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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh74.1 - Giant Pig


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The Big Bear Tribe that was now considered very terrifying, was actually not scary at all. 6Vt8Yj

Even now, the tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe was leading the people of the hunting team to flee and run away again.

Not long ago, Xiong Ye and the others had smeared tree sap all over their bodies and climbed up the trees that the Barosaurus was about to eat. Then, likely because they were small and hadn’t gathered together in a group, the Barosaurus had really ignored their existence…

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However, although they were ignored, the Barosaurus’s huge head was gnawing at the leaves and branches of the trees beside them, crushing and chewing the thick branches in a very terrifying way.

Xiong Ye wrapped an arm around the trunk and took advantage of the time when the Barosaurus wasn’t paying attention to throw the leaf wrapped poison into the Barosaurus’s mouth. mXgQSx

That Barosaurus was completely unaware as it finished off most of the leaves on the tree it was eating from before moving on to the next.

The poison didn’t work? Xiong Ye was puzzled, but the tribesperson in the next tree followed suit and threw their portion of the poison into the Barosaurus’s mouth when the opportunity presented itself.

However, there was still no reaction from the Barosaurus.

Xiong Ye climbed down the tree and met up with the people on the ground. Xiong He wondered out loud, “Xiong Ye, are you sure that this poison actually works? How come the Barosaurus seems to be completely fine?”


“I don’t know either. It was very effective when I used it for hunting before…” Xiong Ye also found it strange.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiong He asked, “Should we feed it more poison?”

“Let’s wait and see first.” Xiong Ye said. If this poison was really ineffective, then they would just have to find another way to deal with this Barosaurus…

Just as he was thinking about this, the Barosaurus suddenly roared, its tail thrashing as it knocked down a tree. MbHyjo

The tree toppled towards the people of the Big Bear Tribe…

They all scattered and fled.

While running, Xiong Ye called out, “I just knew that Zhou Ji’s poison would definitely work!”

Xiong He: “Stop talking! Hurry up and run!” 0a1iXK

The Barosaurus had gone a little crazy after being poisoned. If they didn’t quickly run away, they might end up trampled to death by the other party!

As they yelled, a few more trees toppled over.

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Xiong Ye and the others ran even faster.

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On a hill some distance away from the Big Bear Tribe, there was a group of people sitting together, roasting and eating meat.

Everyone in this group was tall, but one of them still stood out above the rest and was over two meters tall.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Male beastmen were generally between one meter sixty and one meter ninety in height, and it was rare for there to be someone so tall. This person had scars on his face and looked particularly fierce. biZ7um

“Young chief, have some meat.” A person around one meter eighty in height handed over a piece of roasted meat as he spoke. He had a perfectly built body, but when he stood in front of the other tall and broad man, he appeared much shorter and plainer.

The giant who was over two meters tall accepted the meat and began to eat. “Don’t call me young tribal chief anymore. I’m a blasphemer who has already been driven out of the tribe. I haven’t been the young chief for a long time now!”

“Young chief is still our young chief even if you’ve been expelled from the tribe!” That person insisted.

“What’s the point in merely being a young chief to you guys? Don’t you know that they banished me to this kind of place just for the sake of killing me off? Now that you’re following me, you should be careful you don’t all die!” That giant suddenly stood up and kicked out, sending one of the prey they had caught flying with the force of his kick. ZnbAzr

“Young chief… Your leg…” That person was worried as he spoke up. The leg that this person had stretched out to kick with was crooked and had obviously been injured.

“F*ck that!” The giant finished up the roasted meat in his hand and continued, “Aren’t any of you afraid of death?”

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The people with him had firm expressions on their faces, obviously unafraid. The giant suddenly sent out a roar, then turned into his animal form and ran off.

His animal form was a daeodon. This kind of pig was also known as a giant pig. Of course, although he was called a ‘giant pig’, it was completely unrelated to the idea of ‘an oversized pig’. Daeodons looked quite different from a standard pig. phJHO3

This kind of animal was a very fierce predator. Their bodies were around three to four meters long, and their body weight could grow up to five hundred kilograms. Their mouths were extremely big, and they could easily bite through the heads of normal beastmen’s animal forms.

And the giant pig in front of them was even bigger than the average daeodon… He was a medium level Beast Warrior, and his body was twice as heavy as that of a regular giant pig.

Therefore, his body weight had already reached one and a half tons.

As this moment, it could be seen that when the giant pig ran forth, one of its legs bent at an odd angle. Even so, he could still run very fast. The people behind him turned into their animal forms to chase after him but were still unable to catch up. V5Bpyj

While they were in pursuit, a huge disturbance in the distance caught their attention.

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The giant pig looked towards the place the disturbance had come from, then pumped his legs and headed in that direction.

Some of the people chasing behind him were pigs in their animal form, but there were some who had other forms. Seeing this scene, their expressions changed, and they continued to chase after him.

They were people from the Giant Pig Tribe. CiR2jJ

The Giant Pig Tribe was a large tribe with a very powerful fighting force. There was only one bad thing about it––their tribe had a lot of people. A lot, a lot of people.

They… They were very prolific.

The current tribal chief of the Giant Pig Tribe had over one hundred children. That giant was the eldest of his hundred children. His name was Zhu Zhan, and he had previously been the future tribal chief of the Giant Pig Tribe.

This young chief had very high combat ability, and other than the fact that he particularly liked to fight, he had no other shortcomings… No, the fact that he liked to fight couldn’t really be considered a disadvantage in others’ eyes––he always went to find dinosaurs to fight and could always bring back a lot of prey. Z8dsdQ

In the beginning, the current tribal chief had been very fond of this son of his. However, he later had other women, and when his other sons grew up, they all learned to please and flatter him. Eventually, he no longer liked this eldest son of his much.

Not long ago, Zhu Zhan had gone out hunting and ended up being injured by dinosaurs. Not only that, but his bones had healed crooked, and the chief of the Giant Pig Tribe had used the excuse that Zhu Zhan was a blasphemer in order to drive Zhu Zhan out of the tribe, forcing him into this wild forest.

Some beastmen lived on this side of the wild forest, but this place was separated from the main area where the beastmen lived by a big river. They did not have any Beast Kings looking over their territory, and not only did they often encounter huge dinosaurs, the beastmen tribes on this side of the river didn’t even have priests, didn’t know how to farm, and so on.

Of course, the most important thing was the river. kHc3br

Everyone who had been exiled to the wild forest was sent over on a wooden boat. If their luck was good, they would be able to reach the other side, but if their luck was bad… They would all die in the river.

In fact, more people ended up dying in the river than making it to the other side alive.

Zhu Zhan had still been injured and unconscious back when he was sent over in the boat. Some of his subordinates who were determined to tie their lives with his had followed him here… In the end, Zhu Zhan had made it to the other side alive, but out of the seventy or eighty odd subordinates who had followed him, there were only a dozen or so left.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They had already been wandering around this wild forest for a long time. They had encountered other tribes on their journey, but the entire tribe’s fighting power couldn’t even compare to just the few of them, and life in those tribes was obviously very difficult. Therefore, they had chosen not to stay and had instead continued on their way. QYaUPi

Now, they had discovered a disturbance in the distance…

The people following behind Zhu Zhan were all very anxious. They all knew that their young chief particularly liked fighting. Now that there was such a fuss over there, he would probably rush over to join in. However, his injury hadn’t healed yet. What would they do if he encountered something bad?

They had no choice but to continue chasing after him.

Zhu Zhan ran very fast. After he arrived, he realized that the disturbance wasn’t caused by people fighting as he had thought. Instead, there was a Barosaurus rolling crazily around on the ground. WQJzC3

It was a very big Barosaurus!

Zhu Zhan ran over and bit down on the Barosaurus’s neck.

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The Barosaurus had originally already been poisoned and was dying. Now that it was bitten like that, it twitched and really lost its life.

At the same time, Mao Huo, who had climbed up a tree to observe the ‘battle situation’, was given a scare when he looked over and saw the Barosaurus thrashing and rolling about chaotically. ED59HF

Previously, he had only seen the Barosaurus thrashing about on its own and thought that the Barosaurus had eaten something bad. At that moment, he was thinking that the Big Bear Tribe was indeed quite useless, but a person with a huge animal form suddenly appeared and bit down on the Barosaurus’s neck.

“We’ll go back first!” Mao Huo told the others next to him.

This Big Bear Tribe really had a powerful person in their tribe. He had to quickly go and tell this news to Hu Tian!

With that in mind, Mao Huo quickly led his people away. cwXt3g

By this time, Xiong Ye had already led his group back to where Zhu Zhan was.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Their prey looked like it had been poisoned to death, but someone had suddenly stepped in and bitten down hard…

Xiong Ye: “Who are you?”

Zhu Zhan ignored him. He had run for some distance, and his originally injured leg throbbed with pain, making it so that he couldn’t hold himself back from venting… Zhu Zhan bit down on the Barosaurus’s neck once again. wrNXoD

“This Barosaurus is our prey.” Xiong Ye frowned. This person shouldn’t be planning to steal their prey, right? Where exactly had he come from?

Zhu Zhan looked down at Xiong Ye from his higher vantage point, then turned around to leave.

Seeing that Zhu Zhan didn’t seem to have any intention of snatching away their prey, Xiong Ye relaxed.

Although he didn’t know where this man had come from, he was certain that this person was very powerful, and they might not necessarily be able to deal with him. uqNTXJ

It would be best if they didn’t have to face up against such a person.

Just as he thought that, Xiong Ye saw the man topple over. His animal form vanished as he automatically turned back into human form.

Xiong Ye: “……”

Xiong He was also confused, “What’s wrong with this person?” He had almost bitten through the Barosaurus’s neck earlier, but now he had suddenly collapsed? aQeC9

“Zhou Ji told me not to bite poisoned prey. He said that I might get poisoned…” Xiong Ye said.

Xiong He and the others: “……” So this man had run out to bite the Barosaurus and was now poisoned?

Xiong Ye said, “I’ll bring him back and let Zhou Ji take a look.” This person was very powerful, but his animal form wasn’t a tiger, so he shouldn’t be someone from the Giant Tiger Tribe. Perhaps he was passing by… They couldn’t just let him be poisoned to death like this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

And even if he was from the Giant Tiger Tribe… In that case, it was still good if they brought him back to the tribe for interrogation. 19NvG8

With that in mind, Xiong Ye took out a large net and placed the man in it before lifting up the net and running back towards the tribe.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Zhu Zhan – 猪战 pig war

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