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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh19 - Up to Four Days


Edited By Noks

When Xu Yao got out of the hover car, he smelled a particular fragrance as he entered the house. However, he didn’t go to see what Le Yao was doing. Instead, he went straight to take a bath and then sat on the sofa to start smoking. kKfvrp

Seeing that Xu Yao was in a bad mood, Le Yao took the still wet incense stick and asked, “Have you eaten dinner? I can make you some food.”

“No need.” Xu Yao didn’t know whether he was tired or if he just didn’t have an appetite. He rubbed his forehead and said, “What did you make? It looks like snail poop.”

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“Don’t talk nonsense!” Le Yao quickly glared at him, “Have you ever seen such fragrant snail poop? This is called an ‘incense stick’, which is a kind of flammable solid fragrance.” 

Xu Yao, you are such a bully! Fortunately, my ghost brothers haven’t come here. Otherwise, I would really arrange a waist stepping party today! This is what all the dead have been looking forward to for hundreds of years, and you called this ‘poop’? Hmph! wdqSf8

Xu Yao really thought that the one Le Yao had made looked like poop. He had once seen a kind of snail in Sarna, which was bigger than the fist of an adult man. It was called the ‘King snail’ by local people. After the poop of this snail dried, it looked the same as the thing that Le Yao had just made. But he was too lazy to talk about this today. He just waved at Le Yao.

“What?” Le Yao put down the incense dough and asked.

“Come here and sit with me for a while.”

Seeing that Xu Yao was not in a good mood, Le Yao nodded and sat down opposite him.


Xu Yao then pointed to the position next to him.

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Thus, Le Yao sat next to Xu Yao, “Okay, just say it… Ahh!”

Xu Yao didn’t wait for Le Yao to finish his sentence before swiftly holding him tight in his arms. “Don’t move. Let me hold you for a while.”

Le Yao: “…” Pv5UuC

You are holding me so tightly that I could die! And I can’t even move, ah!

At this time, Xu Yao’s lips gently rubbed against Le Yao’s neck, and successfully caused Le Yao to freeze.”What did you make using the intelligent chef?”

Le Yao stammered, “Incense… sticks… It’s for burning fragrance.”

At this time, the intelligent chef’s stomach was full of incense dough. Le Yao directly chose the function for making fresh noodles with an appropriate thickness. As long as it was successful, it would become very convenient and fast for him to make incense in the future. fc2lbs

Xu Yao asked, “Hmm, that’s your hobby?”

Le Yao thought that Xu Yao was a big man with a bright appearance and a hard heart. He wasn’t aware of the world of the dead at all, so Le Yao didn’t want to talk to him about it. He stared at the intelligent chef and waited for his incense sticks to come out of the belly. When the countdown was over, he broke away from Xu Yao’s embrace to open the food bin, full of expectation.

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Xu Yao discovered that his little wife was suddenly in a bad mood and asked him, “What’s the matter? Isn’t it just fine?”

“When will we go back to Xingdu?” asked Le Yao.

There should be a good and edible adhesive available on Planet Tarot.

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Xu Yao recalled that it was only yesterday that his wife had said that it was good here in Huaxia, and today he said that he wanted to go back? EYuFUt

Le Yao seemed to understand Xu Yao’s train of thought, so he replied, “I don’t think it’s bad here. I just want to buy something from Xingdu.”

“What do you want to buy?”

He hadn’t talked about the cinnabar trick in these two days. What new trick would he speak about now?

Le Yao thought for a moment and said, “There are too many to tell.” 5PW3 D

Before Le Yao came to Planet Huaxia, he had thought that the necessary things he had purchased would be enough. After arriving here and finding his ghost brother still ‘alive’, he needed more important things now. However, it wouldn’t make sense to tell Xu Yao about the offerings for the dead. He wouldn’t believe in it either. And even if he could return to Planet Tarot, he had no money.

Le Yao placed all the incense into a paper box and decided to try again with another proportion tomorrow. As for incense for Ji Fengyu, he planned to burn it another time. Xu Yao was too alert right now. In addition, his resentments had gradually disappeared after he had gone to bed the previous night. Xu Yao would surely know if he burned incense tonight.

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Anyway, he had just burned mahjong tiles for Ji Fengyu and his friends. It was good enough for Ji Fengyu to play with for some days.

So, in the next few days, Le Yao was busy fine-tuning a suitable proportion of the dough, so that the intelligent chef could successfully make ‘noodles’. Although incense cones could also be used as ‘food’ by his ghost friends, he must have incense sticks if he wanted to bless his brush. Also, he preferred incense sticks to cones. lKnO3L

As for why Xu Yao had been in a bad mood these couple of days, he still didn’t know.

It was a pity that even after he tried mixing many different proportions of glutinous rice, Tianxing elm powder and cumin powder, he still failed. The wet dough would always break into small pieces after the intelligent chef squeezed it out. Le Yao had no choice but to think of other ways to squeeze the wet dough into incense sticks.

One day, when he was looking at a manual noodle squeezer in the online shopping mall, he saw that a sister had written a review in the comments section. She said that the extruder of the noodle squeezer was bad. And that it would be better to squeeze it out with a syringe instead. He pondered on this. Right! Why hadn’t he thought about a syringe? Although squeezing manually with a syringe would be very slow, he didn’t need so many incense sticks for the time being. If this was successful, he could at least squeeze out dozens of sticks in a day, right?

“Uncle Ming! Are you at home?” After Le Yao contacted Xu Yao but didn’t get a reply, Le Yao ran to the yard and called Uncle Ming. rtKddD

“Uncle Ming is not at home.” The response was given by Yan Jie, who came out of another house. “What’s the matter Mr Xiao Le?”

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“I wanted to ask him to take me to the infirmary. Are you busy? Can you take me there instead?”

“Do you feel unwell?” Although Yan Jie didn’t trust Le Yao very much, there had been no problem since Le Yao came, and it seemed as if this young man really took good care of his eldest brother, so he was trying to change his behaviour towards him.

“I wanted to find a nurse to buy a syringe,” said Le Yao. 4ldpbP

“A syringe?” Yan Jie showed a confused expression.

“Yes, a syringe. Don’t worry. I just need it to make something. It’ll be alright even without the needle.” Le Yao added, “Is there a problem?”

“Nope. Let’s go, I’ll take you there.” Yan Jie said, “If you have a temporary pheromone covering spray, you can use it.”

Le Yao had bought this item before leaving Xingdu. Upon hearing this, he hurriedly ran back to the house, took it out, and put on his sunscreen suit. Originally, he had just wanted to know the way to the infirmary. Unexpectedly, Yan Jie had offered to take him there personally. Xu Yao had said that Yan Jie could be trusted, so he didn’t refuse his offer. M5N kD

The two headed for the Command Center because the infirmary was situated on the other side of the living area. On the way, Le Yao saw a kind of lavender flower on both sides of the road, more abundant in number than when he had passed by the other day with Xu Yao. He asked Yan Jie, “What kind of flower is this?”

It is very fragrant. I wonder if I can make something using this flower.

Yan Jie said, “It is called ‘Fall in May’. This kind of flower is very heat-resistant, but it will fall off by May, hence this name. If you have any plants you don’t know about and want to find out about them, you can install a Huaxia plant encyclopedia software. Thus, when you don’t know, you can just take a picture of the plant you want to know more about and run it through the software, which will then provide you with the relevant information.”

Le Yao really didn’t know about such an advanced information provider. After listening to him, he hurriedly looked for the software. After installing it on his light brain, he tried it and found that it was really easy to use! Q5xd0

As if he had found a big treasure, he took pictures of several plants along the way. After getting information about them, he looked joyous.

Yan Jie: “…” I’m starting to think that my ‘sister-in-law’ is a little silly.

How could he even think that such a young Omega could trap his fox-like brother?

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Yan Jie entered the infirmary with three black lines on his forehead[Like in Japanese anime, link]. 2U4zrt

What Le Yao had said to go to was ‘infirmary’, but when he saw the real building, he thought it was more like a small or a medium-sized hospital. It covered a small area, and did not have many patients, but it had all the facilities necessary. There were guiding signs in the hallway. One could see that there were many departments, and all kinds of check-ups could be done here.

“Why are you here, Yan Jie?” The Head Nurse of Surgery, a beta sister in her thirties, asked, “Is this the General’s wife?” He was so small and cute, with beautiful eyes and the distinct Omega scent. Just looking at him would tell you that he was the General’s wife. These past two days, the story about the beautiful and attractive general’s wife has been widely spread.

“Yes, he is the General’s wife,” confirmed Yan Jie.

“Hello, Head Nurse.” When Le Yao saw her position on the badge, he smiled and asked, “I want to buy a large syringe. Do you have one?” qHG E4

The Head Nurse asked, “Syringes? For what purpose?” 

“I want to use it to squeeze things. It should be able to squeeze out noodles from dough. I don’t need the needle, just the tube will be enough.”

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“Alright, just a moment. I’ll find it for you.”

The syringe was not a rare item, so it was okay to give him some. The Head Nurse soon found three models for Le Yao. They were very big. It seemed that there were some animals that were raised here, and these were used for injecting the medicinal products created especially for them. Le Yao looked at them and finally chose the biggest one. Large ones should make it a little easier to squeeze. FfEGYs

After paying for the syringe, Le Yao left the needle and only took the syringe tube. He was happy to get the syringe and started to walk away. Yan Jie was following behind him when he heard someone whisper, “Isn’t there an intelligent chef in the General’s house? Why use a syringe to squeeze noodles?”

So Yan Jie thought: Yes, why? I want to know too.

Yan Jie wanted to ask Le Yao for an answer, but he had suddenly stopped. Le Yao had seen Xu Yao on this floor, so he made a reflective sound, “General?”

When Xu Yao heard Le Yao’s voice, he turned around and asked, “What are you doing here?” 9Vr7c3

At this moment, Le Yao didn’t notice anything unusual about Xu Yao. He quickly walked to him and said, “I wanted to buy a syringe, so I came here with Yan Jie to see if there’s one suitable for my use. What about you?”

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Xu Yao said, “I came here to see someone.”

“Then will you go straight home later? I’ll wait if you don’t have any other plans.”

There was nothing to eat at home. So, he would have to buy some food ingredients later. But he didn’t want to carry them on such a hot day! It would be better if Xu Yao returned with him. THc1hk

Xu Yao hesitated for a moment and said, “Come with me. We’ll go back together afterwards.”

Yan Jie interjected, “Then, I’ll go back first Brother Xu.”

With a “Hmm”, Xu Yao led Le Yao into a certain ward, which had two guards standing at the door.

After entering, Le Yao realized that the ward was similar to the ICUs he had seen before, where he could not come into contact with the patient directly after entering. The difference was that in the ICU, the sterile ward was separated from the room. With the ward here, the patient was sleeping in a sterile cabin inside the room. This aseptic cabin was floating more than thirty centimeters above the ground and was completely transparent. You could clearly see the patient’s condition inside the cabin. fMOc1E

The patient should be an alpha male. It seemed that he was almost as tall, but not as strong and muscular as Xu Yao. He had silver hair and looked very pale, as white as a piece of paper. At this moment, a large area of his chest was covered in burns. Though the wound was covered by a transparent gel, it still looked terrible.

Le Yao suddenly remembered that Uncle Ming had said that someone had been injured in the mission. Did he mean it was this person?

“He…” Le Yao began hesitantly, “He looks very hurt…”

“Yeah.” Xu Yao said sadly, “He has been lying here for four days already.” VBebhW

Le Yao: “…”


Could he honestly just say that this person only had another four days to live?

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The author has something to say:
Le Yao: Step aside! I’m going to descend! I’m going to show my skill!!!

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