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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 7.1


New arc! :blobhero: Please also welcome our new editors, Cat and Bear! Our Suck My Lollipop SML family is growing! But for some reason…we’ve got an animal theme going :blobhyperthink: is it because of the beastman arc. 

Translated by Eve uIxT K

Edited by Sora, Cat & Bear

“Lan, your mate has come for you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A soft and gentle male voice repeatedly called out cautiously, as if humouring a small child. “Quick, come over.”

Sui Yuan shook the fish tail below his waist, swimming a full circle within the water. Finally, he had no choice but to rise to the surface. HDnF9l

The youth that broke through the water’s surface had a head full of long, light-blue hair that was as smooth as the water. His dark-blue eyes held a bit of curiosity and fear as he sounded out the man who was approaching the pool with an outstretched hand. Then, he cautiously placed his own hand into the other’s.

The man wore a white lab coat and glasses. Sui Yuan figured that he was probably a researcher of some sort. Seeing Sui Yuan’s response, the researcher seemed to relax his tone and grabbed onto Sui Yuan’s arm, carrying him out of the water.

“Your mate is a very gentle person. He’ll take really good care of you, so you don’t have to be afraid. You need to get along well with him…”

The man softly comforted the uncertain merman, who was shivering, while also carrying him towards the outside. The merman lovably cuddled into his embrace, lowering his head. This was why the man did not discover that Sui Yuan had on an extremely dumbfounded expression. oAiek7

“…….How can it be like this, 5237.”

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As soon as he had opened his eyes, he discovered that he had turned from a sub-beastman who, aside from giving birth, also had other redeeming features, into a merman who was nothing but a birthing machine. Sui Yuan, who had been nesting in the water, simply had the urge to drown himself!

This was too much! Do you not dare to turn him into a real man?!

“Calm down! Calm down!” 5237 sensed Sui Yuan’s rare anger and “hehehe’d” mockingly. “Because your previous score was not that high, I have no control over the make-up exam! Furthermore, this world’s role is that of a merman. I also can’t do anything about it……. You know, assessments are always marked more harshly. Wait until the assessment is over. Once we arrive at a real BL world, I’ll definitely help you get a good identity!” GwFjH7

“……You already don’t have any sort of trustworthiness.” Sui Yuan placed his chin atop of the man’s shoulder, face full of suffering, “I don’t want to give birth. I really don’t want to give birth!”

“Ok, ok, ok. No giving birth. We definitely will not give birth!” 5237 submissively placated him in a soft tone. “Actually, because actors have a particularity that doesn’t allow them to stay in any world, systems do not advocate for actors to leave behind any offsprings. After all, children cannot be casually thrown away. This is a serious concern as it can hinder an actor’s progress. You don’t have worry so much.”

“Really?” Sui Yuan cheered up a bit.

“Really! Truer than real gold!” 5237 solemnly swore. LRqj7n

Sui Yuan’s expression finally relaxed a bit, and he began to read this world’s plot.

This was a futuristic world. The text did not give a detailed account on how women became extinct, only saying that a big catastrophe had caused it. It also did not clearly explain how the mermen had come into being, just that they had been genetically modified. It emphasized that mermen were “delicate” and “precious.” It was only after one had accumulated enough societal contribution points that one could go to a merman centre to adopt a merman.

The majority of men treated this as their life’s goal and struggled to attain it, even to the point where many who are unable to possess a merman of their own would adopt and share a merman with other men. Of course, there were also a few people who would accumulate enough points but held no interest in mermen. They think that this kind of delicate creature was too troublesome. However, once they reached a certain age at which their families and the government would begin to pressure them, they would unwillingly adopt a merman— An example of this weird, extremely pretentious prick would be this world’s protagonist gong, Max.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Kbkjgvr atfrf rtjyys rfaalcur, Vel Tejc mbeiv bcis gfwjlc rlifca. Mbgaecjafis, tf tjv jigfjvs fzqfglfcmfv atf yfjra kbgiv’r yjqalrw. Llr jylilas ab jvjqa tjv lcmgfjrfv fzqbcfcaljiis, jcv tf kjr jyif ab obgmf atja wbeatoei bo yibbv yjmx vbkc tlr atgbja. Mf0XOE

Compared with the previous Beast World, this merman world was evidently like a breath of fresh air (?). The mermen’s activities were limited, so there weren’t any excessively aggressive conflicts or climaxes. There definitely weren’t any harems, nor any immoral developments. It was simply the comforting pampering of a 1vs1 relationship!

Ktlr kbgiv’r qgbajubclra kjr fzjmais ilxf Ciifc bo atf qgfnlber kbgiv. Lf kjr jirb j wjc ktb tjv yfmbwf j wfgwjc, bcis tf vlvc’a tjnf j nfgs tlut qbrlalbc lc rbmlfas. Pa kjr vloofgfca ogbw atf rey-yfjrawfc ktb mbeiv ilnf lcvfqfcvfcais. Zfgwfc kfgf ilxf qfar jr atfs mbeiv bcis vfqfcv bc atflg wjafr. Cr remt, atlr kbgiv’r qgbajubclra, Tj, kjr jii atf wbgf wlrfgjyif. Megatfgwbgf, mbwqjgfv ab atf ufcaif Ciifc, Tj’r mtjgjmafg kjr wbgf ygjrt jcv qerts. Yynlberis, tf kjr fnfc wbgf lcmjqjyif bo jmmfqalcu tlr cfk lvfcalas.

As a result, when this merman whose character was unlike any other merman was taken home by the protagonist gong Max, the two people then seemed to begin to act out a light-hearted romantic comedy in which they mutually wore one another down until they became a loving family (?).

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On the other hand, Sui Yuan’s identity was Lan, the mate of Max’s deputy, Dima. Because Max and Dima had a superior-subordinate relationship and were also close friends, Sui Yuan became the protagonist Ya’s “bestie”— This was indeed in line with 5237’s intention of making him the protagonist’s best friend… rUvuY5

Since this story didn’t have any rival-in-love kind of character, Lan and Dima were rather intimate with the protagonist CP. The secondary CP who had relatively more scenes became the supporting male role. The tragedy of Sui Yuan also began from this point on.

If he were to guess based on Zhao Xihe’s previous “special” identities, then this time, his identity should be that of Max, not Dima, who would be his mate……Sui Yuan simply did not know how he should feel! Fortunately, according to the story’s settings, Dima’s personality ought to be very gentle. At the very least, he wouldn’t abuse or force Sui Yuan who was an “extremely delicate” merman. This was the sole good point…

As for Sui Yuan’s role, Lan, contrary to what one might expect, it’s rather simple. With regards to this role, Sui Yuan just had two comments: Lan was cowardly and loved to shed tears. He had to say, although the settings were simple, it really put to test Sui Yuan’s ability to fake cry. At the very least, when it came time to cry, he definitely had to cry!

Sui Yuan encouraged himself inwardly, and attempted to conjure up some feelings, waiting for his first fake-crying scene— which was the moment he saw Dima. KoRdMh

Although Dima wore a military uniform, when compared to other military men, he looked much more like that of a civilian. He happily looked at Sui Yuan as if he was simply breathtaking, walking towards him with big strides to welcome him. He stretched out a hand to take Sui Yuan from the man in the white lab coat’s arms.

Sui Yuan looked like he had just suffered a fright and suddenly shrunk into the white lab coat man’s arms. His bare arms also wrapped around that man’s neck with dark blue eyes glistening like the surface of the pool, as if tears would pour out in the next moment. This made Dima freeze in his original position, not daring to make any movements.

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“Lan’s courage is a bit small, however his character is very gentle. You need to get close to him slowly.”

The man coaxed Sui Yuan softly while attempting to place him into Dima’s arms. Although Sui Yuan really wanted to further highlight his settings of being “cowardly, shy to strangers”, once he thought of how Dima would hold the power to determine his life or death, he firmly decided that it was better to be obedient. Cs6FtY

With Sui Yuan’s “cooperation”, Sui Yuan was finally successfully settled into Dima’s arms. The merman’s tender and soft body made Dima simply be at a loss of what he should do. He could only stiffly hold onto the beauty, mind completely in disorder.

After struggling for a long time, he had finally gotten his wish of having his very own merman fulfilled. The youth was utterly more beautiful than he had imagined. When he gazed at those two blue eyes, Dima had the urge to practically offer everything that he had to him.

Only after inhaling deeply did his excited heart slightly calm down. Dima listened earnestly to all the rules and regulations related to the care of mermen, as if he was at a military briefing. Furthermore, it was only after he had vowed that he would not force his merman into any sexual acts that he was allowed to take his merman home.

Upon hearing this most important “rule” while nestled in Dima’s arms, Sui Yuan finally relaxed. At the very least, he had a way to protect his cough chastity cough… MDgKEQ

His interaction with Dima on the first day could be said to be cheerful. Dima made an all-out effort to treat Sui Yuan with consideration. Sui Yuan also did not torment him too much with his tears. This was because whenever his eyes would fill with tears, Dima would see through his act. And then, faced with Dima’s hospitable greetings, Sui Yuan could not cry out at all.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

It seems like his “cry anywhere, anytime” ability was a little lacking.

After interacting for one day, Sui Yuan had already determined that Dima was not Zhao Xihe. Although he had prepared himself earlier on, he was still a bit disappointed and was unable to lift his spirits.

Of course, for a merman who had just entered a new environment, this kind of behaviour was quite normal. This was why, whether it was Dima or 5237, neither of them felt that anything was wrong. 5237 even praised him, saying that his acting ability had improved a bit. Sui Yuan naturally perceived that this change within him was not a good development, so he repressed all of his feelings deep into his heart. lc5vH8

On the second day, after feeding Sui Yuan dinner, Dima, who had taken two days off in order to develop good relations with his merman, received a depressing phone call from his superior.

“Boss! I’m still off!” Dima, who dared not speak loudly in front of Sui Yuan, became angry when he head the other’s request. “I’m your deputy, not your nanny! I’ve already taken care of all your basic needs. Why should I also take care of your merman?! I’ve also just brought my own merman home. It’s an important time to cultivate good feelings between us!”

Sui Yuan could not hear what the other party had said. He could only look at Dima with wide eyes, and determine that the other was his superior, Max,  from Dima’s tone. Furthermore, behind the identity of Max was very likely Zhao Xihe.

After having thought this, Sui Yuan could not quite control his heart as it sped up just a bit. He subconsciously wagged his tail. IfGhvx

…….This was not a good habit. He must get rid of it!

“I’m really unwilling…… Please forgive me…” He didn’t know what the other had said, but Dima’s tone softened as he continued to reject him, “I cannot leave my merman at home alone. He’ll get really scared and cry!”

As he said this, Dima lowered his head to look towards Sui Yuan. Sui Yuan conjured up some emotions, clear tears forming in his eyes, moistening his eyelashes. This sort of will-or-will-not cry kind of appearance made people’s hearts soften.

“What? Bring him over?” Dima hesitated for a moment, looking at Sui Yuan who was sitting on the sofa, appearing lonely. His heart, which was originally steadfast on rejecting the other, slightly wavered. “Yes… The instructions on taking care of mermen did say that taking them out frequently to see other mermen would help to maintain a cheerful state of mind……. However, from your tone, it seems that the personality of your merman is not that good. Is he going to bully my family’s merman?” zowfXF

After pausing for a moment, Dima sighed and put down the phone before walking towards Sui Yuan. He crouched down and asked gently, “Lan, how about I take you to see my friend’s place? His house has another merman named Ya who also just came from the Merman center.”

Sui Yuan restrained his excitement and softly nodded his head — it was just a pity that his excitement wasn’t because he would soon see the protagonist, but because he would meet Max.

Dima sighed in relief. He could not afford to provoke his boss, nor did he want to wrong his family’s merman. This was undoubtedly the best result.

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After receiving his boss’s invite, Dima immediately began to pack up his things. As he was afraid that Sui Yuan would get cold, he wrapped Sui Yuan up nice and tight before carrying him to his hover car. vUZ3nN

As his boss’s nanny—wait no, as his deputy! — Dima naturally was very familiar with Max’s home. After setting his car to autopilot, he began to talk about the things outside of the car window to Sui Yuan. Sui Yuan could not help but be fascinated by the numerous futuristic high rises, as well as the countless hover cars in the air traveling back and forth.

The entire city was so clean one could practically spot no filth whatsoever. Silver-white, metallic buildings and green plants intersected, creating a beautiful picture. A variety of strange and fantastical robots; beautiful buildings; 3D advertisements projected into the sky… everything made for a feast for the eyes of Sui Yuan who had come to a futuristic world for the very first time.

Seeing Sui Yuan’s eyes full of concentration, curiosity, and happiness, Dima, whose heart was anxious all along, finally felt relieved. He liked his family’s gentle merman more and more. Aside from how easily he cried, he was practically without any faults.

One explained eloquently while another earnestly listened. When the hover car arrived at its destination, the two people felt a bit unwilling to stop, wanting to continue. However, they obviously had to pay a visit to their host, who had already become vexed and impatient from waiting. As soon as the car had stopped, he had opened the door with an impatient expression of ‘you’ve finally arrived’. DKJVCd

“…Max.” As soon as he got out of the car, he saw the other’s gaze fall upon the merman in his arms, watching attentively. Dima subconsciously blocked his line of sight and greeted the other. His boss slightly withdrew his gaze, coldly nodding his head.

Fortunately, Dima had long known how his boss was. He did not pay any attention to the other’s cold demeanour and entered the house while holding Sui Yuan, not uttering anything more.

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Compared to the refined, gentle, and elegant Dima, Max was obviously a stereotypical military man. His whole body emitted a temperament that said he would kill decisively. He was sharp and resolute, as if he would make a  small child burst into tears with just a tiny glimpse.

Max was clearly used to his deputy’s way of doing things, unhurriedly closing the door and following from behind. His gaze fell directly onto Sui Yuan’s head which was half exposed, half covered by Dima’s shoulders. 0QZGOk

In an instant, the two people determined the other’s identity. Max’s cold and stiff face quickly softened, exposing a slight smile. Sui Yuan shrank away, burying himself back into Dima’s arms— he was worried, and a bit afraid, that he would be unable to restrain his happiness.

Suddenly, Dima, who was walking in the front, shivered, and quickly turned around. Reflecting his cautious nature, he quickly prepared for battle. Afterwards, he looked in confusion at his boss who had suddenly let out a murderous aura, completely unable to figure out what he had done to provoke him into wanting to kill him.

Max shot Dima an indifferent look and stretched out a hand to point: “That’s him. You go see how we can make him eat something.”

Dima relaxed a bit, helplessly sighing, “Making sure one’s own merman eats, don’t you think this is an owner’s personal affair?” sHB yJ

Max kept silent, only glaring menacingly at his deputy until the other could no longer resist the pressure and could only choose to compromise.

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“Give your merman to me. You go take care of Ya.”

Max stretched out his arms. However, this time, Dima did not obey him, and only hastily uttered “There’s no need”. He then put Sui Yuan directly beside the other merman, Ya.

—— He didn’t know why, but Dima always felt that his family’s boss was a bit dangerous. He did not want to let him touch his merman at all. vJE0dH

Ya’s appearance was not inferior to that of Sui Yuan in the least. He looked even healthier, with more vitality than Sui Yuan. He and the “lovably pitiful” Sui Yuan were two opposing extremes. Ya had a head full of short, wine-coloured hair and was very ostentatious. Once those gold-coloured eyes caught sight of Sui Yuan, they showed a look of infatuation, as if he had his breath taken away. Soon after, upon lowering his gaze towards the other’s bare flat chest, his expression immediately turned to that of despair.

Sui Yuan: “………………”

Only, when faced with this beautiful youth, Ya still was a bit unwilling to give up and raised a hand, wanting to touch the other. Even if he had to be gay, he didn’t want to choose a tall and powerful man. A beautiful and lovely girly-looking boy was much more in line with his aesthetics!

A sharp and clear “Pa!” sounded, making Sui Yuan, Ya, and Dima all stare blankly. The first to react was Ya, who had been hit. He hastily withdrew the hand that had yet to make contact with Sui Yuan and massaged it as it reddened, face full of complaint with regards to the violent Max. lJvIYr

“Eh…That……” Dima coughed, feeling that the mood was strange. He didn’t know what he should say.

“Don’t casually touch other people.”

Max spoke after a while, taciturn, seemingly squeezing out the sentence with much difficulty.

“Boss, your possessiveness is too great, eh? My family’s Lan isn’t some filthy thing. Not even willing for them to touch even a little!” Dima  retorted, a bit resentful, pulling close Sui Yuan who had begun to tear up after being “disliked” and softly placating him. EsdeRX

Sui Yuan shrunk into Dima’s embrace, silently looking at Max’s slightly twisted expression. Both of them fell into a long silence.

……In actuality, this world seemed much more dangerous than he had previously imagined… QAQ


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The author has something to say: 1Kb35V

Yesterday, I said that I would try to not talk, so what you see next is all an illusion! An illusion! ……Although everyone has been calling for a BL world, however after struggling for half a day and struggling between giving in to the public’s opinion or sticking to my original idea, I succumbed to the later [kneeling on my knees]. After all, this is the only opportunity to write about mermen! In the BL world, there certainly will not have such a thing that is between BL and BG, so please forgive me…….for continuing to be stubborn. Scum!


Eve: Can I just say that I love ZXH being forced to eat vinegar. Also, while I loved our sweet and gentle Allen, having the protagonist shou chase after SY is also hilarious. But also, damn it Dima! You’re also giving me second lead syndrome!!


Translator's Note

His name is the character for Blue, and Lan is the romanization. I chose not to name him ‘Blue’ because of this dog. blues cluesYes. I know it’s fitting. Since SY is now blue. And he used to be a dog. BUT IDC (ಠ益ಠ)

Translator's Note

NP in raws. Basically, girl x N # of men, or boy x N # of girls

Translator's Note

Fun fact. I was not sure if this was an actual name or just some pinyin but it is. Means “strong fighter” apparently and is a Russian name.

Translator's Note

something I’m sure many are familiar with but for any who aren’t: This is a common way to show familiarity. Most commonly, you’ll see this used in a joking/laidback manner. E.g. “Where’s your family’s husband?” regardless of whether or not they are actually married. It just suggests that the two people involved are close, or are actually legally part of the same family registry

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