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Fantasy FarmCh25.2 - Truths or lies


translator: baumkuchen  editor: baumkuchen

After another ten minutes, the pickup truck arrived at the entrance to the police station. Lu Qingjiu called Hu Shu, then saw Hu Shu walk out of the station. rULZxb

“Let’s talk somewhere else,” Hu Shu’s expression turned serious after getting onto the pickup truck.

“Where should we go?” Lu Qingjiu asked.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Just the nearby teahouse, I’ll point the way. Drive forward,” Hu Shu said.

Lu Qingjiu found this a little strange. He asked, “Why can’t we talk in the police station?”


Hu Shu said, “The police station’s a mess right now. I went to find you in private. If my higher-ups found out, I’ll be in trouble.”

It seemed to make sense. Lu Qingjiu started the truck.

Hu Shu pointed the way for Lu Qingjiu, making Lu Qingjiu drive out of town in the other direction. The town was in a relatively remote area, it would take more than another half hour to get to the city. This road was rather desolate, with only a few scattered residents. As soon as Lu Qingjiu drove out of town, he started to have the vague feeling that something wasn’t quite right. He gave Hu Shu a look, and asked tentatively, “Officer Hu, may I ask where we’re going?”

Hu Shu looked ahead, and said, indifferent, “Keep driving forward.” ALPtyT

However, upon hearing this, Lu Qingjiu stepped on the brakes, he said, “Officer Hu?”

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Hu Shu turned his head and looked at Lu Qingjiu. He asked, “Why did you stop the car?”

Lu Qingjiu took a deep breath and said, “I don’t want to drive any further. If there’s anything, please tell me now. How is the victim connected to me?”

Hu Shu said, “Do you want a cigarette?” nISNdP

Lu Qingjiu shook his head.

Hu Shu didn’t take offense. He dug a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. After taking in a heavy breath, he said, “Actually, I’m really a good-for-nothing police officer.” 

Lu Qingjiu furrowed his eyebrows. As he listened to Hu Shu speak, his body started leaning towards the door, preparing to jump out of the truck at any time.

Hu Shu asked, “Are you so afraid of me? Or have you sensed something?” jLKEUS

Since the moment he saw Hu Shu, Lu Qingjiu started to feel like there was something a little off about him, especially with him requesting to go somewhere else to talk in detail, it felt like there was something wrong. Now that he was unwilling to say what exactly was going on, he was practically confirming Lu Qingjiu’s suspicions.

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After saying this, he lunged towards Lu Qingjiu.

Seeing this Lu Qingjiu suffered a huge shock, and hurriedly dodged. The pickup truck also really gave him face, directly opening the door. Lu Qingjiu jumped out of the truck, not letting Hu Shu get a hold on him. However, upon seeing Lu Qingjiu standing outside the truck, Hu Shu just started laughing coldly. He wasn’t at all flustered, as if confident that Lu Qingjiu had no chance of escaping. Unhurriedly, he opened the other door, got out from the other side of the car, and started walking towards Lu Qingjiu. RDaZYv

Seeing his movements, Lu Qingjiu suddenly had an idea.

However, before he could move, Hu Shu smiled and said, “Let me give you some advice, it’d be best if you didn’t do that.”

Lu Qingjiu said, “What?!”

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Hu Shu didn’t say anything at all. Holding his cigarette in his mouth, he looked towards Lu Qingjiu with a slight smile on his face. He reached a hand into his pocket, and pulled out something. Standing before him, Lu Qingjiu could clearly see what it looked like —— it was a black handgun. 0bkGlj

Hu Shu grabbed the gun, and turned off the safety with a click. He said, “Look, I didn’t trick you.”

Lu Qingjiu said, “Are you that fierce god?”

Hearing this, Hu Shu raised his eyebrows, a strange look in his eyes, “How do you know that? Are you not human?”

The moment he said that, it could be considered him indirectly admitting to his identity. Lu Qingjiu had never thought that the Hu Shu he’d just saw yesterday would encounter this kind of thing the very next day. He feared that the corpse that had been found in a ditch near the police station he had told him about wasn’t just a rumor — that corpse was probably the real Hu Shu. VSDgWy

“Do you have any more last words?” Still holding the gun, Hu Shu walked over to Lu Qingjiu, “You should hurry up and say them now.”

The current situation was truly dire. The distance between Lu Qingjiu and Hu Shu was less than three meters. As soon as Hu Shu raised his arm, he would be able to shoot a bullet into Lu Qingjiu’s body. Lu Qingjiu’s only hope was to summon up his courage and rush towards the pickup truck. If he could get into the truck cab, he might still have a slight chance of saving himself.

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However, evidently, Hu Shu had seen through his plan. He said, “Don’t go into the cab, if you obediently stay where you are, you might still have a slight chance of saving yourself.”

Lu Qingjiu took a step back. K6JEgz

But Hu Shu had already walked right up to him. He said, “Yes, just like this, very good…” He slowly walked even closer to him, but didn’t fire his gun. Instead, he held said gun against Lu Qingjiu’s lower jaw and asked, “Do you know why I kill people?”

Lu Qingjiu replied flatly, “How would I know.”

“Because human beings are really too interesting,” Hu Shu cocked his head, and slid the gun down from where it was pressed against Lu Qingjiu’s jaw, to his neck, then pressed it against his chest. He said, “Humans have everything, the good, the bad, the things I like, the things I don’t like. I just need to pull the trigger, and you’ll be dead… Are you scared?”

Lu Qingjiu stared coldly at Hu Shu. He said, “There’s no one who doesn’t fear death.” Even as he said this, there was none of the fear Hu Shu wanted to see in his eyes. Hu Shu clicked his tongue, then said, “You’re the calmest one I’ve ever seen, how interesting.” F7xyeC

Lu Qingjiu asked, “What else do you want to do?”

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Hu Shu responded, “How do you know that there’s something else I want to do?”

“If there wasn’t anything, you would have shot me long ago,” Lu Qingjiu said.

“Clever,” Hu Shu smiled, “I just love dealing with clever people.” He slowly drew the gun away, saying, “Actually, I’m also getting a little tired of this kind of dull massacre. How about this, how about you and I play a game?” R6xjCk

Lu Qingjiu replied, “Game?”

Hu Shu said, “You see this gun? Inside, there’s only one bullet. The two of us will fire a shot at the other one by one, until one of us dies.”

Lu Qingjiu just looked at Hu Shu, silent.

“Do you want to play?” Hu Shu seemed to be getting a little impatient with Lu Qingjiu’s silence. dRfgH6

“Okay.” In this kind of situation, if he didn’t agree, he would still die. Upon hearing Lu Qingjiu’s answer, Hu Shu broke out into loud laughter, as if in a very good mood. He said, “Do you want to go first, or should I?”

“I’ll go first,” Lu Qingjiu said, he wanted to see if Hu Shu would actually hand him to gun.

What he hadn’t expected was that, after hearing his words, Hu Shu actually presented the handgun before him with incredible calm, and even said in a gentlemanly manner, “Please.”

Lu Qingjiu licked his lips, and took the gun in his hands. The gun was cold, and the sweat on his palms was hot. Lu Qingjiu grasped the gun tightly. His voice was somewhat hoarse, perhaps because of nervousness, as he asked, “Aren’t you scared I might just shoot you a few times?” Dx0bR1

Hu Shu said, “You can try.”

Under normal circumstances, faced with this kind of supernatural thing, anyone would be struck with fear, and it wouldn’t be impossible for them to just take the gun and fire randomly at Hu Shu. Lu Qingjiu’s thoughts flashed through his mind. He felt like Hu Shu’s behaviour was strangely contradictory. Clearly, he could just directly kill him, why would he choose such a time-wasting method? Could it really just be for entertainment, like he’d said? But the bullet in this gun had been loaded by Hu Shu himself, and with his true supernatural identity, it would be very easy to cheat. Lu Qingjiu thought, then what exactly had he missed?

“Shoot,” Hu Shu spoke up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Qingjiu pulled the first trigger. A soft click sounded, and no bullet was fired. As Lu Qingjiu let out a sigh of relief, he also felt a wave of dread rush over him, but he forcibly kept himself from firing a second shot at Hu Shu like he wanted to, and instead, hand the gun back to Hu Shu. pr nCa

“You really gave it back to me,” Unexpectedly, after Hu Shu received the gun, he said something like this, “I actually thought you would keep shooting.”

“I wanted to,” Lu Qingjiu said, “But you would probably have some way of keeping me from firing.”

Hu Shu said, “Maybe I’ve just been lying to you?”

Lu Qingjiu looked at him. jSu59D

Hu Shu said, “Maybe I’m just a lunatic, and wanted to play a game where we gamble our lives with you.”

Lu Qingjiu sneered, “If you were just such an impulsive lunatic, there wouldn’t be those four corpses.”

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Hearing this, Hu Shu nodded, rather appreciatively. He said, “You’re very clever.” He pulled the trigger.

“Click.” Hearing that soft sound, a layer of cold sweat formed on Lu Qingjiu’s back, but fortunately, besides that sound, there was no lethal fire that spurted out — it was another blank. ku6nxU

“Your luck isn’t bad.” Hu Shu let out a slight smile.

Lu Qingjiu let out the breath he’d been holding, and extended his hand to Hu Shu. He wanted to see if Hu Shu would still hand him the gun. But without any hesitation, Hu Shu placed the handgun into Lu Qingjiu’s hand. He said, “Please go ahead.”

Lu Qingjiu grasped the gun, but noticed that there was a little something more in Hu Shu’s eyes compared to last time. It wasn’t fear, nor was it worry, but excitement, an uncontrollable excitement.

The gun was obviously in his hands, why was the excited one Hu Shu? Lu Qingjiu felt like he’d grasped something. He looked at the gun in his hands, then at the fierce god before him. An incredible thought occurred to him. This thought was far too absurd, to the point that he doubted whether or not he’d overthought things. iTatLv

“Shoot already,” However, the next moment, Hu Shu’s words confirmed Lu Qingjiu’s suspicions.

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The author has something to say:

Has anyone guess what god this is and what he wants to do? It’s a rather obscure god~ K15Bos

Sorry this is late orz, I was too tired to post last night TT~TT

As of late, I’ve been out everyday from an ungodly hour in the morning to late at night sigh

Ella’s busy this week too, so just let me know if you see any errors I didn’t catch, or things I didn’t footnote~

Things are really heating up this chap :blobpeek: tWuj5Q

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    • Well to be fair to him, say, even if he did know more, what could he do about it? Most of these monsters or spirits don’t have some easy, straightforward way of dealing with them, if they had them at all.

      Furthermore, there is the belief that the more you know about something, the more likely you are to attract such things. There is a benefit to knowing less, in some cases.

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