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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh118 - We haven’t eaten our fill


Ruan Tang heard this, and could not help feeling a little speechless. In fact, there was never any plan to serve the dishes one at a time. However, there was only one smart robot and each dish was quite large. Therefore, the smart robot could only set the dishes one at a time. Based on normal eating speeds, it would have been able to set down the next dish while the diners were still eating the previous one. But the Rutes ate too fast, just like starving ghosts. As soon as the dishes were set down, they would scramble for it. This created the illusion that the dishes were being served one at a time.

“It’s easy to get all the dishes together. You just need to eat more slowly.” Ruan Tang said indignantly. se1ukH

“Ah? What do you mean?” Gilbert didn’t understand.

“The instruction to the smart robot was to serve all the dishes together, but you ate too fast.” He Yun Chen added in coldly like a knife.

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“Hahaha … Then forget I said anything, let’s eat …” Gilbert laughed awkwardly, and then extended his chopsticks towards the red braised pork that the intelligent robot had just set down.

Chen Yuanwu had made the braised pork. He had a long and thin strip of pork with interspersed lean and fat. He cut it into small pieces with a kitchen knife, and simmered it in a pot with thick oily red sauce over a low heat for a whole afternoon. The meat was bright red and glowing, completely captivating. The fat in the meat had been completely cooked out, and it looked a bit translucent. If you poke it with chopsticks, it would jiggle from how soft it was. It didn’t feel greasy at all. The pork skin was soft and smooth, the fatty meat was soft and melts in the mouth. The lean meat was tender, requiring not the least bit of effort to chew. PTbQr2

Gilbert took a piece of meat and put it into his mouth. The savory sauce had penetrated through the meat, the more he chewed, the more delicious it became. He couldn’t help but nab another piece.

[Who moved my chicken drumstick: Hey, this meat is so delicious! Don’t tell me it’s this delicious because it came from wild boar meat?]

[It’s called Fengming: I didn’t see Chen Yuanwu put in any spices, why is it so delicious?]

[Wait until the fireworks are cool: It seems it even has a little charred taste, so delicious!] 6C9bx5

[Cold-blooded Moon: My god. I just closed my eyes to savor the flavor a bit. When I opened my eyes, it was all gone?!!]

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Faced with the astonishing appetite of the Rutes, the ten guests could only speed up their movement. As soon as the dishes are served, they immediately put a portion in their bowls. Otherwise, they might not even be able to taste the meat scraps. This was one of the reasons why the dishes were finished off at an even faster rate. Maybe they didn’t think it was a picnic party, but instead they thought themselves a bunch of refugees rushing for food.

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The next dish was fried shrimp cooked by Zha Panpan. It was Ruan Tang though who taught her the method. This was because this method of frying came from his hometown. The orange-red prawns were neatly placed on a large plate. The delicious scent of fried food wafted about.

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The surface of the shell of Ruan Tang’s fried shrimp was shiny and smooth, and the color was bright red. After frying, it became very crispy and could be easily peeled off. Of course, it could also be chewed directly if you find it too troublesome. Anyway, it had been fried until even the outer shell was nice and crispy. It didn’t matter if you eat it with the shell. Eating it that way would even give the shrimp a rich, fried flavor.

Zha Panpan’s fried shrimp looked a bit tasteless and wasn’t as tasty as the one made by Ruan Tang. After she followed Ruan Tang’s advice, she learned that shrimp was an ingredient that didn’t absorb much sugar. Even if there was a lot of sugar, you needn’t worry about the shrimp becoming sweeter. Instead it will make the final sauce much brighter and richer. This made Zha Panpan feel that she had made the right choice by participating in this show. Being able to learn from Ruan Tang was very beneficial.

[Sweet Baby 2009: It’s delicious! The shrimp is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, a little salty and a little sweet! I love it! ]

[Ye Liuyu: What are you still typing for! Eat quickly! Otherwise it will be gone! ] 3Cvlyi

When Gilbert ate, he ate chopstick after chopstick. He didn’t even spit out the shrimp shells. He simply stuffed the whole shrimp directly into his mouth. He’d chew it then swallow. The shrimp was crispy outside. Although it didn’t taste as strong as meat, it was soft and tender inside. After eating the red braised pork just now, it was as sweet as spring, making him unable to stop.

Stewed chicken with mushrooms was also very popular. It looked like a simple dish, but the taste was amazing. These pheasants that grew in the mountains were fatter and tenderer than the chickens raised in the institute. What’s more, it was more dense and compact. It was very similar to the native chickens raised in the countryside. After stewing, the aroma of golden chicken oil permeated everywhere. The mushrooms themselves were also very delicious after having absorbed the umami from the chicken. Its taste was brought to a whole another level. Each mouthful was salty-savory, tender and chewy. They had no way of describing the beautiful taste that bloomed on the tip of the tongues.

The cold rabbit had a lot of dried peppers. It looked bright red and the smell was spicy and pungent, which made people hesitate to eat it. However, it was only once you took a bite, that you would discover the taste wasn’t as intense as it looked. Rather, it had layers of rich flavor. Its texture was soft and delicate. The savory-spicy flavor left a rich aftertaste.

“What kind of meat is this? Why does it taste so special? It’s not chicken is it?” Gilbert’s adjutant couldn’t help asking after he’d tasted the cold rabbit. y412ZU

The last time Gilbert came to visit the Blue Star Empire, the adjutant was also part of the entourage. At the reception, he was conquered by Ruan Tang’s cooking. He often watched Ruan Tang’s live broadcast, and he actively promoted the importation of these delicious natural ingredients from the Blue Star Empire. He had an understanding of the various meats from the Blue Star Empire and thus he could tell that this rabbit meat was different.

“This dish is called cold rabbit. Rabbit is a new breed of animal that we have just restored and hasn’t been made available to the public yet.” Ruan Tang explained.

“It’s so delicious! Such a delicious ingredient, please make sure to make it available for sale as soon as possible!” the Rute adjutant said sincerely.

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“Yes, I will be sure to convey your opinion to the relevant personnel.” Ruan Tang could also ambiguously settle this topic. kpNJim

He couldn’t bear to tell the other party that the Academy of Sciences has planned to use rabbit meat as a special product of the Aquamarine Planet. It will be especially provided for guests who came here as tourists. If the Rutes wished to eat it, they could only do so by coming here as tourists.

The soy-braised snake was made from that big snake that had delivered itself to their doorstep the previous day. It was as thick as a woman’s wrist and was enough to make a large pot of soy-braised snake. It is said to be soy-braised, but in fact it can also be called Hunan-flavored. This was because Ruan Tang had put in a lot of peppers to neutralize the earthy taste of the snake meat. Like Hunan dishes, it was heavy on the oil, heavy on the spices and heavy on the salt. From far away, you could already smell this mouth-watering fragrance.

The snake was cut into sections, and the delicate meat was stuck tightly on the snake bone. Each nabbed piece of meat was fine and thread-like. The flesh was tender and flavorful. It was plump and chewy. Together with its savory, spicy sauce, people just couldn’t stop eating!

“Well, what kind of meat is this?” The Rute adjutant looked at Ruan Tang with bright, shining eyes. c4ndZl

“This is snake meat. It’s a new breed …”

“My god! The people of the Empire are really amazing! Being friends with you is truly the blessing of three lifetimes!” The Rutes gave a heartfelt sigh, wishing to forever maintain friendly relations with the Empires so that they may gain a continuous supply of delicious food.

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After eating so many flavorful dishes, the clear fish soup at the end looked a bit dull. But with a single taste, they found that it was completely not the case.

The fish was caught live from the stream. There was no pollution in the stream and they lived by feeding off the shrimp. The meat of this pure natural fish was very firm and delicious. Ruan Tang directly chopped off the body of the fish, leaving only the head behind. zuV9Db

He fried the fish head once. He waited for one side to turn slightly yellow, before turning it over to the other side and continuing. Midway, it was necessary to change the oil used to fry the fish. This was because the oil used to fry the fish the first time around would contain some of the fishiness, which would inevitably affect the taste of the subsequent soup. He used fresh oil to fry the fish head until golden on both sides, then poured in the chicken broth. The fish soup made this way had a golden crust and thick white flesh. The rich gelatin in the fish head had fully incorporated into the chicken broth soup, making the taste of the soup particularly clear, bright, smooth and savory.

After Gilbert took a sip, he couldn’t stop. Using a spoon was not enough. In the end, he simple picked up the huge fish head and gnawed on it. He didn’t know what this person’s teeth and stomach were made from. There was no order in the way he ate the fish head, simply directly chewing it. Maybe it was because Ruan Tang had stewed it for so long that even the bones had turned soft. Instead of spitting out the bones, he simply swallowed the bones along with the fish meat.

[Can’t Stop Hugging Trees: This is too much! I just drank two spoonfuls! I didn’t even have time to taste the fish head and now it’s all gone!!!]

The most terrible thing was that even though they’d eaten like this, Gilbert and his party still weren’t full. zJcswS

“Tang Tang, is there anything else to eat?” Gilbert still wanted to go on. Evidently, his appetite still wasn’t satisfied.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ruan Tang had no choice but to get up and take out the marinated meats. He skewered them onto wooden sticks and grilled them to make some barbeque.


Fried Shrimp/Oil-exploded Prawns: Link wysQzW

Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms: Link

Cold Rabbit: Link It’s in Chinese and be warned. He features a live rabbit at the start and after awhile the rabbit was gone. There’s no actual butchering of the rabbit but he does say that rabbit taste best fresh. =/

Soy-braised snake: Sorry, I couldn’t find an English recipe or even a Chinese video.


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