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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh152 - Visitors with Bad Intentions


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Before, when Xiong Ye believed that mates were forever together and could never turn their backs on each other, he had actually felt very fearless about many things. i LwdF

For example, he’d had no fear that someone would seduce Zhou Ji away.

But it was different now!

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Not long ago, he’d learned that people could change mates.

People could change mates! If he kept such flirtatious, seductive people in the tribe, wouldn’t he just be making trouble for himself? emOojL

Even if he believed that he and Zhou Ji wouldn’t end up liking these people, he still didn’t like having them wander around in front of him!

As for the Beast God Temple…

Xiong Ye had already had a bad impression of the Beast God Temple before, but now his impression of them grew even worse.

How could they send these kinds of men and women to other people… This was clearly trying to destroy other people’s relationships! qdoHk8

“I don’t want them. Take them back.” Xiong Ye didn’t hesitate at all before refusing.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Bear Beast King, these people are gifts. They’re yours now.” Shen Yue said.

“I don’t want them.” Xiong Ye repeated, then said to Zhu Zhan, “Zhu Zhan, watch these people and don’t let them come in!”

“Alright!” Zhu Zhan said. He definitely couldn’t let these people in! 0Kc6z1

Others might not know, but how could he not? Although Xiong Ye was a Beast King, in the Big Bear Tribe, the most powerful person was Zhou Ji, and he was the true boss.

If he allowed these people in, Zhou Ji would get angry… They would all be done for!

Shen Yue couldn’t quite react to what was happening.

The Beast God Temple had many methods to try and draw Beast Kings to their side. Sending servants was one of them, and Beast Kings would basically always accept them. WfJmP7

Even the Rhinoceros Beast King who used his animal form to eat grass everywhere all the time and had no interest in affairs between men and women would accept these people. At most, he wouldn’t enjoy them himself and would instead gift them to others.

Yet now, not only did the Bear Beast King reject them, he even told people to prevent them from entering…

Shen Yue said, “Bear Beast King, are people like this not to your taste? What kind of people do you like?”

“I like people that are like Zhou Ji.” Xiong Ye replied. iYCNlv

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Vtfc Tef: “……” Qf xcbk atja sbe ilxf sbeg wjaf. Ktf wfc jwbcura atfrf qfbqif atja kf ujnf sbe kfgf jii qlmxfv yfmjerf atfs ibbx ilxf sbeg wjaf! Qts mjc’a sbe yf lcafgfrafv lc atfw?

“Lf bcis ilxfr wf. Tbe’v yfaafg ajxf atbrf qfbqif yjmx, batfgklrf… P’ii yf ectjqqs.” Xfaalcu eq ogbw tlr gfmilcfg kjr rbwfatlcu Itbe Al vlv nfgs gjgfis.

When Zhou Ji simply lay there, people merely thought that he was a pretty young man. Now, when he stood up, they discovered that he wasn’t shorter than Xiong Ye, and his temperament made people feel that he should belong to the upper class.

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The tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe was really very good to his mate. He’d even cultivated his mate to such a level! 7LpJsX

“Zhou Ji, don’t worry. I would never accept them.” Xiong Ye immediately expressed his loyalty.

“You definitely can’t accept them. If you dare to accept them… I’ll fight you.” Zhou Ji said.

“Yes, yes, I won’t accept.” Xiong Ye was quite happy when he heard Zhou Ji’s words. Zhou Ji not allowing him to have relations with others must mean that he cared about him!

On the other hand, Shen Yue was left speechless. What exactly was the matter with this Bear Beast King? He was a Beast King! Did he really need to spoil his mate so much? And his mate was really funny; who did he think he was? He actually told the Bear Beast King that he would fight him… did he even have that ability? awrB3v

However, although she thought this inside, Shen Yue couldn’t help but admit that she was actually a little jealous of Zhou Ji.

She had previously been very happy that she was liked by Shi Li, but compared with Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji, Shi Li’s affection for her didn’t count for anything.

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Of course, it wasn’t just Shen Yue who was jealous. In fact, the onlookers outside were also jealous.

Especially after seeing that Shen Yue had sent over people and yet come back with no results. j4nstH

Only the people of the Big Bear Tribe and Giant Pig Tribe felt an inexplicable sense of superiority when they watched these people.

The people outside knew too little!

Zhou Ji’s strength wasn’t weaker than Xiong Ye’s at all!

It was the ‘prisoners’ like Zhu Yan who felt a bit of sympathy for the Beast God Temple. 4oq2p3

All the things the Beast God Temple were doing were completely pointless. Xiong Ye would never accept such servants… his mate Zhou Ji was also a Beast King!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At first, Zhu Yan and the priest of the Giant Pig Tribe had wanted to escape. They wanted to go and find the Beast God Temple to help them get justice and capture all the people of the Big Bear Tribe… but as time went on, they had already long given up on this idea.

To start with, not only did this Big Bear Tribe have three Beast Kings, but the Rhinoceros Beast King had also joined them, so now they had a full four Beast Kings.

Although there were eight Beast Kings on the Beast God Temple’s side who could definitely win against four Beast Kings, if they were really going to fight… even if the Beast God Temple’s people came out alright, people like them who had betrayed the Big Bear Tribe certainly wouldn’t come to a good end. 51svFK

It was too simple of a matter for Beast Kings like Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji to kill them!

It was because of this that when the people of the Beast God Temple contacted Zhu Yan and the Giant Pig Tribe’s tribe to scope out their attitudes towards the Big Bear Tribe, wanting to obtain some information about the Big Bear Tribe from them, the two of them hadn’t hesitated to refuse.

Zhu Yan said, “The Big Bear Tribe is a very good tribe. I like this tribe very much and would never betray them!”

The priest of the Giant Pig Tribe added, “Beast God up above, I am a righteous priest who would never do such a thing!” L8KAvR

The two of them finished speaking, and their gazes just happened to meet. They quickly looked away.

Zhu Yan sought power, and the priest of the Giant Pig Tribe was the same way. In previous years, the two of them hadn’t dealt much with each other, but now they were showing a united front.

The person who had taken a lot of effort to come over from the Beast God Temple and find a chance to contact these two people: “……”

Were these two people stupid? A proper tribal chief had been enslaved by the people of the Big Bear Tribe, yet he didn’t even want to resist! 2AL9cm

“Zhu Yan, your two sons are with us.” That person said.

“Three of my sons are here! And two daughters!” Zhu Yan said.

Not all of Zhu Zhan’s brothers and sisters had a bad relationship with Zhu Zhan. After all, Zhu Zhan had several dozen brothers and sisters… Coincidentally, Zhu Zhan had brought the brothers and sisters he had a good relationship with along with him this time.

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Zhu Yan felt that if he stayed here, he would be able to rely on the fact that he was Zhu Zhan’s father and would definitely be able to remain alive, but if he were to leave… l46oEh

Hai Feng could kill him with just a casual throw.

The person from the Beast God Temple: “……”

This person went back just as empty handed as Shen Yue.

Zhou Ji was able to ‘see’ this entire scene unfold using his spiritual strength. UzdVXE

This Beast God Temple was really not very clean. Zhou Ji couldn’t help but be a little disgusted with it, but fortunately, they could leave soon.

Although Zhou Ji was disgusted with the Beast God Temple, he didn’t feel that the Beast God Temple could do anything to him.

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He had already noticed that the relationship between the Beast Kings and the Beast God Temple was only good on the surface. They didn’t actually listen to the Beast God Temple, and while the Beast God Temple had quite a lot of powerhouses, the strongest amongst them were only high level Beast Warriors, and he didn’t need to be afraid of them at all.

Other than the Rhinoceros Beast King, there were eight other Beast Kings affiliated with the Beast God Temple. Xiang Tian should have already died, Shi Li couldn’t fight, leaving only six Beast Kings who could fight. Out of the six… According to his observations, there were only two who had good relationships with the Beast God Temple. 5wL8Ve

If there were only two Beast Kings, what did he have to be afraid of?

Zhou Ji didn’t place any importance to the Beast God Temple’s small schemes and went to trade for some additional things. Unfortunately, he was unable to trade for wheat.

On Earth, everyone preferred wheat to barley, because only wheat flour could be used to make buns. Barley couldn’t be used to make buns at all.

Barley was planted in many places and was even used for animal feed… gQid8s

However, during this era, nobody knew how to make buns or bread, so wheat was likely to be treated the same way as rice. Even if it was planted, nobody would take it out to trade. Therefore, compared to barley, rice and wheat were less likely to be planted.

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In the future, when he had time, he could head out with Xiong Ye and wander around to find all the plants he wanted to find.

The three day market passed by in the blink of an eye.

Soon, it was the day of the Beast God Sacrifice. 7Bt215

Early in the morning, the people of the Beast God Temple came out with water to water the flame flowers. The flame flowers were all open, and the Beast God Temple was surrounded with them. The scene was very beautiful.

Even Zhou Ji felt that the scenery was good––a mud structure surrounded by red flame flowers was quite an inspiring scene.

The Beast God Sacrifice was divided into two sessions, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. In the morning, the priests of the Beast God Temple would offer sacrifices to the Beast God. They had prepared many events, such as the sacrifice offering, singing, and dancing, all of which were very lively. As for the afternoon, it was a carnival for the various tribes, and many people would take this opportunity to make friends with people from other tribes.

Zhou Ji had no interest in the Beast God Sacrifice. rwER0t

A random New Year’s Eve party held in modern day primary school might have better looking dances and songs and such than what the priests of the Beast God Sacrifices could do. The music would also be better than that of the priests, and there would be dazzling lights…

Not to mention, the ‘performance’ of the priests was not performed for ordinary people to see––those who were near the front to watch were Beast Kings, the powerhouses of the large tribes, or priests from the Beast God Temple.

It was because of this kind of reason that Zhou Ji hadn’t gone to attend the Beast God Sacrifice.

But Xiong Ye and the others had all gone to join in on the excitement, and only those who had attended the Beast God Sacrifice before stayed behind to accompany Zhou Ji. SkVTzq

The entire market was empty, so the chaotic smells were greatly reduced. Zhou Ji started to eat his fill very delightedly.

He chose some dinosaur meat that tasted similar to pork and stewed it with soybeans that had been softened with soaking. He then boiled the soybeans that had sprouted a little in water, intending to add some chili oil to it and make a cold dish.

Of course, he didn’t use all of the sprouted soybeans. The rest was left behind to sprout further before being added to stewed fish.

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In the modern era, he’d been particularly fond of eating the soybean sprouts in stewed fish or meat. Mod2Ep

“Zhou Ji, why aren’t you going to watch the show?” Zhu Zhan asked him curiously.

“Not interested.” Zhou Ji replied.

“You’re the Beast God’s messenger. I really thought you’d go and watch…” Zhu Zhan said.

Zhou Ji: “……” There really wasn’t a Beast God in this world… lNK 01

Zhou Ji was planning to make something else to eat when he sensed that someone was coming through his spiritual powers. These people… seemed to be coming with bad intentions?

Juurensha: Harem and schemes: rejected
xiin: PLOT!

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