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Game, Live StreamChapter 53.1

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Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian, these two fellow jinxes, hid in a corner and wept bitterly.

The draw was still going on. The geek hesitated for a moment, his face pale face, and let the next person draw first. cJDHFQ

There were only seven people left. According to the probability given half the balls were black and the other half red, even if Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian had already pulled out two black balls, at least one black ball should remain in the box at this time.

He watched the third person put his hand in to draw a ball and prayed repeatedly in his heart, draw a black ball! Draw a black ball! Draw a black ball!

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Maybe his prayer came true or maybe he was born with luck because he really proved to be the king of luck again – the third person really got the black ball!

It was the next person’s turn to draw, but he still didn’t dare to take any risks and once again carefully gave the chance to the fourth person. troFVn

He kept looking at the fourth person the whole time. If the first four had drawn a black ball, he would surely draw a red ball! You must draw a black ball! Be sure to be a black ball!

Soon, the fourth person finished picking a ball and sure enough, it was black.

That’s great! All four black balls were already drawn! He was sure to draw a red ball!

The geek trembled with excitement. The anxiety of waiting earlier made him sweat all over. It was difficult for him to obtain such a narrow escape. He rushed towards the box for fear that there would be any changes. WJlVTx

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian watched this scene as their hearts grew sadder. Of course, they could see what the geek was thinking. Four black balls had been drawn in front of them, and the three left were red balls anyway. The geek didn’t have to worry about falling into the pit.

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This guy was too lucky! The three rounds earlier, he had drawn red balls each time. Even in the last round, he managed to avoid all the black balls perfectly!

It turned out that there really was such a blessed king of luck! They worked very hard in each round of the game to get a chance to survive, but this king of luck was able to avoid all dangers perfectly by only using his fingers and drawing a good ball at the beginning. This world was really unfair!

“Don’t tell me that he can really live till the end just based on luck?” Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help discussing with Tang Mianmian. cjB39K

Tang Mianmian’s face was filled with indignation. “Sir, I want to reborn again!”

Xiao Tangqiu always felt that things weren’t so simple. He was just about to say something when the geek nearby suddenly screamed, “No way! This is impossible!!!”

The two men looked up at the same time, only to be surprised to find that the geek had pulled out a black ball!

Another black ball! OZXtSe

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This was already the fifth black ball!

Lbk kjr atja qbrrlyif?

Cmmbgvlcu ab qgbyjylilas, atfgf rtbeiv yf ja wbra obeg yijmx yjiir lc atlr ybz!

Ktf uffx rmgfjwfv lc vlryfilfo yea atf mibkc pera rwlifv jcv rjlv, “Glv P rjs atja bcis tjio bo atf yjiir lc atf ybz jgf yijmx lc atf ijra gbecv?” ECZVId

Ktf uffx aegcfv qjif lcrajcais. Ktf mibkc cfnfg vlv rjs atja bcis tjio bo atf yjiir lc atf ybz kfgf yijmx. Ktfs tjv jrrewfv atja atfgf rtbeiv yf atgff bg obeg yijmx yjiir jwbcu atf rfnfc yjiir yjrfv bc atf fzqfglfcmf ogbw atf olgra atgff gbecvr yea obguba atja atf mibkc tjvc’a jccbecmfv atf cewyfg bo yijmx yjiir ogbw atf yfulcclcu.

The clown smiled and said, “And even if I did, it might not be true! Because I said at the beginning, don’t trust the clown! “

They were fooled by this clown again!

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Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were speechless but they were still quite calm. After all, no matter how the clown randomly modified the rules of the game or even the number of black balls, both of them would definitely draw black balls. Since the side with jam would always land first, did it matter if the jam was blueberry or strawberry? xzbe4h

Compared to their composure, the geek looked crazy. His face was pale and his eyes were red. There was nothing more disheartening than giving people a chance to live in the face of death and then depriving them of it. He thought that he had escaped but was instantly knocked off the cliff. This despair was even worse than the reaction of drawing the black ball since the very start.

He became mad with anger and even changed his cautious attitude, questioning the clown as if he had lost his mind. “Why are there five black balls? That’s impossible! You tricked us! I refuse to obey! I want to draw again!”

The clown smiled at him. Although his multicolored face had a wide grin, his eyes held no laughter at all, which made their hearts all tremble.

The geek didn’t seem to notice it and was still questioning the clown regardless of anything. “I’m so lucky that it is absolutely impossible to draw a black ball! You must have done something! I want to draw again! I want to draw again!” sgR65X

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time. This guy had simply lost his mind. He dared to use that tone to question a person who could decide their life and death at will. Forget about the clown changing the rules of the game as he pleased to play around with them for entertainment. Even if he killed them directly with violence or any other means, they had no way to reason with him either! Who would they reason with? The demon who created the world?

What’s more, this guy had dodged three rounds of games by drawing three red balls with luck before this, which was considered being lucky off the charts. Was he really going to do nothing with his luck and clear this instance like that? If he really had this mentality, even if he could get away with this instance, he would definitely die in the next instance unless he could guarantee that he could remain the king of luck in all his future missions.

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Besides, this guy obviously drew the black ball himself and even wanted to draw again. This was obviously cheating! He was willing to bet but not willing to lose!

The geek lost his head and questioned the clown but when he saw that the clown didn’t say anything and just smiled, he immediately became furious. Filled with rage, he rushed to the front of the box and drew another ball! Ng1nGC

“That doesn’t count! I want to draw again! Draw again! “

Xiao Tangqiu, “……”

Fucking hell! Was there really such a thing!

This was obviously cheating! How shameless was he?! dWl7AK

Xiao Tangqiu reflexively looked at the clown but saw that the clown remained smiling and had no intention of stopping the geek.

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He couldn’t help frowning slightly and his heart gave birth to a bad feeling.

The geek groped around in the box for a long time. Although there were only the last two balls left, he still hesitated. After touching this ball, he touched the other. After feeling around back and forth for what seemed like forever, he finally gulped and made up his mind. “This is the one!”

It must be a red ball! It must be a red ball! eUbEW0

However, his prayer failed again. This second time, he still drew a black ball.

“That’s impossible!” The geek was so shocked his facial features were twisted into an ugly expression. He nervously repeated, “It’s a black ball… That’s impossible… That’s impossible…”

Soon, he changed his mind again. “This time doesn’t count either! Yes! It doesn’t count! I want to draw again! There’s still another chance! There’s one last ball! “

Xiao Tangqiu, “……” LypWj7

What the fuck! This was the second time he cheated! He was shameless to the max!

He looked at the clown again, only to find that the clown was still smiling without any movement.

He frowned slightly. What was happening? Why didn’t the clown stop the guy? That guy had already violated the rules of the game twice. Could it be that the clown didn’t care about the rules of the game anymore?

There were already six black balls so the next one had to be red! HkuBjb

There would be at least one red ball in the seven balls!

The geek’s facial features were distorted and fierce with agitation. He couldn’t wait to reach into the box and pulled out the last ball.

The result was that it was another black ball!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The last ball was also a black ball. OCK9E5

It turned out that the seven balls in this round were all black balls!

From the start, the seven balls in this box were all black balls!

So there was no way for the geek to draw a red ball!

Because there was no red ball in the box! F i0Ja

No wonder the clown was so calm the whole time. It turned out that he had already known that there was no red ball in the box. No matter how many times the geek cheated, he couldn’t get a red ball.

Xiao Tangqiu had long guessed that things weren’t so simple, so he was calm after learning the result. On second thought, he even thought that there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. This was the last round. If the rules remained the same as the previous three rounds, he would find it rather strange.

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But in the end the reason he felt so calm was because he and Tang Mianmian would draw a black ball whether there were four black balls or seven black balls in the box, so the result wasn’t important to them.

However, the geek obviously didn’t think so. When he found that the seven balls in the box were all black, he cried out like a lunatic. “All black balls! You cheat! This doesn’t count! I demand a fresh start! Start over!” 536TMV

The clown looked coldly at the geek who was rolling around and remained completely unmoved. His smile grew even wider. “The draw is over! Congratulations to you seven lucky players for successfully qualifying for the last round of the game!”

The geek finally realized that the last round of the game was mandatory for everyone to take part in and no one could get away with it. His last glimmer of hope was completely dashed, and he immediately sat down on the ground with a blank face and vacant eyes.

In the next second, he remembered those who had died in the game before and immediately trembled with fear.

The clown completely ignored the geek and introduced the rules of the game. “The last game is called Lucky Maze. The rules of the game are very simple, that is, exit this maze.” A9CptT

Exit the maze? Was it that simple?

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Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other. Both of them found it hard to believe that this last game was so simple!

……Impossible! There was no way things were so simple!

The clown seemed to see what the others were thinking. His painted face broke into a smile. “Look behind me. This is the entrance to the maze.” a8wdgv

He turned around to reveal the maze behind.

The maze didn’t seem to cover a large area. From the outside, it looked like it was made up of plants and fences. However, it was strange that there were two small wooden doors behind the clown.

This maze had two entrances.


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  1. That lucky geek….really might have luck but no brains whatsoever. I’m definitely not surprised they all have to participate in the last game but did he REALLY think he could just go in and instance and do nothing literally the whole time? That’s quite a mentality he has.

  2. Oh man I really dislike that geek. What are you complaining about? How was it fair that you passed all the previous rounds based on luck? I mean, I’ve seen some ridiculously lucky characters, and I find such characters amusing to read provided their personalities are good. This guy? Nah. You’re dead. Seriously, why would you try and unnecessarily piss off someone in a horror setting? That’s a Death Flag, you poor unfortunate soul.

    Thanks for the chapter!