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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh107 - Program Premiere


Chapter 107

The spacecraft was now within range of the Aquamarine Planet. From their high altitude, they could look down upon the entire planet. It’s beauty made all the people on board exclaim in delight. This planet was truly very beautiful — blue skies covered in white clouds, swathes of forests, mountains and bodies of water, and all kinds of animals! It was hard to imagine anything more beautiful. They were so happy. To think that they were about to live on such a beautiful planet for an entire month! RgJqmE

Ruan Tang also looked out of the porthole, his eyes full of nostalgia.

“Welcome to  “Delicious Eden “, I am your host, Li Hang. Let us welcome the guests for this program!” The live broadcast platform had brought in the Empire’s most popular host, Li Hang. His hosting and comedic skills were top-notch, coupled with his attractiveness and high popularity, bringing him in to host this variety show was a huge boost for its popularity.

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[Music and Singing: Hey, it’s finally airing! I’ve been waiting so long, all my flowers have wilted!]

[Qing Ye: Wow, Brother Hang actually came to host! Brother Hang, I love you!] EwIbfd

[Mana sauce: Brother Hang doesn’t have a chef to pair with. He won’t starve, will he?]

The moment the live broadcast started, countless viewers, who had long been waiting, all frenziedly rushed in.  They became even more excited after seeing Li Hang as the host.

Delicious food! A new setting! Popular chefs! Popular host!

This was exactly the recipe for a blockbuster show! 0XeLEr

As soon as Li Hang finished speaking, the spacecraft slowly landed in the designated area. The doors of the spacecraft opened and the ten guests walked down one after the other. This gathering of highly attractive individuals once again caused the audience to scream.

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[Can’t stop Hugging Trees: Tang Tang! My beloved Tang Tang!]

[Ma Ma loves corn: The marshal is so handsome!]

[Qing Qing Leng You: Goddess Panpan is dressed very smartly today. Looks like she’s here to go all out!] 3zgOKe

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

[Meat Eating Pangci: I think Shi Mingxu’s become even more handsome! Cao Jun even helped him carry his luggage.  Boyfriend power to the max!]

[Mo Yu: Something strange seems to have mixed in XD]

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Within their occupational fields, these ten special guests were completely worthy of being the benchmark for attractiveness. They wouldn’t lose out to those famous young celebrities from other programs. dQcGrm

“Let’s now start the groupings. According to the rules, one chef and one solider will be paired together. May I ask the soldiers to step forward?”

The five soldiers, including He Yun Chen, took a step forward. The way they were synchronized in their movements was very imposing.

“Everyone wants to choose a chef with exquisite cooking skills. So, let us let strength speak for itself. The winner can choose his favorite chef to pair up with!” The implication was to let them compete against one another. They would get to choose a chef to partner with based on their ranking.  “Of course, our chefs also have the right to refuse.”

In fact, Li Hang could have just let them freely pair up to save themselves from all this trouble, but the program team thought that it wouldn’t be very interesting. Since the military department wanted to show off their strength, wasn’t this a ready-made opportunity? m4tb8S

All five were rigorously trained soldiers, and their moves were crisp and clear. The fight was like a martial arts blockbuster. But in the end, He Yun Chen was still better and he clinched the win.

“Congratulations to our winner, Marshal He! Please choose a chef to pair up with.”

He Yun Chen nodded. He walked slowly to Ruan Tang and then he suddenly stopped. He got down on one knee, and then stretched his hand to Ruan Tang.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Little Saint’s Succulent Garden: Wow Wow!!! What’s happening here! Just what is happening!!! !!] H8MJyL

[Hand over the dried fish to the meow: Damn it. Is he proposing? He’s proposing, right!]

[Cold Night: Mom, your CP is here!!!]

“My dear …” He Yun Chen paused deliberately before continuing. “… Mr. Ruan Tang, would you like to be my partner?”

The tip of Ruan Tang’s ears couldn’t help turning a bit red. He secretly stared at He Yun Chen and while restraining his heart that was about to jump out of his chest, put his hand in He Yun Chen’s. QBnqh

[Ye Lingxue: Hahaha, this picture is so weird, it’s like I can see pink bubbles!]

[An Jin: Yes! This looks like the classic soap opera scene where the male lead confesses to the female lead. I never expected to see it on a food show!]

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[Yin Xiaoyu: It’s sugar! It’s officially released sugar! [Sending out howls of happiness]]

[Inexplicably following you: In any case, any program Tang Tang’s on immediately turns into a food show!] hmq6FD

Afterwards, Qiu Ming, who won the second, chose Shi Mingxu. Chen Ye, the third, chose Cao Jun. Wu Shasha, the fourth, a woman herself, chose Zha Panpan and Gu Yan, the fifth, automatically became Chen Yuanwu’s partner.

“Because our program has elements of confrontation and competition, we will need everyone to work together as a pair and set up camps in different regions. We have here pictures of five different locations. Come forward according to your rank in the competition and choose the camp where you will be stationed in.” Li Hang then took out five colorful pictures, and raised them towards the crowd.

As the winners of the competition just now, He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang were given the first chance to choose. The two stepped forward and checked the five pictures.

The first was by the lake. It looked to be close to the water source, which was very advantageous, but Ruan Tang knew that it was also the most dangerous place in the forest. The second picture was a piece of grassland, which looked wide and safe. There were several trees scattered around. But they had no idea where this was located and in case it was too far away from the water source, it would be very inconvenient. The third picture was a cave entrance with some bushes. It looked quite spacious, but they didn’t know whether there were any animals living in the cave. The fourth picture was of a dense forest with many trees reaching for the clouds. There were a lot of fruits on the trees. Looking for food wouldn’t be a problem, but there would inevitably be snakes and insects in the forest. It wasn’t a good place to be stationed at. The fifth picture was of a mountain stream at the base of a cliff, a flowing gurgling creek could be seen. IRP9e0

The two discussed and chose the mountain location shown in the fifth picture. Qiu Ming and Shi Mingxu chose the lakeside, Chen Ye and Cao Jun chose the grassland, Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha chose the cave, and Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan got the forest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Li Hang took out a primitive map and handed it to each of them. Their respective maps were marked with their chosen campsites. They could only use this paper map during the live broadcast on the Aquamarine Planet. All their light brains were taken away by the program team for temporary storage. They were furnished with a communicator with only a call function.

Fortunately, there was a soldier in each group, and using this map to locate their camp was a piece of cake for them.

Next, Li Hang checked their luggage one by one. Each chef could only carry two pans and bowls and some seasonings. Each soldier could only carry three items. After checking He Yun Chen’s carry-on items, for a moment, Li Hang’s expression became slightly complicated. He took a deep look at this serious and solemn man and marveled in his heart: I never thought you would be this kind of marshal! UZLOj8

Ruan Tang was right next to He Yun Chen, so he noticed that Li Hang’s expression turned unnatural. When the inspection was completed, Li Hang announced that everyone could head to their campsite. Ruan Tang asked curiously what items He Yun Chen had brought.

He Yun Chen smiled slightly. “They’re all very useful things. You’ll know when we get there.”

After hearing this, Ruan Tang stopped asking. He believed in He Yun Chen’s words.

Numerous floating cameras were suspended above their heads, tracking their every move, so many viewers saw the scene just now. CoA508

[Sally Ye: Just now, Brother Hang’s expression was a bit unnatural. I’m really curious about what things Marshal He brought!]

[White sugar: They should be very useful things. After all, they’ll have to live here for thirty days. I feel like the program team’s digging a pit for them.]

[Su Su Su Su Su: Am I the only one who thinks it’s a three piece cover for ♂ bed use? ]

[Can’t stop Hugging Trees: To the commenter above … No, you’re not alone, I think so too QWQ] Ci6Bl7

He Yun Chen’s sense of direction was first-rate, and he quickly found the destination indicated in the map. Strictly speaking, this camp was really good. It was bordered by a mountain and a stream and had a beautiful scenery. The disadvantage was that it was completely empty.

What was that about a good camp? Did this completely empty site mean they were supposed to sleep under the stars?

He and Ruan Tang looked around, and finally stopped beside the mountain wall. They looked down at the white painted circle surrounded by delicate petals. It had a very natural and childlike feel to it. They couldn’t help revealing expressions like they were suffering from toothaches.

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The audiences’ word turned out to be prophetic. The program team really did dig a pit for them! rsc9la



Translator's Note

Is this a euphemism for something naughty? That ♂ sign sure makes it sound like it. But really, your guess is as good as mine.

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