However, those with prominent genes, like Xu Yao and Le Yao, and who have been designated for marriage, they must register at the Marriage Center.

Due to his early arrival, there was no one in the office hall when they reached. But that had nothing to do with them. According to Wang Hao, Xu Yao had a special identity, so the staff would deal with him separately. As long as both people in the designated marriage were present, it could be registered.

So now, Le Yao was waiting for the General with Wang Hao. They sat at the corner of the hall on the first floor. There was no one else there. Le Yao asked Wang Hao, “Wang Ge, have you ever seen General Xu Yao?”

Le Yao seldom talked to people in such a friendly way. Wang Hao was a little shocked and said, “I met him ten years ago. He was my senior brother.” WIBk0x

Le Yao calculated that he had been less than ten years old at that time, so Xu Yao might not be able to remember Wang Hao. But since he was Wang Hao’s senior, Wang Hao should be able to recognize Xu Yao. Le Yao got up and said, “Wait here. I’ll go to the restroom.”

Wang Hao also stood up, “I will accompany you.”

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“I can go alone,” said Le Yao.

Wang Hao’s face was expressionless as he said, “I’m afraid that you will run again.” TxEw1V

Le Yao: “…” 

Can you leave some dignity for me?

As he walked to the restroom, Le Yao looked like a puffer fish which was robbed of its food with his cheeks puffed up in anger. When he reached the restroom, he saw six independent restrooms in total, five of which were under maintenance, and only one was working, and it was in use. On the door, there was a note that said ‘Share during maintenance period, please forgive us for the inconvenience’. There was someone else inside it already, so he became even angrier.

He waited for a while in front of the restroom door, then he heard the loud sound of water flushing from inside it. v3C5Q1

A moment later, there was a sound of a zipper being pulled up, and soon, a man came out. The man was wearing a black cap, with sharp eyes under its brim. He came out with a cold air around him. Le Yao looked up. The man was over 1.9 meters tall. Standing there, he was just like a big pine tree. No wonder…

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The man suddenly asked, “What are you looking at?”

Le Yao was startled by his deep voice, and the thought in his head was vomited without being filtered, “Nothing, man, you’re really big.”

Man: “…” AqOYGl

When Le Yao saw the man squint slightly, he suddenly reflected on what he had said. He was so scared that he hurriedly went into the restroom and closed the door behind him and patted his chest: Damn it, I was scared to death!

The author has something to say:

Xu Yao: It will be more frightening in the future, do you want to see? f6b4kp

Le Yao: Go die! Thank you!


Translator's Note


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Maitreya from Gandhara, 2nd Century

Translator's Note

Older brother

Translator's Note

Hmm I wonder how big it is~~

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