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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh30 - Evil Disciple

Note on the chapter title


The body temperature of the person in his arms was somewhat low, Mo Tianliao drew up the thin quilt and wrapped it around the both of them. The sleeping man felt that familiar body heat and unconsciously relaxed.

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It was still bright outside, the sun shone through the thin curtains, illuminating the exquisite and unparalleled beauty. Mo Tianliao extended a finger and gently traced over Qingtong’s brow and eyes. Even knowing the truth, it was still hard to believe. Three hundred years ago, this was a little furball who could not even perform high-level spells. In the short span of three hundred years, he had advanced to a Half-Immortal. His soul was damaged however…

Demonic Beasts’ progression was slower than humans because they lacked sapience, at least at first, so they couldn’t learn any cultivation method, they could only slowly absorb ambient qi. Low-level Demonic Beasts were not very useful to high-level cultivators either, so these types of Demonic Beast weren’t as desirable. Once a cultivator reached Nascent Soul, they would catch a new, more powerful, Demonic Beast. Oq83eK

Mo Tianliao slowly wrapped a wisp of soft snowy hair around his fingertip, his eyes were dark and sombre. In his past life, almost everyone had a high-level Demonic Beast. Of those who could already turn into human form, each one was stirringly beautiful. The hair colour was always the same as the fur colour, that’s why, when he saw Qingtong’s inky tresses turning white, he began to suspect.

“My Xiaozhao doesn’t like goat meat, and his favourite thing is playing with glass marbles…” Mo Tianliao said softly, his heart throbbing with pain. He didn’t know how Mo Xiaozhao had learned the secret technique of splitting the soul, or how he had wrapped him with it at the moment of his death, but except from a Demonic Beast’s powerful soul, nothing could have kept his soul from extinguishing during those 300 years.

Meng Hu, after dealing with the previous annoyance, rushed back, but was locked out in the outer hall.

There was a barrier surrounding the inner hall, Qingtong had passed out too fast to activate the array so Mo Tianliao was able to get in. However, now that he had entered, he naturally would not let other unneeded people, tigers and so on enter to disturb Master’s sleep.


Da-shixiong scratched on the door outside for a while then reluctantly left. He was going to go find his shidi. After searching a big area and finding nothing he couldn’t help scratching his head. Where could that youngster be?

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The sun rose again, Qingtong had slept for a whole day and night.

The morning sun shone through the gauzy curtains, making the long eyelashes quiver, and the eyes open slowly. The once inky pupils had become translucent Liuli, bright and limpid in the morning light, almost painfully lovely. JTddxW

Mo Tianliao looked at him and said nothing, only smiled faintly.

Qingtong had just woken up and was still a little groggy. He didn’t find it odd seeing Mo Tianliao, he leaned close and rubbed his face on the chest in front of him as usual.

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Mo Tianliao stopped breathing for a second, he felt like a feather was sweeping over his heart. Not only was his heart itching but also his nose…

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Why does this feel weird…? I’m in human form!

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“You evil disciple, why are you here?!” Qingtong propped himself up and stared at the man on the ground. Damn it! He even took off his outer robes and watched his Master sleep while only wearing his underclothes. Such indecency!

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Hlcuabcu ogbhf jcv ibbxfv vbkc ja atf tjlg tjculcu vbkc tlr mtfra, la kjr rcbk-ktlaf!  Lf qjclmxfv, atfc kjr bnfgmbwf ys j vlhhs rqfii jcv tlr fiybkr ujnf eq, vgbqqlcu tlw yjmx bc atf yfv.

Mo Tianliao promptly climbed onto the bed again, pulled the man into his arms, held out a finger and gently massaged the beauty’s forehead.

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The dizziness would not abate and there was a throbbing pain in his head. Qingtong wanted to reach out and hit him, but he couldn’t muster the strength. He closed his eyes and gnashed his teeth, “What are you doing, you evil disciple?” REexKL

“You are my cat. Why shouldn’t I hold you?” Mo Tianliao, spoke matter-of-factly. He hadn’t the slightest intention of letting go.

Qingtong was momentarily stupefied, he slowly opened his eyes, on his translucent Liuli irises Mo Tianliao’s gentle smiling face was quietly reflected. It was exactly the same expression with which he looked at Mo Xiaozhao.

Mo Tianliao used his fire qi on his fingertip and placed it warmly on the smooth forehead to help him relieve the headache. He sighed, “You were the one who prevented my soul from dissipating all those years, right? Silly cat… ”

Cold eyes slowly lowered, white hands, their skin almost transparent, unhurriedly rose, then the well-manicured fingernails transformed into crystalline hook-tipped claws.  Qingtong raised his hand and gave Mo Tianliao a scratch. pw8aL0

Evil disciple, where are you touching?!

Before he could say anything else, Mo Tianliao was thrown out of the main hall of Qingning Palace on the charge of “sexually harassing Master”.

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Master refused to see him for several days and Mo Tianliao, who could not enter his door, felt very helpless. rNeE K

He visited The Paradise of Infinite Knowledge in search of jade slips. Mo Tianliao even searched the Half-Immortal floor, but he still couldn’t find a way to cure Qingtong. Once a cultivator’s soul was damaged, they would not live long, as for a Demonic Beast, there were few records, after all, which Demonic Beast would do such a thing.

Mo Tianliao put down the jade slips and went to visit the Sect Leader, hoping to get some information from him. According to da-shixiong, the Sect Leader gave Qingtong all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures over the years, so he must have known. He should be clear on the extent of the damage to his soul.

As a result, when he arrived at Wotian Abode and was told that the Sect Leader was not there, Mo Tianliao had to turn around and go to Woxuan Abode.

The three men were fellow martial brothers, although he didn’t know how Mo Xiaozhao, a cat, had formed this type relationship with the others. But after all, they had been together for many years and had endured his cat’s terrible temper, they must be good people. 3Z0OQV

In Woxuan Abode, inside of the main hall located in the middle of the lake, Xuanji Zhenren sat in the main seat and listened to Yuan Hai’s slow report expressionlessly.

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“The Sect Leader asked each Abode to search for spies. Disciple has considered it and concluded that the most suspicious ones in our Abode are these first-generation ordinary disciples,” Yuan Hai showed his Master the list.

On the Taixuan continent, everyone desired a Demonic Beast, which was not a good thing for said Demonic Beasts. Woyun was the only place that could shelter them. Most of the Beast cultivators that came as disciples had already transformed into humans. Sometimes it was difficult to discern their real nature, when that happened the Sect Leader would throw them at Xuanji and let him take them away for observation. If he found them to be human, they would be taken in as ordinary disciples.

As for why this responsibility did not also go to Qingtong ZhenrennU5oiq

Woqing Abode, Qingning Palace.

The grey and white wolf ran round and round the kitten. Seeing that he was being ignored, he crouched down, stuck out his butt, shuffled over bit by bit on the cushion, and used his big nose to prod at the snow-white furball. Then, as expected, he got a scratch.

“Ow!” The wolf jumped three chi high and covered his snout, “Qingtong, can’t you show a minimum of respect to shixiong?”

The white kitten opened his eyes and glanced at him. He spat out two quiet words, “Stupid dog.” omGZBJ

?!…” Hearing these two words, the wolf finally got angry. He bared his teeth and threatened, “I’ll give you one more chance to admit that I am a wolf, otherwise…” The skin around his mouth lifted, revealing two rows of snow-white fangs, they flashed chillingly.

Mo Xiaozhao sat up and shook his tail.

“Sect Leader, please calm down!” Suddenly a striped figure flashed in front of his eyes, and a huge and gorgeous tiger came and pounced on the growling wolf, landing with a thump.

“Awoo woo woo awoo!” The wolf, who was pinned down, struggled hard but the big tiger had no intention of moving and was still trying to persuade him earnestly. ishKQP

“Master has a bad temper, please be patient with him.”

The kitten happily walked over and patted the dog on the head with his paw, “Didn’t you claim to be descended from Tiangou?”

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“Yes!” The grey wolf, who was being squashed by the big tiger, wagged his tail triumphantly. hAQyBL

“And you say you’re not a dog?” The kitten stretched lazily, turned and jumped onto the bed, ignoring him.

The Sect Leader said hurriedly, “But my ancestors also include Sirius! “If I'm lying, I'm a dog!


Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre

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“I am a liar and a dog”

Little Tianlang: Tongtong, the meat bones cooked by Master are not delicious at all. obuSeC

Xiao Qingtong: Really?

Little Tianlang: Really, I don’t want to eat even one bite. If I’m lying then I’m a dog.

Little Qingtong: *Takes out the delicious meat cooked by Master, then looks at da-shixiong*

Little Tianlang: …Bark! B4FPjJ

Unedited, please point out any mistakes :blobaww:

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Translator's Note

孽徒 This will basically be Master’s tsundere way of addressing MTL. I may use slightly different words to translate depending on the occasion.

孽(niè) son born of a concubine; disaster; sin; evil; devil; demon; treacherous; unfilial; etc. BnrSp5

徒 (Tú) disciple

Translator's Note

美不胜收 (měi bú shèng shōu)

To be a feast for the eyes; more beauty than one can absorb; so many beautiful things that one simply can’t take them all in.

Translator's Note

Meaning he’s about to get a nosebleed because he’s turned on. :blobrofl:

Translator's Note

眼疾手快 (yǎn jí shǒu kuài)

sharp eyes and agile hands or nimble fingers; acquitting oneself of one’s duties well and rapidly.

Translator's Note

不得其门而入 (bù dé qí mén ér rù)

can’t find the door to get in; can’t find the proper approach.

Translator's Note

天狗 (tiāngǒu) a legendary creature from China. The tiangou resembles a black dog or meteor, which is thought to eat the sun or moon during an eclipse.


Translator's Note

天狼星(tiān láng xīng) the dog star; Sirius. Although the literal translation is sky wolf star

Translator's Note

It’s a common way of saying “trust me”, like saying “May lighting strike me if I’m lying.”

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