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Strong Offense and DefenseCh31.2 - Chocolates and Morning Training


Translator: Re

Editor: Mims M2qvcX



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    But he really needed to adjust his breathing so he forcefully resisted the pressure from Reece’s stare. After half a lap, Nie Chuan finally started running again. 

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    By that time, Reece had already ran up beside him again. 


    His steps weren’t the slightest bit disorderly and his breathing was only a little deeper than before but as soon as he spoke, it became apparent that he was handling it with ease. 


    “Nie Chuan.”

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    “Ah?” Nie Chuan looked up and saw that Reece was holding up a box of chocolates.


    “Originally made in Switzerland, not sold in the U.S., six flavors and hand-crafted by master artisans. If you can finish this lap then I’ll give it to you.”


    “Really?” Nie Chuan’s eyes lit up. 

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    He had seen someone introduce this brand of chocolate before on a forum. It’s just that the price for one small box was enough to buy Nie Chuan chocolate for a whole year. 


    “You want it or not?” Reece came to a stop and tilted his head as he asked. 


    “I want it! Of course I want it!”


    Nie Chuan never thought that he would have the opportunity to eat that kind of luxury chocolate in his lifetime! 

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    “Then follow me. If you can’t keep up then I’ll eat them and you can just have the box.”


    Reece turned around and Nie Chuan followed without a word.


    “Watch your breathing.”


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    “Move your thighs.”


    “Arms up.”


    Nie Chuan had been following Reece from not not far behind, staring at the chocolate box he was holding in his right hand. 


    That’s a velvet box ah! The packaging of such an expensive chocolate is comparable to that of jewelry!

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    Nie Chuan would want a bite even if he’d die! 


    Whenever he was about to be unable to keep up, Reece would slow down his pace and shake the box of chocolate in his hand. 


    “…… That’s too much!”


    Nie Chuan felt like he was being threatened by Reece…… rather than being seduced.


    But what made Nie Chuan feel even more inconceivable was that, in the company of Reece, he actually completed the three kilometer run! 


    It’s simply a miracle!


    The boy’s long-distance race in high school was only 1.5 kilometers but he actually completed three kilometers. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


    When he came to a stop, his heart was almost jumping out of his chest and it felt as if the world was spinning.


    Just when he was about to sit down on the floor, Reece pulled him up.


    “No sitting.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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    “I can’t stand anymore……”


    “Snfc lo sbe mjc’a rajcv, sbe cffv ab xffq kjixlcu ecali sbeg tfjga gjaf gfmbnfgr. Fcali atfc, sbe mjc’a rla vbkc.”


    Effmf tjio reqqbgafv Rlf Jtejc klat bcf tjcv jr atfs kjixfv jgbecv atf rqbgar olfiv.


    Rlf Jtejc’r wlcv kjr yijcx; jii tf mbeiv tfjg kjr j yehhlcu rbecv. 

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    “My…… my chocolate!” Nie Chuan didn’t forget about his hard-earned spoils.




    Reece straightforwardly pressed the box into Nie Chuan’s hands. 

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    “Why is it so light?” Nie Chuan shook it but there were no sounds at all. When he opened the box, he found that the inside was empty. “The chocolate!”


    “I ate it this morning,” Reece replied as though it was to be expected.


    Nie Chuan was so angry that he swung his fist at him. He had never been so brave in front of Reece before! 


    Unfortunately, his fist was easily caught in Reece’s palm. Reece patiently pried his fingers open one by one. 

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    “You played me……”


    Nie Chuan looked at Reece’s unperturbed figure and realized that swinging his fist at Reece was simply courting death ah!


    Reece didn’t reply as he took another piece of chocolate from his other pocket and then suddenly threw it into Nie Chuan’s mouth, almost choking him to death.


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    There was a rich flavor of cocoa as something soft enveloped the tip of Nie Chuan’s tongue and Nie Chuan’s eyes narrowed.


    “What kind of chocolate is this?”




    Nie Chuan’s eyes lit up. He remembered Zhou Bin saying that Godiva is known as the Rolls Royce of chocolates!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


    “Very delicious!”




    “Is there more?”


    “If you can still persevere tomorrow, I’ll send you a whole box.”


    “Really? Then I can definitely persevere!”


    “It doesn’t matter, there are only eight in a box anyways.”


    Reece raised an eyebrow. His underlying words seem to be “You won’t be able to eat them for long.”

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    It wasn’t until Reece took him to walk around the sports field for almost two laps that Nie Chuan’s heartbeat finally calmed down.

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    He laid on the grass in the middle, feeling as if his objective for the day had been completed.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    But he knew that there were still jumping exercises and shooting practice.


    He simply wanted to die. Fortunately, these two exercises can be put off until after the end of today’s classes.


    “Tomorrow will feel easier than today.”


    Reece’s cool voice made Nie Chuan realize that today wasn’t the end of the torture but the beginning. 

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    He didn’t know if it was just an illusion, but Nie Chuan felt something moving on his upper thigh along the bottom edge of his shorts. It was slow, like a caress yet also teasing, making Nie Chuan’s heart itch. 


    My god…… who’s acting like a hooligan?


    Nie Chuan opened one eye and all his fantasies* were flung to the wind. He was so scared that he almost got chest pains! 

[T/N: 旖旎情思 was actually used here but since I didn’t think “sentimental feelings” quite fit, I tweaked it a little] ohtUdb


    He saw Reece, who was standing between his wide open legs, used his left foot to lift up the hem of his shorts.


    Reece inclined his head and raised his eyebrows, his voice severely cold, “You actually don’t wear underwear beneath your basketball shorts?” Xl5any


    Nie Chuan swallowed. He remembered that Reece and them all seem to wear some kind of black tights.


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    “Ah…… it fell out of the shorts,” Reece said in a very calm voice. MOl1Wd


    “What…… what fell out of my shorts?” Nie Chuan nervously sat up and reached out to pull at his own shorts. At that moment, he was so ashamed that he didn’t even want to live anymore.


    He reached out to cover himself, blushing while shouting, “Don’t look!” 5Aqcdd


    “Why won’t you let me look? It’s pretty cute.”

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    Reece said this in Chinese. His voice was cool but the end rose slightly. It sounded a bit ridiculing but also a little joking.  CjbrRm


    The corners of his lips slowly rose up. His gaze remained at where Nie Chuan covered himself. 


    “Cute my ass!” Nie Chuan shouted at Reece for the first time in Chinese.  gVEsd1


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    Reece’s expression didn’t even change. He just squatted down and looked into Nie Chuan’s eyes. “So, you’re not forgoing underwear just to let people admire your eggs?” 


    “No way, how can that be! I just…… it’s just that my underwear had been worn out already!” QTBOoU


    Nie Chuan almost died from the embarrassment. He wanted to close his legs but Reece just continued to squat there so he couldn’t do anything. 


    “It’s really not for people to admire?” Reece’s eyes slowly lowered.  Sr98Mg


    He possessed beautiful eyes but when those eyes were pressing him down, Nie Chuan felt an indescribable pressure. 


    “How could I let people admire them!” PdjLIX


    If you have nothing to do then you can scoop your eggs out of your own pants for people to see ah


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    “Then remember that the next time you don’t wear tights, I’ll break your eggs.” 72Gac0


    Every word was full of strength. 


    Nie Chuan already felt an intense pain in that area. RnxDp8


    He was so frightened that he used his elbow to move his upper body back. As soon as he left Reece’s range, he immediately stood up. 

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    Reece’s lips slowly curled. Nie Chuan didn’t know if it was a misconception but he thought that Reece was teasing him just to see his embarrassed appearance. FWv4P8


    But Nie Chuan didn’t dare ask “Are you messing with me.”


    “Follow me.” Reece raised his hand to drag the back of Nie Chuan’s collar and pulled him off of the sports field.  yG9vRC


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    Nie Chuan’s heart was pounding. Reece wouldn’t really want to find a place to break his eggs ba


    But Nie Chuan was wrong. Reece just brought Ni Chuan back to his apartment and sorted out two pairs of black tights from his closet. AFI8bL


    “Take it.”


    Reece threw them to Nie Chuan.  LS806B


    When Nie Chuan caught them, he found that even the tags had not been removed; they were completely new.


    “Are they new?” jaBAc


    “En.” Reece went into the kitchen and began making sandwiches and fried eggs.


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    Nie Chuan stood on his tiptoes to watch and saw that Reece’s movements were very skillful. Even his motion of hitting the egg against the edge of the frying pan carried a noble grace.  qdkLc6


    When Reece turned around, Nie Chuan hurriedly sat back on the sofa and pretended to lower his head to carefully look at the logo. Then he froze. 


    “Eh? Why is it a small?” QnKzUs


    No matter how Nie Chuan looked he didn’t feel that Reece was a small ah! Not to mention how “majestic” he was there, a small simply wouldn’t be able to hold it in ba?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


    It will break…… 2vpUkJ


    Could it be that he bought the wrong one so he simply threw it to him to wear.


    “Of course it’s a small.” Reece pushed the plate in front of Nie Chuan, “It fits you the best. ” By85to


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    Nie Chuan would be able to understand that Reece was making fun of his little brother for being “small” even if he was dumber. 


    Anything can be tolerated but only this absolutely can’t be tolerated.  4vEtrY


    As soon as Nie Chuan wanted to retort, Reece put a glass of milk beside his plate. “Eat breakfast. You’ve done quite a lot of exercise today.”


    Ah? He wasn’t dreaming? Reece actually made him breakfast.  2iDHLc


    At this time, Reece no longer intended to continue discussing the issue of “size” with him. Instead, he unfolded the morning newspaper to read the headline.


    Nie Chuan picked up the sandwich and bit down hard.  N7TMFx


    Damn! Really delicious! It’s completely different from the one at the convenience store! 


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    The ham seemed to have been fried with butter too, delicious! kdzS6o


    “Eh, how come it’s still beef?” This was the first time Nie Chuan ate beef in a sandwich. 


    “Beef is rich in protein. You need to replenish your energy.” HS2eDF


    In that moment when Reece propped up his chin with one hand and looked up from the newspaper, Nie Chuan felt as if the whole world had stopped.

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    “Why are you looking at me like that?” 3bwu5O


    Because you’re handsome.


    Of course, Nie Chuan couldn’t say that.  PGemfg


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Re: *squeals in fangirl*


MadMadamMims: LMAO what?! NC how u gonna run with ur junk all free and jiggly, ouch! Daddy don’t want no else to see ur jiggly bits omg this chapter 🤣


Re: ^ Mims makes a valid point. Even girls don’t run without sports bras (unless they have tea cups like me) so what is NC doing running without underwear Dx


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