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Class Teacher SystemCh24 - Save the psychopathic killer (24 end)


Prepare to cry (ಥ﹏ಥ)

On the day of Ren Zhu’s sixtieth birthday, Ning Xun woke him up early in the morning, nagging him to take care of his health. Teacher Ren had two main interests in his life. Besides eating, he liked to sleep until he naturally woke up. Hence, even though they had lived together for several decades, regarding Professor Ning’s habit of always waking him up at the crack of dawn to exercise, he was still very resentful. 6WcuFV

At this moment, the two people were already no longer the handsome young men back in those years, but rather two handsome old men brimming with vitality. Professor Ning didn’t know how many PhD students had entered into the world under his guidance, but he still considered himself to be a youthful person. “Hurry up and get out of bed. Today is your sixtieth birthday. Your group of little bear children are all clamouring to celebrate your birthday. The seats have already been reserved for noon at Jinhaoting. As the starring role, you still can’t arrive too late.”

These words seemed quite reasonable. However, the moment Teacher Ren picked up his phone from the bedside and glanced at it, he hatefully hurled the phone directly towards Professor Ning’s head, who was in the middle of getting dressed. It’s only 5:30 in the morning! Fuck you!

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And as though Professor Ning grew eyes on the back of his head, he accurately caught that phone. He then turned around and revealed a smile of a handsome old man: “Darling, we are old. Sleeping and getting up early is good for our body. Exercise every morning so you can live longer. Seeing that I want to be with you until a ripe old age, hurry up and get out of bed, then accompany me to walk the dogs.”

Regarding this cajoling and making the same request every morning, Teacher Ren had already developed a very good immunity against it. Originally, he still wanted to close his eyes again and sleep for a while, but he suddenly froze and thought of a certain matter. DzbvGS

Ning Xun was somewhat surprised when he saw that it was actually this easy to call Ren Zhu to get up. Just when he was about to say something, he heard Ren Zhu ask: “Today is my sixtieth birthday?”

Ning Xun smiled and nodded his head: “Yes. Are you happy? Surprised? Have you already forgotten about it? However, both Lu Xiao Pang and Zhou Lai remember it very clearly. Not to mention that you are the best teacher in the country. Under your hands, you have produced more than ten talented Kyoto University students, a dozen professors, and several provincial party members and powerful businessmen. If it weren’t for that fact that you’re already retired, perhaps those rich and powerful people would all wish to carry you home to act as a family treasure.”

When Ren Zhu heard these words, he simply laughed and then rolled his eyes: “Shut up, don’t make trouble.” After saying this, he suddenly thought of this person’s unrestrained behaviour towards him for the first time that year when they were sitting on the bus. He couldn’t help but continue to smile.

Afterwards, the two people walked Da Huang and Da Hua and had a simple breakfast. Then, Professor Ning dragged Teacher Ren to wander around a shopping mall, buying him a new set of clothes as well as getting a set for himself. The two sixty year old handsome old men, wearing red festive Tang suits, looked just like their son or daughter was getting married.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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Ren Zhu also thought of that scene and was somewhat pleased with himself. He said: “So I say, there are a lot more cars now and you’re driving a Benz to flaunt. My small electric scooter is far more convenient. That time when we went to the food market to buy groceries, could your big Benz drive in? It was still my electric scooter that picked up all the groceries.” WgoxlJ

Professor Ning again smiled and then suddenly sighed: “I don’t know why, recently I’ve always been thinking about previous matters. Perhaps it’s because I really am getting old? However, I really don’t understand why my two hands are so clumsy. I have been learning for so many years and yet I am still a competent kitchen killer. Perhaps, in this lifetime, there is no hope. If there is a next life, I will definitely make you the most delicious food.”

When Ren Zhu heard this, he faintly paused. After a long while, he nodded: “If you can make me the most delicious food in the next life, then I’ll work hard to wait for you. Even if you don’t recognise me, I will still take the initiative to find you. After all, I have eaten a lifetime of unpalatable food. I should also live comfortably.”

The car was immediately filled with Ning Xun’s laughter. And while he was laughing, Ren Zhu felt some sadness in his heart.

In these ten years, Jinhaoting had already been renovated several times. However, no matter how it was renovated, its luxury and extravagance was always worthy of its name. When Ren Zhu and Ning Xun arrived, there were several hundred people who looked like social elites or joyful youths excitedly crowding in front of the door. In the middle of these people, dressed impeccably in western-style clothes and looking like they were putting on airs, Zhou Lai and Lu Ban Ban stepped forward. The two extended their arms at the same time from two different directions, and then firmly hugged Ren Zhu. UasjeP

Immediately, by his side, Professor Ning looked somewhat embarrassed. Everyone then roared with laughter.

“You, this guy who is all talk. Don’t fight with me over the teacher! Every year, you’re always fighting with me, how are you so troublesome? Also, how many times have I told you not to accept those law cases involving some big shots? Did you treat what I said as wind passing by your ear? Every day, auntie calls me telling me to look after you. Can’t you reflect on it for a moment?” At this moment, a bright handsome young man, whose body was tall like a small mountain and at one glance looked like it had a lot of strength, stared at the refined man next to him. This tall young man, needless to say, was the Lu Xiao Pang back in those years. Lu Xiao Pang had already grown up into a Lu Xiao Shan. His face was radiating with a confident smile, having a lot of leadership quality.

The refined man next to him, Zhou Lai, pushed up his gold edged glasses and silently sneered: “Shut up fatty! Auntie Lu is the one who calls me every day telling me to make sure you’re not courting death. Reportedly, a few days ago you helped the police to catch a modern day Jack the Ripper? Really capable. You almost caused auntie and uncle to be so shocked they had a heart attack. You’re still telling me to reflect? I at most am all talk, but you are playing with your life.”

Looking at these two people who were about to start quarrelling again, Ren Zhu routinely slapped them both on the back: “If you want to fight then go back and fight. Don’t delay me from eating. Also, in ignoring your Teacher Ning, you should be careful that he doesn’t hypnotise you later. At that time, when the words that shouldn’t be said are all said aloud, that is then when you’ll lose face.” sV34ze

Consequently, the two people reacted very quickly to curry favour with Ning Xun, but they were simply mocked and ridiculed by him — usually, when it wasn’t towards his partner, Professor Ning would forever be cold and poison tongued.

Ren Zhu’s sixtieth birthday was very lively. Regardless of whether it was a successful businessman or an ordinary fine student, they all stepped forward to give him a toast of tea and chat with him. From the very beginning, Zhou Lai and Lu Ban Ban were close by and guarding him, looking just like they were Teacher Ren’s blood children. During this Jinhaoting get together, Teacher Ren was still only in charge of smiling, nodding and drinking tea. The majority of all the toasts and chatting was single-handedly taken care of by Ning Xun.

This manner, even Ren Zhu’s students were already accustomed to it. It was as if these two people ought to be like this. When they each appeared alone, they were always cold and strict. But when they accompanied each other, they would become gentle and benevolent.

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The gathering continued until evening, and the Grade 6 Class 8 students accompanied him until the very end. Afterwards, every student gave their beloved class teacher a firm hug and thanked him for changing their life. In the very end, Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai secretly took out a small red box. Zhou Lai nudged Lu Ban Ban with his elbow until Lu Xiao Shan said: “That, Teacher. Previously when you two went abroad to get engaged, me and Zhou Lai didn’t have any gift to give you. This will act as us making up for it. At that time, we didn’t really understand. However, we now feel that you two are truly a natural pair.” H V7Jj

As a result, Ning Xun smiled from ear to ear. He opened the box and saw two simple styled silver rings with names engraved on the inner rim. Ning Xun smiled as he took a ring and put it on Ren Zhu’s finger. He then extended his own finger, his intentions couldn’t be more obvious.

Ren Zhu could only smile. While shaking his head, he put the ring on the finger of this person. He then heard the voice of the system he hadn’t heard from for a very long time.

[Ding. Prepare to enter the next world. Host, please close your eyes.]

Ren Zhu abruptly widened his eyes. His smile became stiff, but then relaxed again. He grabbed both of Ning Xun’s hands and said: “I will wait for you in my next life.” s5rL28

Ning Xun’s eyes widened and he still didn’t have the time to speak when he saw the person who was still high in vitality just a moment ago, fall straight down.

“Ah Zhu?!”

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At this moment, there was only darkness in Ren Zhu’s line of sight.

When he opened his eyes again, he smelt a burst of strong captivating fragrance. However, this delicious enjoyment was quickly replaced by abdominal pain. By his ear, the cries of alarm were also sounding in succession. p5CHEY

“Teacher Ren, what’s wrong?”

“My God! Mr Ma is vomiting up foam!”

“Quickly call for an ambulance–!!”

After ten minutes, Ren Zhu was lying in an ambulance with a messy heart, listening to the system announce the task to him. Q6tos5

[This world’s mission: Save the poisoner.]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ren Zhu: “……” Hehe. The mission is still so fucking concise. Not even giving a single explanation.

Tada. A poisoner in the next arc. And as you can tell, it will be a food related arc 🙂


Translator's Note

Big yellow and Big flower. The names of their dogs.

Translator's Note

Tradition Chinese jackets.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

red tang suit

Translator's Note

Jinhaoting literally translates to golden/highly respected grand hall

Translator's Note

from Lu small fatty to Lu small mountain

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