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Lord of End of WorldChapter 58


As the son of the highest commander, Gong Lixin’s test results received unprecedented attention. The Gong family of three had identified two ordinary people. If Gong Lixin was also an ordinary person, then this will definitely have a certain impact on the status of Gong Yuanhang and an extremely adverse negative impact at that.

The old world established under the triple constraints of economic foundation, legal system and moral standards had been destroyed. It was replaced by moral decay, demise of the law, and the strong at the top. Even if their status is higher now, there will come a day when those people will lose their strength and will fall from the top of the clouds to the very bottom. x2k1P8

Therefore, Gong Lixin’s test results in a certain sense, determined the fate of the Gong family. Even with his 100% confidence in his son, Gong Yuanhang couldn’t help but feel nervous right then. A pair of eagle eyes locked onto his son’s tall figure and didn’t dare move away.

In the group of ability users, Gu Nan and the others had a relaxed attitude, laughing with each other while waiting for Young Master Gong to join their group. They had confidence in Young Master Gong, confident that he was definitely the strongest player currently at the base.

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Zhao Ying, who was behind Gu Nan and the others, looked at Gong Lixin with a complex expression. Gong Lixin’s strength was stronger than Song Haoran’s. The two men fought side by side, so the scene was etched in his mind, making him feel anxious every time he thought about it. For this boy, he felt envy, admiration, and even a trace of resentment. However, he never dared provoke the other party. The scene of the other person crushing the little devil’s head was too shocking. It still made him shudder just thinking about it.

“Name.” Seeing Gong Lixin step forward, Gong Xiangyi’s eyes changed. She paused for a second before routinely opening her mouth. She was suppressing the beating of her heart, wondering which department Gong Lixin’s ability belonged to. In the past few days, she had inquired about it, but it seemed everyone was guarding against her, so she didn’t find any useful information. 6mYUoN

“Gong Lixin.” The voice of the boy was very pleasant, and his name was clearly pronounced.

“Look, that’s the son of the head of Gong! I don’t know if he is an ability user.” Some people in the crowd, who knew Gong Lixin’s family, shouted loudly, helping him attract more people’s attention.

“Hold it. Hold it in the palm of your hand.” Gong Xiangyi pointed to the attribute stone in the box.

Gong Lixin’s eyes were bright and he picked up the nucleus the size of a pigeon egg and placed it in front of him. His round cat eyes were full of curiosity. The nucleus was repeatedly displayed in front of him, but there was no reaction at all. v6uPn

Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo both stepped forward and walked to Gong Lixin to protect him on both flanks. Father Gong and Grandfather Lin also showed a strange expression. Some of the higher-ups standing in the same line as them shook their heads to express regret while others didn’t bother to attract any attention, in order to cover up the contempt in their eyes.

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Gong Xiangyi stared at the crystal nucleus in the other’s hand and waited for a minute. Still, she did not see the nucleus shining. She raised her eyebrows and unconsciously raised her voice in both faint triumph and disdain as she said, “You’re not an ability user!”

“Not an ability user!” After all, he was a waste just like in her previous life. What did she have to fear?

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With such thought, Ma Jun shouted, “There’s definitely a problem with the crystal nucleus. Maybe because there are too many people testing at the same time, the crystal nucleus has overheated! Wait for half an hour before testing it again. This can’t be the real result!”

What the hell! Are you a crystal nucleus? Overheated? Gong Xiangyi blinked and looked at Ma Jun, barely withholding her urge to flip the table. There were also yells of disdain in the crowd, thinking that they were defending Gong Lixin in order to flatter the Gong family.

“We can testify that Xiaoxin is a powerful ability user and a multi-ability user at that. This crystal nucleus probably couldn’t detect it. After all, his situation is special.” Lin Wenbo stepped forward and raised his voice.

“Multi-ability user can also be detected. The crystal nucleus would never be wrong!” Gong Xiangyi screamed and was angry at Lin Wenbo’s defense of Gong Lixin. sKWRiM

“If you think that we’re lying, then we’ll show you facts.” Song Haoran firmly opened, then touched Gong Lixin’s head, saying, “Lixin, let them take a look at your strength.”

Feeling contemptuous and suspicious eyes cast over him, Gong Lixin frowned and showed an unpleasant expression. In the 16 years of struggling in the Underground Palace, he had long known that the weak were food for the strong and the strong had the respect of others. So, he cultivated with a focused heart and mind in order to become strong, in order to live, and live well. He never liked being the weak person who was trampled on by other people! Therefore, he never gave up fighting.

Since the ability users have already appeared, he could also stop suppressing his own skills. Only by showing his true strength could he survive in the cruel world of the apocalypse and better protect his hard-won family and friends.

Thinking till here, Gong Lixin cast a soothing look towards Father Gong and Grandfather Lin before he whispered to Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran, “You step back and be careful not to accidentally get hurt.” zMSH0k

Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo slightly relaxed their tight expressions and retreated to the side.

Gong Xiangyi sneered and crossed her arms over her chest, waiting to see how Gong Lixin tricked the others. Even if he were to kill her, she doesn’t believe that Gong Lixin is a multi-ability user. Multi-ability users are legendary existence. She had never seen one in her last life and she had never even heard of them.

Gong Lixin slightly closed his eyes and slowly ran his internal energy from his Dantian. The internal force gradually filled his body and were sent to his palms. He blinked and his eyes were as bright as the farthest star. Suddenly, the atmosphere around his whole body changed.

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The noisy crowd became silent in a moment. Right then, they saw the palms of the young man glowing fire red and ice blue. Uuso64

A flicker of flames appeared on the youth’s right hand, flaring with a golden white light. What does the golden flame represent? It meant that the flame reached a temperature of thousands of degrees which could instantly burn a person into ashes. On the right side, the people and soldiers who were not far from the youth were stunned. They stepped back and raised their hands to cover their faces after being exposed to such a blazing temperature.

The true power of martial arts masters is transformed into three real fires. The power of these flames was not something ordinary people could bear.

At the same time, the youth’s left palm condensed a frosty white mist. The mist slowly flowed hauntingly over his long and graceful fingertips, emitting a bit of color under the scorching heat of its neighbor, making it even more beautiful. However, the coldness it radiated was no joke and the crowd on the left side was forced to retreat a few meters, their hands shaking in front of their chest.

No one dared to speak. Everyone was stunned and stared at the handsome young boy man who looked like an immortal under the red and white radiance. The staff sitting behind the test bench had already picked up the test nucleus and the list. Gong Xiangyi, who was also surprised, quickly retreated in case she was caught in between the mighty ice and fire. Iyf5jQ

“I told you that the test was definitely wrong! Young Master Gong must be an ability user! And he’s the strongest as well!” Gu Nan held his head high and his expression showed his pride. Father Gong and the others had already released the emotions they held in suspense and revealed a comfortable smile.

“You have a good son!” Lin Mao said to Gong Yuanhang in a low voice, and Gong Yuanhang laughed loudly. The few generals with doubtful minds, right then, quietly wiped their cold sweat.

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However, the youth in front of them wasn’t finished yet. They saw that he had a flow-like style similar to Tai Chi as he brought his hands together. He slowly closed his two palms, the golden flame in his palm naturally blended with the frost, turning into a cluster of ice blue flame. The flame burned and chilled and was held up in the palm of the youth. Coldness of the frost and the heat of the flames exuded from it.

If this fire was shot onto a person, would that person be completely frozen or burned to ashes, or be completely frozen and then burned to ashes? In short, the possibility of death was absolutely fierce and no one dared to imagine the consequence. This was the strongest move that could be exerted onto a person. 8WQPwr

In this test, Gong Lixin didn’t intend to hide, because he knew that in the face of absolute power, any form of intrigue was useless. Although he may be simple, it didn’t mean he was stupid. He saw with his own eyes his father’s situation, but he didn’t know how to play tricks. He could only use violent force to shock others. Therefore, he had long prepared and thought of using this opportunity to stand up and become his father’s firmest support. [1]

On the other side of the test area, Gong Xiangyi stared at him with bloody eyes and scorned with disbelief. “How is this possible?! He’s really a dual-system ability user! And he could also fuse two abilities that are completely incompatible. How did he do it? Song Haoxuan couldn’t even do it! I don’t believe this!”

At this moment, although Gong Lixin’s display of ice and fire was less impressive than that of Song Haoxuan’s nine-day thunder, Song Haoxuan had worked hard for four or five years in the last life and had been promoted to mid-level of fifth-grade before he could display a similar move. Compared with Gong Lixin, who had just triggered his ability, it was simply incomparable. If Gong Lixin was allowed to practice for a few more years, what would he grow to be?

Gong Xiangyi was stiff, and her heart was shaking from fear and madness. She didn’t dare think about it anymore. dgqupD

However, what happened next stunned her even more. [2] The youth casually put out the flame with the horrifying power before he raised a strong wind. The whirlwind spread out around him and brought a few sheets of paper left on the test bench towards him.

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The thin paper were instantly split into numerous tiny pieces by the wind blades. As the dragon-like wind hovered, the wind swelled slowly and the white confetti seemed like snow in the middle of July, flying around the boy who looked on with indifference. It was like a god in the body of a teenager.

This scene was beautiful and brought the ultimate visual and soul shock to the people around them. They had forgotten how to speak and could only stare at the handsome and extraordinary boy. After the test ended, the agora was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo looked at the youth in the middle of it all and their heartbeats steadily increased. It was comparable to Ben Lei, and the obsession and love in their eyes were clear and unmasked. If at this moment, they were to look at each other, they would have been able to find out each other’s feelings, but unfortunately, their minds were focused on the youth without a single other thought. MfsE4V

When the white paper confetti had completely fallen on the ground, people came back to reality, as if freed from the young man’s spell. Some people in the crowd were excited and yelled, “He’s a triggered three-line ability user! I can’t believe it!”

“Gong Lixin: ice, fire, and wind. Three abilities.” Of course, even if the test results of the nucleus were inaccurate, the facts were already in front of her. Gong Xiangyi had a pale face and was unable to declare it. The crowd gave out warm praises and didn’t stop for a long time.

Gong Xiangyi’s hand trembled as it registered the information. Looking at her scribbled handwriting, she put down the pen and pushed the form to the staff member beside her. She turned her head away, hiding the deep fear in her eyes from the other.

The extent to which Gong Lixin’s power level had reached was not visible to others, but undoubtedly, it shouldn’t be lower than third-grade, mid-level. What was so special about third-grade mid-level? Even if it’s four or five years later, it could be considered as the top ability user in the world. If such a Gong Lixin wanted to kill her, it was even simpler than pinching an ant. Why did she have to fight with him? amvS40

Yes, why should she fight with him? He said not to provoke him and he won’t provoke her. Moreover, Dad would look after him, so he wouldn’t dare make a move against her. They didn’t go to Song Haoxuan’s base. He didn’t have a chance to move against her! Therefore, as long as she’s far away from Gong Lixin, she wouldn’t have anything to worry about!

In front of Gong Lixin’s tyrannical force, Gong Xiangyi finally realized the difference between them. Her hatred was still there, but the thought of revenge was buried deep in her heart and she didn’t dare touch it again. [3]

[1] CrazedCookies: Such a good son!

[2] Wuxian: GLX really going all out on everyone. 2bfC60

[3] Wuxian: I hope all her bitterness comes to an end here. Wishful thinking though.

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