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Class Teacher SystemCh25 - Poison poison poison (1)


Lying in the ambulance, Ren Zhu expressionlessly received the memories of his predecessor. Soon after, he speechlessly discovered that the reason he was currently lying in the ambulance was actually because of food poisoning. Moreover, his luck was still very bad to have been poisoned.

The level of development of this world was comparable to that of the previous world. There was practically not much difference. However, the people here seemed to have a particular preference for culinary delicacies. All kinds of delicacies were developed to the peak and displayed. Everyday, there would be chefs researching new dishes. Even television programs would daily broadcast who again invented a new dish or created a new beverage. Precisely because of this, the top class chefs in this world, no matter where they went, would receive everyone’s enthusiastic welcome. OIBdhU

Ren Zhu even discovered that there were many top chefs whose status were comparable to that of current popular celebrities. From his memory of this world, there was also a very famous ‘star chef list’. The ‘star chef list’ recorded the world’s top hundred best chefs. From the top rated seven star to the final three star chefs, every chef that was on the star chef list, regardless of where they walked, everyone would warmly welcome them. Even more fantastical was that in this world, if you had extraordinary culinary talent, you could even control government officials. One of the most extreme cases was when a chef used a dish to bribe the prison chief to help a serial killer break out of prison. In the end, the prison chief and the chef were both locked up. Although this ending was pretty terrible for them, but from another aspect, this also illustrated the power of the top class chefs.

Therefore, the most popular school in this world was not those well known key universities, but instead it was the Zhenxiu Institute where all the top rated chefs were gathered.

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Regardless of whether their family had money or not, even if some were nobles from influential families, they would all send their children to come and attend Zhenxiu Institute. One must not think that if they studied here, they could only become a cook in the future. The current governor of Huadong Province was very adept at making Cantonese cuisine and he was an old graduate of Zhenxiu Institute.

So, everyone should be able to guess the location where Teacher Ren was poisoned. He was trying the students’ blowfish soup in the school classroom and then he was admitted to hospital. This was also the first time that Teacher Ren had experienced this in his life. iEYUpH

In the old saying, to risk one’s life to eat blowfish was to exchange one’s life for a moment of enjoyment. This indicated that it was very dangerous to eat a blowfish. However, because blowfish meat was very delicious, gluttons would still advance wave after wave, risking their lives in order to have a taste. As one of the three freshest ingredients of the Yangtze River, it was naturally impossible for the Zhenxiu Institute to not teach the students this dish. The dish that Ren Zhu had eaten this time was precisely what the Zhenxiu Institute 7th Year students had made for their first exam.

The students who could make a blowfish dish for this exam were outstanding in all aspects. So long as they could complete this exam, they could qualify to become a star chef apprentice. These twenty outstanding students shouldn’t have made this kind of mistake in the exam. He remembered that two other teachers had also collapsed, as well as a school board member. Ren Zhu again felt that things were not that simple.

If it was only one person making this mistake, then it was still nothing. However, four people had made the same mistake, and moreover amongst these four people, three of them had results that were consistently ranked in the top ten. Hence the matter of poisoning was absolutely suspicious.

Teacher Ren let out a sigh. In his heart, he couldn’t help but yell at the system: [This time, can you give me a scope? After all, for the 3 classes that I’m looking after, there is a total of 120 people! As the head of the 7th Year and the culinary delicacies evaluation course teacher of the three classes, I feel that it will be very difficult for me to find the poisoner out of the 120 people.] N3J5Pj

The system that was yelled at felt a little wronged: [The difficulty level of the tasks are slowly increasing, I am also very helpless. Just like upgrading the system skills, if you want to improve them, you also must accept the difficulty.]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Efc Ite: …… Qtja sbe rjlv lr nfgs gfjrbcjyif yea P vbc’a kjca ab ajix ab sbe. P bcis kjca rlifcmf.

[Aiya! Okay okay! System has released a new ‘class teacher’s detailed perception’ skill lah~ As long as you put this skill to use, you will discover a lot of things that other people wouldn’t be able to take note of~ This way, you will naturally be able to find the poisoner! Jiayou! System is looking after you!]

Ren Zhu rolled his eyes. He was pushed into the emergency room by the doctors who were already waiting, and was saved via gastric lavage. kwdtOF

Ktja offilcu kjr tbcfrais delaf ecqifjrjca. Lbkfnfg, Efc Ite kjr cba ja jii kbgglfv atja tf kbeiv vgbq vfjv. Coafg jii, tlr lvfcalas jr j meilcjgs vfilmjmlfr fnjiejalbc afjmtfg kjrc’a pera lc cjwf. Cwbcura atf obeg qfbqif ktb kfgf qblrbcfv, tf vgjcx atf ifjra rbeq jcv bcis tjv j rlq. Llr rfcrlalnf cbrf tjv abiv tlw atja atlr rbeq tjv j agjmf bo j ylaafg rwfii. Qtfc tf atfc tjv j ajraf, tf vlrmbnfgfv atja la kjrc’a jr vfilmlber jr atf jeatfcalm nfgrlbc.

At this moment, Teacher Ren was very proud of his sense of smell and taste. He proved himself worthy of being a culinary teacher.

But compared to Teacher Ren’s fortune, the other people were not so good.

The other two teachers were a man and a woman. Because of the female teacher’s figure, she only drank half a bowl of soup. After many hours in the operation room, she finally regained consciousness. Afterwards, she still needed to be hospitalised for several days to monitor her condition; The other male teacher tasted the soup very responsibly. However, because he was a cooking skills teacher and not specialised in tasting or smelling delicacies, he drank a large bowl. Fortunately, he worked out everyday and could pass the dangerous period of the operation. However, he did not regain consciousness and it was estimated that he wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital even after half a month; And finally, there was the school board member who had a lot of problems. When Ren Zhu was drinking the chicken soup that his nephew had brought over, that board member was still being operated on. Ren Zhu felt that this person might not be able to make it. POAQNx

Ren Zhu ate a chicken wing, thinking that if the board member ultimately really does die, he didn’t know whether he should feel happy or sad. Death from food poisoning, no matter how it sounded, it would make one’s heart feel uncomfortable. However, eating blowfish was also pretty hard to come by.

“Uncle! How do you feel? When my mother heard of this matter, she was almost shocked into the hospital! She directly rushed to Zhenxiu Institute and when she saw that I didn’t accompany you here, she took out a knife and nearly chopped me down!” Ren Zhu’s big nephew Wei Yi Liu sat by the hospital bed and recalled the scene with lingering fear.

Ren Zhu glanced sideways at this youngster: “Clearly, big sister’s body is still pretty good. I should find some more medicinal soup for maintaining good health and send them over to her. So that she can live a long life.”

Wei Yi Liu thought about the image of his dear mother at a hundred years old and still holding a knife in her hand to chop people down. He immediately quivered and almost frightened himself to death. He hurriedly shifted the topic: “Ah. However, besides me, my mother also nearly chopped down Teacher Yin. You were not there to see it! At that time, Teacher Yin’s eternally cold iceberg face had a startled expression for the first time! It’s really not easy. If not for the fact that they were scared of being ‘killed’ in the end, I reckon the headmaster and teachers would enjoy watching this excitement for a moment.” 9bidCf

“Also, also, I estimate that Teacher Yin will come to see you tonight. Perhaps he would also give you a big meal! Ai, I really envy you ah!” Wei Yi Liu said this and swallowed his saliva. “He is the star chef list’s rank number 8 top genius chef! Within the first ten names of the star chef list, he is the youngest Mr Perfect! The female students and teachers in our school, no matter who meets him, they would all thirst after him. All kinds of thirst.”

Ren Zhu raised the corner of his lips and immediately gave his nephew a slap in the back of his head: “At such a young age, you actually think of such filthy thoughts. Do you want me to let your mother help you to decontaminate?”

Wei Yi Liu immediately trembled: “Uncle! Don’t be like this! I am your most loyal little brother! You can’t make me fall into a pit!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Teacher Ren rolled his eyes. “Let’s stop talking about big sister. Say exactly what happened in the end. When you came here, did the police already go over to the school? I don’t know how chaotic this matter might have become.” Ren Zhu straightened his expression and put down the soup. shQvYm

Wei Yi Liu picked up an apple, his face full of bitterness. After half a day, he still faltered to say a single word. Upon seeing this, Ren Zhu raised his eyebrows: “You are also a 7th Year student and had also participated in this exam. Could it be that you are blind? You couldn’t see the situation?”

Wei Yi Liu sighed in despair: “It’s not that I didn’t see it, but even if I did see, I also can’t be determined what exactly was the problem.”

Wei Yi Liu was a somewhat gifted little cook. He was currently studying in his 7th Year at Zhenxiu Institute. At the same time, he was also one of the 20 students who took the blowfish exam. Thinking that because of this matter, his classmates would possibly enter prison or be taken into custody, Wei Yi Liu couldn’t help but sigh.

Ren Zhu heard Wei Yi Liu say this and also didn’t say much more: “Alright. Don’t think too much. There will always be the police to give an explanation for this matter.” Ao5h4i

Wei Yi Liu quickly nodded: “Right, right. Tian Tian and Zhi Hao are both talented students with skills better than me. How is it possible that such a low mistake would occur?! There is definitely also another reason. I will wait for the police uncles to give me an answer.”

Ren Zhu glanced at this seventeen year old youth and chuckled: “It seems like you are still young.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Yi Liu willingly accepted Ren Zhu’s views and revealed a naive smile.

At this moment, in the Zhenxiu Institute exam hall, Yin Feng expressionlessly took off his chef’s hat and said to the solemn police department team leader: “There are no problems with their technique. You can investigate the food, utensils as well as the monitoring from the cameras. Additionally, before the true outcome of this matter can be obtained, I hope that the police can be a little more gentle towards the children. After all, they are still all minors.” 9J4dXI

When those several students of Zhenxiu Institute heard these words, they couldn’t help but immediately tear up. Heaven knew how nervous and scared they were when this kind of situation occurred. And at this moment, the star chef Yin Feng could stand out and directly speak for them. This truly let the four students feel extremely touched, steadying the thoughts and faith in their hearts.

The police department team leader looked at the handsome man who could directly go be a model if he took off his chef’s clothes. He then clucked his tongue: “Don’t speak like we’re evil tyrants. No matter whether this case is finalised or not, we will still impartially enforce the law. However, the statements that ought to be recorded still need to be taken. If this teacher doesn’t feel at ease, you can also come together with us.” After saying this, he patted the policewoman beside him who was already starry-eyed with infatuation. The latter then exclaimed and flushed, bringing the students to enter the police car.

“Quick quick quick! Quickly go and investigate the monitors!” The headmaster at the side also rapidly took action. He then said to Yin Feng: “Sure enough, Ah Feng is still the unrivalled hero! I like this kind of resolute young man! Eh, however, please let us take over this matter. In the evening, you still need to find the time to go have a look at Teacher Ren right? Although you have acted in goodwill in giving the opportunity to taste the fish soup to Xiao Ren, in the end he was hospitalised because of this matter. You ought to go see him, am I right? Also, that madam who was previously wielding a knife. You shouldn’t go and provoke her.”

Yin Feng heard these words and frowned, thinking of that picky and fussy man. That guy, besides having a face that agreed with his tastes, his character and temperament were both terrible. He was the kind of person who was even very perfunctory towards his students. He was simply too unworthy for him to visit. Not to mention making him dinner. However…… ultimately it was Yin Feng himself who caused Ren Zhu’s current situation. NdDRXl

“I know.”

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Hence, after drinking a bowl of delicious chicken soup at noon and leisurely reading to pass the afternoon, at evening, Teacher Ren came face to face with a chef carrying a luxurious food box. He was wearing sunglasses and a well-ironed suit, looking very much like a Mr Perfect.

Ren Zhu: “……” You really came ah. However, this expression, how come it looks as though I owe you several hundred million yuan? Apart from my family’s Professor Ning, this teacher, I, do not owe anyone else.

“Dinner.” Yin Feng took off his sunglasses with one hand, revealing his deep and penetrating eyes. “You look pretty well.” iEOnh6

Ren Zhu looked at those pair of eyes and was momentarily blank.

Translator's Note

Zhenxiu translates to culinary delicacies.

Translator's Note

This refers to the 7th year studying at the institute. Not like the first year of middle school.

Translator's Note

Fighting! Rooting for someone

Translator's Note

Emptying the stomach of toxic substances

Translator's Note

Tall, rich and handsome

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