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Game, Live StreamChapter 59.1

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Xiao Tangqiu instantly remembered that moment when Tang Mianmian and he were hacked. It seemed that Xue Junli was doing his magic at that time… But wait, even the Abyss Forum was invented by Xue Junli?

“Fuck! That’s too amazing!” Tang Mianmian was stunned. cHgD u

Duan Hongzhen spoke with a smile, “Of course, this guy is a genius hacker. He’s won some unbelievable prize in some unbelievable world competition before.”

Tang Mianmian, “…you seem very proud, aren’t you two not getting along?”

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Xiao Tangqiu also spoke sincerely, “So amazing…”

Shen Yuan snorted suddenly, “I’m more amazing!” oKaQHc

Xiao Tangqiu blinked, “How are you more amazing?”

Shen Yuan was silent for a while and pursed his lips.

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” Forget it, shouldn’t bully people with amnesia.

Just then, there was a loud noise nearby. fSCqNh

“What the hell is this place?!”

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“Is this kidnapping? Kidnapping is illegal! Let me go!”

“You… who are you?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” It’s here again! This familiar scene! U5ceuF

The crowd all looked in the direction of the sound at the same time, and it was actually the tunnel again. About a dozen people stepped out of the tunnel. This group of people who were still muddled about the situation was clearly their companions this time.

Xiao Tangqiu was 100% sure he hadn’t met anyone in the tunnel just earlier, so what was this group of people about? Judging from his thrilling situation in the tunnel, it should be impossible for this group of whining people to survive.

It seemed that this tunnel was probably a place that’s something like an overlapping space?

No, what kind of logic should he base a horror game off of? N5TOix

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The corner of Xiao Tangqiu’s lips twitched and he turned his head to ask Tang Mianmian if he made any special discoveries just now.

Kjcu Zljcwljc rtbbx tlr tfjv, “Rb, pera ilxf yfobgf, fnfgsbcf kbxf eq lc bcf qijmf, bcis sbe kfgf cba atfgf… yea atbrf qfbqif rffw ab yf mbwlcu bea bo atf aeccfi pera ilxf sbe.”

Vtfc Tejc twqtfv, “Qts vbc’a sbe jrx wf?”

Wljb Kjcudle yilcxfv, “Ktfc vlv sbe olcv lc qjgalmeijg?” IX Bpd

Shen Yuan, “No.”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” Alright, he knew it.

As the three briefly exchanged a few words, the people coming out of the tunnel saw that there were people here and quickly came over.

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One of them asked, “Were you guys also brought to this place somehow?” qtb6CY

Xue Junli looked around and spoke lightly, “What I’m about to tell you next, you can choose to believe or not believe. After listening, please make your own decisions.”

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t expect Xue Junli to be so even-tempered with newcomers. He thought that these veteran players would not bother with newcomers! While Xue Junli introduced the rules to the newcomers, he also quickly looked at these newcomers. Including them, there were a total of 20 people this time. Other than them, everyone seemed to be entering an instance for the first time. That was to say, there were 13 new players this time.

After Xue Junli finished speaking, someone immediately jumped out and expressed dissatisfaction, “Are we supposed to believe anything you say? How can there be some transmigration nonsense? Also, into such a horrible game world! I want to transmigrate into a YY and have countless beautiful girls in my embrace!”

Most of the newcomers this time were young people. After hearing this guy’s words, someone immediately laughed, “Then I want to transmigrate into a fantasy world and dominate the world!” mc4QoI

“I’m going to transmigrate into a novel world to change my life and counterattack!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” Was it better to say that this group of people were optimistic?

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Despite being dismissed, Xue Junli was not angry. He said lightly, “You can believe it or not, I’ve said my piece. You decide.”

As soon as the words fell, he turned to look at Shen Yuan, “Captain, let’s go.” KshSQu

Shen Yuan looked at Xiao Tangqiu, “Jiujiu, are you going?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “Let’s go.”

Shen Yuan didn’t look at Xue Junli, and nodded, “Yes, let’s go.”

Xue Junli silently endured, “…Since the captain has spoken, let’s go.” b0r kh

Both Shen Yuan and Xue Junli had spoken, others naturally would not have other thoughts and nodded, ready to leave.

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Seeing that Xiao Tangqiu and they were leaving, the new guy who was picking at Xue Junli became rushed, “Wait, are you planning to leave us here? At least tell us how to go back!”

Xiao Tangqiu smiled, “In fact, we also want to know how to go back. If we don’t know, how can we tell you?”

The other newbies called out, “You must be conmen and want to cheat our money. Let us out! Otherwise, we will call the police to arrest you!” drUsWg

Xiao Tangqiu blinked, “Then you can try calling the police.”

The man pulled out his cell phone desperately, but one glance at the screen showed that there was no signal at all, “…you must have blocked the signal!”

Others also pulled out their phones, all without a signal!

The person who picked faults first’s expression changed, “Fuck! I have a satellite phone! There are signals all over the world, this is impossible!” ebLp4d

Xiao Tangqiu shrugged, turned his head to catch up to the people ahead. Shen Yuan stopped and waited for him, and when he saw him coming up, the two went forward together.

The remaining newbies looked at each other. Although they didn’t believe Xue Junli’s words, a cold system voice had suddenly appeared in their minds before…

“Forget it! First, follow them and see!” Someone said.

Seeing that someone followed, the others were afraid to stay behind and followed suit. hb0Bem

It was getting dark.

This place was basically the wilderness. After Xiao Tangqiu and they walked out of the abandoned mountain tunnel, they passed hill after hill. The hills here were not too tall, only a few dozen meters and the tallest was probably only more than a hundred meters. But the mist on the hills was very heavy, and only a white expanse could be seen everywhere.

From the top of the hills were faint sounds of growls and howling of unknown beasts.

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The two girls, Yu Fuling and Sai Lulu, hadn’t reacted yet, but Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were about to be scared to death. Although they had fought against ghosts several times, they had never been physically close to a wild beast. In this case, things like ghost talisman were obviously not useful… MNPKXf

When Shen Yuan saw this, he immediately patted his chest and promised, “Jiujiu, don’t worry. I will protect Jiujiu.”

Tang Mianmian, “…wuwuwu, what about me?”

Shen Yuan glanced silently at Tang Mianmian, then pulled Xiao Tangqiu over, “You go find Duan Hongzhen.”

Duan Hongzhen who was at the forefront immediately responded with a smile, “I don’t want to protect weak chickens.” iarAWT

Tang Mianmian rolled his eyes and shrank again in Xiao Tangqiu’s direction.

“By the way, the newbies behind us… we’re just going to let them follow?” Xiao Tangqiu asked Xue Junli.

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Xue Junli said lightly, “Let them follow, as long as they don’t bother us, it doesn’t matter.”

The couple of them who had experienced many instances were uncomfortable, and the dozen or so newbies who followed them were shaking from fright, practically wanting to huddle up and stay in place. But of course, they didn’t dare stay, who knew if there would be any beasts or even monsters bursting out of the fog and tear them to pieces in the next second! 8ZYdrl

Xiao Tangqiu originally thought that Xue Junli was a cold-hearted genius hacker. He didn’t expect this guy to be quite patient with the newbies. But thinking about it, although most of the Abyss Forums were veteran players exchanging experiences, new players obviously benefit more, maybe this was one of Xue Junli’s original intentions in establishing the Abyss Forum.

This guy was probably not as ruthless as he thought.

As Xiao Tangqiu was thinking so, Yu Fuling’s expression suddenly changed, “Someone in the fog!”

Someone in the fog? 23SzMf

Yu Fuling’s yell immediately caught everyone’s attention. All of them looked towards the top of the hill. In the whiteness, everything was indistinct and nothing could be seen clearly.

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“Where is there a person? Are you seeing things?” The person who questioned Xue Junli jumped out first. “Do you think if you scare us like this, will we believe your damn words?”

Other newbies also doubted her words. After all, they did not see anyone in the mist. Who knew if this woman intentionally said it to scare them?

Yu Fuling sneered, “Believe what you like, I wasn’t speaking to you anyways.” hYdyDU

Xiao Tangqiu also craned his neck and looked for a long time. He also didn’t see any figure in the fog, but he had witnessed Yu Fuling’s ability for a long time and knew that Yu Fuling had abilities in this respect. So naturally, he would not doubt Yu Fuling like those newbies.

Xue Junli asked directly, “Are you sure you are human? Not a ghost?”

Yu Fuling nodded. “At least not yet.”

After hearing their conversation, the man snorted, “Even ghosts are coming out, how do you want to scare us next? It wouldn’t be a ghost here and a ghost there again, right?” dlZVPD

Translator's Note

Chinese slang for harem trope novels

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  1. Although I know it’s normal and human to react like that (be in denial, distrustful or aggressive and whatnot), I can’t help but feel annoyed everytime newbies show up. Hey hey, Junli give me some of your patience ah..

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Arrival of the whiners. Being n00bs is one thing, but complaining about everything is another. If it’s like this, then those people are going to be considered “bothersome” and will need to take care of themselves.