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PBD Characters


check lore/glossary for their myths, here is for their role in PBD

major characters

* Song Yao, Yuan Jun (guang xu is title)
宋珧 surname Song – mother of pearl
really lucky but also unlucky, main character

* Heng Wen, Qing Jun (hengwen is title)
衡文 weight/measure – language/culture
cool guy, Song Yao’s best buddy

* Tian Shu, Xing Jun (tianshu is title)
天枢 the pivot of sky/ the star Dubhe, Alpha Ursae Majoris
committed the crime of loving another god and now must suffer.

* Nan Ming, Di Jun (nanming is title)
南明 south – brilliant/bright
Tian Shu’s love interest in heaven
, now will also suffer.



Chapter 2

* Jade Emperor
trickster uncle

* Tai Bai Jin Xingjun
太白金星, great white golden star, Venus
Jade Emperor’s acting right hand man.

Ming Ge Xingjun (he’s only here because I can’t find his stories online)
the one who manages natal chart, birth star, fate of a person when they’re born. Usually these gods have a book of fate and write the destinies in there.

* Supreme Old Lord/ Lao Tzu
passing expert

* Donghua Dijun
passing tea enthusiast

Chapter 3

Mu family (admire)
* Mu Ruoyan: human reincarnation of Tianshu Xingjun, a delicate scholar
慕若言 Mu – as/like – words

Shan Family (sole/bill)
* Shan Shengling: human reincarnation of Nanming Dijun, military man, Nanjun Wang
单晟凌 Shan – splendor/brightness of sun – rise high

Li family (plum)
* King of Southern county, Li : border king, father to three Li young lords, Dongjun Wang
* Li Sixian: eldest son
李思贤 Surname Li – think – virtuous
* Li Siyuan: second son
李思源 Li – think – origin
* Li Siming: third son, Song Yao’s human vessel
李思明 Li – think – clear

* White Tiger/Great Tiger, Xingjun
Great leader of White Tiger Gods in heaven, said to be Song Yao’s true self.

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