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Game, Live StreamChapter 18

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“What happened?”

Tang Mianmian was a step slower than Xiao Tangqiu, and when he saw the scene in the coffin clearly, shock contorted his face, “Ahhhhhhhh! Fuckkkkkk! Ahhhhhhhh!” EVdP M

The others had also caught up to them. A few seconds later, Luo Mansu’s solemn expression remained unchanged but the twins started to scream, “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!”

Xiao Tangqiu tried to ignore the shrill screams that pierced his ears as he shared what he had seen with Luo Mansu. As soon as Tang Mianmian heard that it was Lu Xiaotao who pulled out her own intestines, his face turned pale and he looked like he wanted to vomit. Ding Tiantian and Ding Mimi had already gone outside and puked their guts out.

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Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “Why did Lu Xiaotao die in this room? And in that wedding dress? Isn’t Fang Lan unable to enter the manor?”

Luo Mansu had a grim expression on his face, “Ask Yang Bing, he should be most clear about what happened.”


When they went outside, they saw that Yang Bing had fallen onto the ground. He sat there in a daze, with his arms wrapped around his knees as he shook uncontrollably. Witnessing his girlfriend die in such a miserable manner seemed to have caused a mental breakdown.

“Yang Bing, what happened just now?” asked Luo Mansu.

“I……. I don’t know……….” Yang Bing buried his head in his knees, his voice trembling, “I don’t know………. I don’t know anything………”

Luo Mansu spoke gravely, “Are you sure you have nothing to say? Even if you’ll die because of this?” qRP2iY

Yang Bing kept quiet, hesitating for a long time before he finally opened his mouth to speak, tremors in his voice as he stammered, “Last night………. When Xiaotao and I were in our room, we suddenly heard a baby crying………. I was scared out of my wits but Xiaotao got down from the bed and said she wanted to go out. I quickly pulled her back, but she said………. she said………..”

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Yang Bing’s face crumpled as he lifted his head from his knees, “She said she heard our child calling her! She said she heard our child say mama! But…… but we don’t have any children!”

Xiao Tangqiu seemed to have understood something; he looked coldly at Yang Bing, “Oh, really?”

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Oeb Zjcre lcafggeqafv Tjcu Dlcu, “Kfii er ktja tjqqfcfv cfza.”

Yang Bing continued with fear and trepidation, “I thought she was possessed, so I grabbed her and didn’t allow her to leave. But all of a sudden, she became so strong that I couldn’t even hold her back……… I really couldn’t hold her back! After that, I followed her to this courtyard and then…………. I fainted……….”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “You fainted? You really don’t remember anything else besides this?”

Yang Bing burst out, “I swear! Why would I lie to you? I fainted before I could even enter the room……… I just woke up! I immediately went in to take a look. Then, I saw that Xiaotao was……..…. I really don’t remember anything else before fainting…..………..… Wait! Before I fainted, I think I saw a child……” Dsit8c

His expression turned ugly, “A child……… It must’ve been that infant spirit! That infant spirit must’ve killed Xiaotao!”

Infant spirit? Xiao Tangqiu’s frown deepened as he contemplated, but his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Tang Mianmian ear-piercing screams. “Ahhhhhhhh! Fuckkkkkkk! Ahhhhhhh!”

“Geez, haven’t you screamed enough?” Xiao Tangqiu raised his head and cursed out when he saw the scene in front of him.

Fuck! A reanimated corpse! Lu Xiaotao’s corpse actually came back to life! Icd8Ch


Lu Xiaotao, whose wedding dress had turned bloody, had climbed out of the coffin. With her head hung low, she slowly stumbled towards them, her movements rigid as she left a trail of internal organs behind her.

“Quickly! Run!”  Xiao Tangqiu shouted at once. He was the first to run out of the courtyard; the others followed behind him the moment they reacted to what was happening. Only Yang Bing hadn’t moved; he stared in a daze for a long time before turning around stiffly.

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“……. Xiao…… Xiaotao?” Upon seeing Lu Xiaotao, Yang Bing’s first reaction was joy; he thought that his girlfriend was still alive. But as soon as he noticed the wide, gaping hole in her stomach, he fell down to the ground in complete shock, paralyzed with fear. L6Fnjm

“My child……. Where’s my child……….” Lu Xiaotao raised her head to look at her boyfriend. Tears of blood flowed from her eyes, down her cheeks in a stream, “Why is my stomach……….. I’ve looked everywhere…….. Was it you? Did you hide my child from me?! Give me back my child! Give me back my child!!”

“Xiao……Xiao……Xiaotao……….” Yang Bing stared at the scene before his eyes, trembling like a leaf in the wind. “The child was aborted a while ago……. Our child is gone………”

“Give me back my child! I want my child!” Lu Xiaotao glared resentfully at Yang Bing. She threw herself at Yang Bing, then, stretched her hand across his belly, ripped it open and reached inside!

Yang Bing screamed from the excruciating pain of having his stomach ripped open but it was as though Lu Xiaotao hadn’t heard anything. She seemed to be looking for something and continued to rummage through his innards, turning his internal organs inside out as she slowly pulled out his intestines. gnm4hd

Yang Bing was in so much pain, he was about to go mad. Under the influence of severe pain, he burst with unprecedented strength and managed to push away Lu xiaotao, running away as fast as he could.

After Yang Bing’s push sent Lu Xiaotao to the ground, she stopped moving. They hadn’t ran very far before returning to the courtyard. Luo Mansu walked over, checked the situation in the courtyard, then said in a grave tone, “I think she’s really dead now.”

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Xiao Tangqiu looked at Lu Xiaotao’s body; he had some suspicions, “Should we check if Yang Bing is ok?” Yang Bing was very likely to be dead, but what if he suddenly came back to live as well?

“Let’s go.” They turned and chased after Yang Bing. 0DCHlS


Yang Bing was seriously injured so logically speaking, he shouldn’t have gotten very far. Yet in the face of death, he seemed to have triggered his survival instincts. Fuelled by adrenaline, he ran all the way to the front gates of Yun Manor, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

When Xiao Tangqiu reached the gates, he saw Yang Bing trying to push open the gates. At that point, Yang Bing was a sorry sight, half of his body a bloody mess. Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t bear to look at him struggle, “There’s no way you’ll open the gates, don’t waste your energy trying………..”

“I don’t care! I want to leave this eerie place! I want to go home!” Yang Bing yelled hysterically. He vehemently banged into the gates – in an instant, the gates of Yun Manor actually started to creak open. EDWVud

“The gates are open!” Everyone was stunned; they hadn’t expected that to happen.

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“Hahahaha! The gates are open! I’m going home!” Yang Bing laughed like a lunatic as he heavily staggered out of the manor. “I’m leaving this God-forsaken place! I’m going to cross the river! I’m going home!”

Xiao Tangqiu hesitated for a moment before following Yang Bing out with Tang Mianmian chasing after him.

They followed Yang Bing all the way to the river and watched as Yang Bing’s movements got slower and slower, seeming as though he had reached the end of the road but was still forcibly holding on to that last breath. “Home……. I can go home soon……..” iwItVP

The boat was no longer there but Yang Bing didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the river.

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t wear to watch, sighing as he closed his eyes, “Ai..….”

But in the next instant, Yang Bing’s wretched cries rang out. Xiao Tangqiu reflexively opened his eyes only to be shocked by the scene before him. Yang Bing’s body was entrenched in a meter high flame. All the while, he rolled around in agony, trying to put out the flames as his screams echoed through the air, but nothing could stop those flames from spreading. In the blink of an eye, Yang Bing’s life was extinguished by the burning flames……… just like Jiang Zihan and Zeng Jinping.

The moment the flames disappeared, the river turned into something else. G0fliZ

In fact, there was never a river, only an ocean of corpses that had been burned alive and piled on top of each other. Those charred corpses filled up the entire dried up riverbed, extending all the way to both sides of the riverbank. Screams of anguish filled the silence; hands that had already long turned into skeletons reached out towards the people on the shore, as if begging to be pulled out from the sea of death but also as though they yearned to drag those on the shore down into their endless misery.




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