This World Has Gone CrazyCh63.1 - Idea (Part 1)


Gu Bai had class in the first period in the afternoon. He took a look at the time and figured that class would’ve already started by the time he drove back to the city from the airport, so he simply skipped his class and took his wife home. Qi Le found the doctor’s number on his phone. After considering, he decided not to call for the time being. He turned to look at Gu Bai and asked, “What do you want to do with that idiot?”

Gu Bai, who was concentrating on driving, casually replied, “Let him treat you.” TydI8m

“…” Qi Le exclaimed, “What?!”

Gu Bai looked at his silly wife and continued with a laugh. “Wan Lei has always wanted you to receive treatment. You can tell him about this and let him participate. I’ll be watching over you. I won’t let him have a chance to do anything to you. Don’t worry.”

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“…No, that’s not the point,” Qi Le said. “The point is that I don’t have multiple personality disorder at all, thank you very much.”

“I know.” Gu Bai rubbed his head while he drove. “You can pretend. There’s an old film called Identity. Have you heard it?” QVkxNA

Qi Le didn’t understand why the topic suddenly turned to this but still he replied, “I think I’ve heard of it. Is it a horror movie? I didn’t watch it because my heart condition wasn’t very good.”

“It’s not really a horror movie,” Gu Bai explained. “It’s a movie about multiple personalities.”

Qi Le paused slightly, understanding the reason for Gu Bai’s question. “So your idea is inspired by the movie?”

“Not really. It’s sort of like the movie,” Gu Bai said. “In fact, we can roughly find out the treatment method by checking information on the disease. Wan Lei must’ve already checked it out.”


Qi Le recalled the man’s words. “He once said that there’s a personality that is the “self-helper’, which can help patients recover, right?”

“Mmm. The doctor and the self-helper are the ones who help the patient integrate his personalities. Once they are fully integrated, there will be only one personality left.”

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Gu Bai smiled. Naturally, he would go along with Qi Le’s wishes. He took him back to the apartment, put a lap table on the bed, moved his computer over and went online. His legs were wide open, with Qi Le sandwiched between them as he leaned against the headboard, watching the movie together. 

Qi Le watched intently but soon began to shrink back. “W-w-what is that? A corpse? Is it in pieces? Or is it going to bleed out later?” He kept a close eye on the rotating washing machine in the movie, but finally couldn’t stand the eerie feeling and the rumbling sound caused by the rotation. He quickly turned around and buried his head in Gu Bai’s arms. “I can’t watch horror movies. I have heart disease and my heart can’t take it!”

Seeing Qi Le rush into his arms, Gu Bai stretched out his hand to pause the movie. He rubbed Qi Le’s head and said helplessly, “You aren’t ill now.” PYDHCe

Qi Le hugged his waist and shouted in a muffled voice. “But I won’t watch horror movies either!”

“This is a drama.” Gu Bai felt even more helpless. “Why don’t we turn it off? I’ll tell you the general outline of the movie.”

“No. It’s sort of related to my situation. I want to watch it.” Qi Le nestled in his arms. Some time passed before he raised his head and asked weakly, “What’s in the washing machine?”

“It’s a human head. There’s nothing too bloody.” Gu Bai spoke as he held up Qi Le’s chin and kissed his lips to comfort him. “You don’t need to watch it. Just go to the doctor and remember to act like one. Then inform Wan Lei, let him see you recover with his own eyes, and when Zheng Xiaoyuan’s personality is integrated with the other personalities, he will completely give up.” Hdb1Vu

Qi Le felt uneasy. “He won’t lose it and hit me in the head, will he?”

Gu Bai kissed him again. “I’ll watch over you.”

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Qi Le mumbled “Mmm,” and settled down. He turned back around and continued to watch the movie. After a while, he shrank back again. Voice trembling, he muttered, “Another person died… Ahhh! A corpse popped up in the refrigerator. Fucking hell. What bullshit drama film?! This is a horror movie!”

Gu Bai’s eyes gradually deepened. These days, he hadn’t had a chance to “savor” his wife and was greedy. But considering the fact that they were going to the bar tonight, he stopped himself from doing anything. Now that Qi Le was rubbing against him the whole time, the tingling sensation rushed to his brain. Finally, he couldn’t help himself and leaned in slightly to pin his wife against the bed. He bowed his head and kissed him. R49 37

“Ungh…” Qi Le subconsciously grabbed Gu Bai’s arm, clearly aware of his heavy breathing while they were touching each other. He turned away from him. “The movie… Mmm…”

Gu Bai exerted a little force, sticking his tongue deeper into his mouth and continued caressing him. The small table was still on the bed, restricting his movements. He made out with Qi Le for a while, then got up and put away the table. He pulled his wife into his arms, moved his hands into his lower back and slowly began to touch him as he patiently coaxed. “I’ve pressed pause. We can watch it after we’re done.”

Qi Le’s breathing was a little chaotic after that long kiss. At this moment, staring into Gu Bai’s deep and charming eyes made his cheeks red. He gulped and lay down obediently.

Gu Bai kissed the corner of his lips with satisfaction. “Good boy. Call me husband.” bPTfdc

“…Dream on.”

Gu Bai didn’t mind it either. He took off his clothes. Qi Le caught a glimpse of the look in his eyes during their warm and affectionate embrace. He immediately broke away from him. “I have class in the second period. I want to go to class…”

Gu Bai easily restrained him and brought him back into his arms. “It’s not yet time. I’ll send you later.”

After this period of time, Gu Bai clearly knew the sensitive areas of Qi Le’s body. Right now, Qi Le was unable to resist. He had to resign himself to being “eaten.” During their passionate session, he even called him husband three times because of a certain someone’s wickedness. He gasped, his eyes misty with emotion. “Have you had enough?” GRr0Wi

Gu Bai breathed heavily, grabbed Qi Le’s waist and thrust into him hard and deep. He heard his wife’s low moans in his ear. Leaning over, he kissed his sweaty forehead and smiled thoughtfully. “Call me husband one more time and I’ll let you cum.”

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai withdrew a little and slammed into his depths again as he looked into his wife’s increasingly misty eyes. “You’ve already said it three times anyways. What’s one more time?”

Qi Le struggled for a bit but was finally overwhelmed by the scorching pleasure in his body. He looked at Gu Bai pitifully and said, “Husband.” WdXvDM

“How obedient.” Gu Bai rewarded him with a kiss.

“I’m going to tell my dad you bullied me… No, I was wrong. I won’t say anything! Erquan, you… Ahh, ungh… “

The scene got more and more intense. By the time Gu Bai had fully enjoyed himself, it was already a little late. He looked at the time and said, “It’s five minutes into the second period. Are you still going?”

Qi Le nestled lazily in bed and couldn’t be bothered to move a finger. He mumbled “Hmph,” and ignored him. gYDTIq

Gu Bai hugged Qi Le and rubbed his waist. “Didn’t it feel good?”

Qi Le continued to harrumph. Sensing that a certain someone’s hand was beginning to move downwards, he immediately replied, “Yeah.”

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P.S. I actually went and watched “Identity” again after translating this chapter. Btw, if you haven’t watched it and you’re a fan of slasher/thriller/mystery movies, this one is considered a classic and you should check it out!

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