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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch18 - Not Bad


translator: xiin
editors: celtic & juurensha

The atmosphere in the room turned cold in an instant. m9vbxd


The man’s eyes were deep, showing no warmth whatsoever even at a glance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The youth looked at Wei Shi nervously, his eyelids flickering nonstop as he sat stiffly on the edge of the sofa. He all but had the words ‘orderly and disciplined, solidarity and friendship’ pasted on his face––

Only after a pause did he finally react, swiftly giving up his seat for his big brother. B2pvTe


On the center screen.

The Crossen Show continued, a dense row of scrolling comments almost obscuring Wu Jin’s cheeks.



“Little Witch is so cute––Ahhhh! Crosson Show, you’ve changed, you’re now actually using beautiful, tempting darlings!”

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“Help me, I just saw an angel… Is this an appearance that human beings can achieve?! @Program producer––are you really not using holograms to create a beauty in order to steal more audience ratings? Wait a minute, how are the other trainees supposed to focus on their training with a beauty right in front of them??”


“Does that camera lens work? Do you dare to zoom in a little closer?” wy UDj

“Previous commenter, it’s clearly very close! Any closer and it’ll directly tunnel into Little Witch’s quilt… Mother’s tits, I suddenly feel that Little Witch is sleeping very sweetly. That quilt must be soft and fluffy, permeated with a beautiful youth’s sweet ♂ fragrance!”


Wei Shi sat to one side of the sofa, his long legs stretched out in front of him.

He obviously hadn’t moved at all, but the temperature emanating from his body had clearly plummeted straight down in a vertical line. 1awPzg


There was the sudden sound of a meow from the floor.

A black cat had run out of who knows where. It gracefully lifted its paws and clutched at Wei Shi’s thigh.


Wei Shi stretched out his calloused right hand and indifferently picked up the cat.


“Bro, Brother Wei, should we disable the scrolling comments?” The youth sensed that the atmosphere was strange, and his voice was strained as he spoke.

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“Keep it open.” Wei Shi commanded. SkafIY


On the Star Net, using Wu Jin as a high appearance value weapon that nobody could dislike, the Crosson Show’s ratings soared.

This first episode after the evaluation match began with footage taken from 6:30 AM in the South Tower dormitory, causing the fans to burst out in a frenzy several times as it swept over Wei Yan and Thin Fire.


The camera then focused on the training room, going from the brightly lit terraced classroom to the mud-filled training room, to the 80-meter deep shooting range, a range of contestants all flashing by in quick sequence.


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In the Crosson Show, contestants’ camera appearance rate was proportional to their player rating. Except in one special case––

Even though the cameras covered the entire show, not even the side profile of Wei Shi’s face appeared a single time in any shot. k9mjTA


The group of people on the sofa immediately looked up in admiration.

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C mfgajlc rbwfbcf’r jcal-gfmbccjlrrjcmf mjqjylilalfr tjv ab yf fzagfwfis tlut lc bgvfg ab jnblv yflcu mjeuta bc mjwfgj 100%––

Pa kjr qbrrlyif atja atf qgbugjw mgfk vlvc’a fnfc xcbk jybea atf ylu ybrr’r fzlrafcmf! P3HAoT


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Pcrlvf atf rwjii yjrf, Qfl Vtl’r gbeut olcufgalqr geyyfv jujlcra atf yijmx mja’r rboa oeg.


The black cat was used to being tyrannical; only in Wei Shi’s hands would it purr and curl up into a ball. dC3NJK

It remained this way until Wei Shi stood up–-the cat, whose image had completely collapsed, quickly got up as well and followed behind the man, jumping up to rub its face chaotically against the man’s muscular arm.


The youth glared darkly at the cat, his heart filled with curses. He was taken by surprise when Wei Shi’s gaze swept over him, his back breaking out in cold sweat.


“Bro, Brother Wei, safe journey…”

The youth forced a laugh and only jumped up in indignation after Wei Shi left:

“Damn it, why did Brother Wei come back tonight? He even watched the talent show––he actually watches talent shows?! I haven’t finished my training time quota for this week, that look from Brother Wei, it must be that he knows ahhhhhhh, it’s over, I’m done for…”


He wrapped his arms around his head and rolled back and forth on the sofa before suddenly remembering something else. He was full of regret, “If I’d known earlier, I would’ve snatched Silly Red’s position. Who could’ve known that there would be a little beauty on the show…”


His companion, who had been sitting beside him, froze. His gaze was full of incredulity, “Damn, you––it can’t be that you don’t know why Brother Wei was glaring at you?”

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The young man looked up foolishly, “Ah?” 10SaZy


His companion cleared his throat and lowered his voice, “That little beauty…”

The interior of the base was silent for two seconds, and then a high-pitched exclamation screeched out, “What did you say?!!”




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The Star Net traffic for the show’s premiere reached its peak two hours later.

As soon as the episode was over––related topics quickly pushed their way up into the hot search. kndB0U


On the Azure Edge fan platform, countless new topics instantly burst out.


“R-Code Entertainment’s trainee support––human-shaped weapon, your blade is my faith.” EpAv2R

“Fire spreading over water, supporting the third poster’s CP. Prohibiting individual fans––bone-deep Silver Thread Roll fans, come!”

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Amongst all the topics, another new thread was being built up and rising to the top.

“Strongly recommending the world’s cutest Little Witch!! [image][image] Guns and bandages and beauty, taking on Crosson with sheer looks!” METRtp


It was currently the peak traffic time for the evening, and passers-by from the main forum had just finished watching a wave of Star League tournaments when a series of propaganda images were suddenly pushed into their line of sight.

In the nine image grid, eight of them were screenshots of a certain youth, showing a variety of scattered close-ups and long-distance shots. In the middle of the grid was the code for the address of the support station.


The youth looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old, his facial features extremely exquisite, giving off an inexplicable sense of shock when contrasted with the guns, bullets, and bandages he was interacting with.

––A dozen seconds later, a crowd of melon seed eating passers-by swarmed in!


White Moonlight’s support department, who had already been well-prepared, reacted at top speed, furiously supporting the thread in an organized and disciplined way. KbE4Sh

However, as expected, some haters also joined in.


“Shooting average at only five rings––White Moonlight is really deteriorating, do they only look at appearances when they recruit?”

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Fans in the thread quickly retaliated, “Little Witch has only trained for two weeks. How about you come up if you can do better?” USwcH2


Still, the haters quickly gathered together and became a force, “At most, it’s just an act to trick little girls with. How much money did White Moonlight spend in order to buy this A ranking? They aren’t doing well in the League, and their trainees are a worrying bunch. I’m just waiting for them to get their faces slapped during the elimination match.”

“!!! Little Witch used his own strength to enter the audition evaluation match!”

“Oh. In that case, congratulations to White Moonlight on soon being the first to have a trainee who was eliminated straight from A rank…” 0cvHd5


The Crosson Show base.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

South Tower dormitory.


The hottest search topics on the Star Net were skyrocketing, and Zoe was very satisfied with the results of the broadcast.

Tomorrow, the first round of voting would end, and it would determine the order of the contestants’ entries into the competition. If nothing unexpected happened, Wu Jin’s votes would place him very close to the forefront.


In the living room, Caesar happily opened two bottles of beer to celebrate the premiere, while Wu Jin was still browsing through the Star Net users’ comments. 0Qin8r


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Caesar glanced at the terminal, “Little Witch, we don’t concern ourselves with those haters. They’re practically White Moonlight’s fixed haters. Our company’s battle team isn’t doing that well during this Star League, so these flamers are grouping it all together and taking it out on the trainees.”


Wu Jin thought about it, “But they… don’t seem to be wrong.” x GtDw

An average shooting accuracy of just five rings on a static target was subpar compared to any other contestant.


Zoe stilled and was quietly worried about Wu Jin’s mental state.

He was organizing his words and preparing to offer up some comfort when he glanced sideways––Wu Jin had his head raised up, his eyes full of excitement: wde9of

“Therefore, I have to keep working hard and can’t be relegated during the elimination match!”


Zoe’s frown smoothed out. He patted him on the shoulder, his gaze relieved.


That night.

Wu Jin returned to his dorm room on the seventh floor and fed the rabbit some leaves.

The terminal screen glowed softly. Within the group labelled ‘Big Boss’, the only avatar there was still lit up.

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After counting back––it had already been a week since big boss showed up!

Wu Jin flipped back and forth on the bed several times, coating the freshly aired out sheets with a faint fragrance of the warm youth.


––Big Brother o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o…!!! at5Nky

Wu Jin hurriedly deleted the emoji text from the input box.


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––Big brother, today’s show…

That wasn’t right! Big boss was removed from such mundane things in life and didn’t seem the type to watch talent shows no matter what. 96wD0c


Wu Jin thought about it for a long time but was unable to find a suitable opening topic. Within the open drawer, a rounded figure arched slightly…

Wu Jin abruptly came up with something, “Brother Rabbit, let me borrow your precious body for a moment!”


On the terminal, a picture of the rabbit had already been sent to Wei Shi.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Jin picked up the rabbit lightly, his actions gentle as he stuffed it back into the drawer, placing a vegetable leaf between its paws. By the time he turned back, he had already received a new message.


Wei Shi: Not bad. iC 20d


Wu Jin’s eyes suddenly lit up.


The big boss praised him–– MfTE R

Praised him for doing a good job raising the rabbit!


Wu Jin pulled up the quilt, rubbing his small round face against the pillow. He was satisfied and fell into a delighted sleep.


In his dreams, he could vaguely make out Wei Shi stroking the shotgun in his hands, and the highest game level, Lv99, could be seen over his head as he stood in the center of the arena.


Wu Jin rushed over and threw his arms around the big boss’s thighs, offering up the rabbit as a tribute to the big boss.

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The words ‘goodwill +5’ came out of the top of the big boss’s head, and the goodwill progress bar filled up a little. JWEX73


Sure enough, he should maintain regular contact and develop their relationship!

After the goodwill meter filled up, he would definitely be able to become big boss’s number one follower––


The sleeping teenager smacked his lips, his little curls dancing in the night breeze.

Juurensha: Little witch is just too cute this chapter! But he should have kept the emoji! And WS will only watch talent shows for his little rabbit spirit!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Celtic: too cute!! and Little Witch~ your position won’t be “Number One Follower”


Translator's Note

big brother – not blood related, more in the sense that they’re all familiar

Translator's Note

people who just like to watch the show/drama unfolding

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