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After Transmigrating into an Omega, I was Marked by the EnemyCh17 - You Like This Type?


Translator: Mogumoguchan

Editor: Neirith kow6iB


The next morning, Yan Qiu quickly slipped into his classroom. 

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Right after he sat down, he suddenly heard a screech at the entrance. “Ji Xinglan—!”

All the girls sitting in the classroom became simultaneously stunned before they surged outside the classroom. The boys clicked their tongues haughtily and scornfully. Then, they proceeded to continue fooling around. During that time, they would show off their muscles in a seemingly unintentional manner. 1GK6rb

On this boring normal day, something shocking happened in the corridor. School Idol Ji had appeared in their building, despite the fact that he belonged to the military school next door. The corridor was immediately filled with so many people that not a single drop of water would be able to escape if it tried.

The girls in the school took huge detours so that they could head to the military school next door. When they were on their lunch break, they would pretend that they were just passing by and had accidentally seen Ji Xinglan through the classroom windows. At the time, they were incredibly excited to be able to see him at the entrance to their class. However, they had to pretend to be reserved so they leaned against the doors to chat with their best friends while putting on a show as if they hadn’t noticed him at all.

The veins on Yan Qiu’s forehead popped up while he remained at the corner of Class-1. He lowered his head and tried his best to conceal himself. Then, he picked up his terminal to send a message to Ji Xinglan. 

Ji Xinglan had used the pretty excuse of escorting Yan Qiu to his classroom this morning with the intention of figuring out just who Yan Qiu’s “lover” was. Thus, he simply followed him until they reached the foot of the building. 


But Yan Qiu didn’t want to appear together with Ji Xinglan and have people looking at them like they were animals in a zoo. Hence, he quickly shot up the stairs ahead of Ji Xinglan.

There were already rumors in their school forum last night speculating that Ji Xinglan’s partner was from their school. When Ji Xinglan appeared at their school building this morning, he had inadvertently verified the truth behind the rumor and this instantly increased everyone’s excitement levels.

Bai Yuanyuan quickly brought out her mirror to apply more foundation on her face. Once she was certain that the new pimple on her forehead was no longer visible, she shoved aside three alphas blocking her way and rushed out to start screaming. As for Xie Yu, it turned out that he possessed the incredibly great ability to remain calm despite whatever was happening around him. He kept still even if there was a ruckus around him and remained sleeping on his desk. Never closed them, he would never open his eyes.

Fortunately, Ji Xianlgn could still remember his promise with Yan Qiu. He didn’t loiter around the entrance to Yan Qiu’s classroom. No one would be able to figure out just who he was searching for within a short amount of time.  GcZnvA

Yan Qiu cast a quiet glance at the bustling corridor through the window. Then, he bared his teeth and sneakily sent a message to Ji Xinglan. [Stop fooling around and leave already.]

Ji Xinglan was just passing by their classroom door and he discreetly met Yan Qiu’s eyes through the window. With a contemplative expression, he cast his gaze on Xie Yu, who was sleeping. 

A cold glare shone in his eyes and he sent a message to Yan Qiu. [Is he the one who left that scent on you yesterday?]

Yan Qiu was trying his best to stick close to the wall. Now, he bent his head again, practically shoving his head into his table. This was how he managed to avert the searching gazes from the onlooking crowd outside the door.  TDsW5R

The noises failed to wake Xie Yu up. Nonetheless, as if he had been pierced through by Ji Xinglan’s fierce gaze, he became unable to sleep peacefully. He scratched his head and grunted. 

[You like this type?] Ji Xinglan asked. 

[Yan Qiu: Like, my foot. When he was sleeping his drool got on me.]

Ji Xinglan stared at Xie Yu, who slept so soundly that he looked like an idiot. He said nothing. tE59sY

[Ji Xinglan: Oh. Then remember to bathe twice when you get home today.]


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

When they saw Ji Xinglan head to the headmaster’s office at the third floor of the school building, the students at the door groaned before they left. It turned out School Idol Ji was just passing by. 

Vlutlcu klat gfilfo, Tjc Hle olcjiis vjgfv ab ajxf tlr tfjv bea bo tlr vfrx vgjkfg jcv rja ragjluta. Lf iloafv atf vfrx mbnfg jcv ygbeuta bea atf rcjmxr atja Wlf Te ujnf tlw ab tbcbg tlr gfaegc, lc bgvfg ab defii tlr rtbmx.  FJ5Ne

Djl Tejcsejc mjwf yjmx atgbeut atf vbbg klat j gfv oiert bc tfg ojmf. Vtf rijqqfv Tjc Hle’r vfrx, qlmxfv eq j yju bo tbcfs mtlqr ogbw tlr ajyif, jcv bqfcfv la. 

“Why did you leave on your own yesterday?” Bai Yuanyuan asked while eating his chips. 

Bai Yuanyuan still hadn’t figured out what had happened yesterday either. Yan Qiu picked up a salty dried plum and popped it into his mouth. Without batting an eyelid, he said, “It’s nothing. There were too many people at the football field. I felt a little sick, so I left first. I didn’t have time to tell you.”

“That’s a pity. Yesterday, Ji Xinglan tossed his jacket to some unknown bitch. Hmph.” Bai Yuanyuan tossed the bag away once she finished the chips. She then asked Yan Qiu with a puzzled expression, “So, why didn’t you go back to your room yesterday? Did you seriously go off on a date?” uBNnjb

“…I had some family matters to attend over the past few days,” Yan Qiu spouted nonsense coolly. 

“Oh,” Bai Yuanyuan said. Then, she whispered, “You haven’t gone back to your room for a few days. You applied for sick leave over the past few days, and why did you do the same yesterday…? Just pay a little more attention to yourself. I’ve already covered for you for a few days. If you’re not coming back, remember to sign the form with the dorm supervisor. If you’re caught staying outside overnight, you’ll be in huge trouble.”

“Yeah,” Yan Qiu hummed and threw another salty dried plum into his mouth. By the looks of it, Bai Yuanyuan was now fixed on the idea that he was dating someone. 

Bai Yuanyuan cast a glance at the snacks in Yan Qiu’s hands, and she asked in puzzlement, “When did you start eating such sour stuff?” uBpvxo

Yan Qiu’s hand froze in midair. He still held a salty dried plum. 

‘Oh gosh, I nearly exposed myself.’

Yan Qiu put on a face that made it seem as if he had nothing to live for and he quietly put away his snacks. He also made sure to “destroy the evidence” by stuffing the remaining half a box of salty dried plums into Xie Yu’s drawer, consoling himself by thinking, ‘Well, most of these are eaten by Xie Yu, anyway.’

It wasn’t time for classes yet. Yan Qiu wiped his hands and slumped down on his desk to check his terminal.  nJfcK9

He went to the school’s forum and found that it was already bustling with activity, despite being early in the morning. Only a few minutes had passed, and someone had already posted a thread uploading the photos of Ji Xinglan when he walked down the corridor. 

Ji Xinglan had appeared very suddenly, and the student who took the photo seemed to have been so excited that her hands trembled when she snapped the picture. The image she took was ridiculously blurry. It only revealed a uniform-clad back, which was partially blocked by all the other students. The person was tall, had long legs, and an extraordinary presence. 

Even if his face was obstructed, they could still sense just how outstanding he was. 

This thread was like a stone that created thousands of waves when thrown into a lake. It caused a heated discussion about Ji Xinglan’s good looks and his emotional entanglements again.  X0t239

Yan Qiu was not interested in the school idol’s emotional entanglements. Since he found it uninteresting, he decided to try and type in his own name to find if there was any news about him. 

He didn’t see any rumors about him, but he saw a horror story. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[I’m the thread poster whose post was deleted yesterday. Somehow, I saw that the person who deleted my thread is Admin Yan Qiu. Was his account hacked?]

Yan Qiu could have been considered a popular person in the school. Even if he was demoted to the school’s “ex-love” because of Ji Xinglan’s appearance, he still had been pretty well-known.  KnUj5G

Many people had found Yan Qiu’s death by accident half a year ago regretful, and the students had also formed their own groups to mourn for him at the cemetery. 

Yet yesterday, someone suddenly logged into his account and deleted threads. When they saw this, they found it rather frightening. 

[Why were all the deleted threads related to Ji Xinglan? Seriously, they’re still not getting along, just like usual.]

[What the heck? Is this one of those “Even if I turn into a ghost, I’m not letting you go” kind of plots?] 4OnpWw

[Love-hate relationships are my one true love~!]

Yan Qiu got out of the forum, feeling that there was no longer anything worth living for. 

‘Ah… I was too rash yesterday.’

Even if someone were to post a thread tarnishing his name by saying that Yan Qiu Jr. was not as big as Ji Xinglan’s, Yan Qiu no longer dared delete the thread.  Ah1NqV


Every Friday, the headmaster would gather all the students together to give them a lecture between classes. This week after math class ended, the broadcast system immediately delivered a broadcast informing them to gather together at a small field. 

The class representatives of each respective class brought them to the field. Thousands of teachers and students stood together in neat rows at the foot of the podium. 

At the very end of Class-1 was Yan Qiu. He stood there in a lackadaisical manner, with his hands in his pockets. Xie Yu was massaging his shoulders and back.  ojNC 7

Yan Qiu cast a glance at the podium and he immediately saw Ji Xinglan standing beside the headmaster. He couldn’t help but frown. 

‘What’s Ji Xinglan doing here instead of going to class?’

The headmaster stood at the center of the podium and tapped the microphone to do a sound test. 

He was originally going to criticize dating at a young age, but yesterday Mr. Yang noticed something of greater severity while he was inspecting the school grounds.  t3629a

A pervert who forcefully kissed an omega seemed to have appeared in the school they thought was absolutely safe from perverts!

For the sake of the students’ safety, the headmaster spontaneously changed his lecture this time to self-defense and how they should fend for themselves. 

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

Nonetheless, this was an era of peace. The students were not very interested in topics related to safety. They quietly started doing their own things at the foot of the podium. Even Xie Yu and Yan Qiu weren’t paying attention at the back of the group. 

Xie Yu stared at Yan Qiu’s neck with admiration. “Boss [1], your collar looks really good.” lJ6G9y

When he heard his praises, Yan Qiu found himself to be unable to become happy at all. He forced himself to form a stiff smile. “Heh.”

‘Looks really good, my foot.’

The headmaster picked up the microphone and tugged at the few strands of hair he had left on his head. After a long spiel that served to foreshadow the real topic, he got to the main point, and he started sternly talking about what happened last night. 

“While Mr. Yang was inspecting the grounds yesterday, he noticed someone forcefully kissing one of our omega students at the borders of the small forest, and this has caused a very bad effect in our school! Based on our survey, we suspect that the person might even be a repeat offender!” 43Hd8

In an instant, the students burst into a commotion. 


“He’s in our school? That’s too terrifying…”

“How could such a pervert exist in broad daylight?!” dhFWi6

“Eeek! I’m a little scared! I’m really good looking, you know!”


Yan Qiu stood in the crowd with complicated feelings. He had his head bowed and he didn’t say a single word. He hadn’t expected that things would progress in such a manner. Bai Yuanyuan turned her head around and tugged Yan Qiu’s sleeve. “Qiu Qiu Baby, I’m scared!”

Xiu Yu said confidently, “Don’t be scared. I’ll protect you.” asAYQJ

Feeling guilty, Yan Qiu cast a glance at Ji Xinglan, who stood behind the headmaster, and he noticed that Ji Xinglan’s expression spoke of trouble. 

He wasn’t afraid of perverts. He was actually a tad more terrified of Ji Xinglan. He had to say, Ji Xinglan was the real pervert among perverts. 

Yan Qiu saw Ji Xinglan silently and calmly tap at his terminal. Then, he noticed his own terminal vibrating. 

Yan Qiu looked down quietly and checked the message on his terminal.  UAem65

[Ji Xinglan: Babe, you’re in trouble.]

Yan Qiu gulped. He exercised his stiff wrists and ankles, as if nothing happened. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Xie Yu saw that Yan Qiu seemed to be low in spirits and even a little absentminded, so he thought Yan Qiu was worried about this matter. Therefore, he enthusiastically showed off his biceps. “Look, I’ll punch that pervert who kisses unwilling omegas.”

Yan Qiu looked at the naive Xie Yu with complicated emotions, and he forced himself to smile.     cAwtuU

‘Ji Xinglan is the one who can defeat whomever he wants with just a punch.’

The headmaster listened to the discussions below him and he felt that the effect of his words was a little too great. If this continued, he might stir up panic. So he cleared his throat. “Everyone, please be quiet. Don’t be afraid just yet. The school will definitely ensure your safety and increase patrols. All alphas, please protect the omegas in your classes. Please do not walk alone after school and give such criminals a chance to harass you!”

The headmaster managed to placate the students. Then, he cleared his throat and said, “Your safety has always been our utmost concern. We must also pay attention to the other aspects of your safety, not just to what has happened last night. That’s why I have specifically asked Mr. Ji, who has scored full marks for every subject in the military school, to teach all of you some emergency safety measures so that we can increase your abilities to handle emergencies. You must all learn this seriously.”

Once he finished speaking, the students cast Ji Xinglan looks of admiration. Ji Xinglan was the only one who had managed to score full marks for every subject in the military school for nearly five years straight. He was an extremely powerful alpha who scored S-rank during his physical test and hand-to-hand combat! PpMLe9

This meant that there was basically no one who could defeat him. Ji Xinglan could definitely protect them!

Yan Qiu stared at Ji Xinglan with no expression on his face. 

‘Heh. That’s the pervert who forcefully kissed an omega.’

Ji Xinglan stood at the centre of the podium once the headmaster asked him to go there. He looked handsome, his back was tall and straight, and he gave off the feeling of an upright individual. No one would think of him as the perpetrator behind the accident in the small forest. Yan Qiu watched him pick up the microphone and say, “I need a student volunteer.” pdVSPF

Mogumoguchan’s Note:

[1] I know that Hali had Xie Yu refer to Yan Qiu as dad. It means boss. So I’m not going to use dad, sorry. Similarly, Yan Qiu is not going to refer to himself as Laozi, just I. 



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