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Game, Live StreamChapter 56.1

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The Reincarnation Team was obviously frightened by the changes in Shen Yuan and all of them had complicated expressions.

Xiao Tangqiu thought with relief that it was fortunate that Tang Mianmian, the guy with the worst psychological endurance, was not here. Otherwise, he might directly be scared to death. Q6PU3V

Shen Yuan who was at the heart of the storm seemed to be oblivious of all the things around him. He only stared at Xiao Tangqiu with a sigh of relief. The focused look almost stared right through Xiao Tangqiu. Even if he was someone who was often put on the spot or an idol who often received fan confessions, he still wouldn’t have been able to help his face from going hot.

Xiao Tangqiu forced himself to turn his head and look towards Xue Junli, and said with difficulty, “That, he should have not eaten for a few days. Should he eat something first…” Although he gave Shen Yuan two small candy balls, but that kind of small stuff was obviously not enough.

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Xue Junli looked at Xiao Tangqiu coldly, “You don’t need to worry about it, we certainly won’t let our captain be hungry.”

Xue Junli was obviously about to ask him to leave. Xiao Tangqiu bore with the great pressure of Shen Yuan’s direct gaze. In his heart, he naturally didn’t want to leave so soon, so he pointed to the foam on his head, “You guys grabbed me in a hurry and I was halfway through washing. You shouldn’t be wanting me to leave right after you finished using me, right? So let me wash this first.” YqcM82

Duan Hongzhen was around on the way here so others might not have dared to look at them closely, but he would be alone on the way back. He wasn’t willing to bear the strange looks from others.

Only then did Xue Junli reluctantly agree, “The guest room has a bathroom.”

There was a bathroom in Shen Yuan’s room, there was no need to go that far. But Xiao Tangqiu paused and didn’t propose it, just nodding, “Ok, then show me the guest room.”

Xue Junli looked at Duan Hongzhen, “Watch the captain, I’ll take him to the guest room.” F6eYOd

Duan Hongzhen snorted, “Don’t order me!”

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Xue Junli threw a cold look at Duan Hongzhen and left with Xiao Tangqiu.

When leaving, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but look back at Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan’s cheek was still bulged from the candy he gave him. He fixedly looked at Xiao Tangqiu and seemed like he had calmed down, not as aggressive as before.

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly felt that he was like a young dad who sent his child to kindergarten on the first day. His child’s mouth was filled with candy and had to watch his father leave… Pk1UAL

It’s just too heartbreaking.

The Reincarnation Team’s residence was too big. From Shen Yuan’s room to the guest room was 100,000 miles. After a while, Xue Junli stopped in front of a room with Xiao Tangqiu.

“There is a bathroom inside, do as you like. I will bring a change of clothes in a bit.”

Xiao Tangqiu nodded, “Thank you.” 1Iheqg

Xue Junli looked at Xiao Tangqiu coldly and said, “Today’s business, if you leak it…”

Xiao Tangqiu immediately promised, “I will never say it. I dare not say. Which of you can’t easily kill me? I am not a fool.”

Xue Junli coldly said, “As long as you know.”

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After he finished speaking, he left. NzGyHu

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Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but spit in his heart, even if this computer looked so high-end, wasn’t it only for the forum? Using a sledgehammer on a nut?

But apart from the extremely poor internet experience, everything here was high-tech and futuristic. He was worried at first that he might not be able to use the bath here. He didn’t want to ask the icy Xue Junli how to use the bath.

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Fortunately, when he went into the bathroom and looked at it, although it was high end, it was basically the usual functions. 8e2iB3

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t choose the bubbling, jacuzzi function. Although he didn’t care if he spent an hour or two taking a hot bath here, he felt that Xue Junli would not hold back and rush in to drive him away.

So he walked into the shower and turned on the showerhead.

After he finally washed away the foam in his hair, he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening behind him.

At first, he thought it was Xue Junli bringing a change of clothes. He quickly shouted through the shower, “Help me put it by the sink, thank you.” NQSBGd

However, the person didn’t leave and walked towards the shower instead.

Xiao Tangqiu was confused, what was Xue Junli doing? Was this guy going to deliver it directly to the shower? He didn’t seem like such a warm and hospitable person! Even if Xue Junli was hospitable, he didn’t intend to “exchange bare sincerity” with this guy!

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“Just put it on the sink, you can go. Thank you.”

However, the man still did not leave, but went straight to the shower. The next second, the glass door of the shower was opened. hamHf8

Xiao Tangqiu turned around in surprise, “Xue Junli, what are you doing?”

But when he turned around he froze. The person who stood outside the shower wasn’t Xue Junli, it was Shen Yuan whom he recently parted with!

Shen Yuan wore his black pajamas and stood barefoot at the door of the shower, looking at Xiao Tangqiu with dark eyes, “Qiuqiu, where did you go? Why did you abandon me?”

Xiao Tangqiu’s lips twitched, “…I didn’t abandon you! I am taking a shower!” 5DjGgY

Shen Yuan stubbornly asked, “Qiuqiu, why did you abandon me?”

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Looking at Shen Yuan’s eyes that clearly differentiated black and white, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but feel guilty. It was as if he was a parent being asked “Why did you abandon me there? Do you not want me anymore?” after the child was sent to kindergarten for the first time.

“I didn’t abandon you! I am just taking a shower!”

And he didn’t even want to leave, it was obviously Xue Junli chasing him away! 7G5c6Z

However, Xiao Tangqiu wasn’t the kind of person who arbitrarily provokes the relationship between teammates. This kind of thing could only be thought. His mouth said, “I was only halfway through my bath earlier and there was foam in my hair, so I have to wash the foam off…”

Shen Yuan stubbornly said, “Even if Qiuqiu take a bath, still can’t abandon me!”

As he spoke, he squeezed into the shower.

Xiao Tangqiu was shocked and quickly called out, “Don’t come in! I am taking a shower! Your clothes will get wet!” ARTG8r

“Qiuqiu is not allowed to abandon me!” Shen Yuan’s eyes darkened, his violent tendency seeming to come out again.

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t be bothered to turn off the shower and quickly tried to appease Shen Yuan, “I won’t! I won’t abandon you!”

“Not allowed to abandon me!” Shen Yuan repeated again.

Xiao Tangqiu sighed, “Ok, won’t abandon you.” vXCBbt

Shen Yuan had squeezed into the shower. He let the water from the shower fall on his pajamas, standing face to face with Xiao Tangqiu. He stared at Xiao Tangqiu as if Xiao Tangqiu would disappear the moment he looked away.

Two men squeezed into a small shower, four eyes staring at each other, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but feel strange. But before he could think about it, a third person came in.

Xue Junli brought a change of clothes and looked at the two people in the shower coldly. After a while, he asked, “Shen Yuan, why are you here?”

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However, Shen Yuan just looked at him indifferently and did not answer. szVwQ6

Xue Junli began to icily stare at Xiao Tangqiu. Xiao Tangqiu had no choice but to speak, “You can’t be like this. If someone asks you a question, you have to answer it. This is polite.” He began to feel like a kindergarten teacher.

Shen Yuan reluctantly opened his mouth, “I just want to be with Qiuqiu.”

Xiao Tangqiu forced himself to face Xue Junli, “I don’t know why he is here. I was just taking a shower and he suddenly came in…” Wasn’t Shen Yuan shackled on the bed? Did he finally get rid of the demon binding chains and ran out?

Xue Junli’s expression suddenly changed and quickly asked Shen Yuan, “Where’s Fuling, Lulu and them?” lAHoJW

Shen Yuan looked at Xiao Tangqiu and replied reluctantly, “…who are they?”

Xue Junli seemed to remember Shen Yuan’s amnesia, and his expression became even more ugly, “The couple of people who looked after you.”

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Shen Yuan snorted, “Couldn’t withstand one move.”

Xue Junli, “…” O wH6C

Xiao Tangqiu’s mouth twitched, “You… you didn’t knock them out, right?”

Shen Yuan spoke coldly, “They also knocked me out, why can’t I?”

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly said, “Do you remember what happened before you were unconscious?” Xue Junli and them had teamed up to knock out Shen Yuan before, but it was because Shen Yuan showed a strong aggression, attacking everyone in sight… the Shen Yuan now actually remembered that time?

Xue Junli’s expression was also quite ugly. He didn’t expect Shen Yuan to not remember the good, and only remember the bad things they did. 06wlmQ

Shen Yuan humphed, suddenly hugging Xiao Tangqiu and burying his face in Xiao Tangqiu’s shoulder, sulking, “They beat me, and it was many bullying one! They are bad guys!”

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Xiao Tangqiu silently looked at Xue Junli. He felt that Xue Junli was definitely depressed and wanted to spit blood. Why did they knock out Shen Yuan? It was clearly that Shen Yuan made the first move, and Shen Yuan was so much stronger than them, so they couldn’t help but team up!

“They are not bad guys, they are just…” Xiao Tangqiu paused, “…scared of you hitting them. They can’t beat you.”

Shen Yuan snorted, “They are bad guys, but they can’t beat me!” zu 0c4

Xiao Tangqiu sighed, “They’re not bad guys, they are your teammates, your companions.”

Shen Yuan was not happy, “They are bad guys.”

Xiao Tangqiu glanced at Xue Junli. He had no way to convince Shen Yuan.

Xue Junli pressed his lips together and coldly said, “…you, have him come out.” MLrDKA

Xiao Tangqiu could only persuade Shen Yuan, “Why don’t you go out first?”

Shen Yuan’s expression was full of unhappiness, “Is Qiuqiu abandoning me?”

Xiao Tangqiu wiped the water on his face and tried to keep calm, “…No, I am still taking a shower, let me finish washing up?”

Shen Yuan humphed, “Then I will wash with Qiuqiu.” 73eFnN

Xiao Tangqiu, “…the shower is too small, we can’t fit two people, wait for me to finish and then you can wash, alright?”

Shen Yuan looked straight at Xiao Tangqiu and stubbornly said, “I want to wash with Qiuqiu. Qiuqiu’s not allowed to abandon me!”

Xiao Tangqiu was out of ideas. He couldn’t beat him in words or physically. He would only silently look out to Xue Junli.

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Xue Junli snorted, “Hurry up and finish washing!” VKJkbz

Then he turned and left, slammed the bathroom door closed.

After the loud bang, only two people were left in the bathroom, Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan was finally happy, “Qiuqiu! Let’s wash together!”


Translator's Note

T/N: the original text is “杀鸡焉用牛刀” which is “to kill a chicken with a cow knife”, basically overkilling it, so I found the english equivalent of the saying

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