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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh45 - Abnormal Body Temperature


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Edited by Wiji and Noks

After a couple of hectic days, Le Yao had finally solved this important matter of the undead army brothers. Feeling relieved, he finally had a good sleep. When he got up, the sun was already three poles high, no, it should’ve been around four and five poles high. The soft golden sunlight spilled into the room through the special glass, spreading its hazy glow over the floor. It was very comfortable to watch. It was just that Xu Yao wasn’t in front of him, and Le Yao didn’t know where he had gone to.

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There was a 3D printed blue whale made out of pulp placed on the bedside table, with a small heart-shaped card in its mouth.

——Le Yaoyao, contact me when you wake up. 4xEONI

It feels weird to play like this.

Le Yao carefully put the card away and sent a text message to Xu Yao.

——Reporting to the General! I’m awake now. Where are you?

Xu Yao didn’t reply, but Leslie’s voice sounded from the communicator not long after the message was sent: “Good morning, Madam. The General is in a meeting. It will take about ten minutes to finish. He asked me to tell you that he’ll contact you later.”


Le Yao said, “Alright. Leslie, how was yesterday’s matter solved? Is the battle over?”

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“The battle is over,” answered Leslie.

Le Yao stretched his body and said, “That’s good.”

He was completely awake now. Because the two sides had successfully concluded their fight, he could now begin to plan the undead military area. He got up and asked the intelligent chef to make some porridge with a fried egg before taking a bath to refresh himself. After washing up, he put the dirty clothes into the washing machine,  then came out just in time to see that breakfast had finished being made. M6yfdp

Xu Yao sent him a holographic call just as Le Yao had taken his first bite of fried egg.

“Did you get enough sleep?” A certain someone was sitting in a swivel chair with a calm smile on his lips.

“Un. Did you carry me back last night?” Le Yao asked as he chewed, casually putting his fingers into his mouth to give them a lick.

“Of course. Who else would?” Xu Yao’s eyes darkened. He couldn’t wait to grab Le Yao’s rabbit paw and take a bite. Mw2XOa

Le Yao dressed more casually when he was alone at home. He wore a pair of white shorts and a light blue striped vest. Although he was lean, his body was still well-balanced and looked healthy, with a slight hint of the scent of sunshine. Especially as he ate, he would show a satisfied smile, and the word happiness could easily be interpreted from that fair little face.

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We Tjb ofia nfgs mbwobgajyif joafg ibbxlcu ja atlr rmfcf.

“Ljnf sbe fjafc?” Of Tjb jrxfv. d mUZn

“Rb, atf mjofafglj klii vfilnfg rbwf obbv ijafg.” We Tjb jvvfv, “Kjcu Tf lr ublcu ab jgglnf ja Nbvjqfl rbbc. P wjs yf yers atfrf cfza akb vjsr, rb P klii yf yjmx ijaf ja cluta. Po sbe jgf algfv, ufa wbgf gfra. Pc jvvlalbc, atf afwqfgjaegf tjr glrfc jujlc, rb ags cba ab ub bea veglcu atf vjs lc bgvfg ab jnblv tfja ragbxf.”

Le Yao smiled and replied, “Alright.”

Xu Yao’s eyes were shaken by the smile, and then he began to laugh. He asked in a low voice, “Do you miss me?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Obviously Xu Yao was not around and it was just a hologram. But the voice sounded so sexy, almost as if it was being whispered into his ears. Le Yao felt a crisp and numbing electric current rush up from the sole of his feet, making him tremble slightly. Unconsciously, his thumb twirled the handle of the spoon as he nodded his head with an “Un”. HPEjtp

Such a lovely wife.

Xu Yao then said, “I want to…”

Le Yao lowered his head and felt a little embarrassed. As a result, he heard the man say something that completely broke his train of thought, “I want to eat your food.”

?! gfRp29

So do you want to eat me or my cooking?!

Le Yao raised his head abruptly and said unhappily, “I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill your wish. I haven’t had time to cook lately!”

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Was he too idle? Did it look like he always has time to cook? He has to draw talismans and study the building plans for the undead soldiers with Leslie!

Le Yao turned off the communicator and whispered, “Just one word can make me hear several meanings even before you finish. Do you purposely want me to misunderstand? Hmph!” adxAuq

Xu Yao didn’t call or send any messages after that. So, Le Yao could only silently glance at the communicator from time to time. Anyway, he wouldn’t be the one to call. Xu Yao is a jerk who needs to be beaten!

Le Yao finished his breakfast and collected the things he needed to draw talismans while glancing at his account information. Seeing that the thirty million yuan that Le Feishan had transferred to him was still in his account, he thought about burning something for Ji Fengyu. He didn’t know whether the things last given to the Undead Army of the Flying Wolf Division would come from military expenses or from Xu Yao’s personal account, but no matter which way the expenditure came from, he had to make a clear distinction between them in order to avoid any problems in the future.

In the afternoon, Le Yao drew two Tianyan talismans, and two protective talismans, one for Xu Yao and the other for himself. He was mainly taking into account what Le Feishan had told him in the video call before. He didn’t want to encounter any troublesome matters later, and furthermore, he didn’t want Xu Yao to meet any misfortune.

Xu Yao must have been really busy. He didn’t send Le Yao any messages after that short call in the morning. Le Yao tidied up the things he had used to draw the talismans, and then went over to the cold shed with his shopping bag. At this time, the sun had almost fully set, but it was still very hot. Le Yao was sweating all over just from walking for a little while. The effect of the sunscreen suit seemed to gradually decrease under continuous exposure to the super high temperature. Sv9oud

Aunt Yu, who was in the cold shed, asked with concern, “Are you alright, Mr. Xiao Le?”

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Le Yao took off his hood and his face looked beet-red.

“It’s okay. It’s just too hot today.” The temperature outside had reached a maximum of 46 degrees. In such weather, if the skin was exposed to the sun, it would definitely start peeling, let alone the heatstroke a person would suffer. Le Yao fanned his face with his hands and let out a long sigh.

“It’s a little hot today. You should’ve come here later, as you did the first two times you came. It’s much cooler when the sun fully goes down.” kbe2ro

“It’s just as you’ve said, I regret coming out. But, I’m also too lazy to go back when I’m already here.”

“It’s so troublesome to dress and undress back and forth.” Aunt Yu said with a smile, “What would you like to pick today? In order to ensure reserve supplies for the team going to Vodapei, we let them take away most of the ripe vegetables, so some of them may not be mature for the time being.”

“I want to pick some tomatoes, peas and a few carrots.” After thinking for a while, Le Yao added, “I’ll also have some more eggplants.”

“There are many peas and tomatoes, as well as carrots. But you might have to slowly search for the eggplants. It’s definitely there, but just in very small amounts. Do you like eggplants very much? I think I’ve seen you pick some eggplants almost every time you’ve come here.” 1idnjw

“The General likes to eat it.” In fact, Le Yao didn’t like to eat eggplant that much. He didn’t like it very much, but he also didn’t hate it. However, Xu Yao really liked eggplants. Le Yao wanted to try to make another eggplant dish today.

Although a certain someone talked wickedly before, who made him like eggplants?

Damn it, I’ll just make two dishes. Can’t make too many, lest someone becomes overwhelmed!

Le Yao picked the tomatoes first, then three carrots. After that he went to pick the peas from the pea field. The peas were very small and he had to pick a lot to be able to fill a small basket, so he spent a lot of time picking them. hHnmg

Aunt Yu did not have anything to do during this time, so she helped Le Yao choose the vegetables. She picked the vegetables and chatted with Le Yao.

“I heard from Lieutenant General Tang that your cooking is particularly delicious. On which days are you free? Can you teach me how to cook?” Aunt Yu asked with a smile, “I feel that my other skills are fine. But, the one skill I lack is cooking! Oh, the food I make is not even close to being as delicious as the food made by the intelligent chef.”

“You are being too modest. In fact, my cooking skills are not exceptionally good. Lieutenant General Tang praised me too much. But if you want to learn, we can learn together. I would also like to try growing my own vegetables, but I can’t. Before, I thought about whether or not I could grow and eat food freshly grown and picked straight from our yard. But then, I felt that the temperature was not that good, so I gave up.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“The temperature here is very worrying.” Aunt Yu added, “In fact, when the temperature isn’t too high, the living environment here is still very good. Although it’s impossible to accommodate a large number of people as it did a few hundred years ago, it’s not a problem to support thirty or fifty million people.” aWEUDc

“I hope the temperature can recover quickly. I heard them say that it will reach more than 50 degrees by next month. I feel like I’ll be short of breath.”

“Yes. Are you feeling homesick?”

“No, I still like it here more. Currently, I feel like the Flying Wolf Division is my home.” Le Yao straightened up and said, “Aunt Yu, these peas are enough. I’ll go and check the eggplant field.”

“Alright, go ahead. I won’t help you because you can pick those quickly.” OZjyT3

“Thank you, Aunt Yu.” Le Yao once again fanned himself with his palms and went to the eggplant field located in the deeper part of the cold shed. He couldn’t tell why, but he seemed to be really hot today. Usually, it would be hot outside, but after arriving at the cold shed, he would feel a lot cooler. But today, he felt like a fire was raging in his heart even after picking vegetables for half a day.

It seems like there is not only a fire in my heart, but my body is also particularly hot!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Le Yao squatted in the eggplant field, he felt something was wrong. He not only felt hot, but also a little weak. He could carry the vegetable basket before, but now he felt like he had gradually become weaker, and his heart rate seemed to be getting faster.

Aunt Yu was going to look at the fruits in the shed next to them. But when she got to the door of the shed, she suddenly turned around. UEplPb

This smell….

She quickly closed the door of the shed and shouted, “Mr Xiao Le, are you…?”

Le Yao knelt down with a ‘puff’ and said with a trembling voice, “Leslie, hurry, find… find the General…”

Even if he reacted slowly again, it seemed that he had suddenly entered his estrus period. 0E4OsN

The pheromones instantly became intense, almost like a gas which had been pressed for a long time, seeping out and was suddenly set on fire, quickly and turbulently! The feeling of anxiety and nervousness swept through Le Yao.

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Aunt Yu wanted to help him, but the pheromones were too strong, completely different from that of the Omegas she had met before. Generally speaking, Betas were not affected by Omega pheromones, especially since she was a married Beta, and even if she was affected, it could be controlled. But this time she was affected even at such a long distance, so she thought about it and gritted her teeth, “You must bear it! I’ll go out to help you guard the door and call the General!”

Le Yao said, “Thank you, please hurry up.”

But his voice was so light that even he himself almost couldn’t hear it! He could hardly sit on the ground, and started sobbing lightly because he didn’t know why Leslie wasn’t replying. His only remaining trace of clarity reminded him that he was actually sitting in the eggplant field while going into his first estrus period. ne0c54

It’s not romantic at all!

I don’t want to be marked in a vegetable field! It was still daytime!

Xu Yao, you son of a bitch, everyday you raise your JB for no reason, what about me this time? Quickly help me! Here’s an Omega in heat!


The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: I may be the first Omega in the world to sit in an eggplant field and get my estrus.

Xu Yao: I am the first Alpha in the world to mark my Omega in an eggplant field.

Le Yao: Okay! Let’s live strong together! QYpUTv

Xu Yao: …

Translator's Note

rìshàngsāngān; the sun is three poles high means that the sun has risen from the horizon to three bamboo poles high, about eight to nine in the morning; in other words, it’s already late in the morning

Translator's Note

about eleven in the morning

Translator's Note

xìngfú means happiness and ‘Lè’ in Le Yao also means happy, cheerful

Translator's Note

JB is the abbreviation of ‘jī ba’ (dick); also an internet slang for ‘pain in the ass, fucking, etc.

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