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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh74 - Shamelessness


The publication that published this report, Yang Cong News, has always been known for its rich imagination. It believed that “a picture is worth a thousand words, but we get to make up those words.” They relied on their strange brain holes and novel-style narratives to sell. Unexpectedly, they managed to hold quite a substantial piece of the interstellar news market. However, people regarded it simply as a type of fan magazine. Most of them looked at it as a joke, entertainment to pass the time. Even the Yan Cong News’ official site proclaimed themselves as a “well-known and untrue news media outlet”. There was simply no way to argue with them.

“Ignore these senseless people.” He Yun Chen also saw the article and frowned slightly. “12 years ago, you were still a minor. How would I have been able to do such a thing?” 68mu5l

Ruan Tang: “…”

I think you’re focusing entirely on the wrong point, alright?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Ruan Tang was in no mood to continue concerning himself with this matter. What was important now was to get Ruan Yu to the Central Hospital so that he could be taken good care of. Just as they got off the spacecraft, they had been surrounded by the horde of reporters, until now, Ruan Yu’s face was still a bit pale and it put Ruan Tang in a completely bad mood.

“Okay!” The both of them got off the suspended car and entered the hospital. Phx7M6

Because he had already notified them in advance, when the front desk recognized He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang, she immediately called over the hospital president and the hospital president led them through the admission procedures.

“Wow, Marshal He looks so handsome up close!” The front desk staff couldn’t help but whisper to her colleagues.

“Mr. Ruan is also very good-looking. He used to be a film emperor, and now he’s a four-star chef. Just a few months after starting his live broadcasts, he already has millions of GM coins. He’s the most popular anchor on the Jinjiang Live Platform.” Another colleague stared at the two as they left.

“Hey, do you think that Marshal He and Mr. Ruan are really an item? The two of them are always together and Marshal He’s especially protective of him. He has publicly supported Mr. Ruan on Weibo several times already. It couldn’t be that that child really is their love child?” Another staff member came over and whispered.


“Are you blind? How long has it been since Mr. Ruan woke up from his coma? The pregnancy gene couldn’t have produced a child as big as that so quickly! That is obviously Mr. Ruan’s brother. Did you forget the news on Weibo?”

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“Oh, then that Cai Xin is really their mother? How can there be such a shameless woman …”

Their discussion was so enthusiastic but Ruan Tang had already completed the admission procedures for Ruan Yu and now carried Ruan Yu to his check-up.

“Marshal He, Mr. Ruan, this is Dr. Fang, he is the leading expert on genetic diseases in our hospital. With him treating Ruan Yu, you can rest assured.” The hospital president had arranged the best ward and the best doctor for them. Afterwards, he said goodbye, “I still have something to do so I will be going on ahead.” CM6HI3

Dr. Fang was already middle-aged, with a serious face and sharp eyes. He looked very professional. He nodded slightly towards the two and finally greeted them.

“Okay, thank you, President Wang.”

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After all, this was the Capital Star. It wasn’t at all remote like the 19th planet and basically everyone has a light brain. Dr. Fang, naturally, knew the news from Weibo. The lawyer hired by Ruan Tang, Zhou Jing, released the video of his hometown neighbors’ interview on Weibo a few days ago, completely exposing Cai Xin’s true face. It also made people very sympathetic toward the two Ruan brothers. Zhou Jing has already submitted the application to the court. They were only waiting for Ruan Tang to return to the capital so that he could appear in court and make a clean break from this woman.

“Yes, I think natural foods are more nutritious and taste better than nutrient solutions.”

Dr. Fang nodded, “It might have been an impulsive decision, but it turned out to be for the best. This child’s genetic transformation is incomplete. Therefore, his physical quality is much worse than that of ordinary people’s, and he is closer to ancient human beings. Nutrient Solutions can at most, preserve his life but it has no other effect. However, he seems to be able to absorb trace elements in natural food. His various physical readings are much better than one month ago. As long as he is properly looked after, it’s perfectly okay for him to move freely like an ordinary person. ” W1QnU6

Hearing that, Ruan Tang was overjoyed. For him, there was no better news. Regardless whether it was his own volition, or in order to fulfill the last wish of the original owner, he already considers Ruan Yu as his own younger brother. When Ruan Yu completely recovers and is discharged from the hospital, he will take him home and prepare all sorts of food for him every day. He will raise him well and allow him to grow up healthy and strong.

“Well, as for the treatment plan, I’ve decided to divide it into three courses, the first stage …” While Dr. Fang was talking to Ruan Tang about the treatment plan he designed, they heard loud footsteps coming from outside accompanied by chaotic shouting.

“You can’t come in! This is the ICU! You can’t come in!”

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“Why can’t I come in? I am their mother! I have the right to visit!” The woman’s reverberating voice was hysterical. The sound of heels tapping on the ground became louder and louder. DU4d6R

“What’s the matter?” Dr. Fang frowned slightly, got up and walked to the door. He was about to go out to find a medical staff to ask about the situation when the door was suddenly pushed open, pushing the unsuspecting Dr. Fang to the side.

“My unfortunate child!” A woman rushed in with a loud wail. Beside her, came quite a number of reporters but because of the patient’s right to privacy, these reporters were not allowed to enter the ward without permission. But all their cameras were pointed into the room.

While wailing, the woman rushed towards the hospital bed, but was quickly blocked by He Yun Chen. “What?!”

“What are you doing? Let me go! That is my son!” The woman desperately wanted to pass He Yun Chen and throw herself towards Ruan Yu, but He Yun Chen was like a stone wall, no matter how she pushed, he remained completely still. x2Yud6

“Cai Xin?” Ruan Tang heard her and frowned fiercely.

“Brother …” Such a loud commotion could wake the dead, not to mention Ruan Yu. The child was startled and he looked around in fear for his brother.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Brother is here.” Ruan Tang quickly hurried over, holding his brother in his arms, comforting him carefully.

“Son! Son! It’s mother! Your mother!” The woman looked up and saw Ruan Tang’s handsome face, and her eyes suddenly lighted up. With a loud wail, she threw herself in Ruan Tang’s direction. xscL7

He Yun Chen moved and once again blocked Cai Xin.

“What’s the matter with you? You …” Cai Xin was stopped by He Yun Chen twice now, and she finally blew her top. She raised her hand and wanted to hit someone, but faced with He Yun Chen’s iconic chiseled and handsome face, she was unable to move.

He Yun Chen was a marshal of the empire. Except for remote planets with poorly developed communications, few people did not know of him. These days, Cai Xin was always watching the news on the Star Network. Naturally, she also recognized this marshal who always supported Ruan Tang. Her raised hand froze like her acupuncture point had been hit. It remained awkwardly in the air.

“Cai Xin, what exactly did you come here for?” Ruan Tang asked coldly. YeBvNp

“Son, Mom is here to apologize. Mom knows she’s wrong. Will you forgive me?” The woman’s pretty face looked haggard. There was obvious blue bags under her eyes, and her eyes looked red. She turned towards Ruan Tang with begging in her eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ruan Tang’s eyes were ice-cold and he did not show any tenderness to Cai Xin’s begging. It didn’t matter that this woman was a complete stranger to him. Just by the things she had done during this time, he could not look kindly upon her. As for forgiveness, that was even more impossible.

“Son, Mom knows she’s wrong! Mom knows she’s wrong! Please forgive your mother! Mommy is kneeling down for you!” Cai Xin cried and was about to kneel, but her arms were held up by He Yun Chen. His hands that gripped her arms were like iron chains, making her completely unable to kneel.

“This act has gone on long enough. Leave.” He Yun Chen said coldly. HnTCmZ

“What act? I am not acting at all! This is a family matter! It’s not the place of an outsider like you to meddle!” Cai Xin howled indignantly.

“Chen Ge is not an outsider!” Ruan Tang responded subconsciously, hugging Ruan Yu, who was trembling uncontrollably. “Cai Xin! Please go out now and don’t delay Xiao Yu’s treatment!”

Xiao Yu, yes, Xiao Yu … Cai Xin’s eyes lit up suddenly. Since Ruan Tang cared about Ruan Yu so much, she only needed to get Ruan Yu’s love! She was Ruan Yu’s mother! His legal guardian! As long as Ruan Yu wanted to recognize her as his mother, Ruan Tang couldn’t do anything to her! Maybe he might even have to give her money to support her!

All of a sudden, her gaze turned fierce. She did not expect that this money-sink of child that she had given birth to before could actually have such a use. She really wanted to admire her foresight. WJ2vK7

As for whether Ruan Yu would like her as a mother, she was not worried at all. Before, when the two of them were together, Ruan Yu was still so young, he probably couldn’t even remember. Afterwards, he was confined in the hospital and they never met again. He had probably forgotten all about their past matters. As long as she showed a little gentleness, how can Ruan Yu not accept her reasoning?

Look, if he could be so dependent on an elder brother he hadn’t seen in over a decade, how he could not be closer to her who had paid for him to be able to live in the hospital for the past ten years.  Besides, what child doesn’t want a mother?

“Xiao Yu, my unfortunate child …” When Cai Xin’s face suddenly changed, she immediately became the image of a loving mother with tears streaming down her face. While sobbing, she was going to head to Ruan Yu’s bedside. “Come here, let mom take care of you …”

Ruan Yu shrank into Ruan Tang’s arms, looking at her with wide eyes, as if suddenly recognizing who she was. This made Cai Xin even more confident. This little thing held no grudges. This was as good as in the bag. LzxYId

Her voice became softer. “Come, don’t be afraid, Xiao Yu. Mother is here.”

Ruan Tang’s face went even colder. He didn’t expect Cai Xin to be so utterly devoid of shame. She wanted to use Xiao Yu to control him, but he couldn’t just ignore Ruan Yu’s feelings and force her out. He could only watch Ruan Yu for the moment, waiting for his response.

As Cai Xin approached, Ruan Yu finally remembered who she was, and those pale eyes suddenly filled with tears.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Mom, Mom, Mom……” Ft2AjK

He whispered haltingly, and while Ruan Tang’s heart sank, Ruan Yu curled his body painfully tight, covering his head with both arms. He didn’t even dare to drill into Ruan Tang’s arms. He could helplessly shiver like a little puppy. Big fat tears streamed down his face.

“Mom, don’t hit me … don’t hit me …”

The situation suddenly took a turn for the worse. Ruan Tang only felt fury erupting from his chest, he stood up suddenly, and guarded Ruan Yu behind him. His usual mild expression turned incomparably frightful. “Get out !!!”

He really did not expect that Cai Xin could be so malicious! Even hitting children! l8ZRhd

Ruan Yu has been in the hospital since ten years ago. The only time he had been with Cai Xin was the two years after he was born, and yet he has such an impression and fear of Cai Xin. He did not even dare to think what kind of abuse Ruan Yu had suffered while he wasn’t around.

He was only one or two years old!

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“Enough!” He Yun Chen finally couldn’t bear it. He reached out and pulled off a brooch from Cai Xin’s chest. He said coldly, “It seems that Madam Cai is very self-aware. You’ve specially worn a miniature camera to record your entire shameless display.”

“What are you doing?!” Cai Xin’s shriek rose another octave. EV4qRQ

Ruan Tang didn’t bother to look at her again. Dr. Fang, face full of anger, called the guards to take her away. Now he just held Ruan Yu in his arms, trying to gently placate him. “Xiao Yu, don’t be scared. Brother’s here. Brother will protect you.”

He kissed Ruan Yu’s forehead slowly and caressed his head, finally letting the child gradually emerge from that state of fear.

“Brother is going to sue her, we don’t want mother anymore. Let me take care of you, okay?”

“Brother …” Ruan Yu’s fingers clasped his clothes tightly. Evidently, after being exposed to this commotion, he once again lost what little sense of security he had finally managed to have.  “I want brother … I will listen to my brother. Brother, don’t give me to mom, okay? ” miIVug

“Of course, I won’t.” Ruan Tang held him in his arms and turned to look at Cai Xin, who was raining curses down upon the guards who were dragging her away. “I’ll see you in court in two days.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Brain holes = wild imagination

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