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Game, Live StreamChapter 56.2


What else could Xiao Tangqiu do? Of course, it was to take a shower with Shen Yuan!

He had wanted to quickly wash off the foam on his body and leave the shower to wait for Shen Yuan outside. He didn’t expect that after he ducked down to wash off the foam and then looked up, Shen Yuan had taken off his pajamas. fz7BR5

Two people facing each other, naked, the atmosphere in the shower suddenly became strange.

Xiao Tangqiu wondered where it was strange, and saw Shen Yuan look him up and down before smiling, “Qiuqiu is smaller than me!”

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Xiao Tangqiu, “…!!!”

Was this the second time he was snubbed today? cFXKJD

The first time was Duan Hongzhen, but that guy was not so explicit…

But faced with Shen Yuan’s clear view of black and white, he couldn’t refute.

Children spoke thoughtlessly! Children spoke thoughtlessly!

Xiao Tangqiu tried to comfort himself, but he still looked towards Shen Yuan, unresigned. Was Shen Yuan much bigger than him?


As a result, he found that he really couldn’t refute.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How stifling.

But it was also then that Xiao Tangqiu saw the still unhealed wound over Shen Yuan’s heart.

The wound was so gruesome that it was enough to make people imagine the pain of it happening. Even now it was still not healed. How terrible was the original wound? p9HIKs

Xiao Tangqiu knew that it should be the wound that was left behind from when he attacked Shen Yuan during Lippinobert’s possession. According to Xue Junli, only the abyss demon’s attack could not be healed by the transfer modules.

Back then, Lippinobert ate the heart fragments of the abyss demon and briefly gained the powers of the demon of the abyss, so the wounds on Shen Yuan would not heal.

Although Shen Yuan also attacked Xiao Tangqiu at the time, he did not leave a wound on his body. There was probably only one reason — Shen Yuan did not use demonic powers on Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu stared at the scar over Shen Yuan’s heart for a while. After a moment, he whispered to Shen Yuan, “…does it hurt?” vRjEQC

Shen Yuan blinked and nodded, “Hurts.”

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Xiao Tangqiu eyelashes tremble, “Do you remember what happened back then?”

Vtfc Tejc rtbbx tlr tfjv, “P vbc’a gfwfwyfg, yea… la tegar j iba.”

Ciatbeut Vtfc Tejc tjv jwcfrlj jcv mbeivc’a gfwfwyfg ktja tjqqfcfv, tlr ybvs gfwfwyfgfv atf qjlc bo tlr tfjga yflcu abgc. Wljb Kjcudle mbeivc’a tfiq yea ylaf tlr ilq jcv ktlrqfg, “P’w rbggs…” SM8zwW

Vtfc Tejc yilcxfv, “Qts lr Hledle jqbibulhlcu?”

Xiao Tangqiu lowered his eyes, “Because I did this, I am a bad guy who hurts you.”

Although Shen Yuan was a bit confused, he still shook his head, “Qiuqiu isn’t a bad guy. Qiuqiu must have a reason to beat me.”

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Xiao Tangqiu, “…” Was this clearly spoken double standard really ok? 1Ytf0q

But Xiao Tangqiu still felt a bit better. He reached out, wanting to touch the wound, but did not dare to actually touch it, “Is it still hurting now?”

Shen Yuan shook his head, “It’s not hurting anymore.”

Xiao Tangqiu gently put his hand on it and touched Shen Yuan’s wound, “It must have been very painful at the time, right?” Looking at the still unrecovered wound over Shen Yuan’s heart, he finally understood why Xue Junli would be so wary of him. If it was his most important person who was hurt by someone, he might hate that person even more than Xue Junli.

Xiao Tangqiu’s movements were very gentle out of fear of hurting Shen Yuan. ITy80D

Shen Yuan looked down at Xiao Tangqiu, his gaze became more and more muddled, almost as if it was filled with a layer of fog.

Xiao Tangqiu stared at the wound very seriously. He was full of guilt and wanted to see the injury he had caused by his own hands, but at this moment, he discovered that a black tattoo gradually appeared over Shen Yuan’s heart.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The black tattoo slowly spread to outline the complete Ouroboros tattoo.

This was the first time Xiao Tangqiu examined the Ouroboros tattoo on Shen Yuan so closely. The world eating snakes in the tattoo were strange yet beautiful, filled with a distinct feeling of monstrous mystery. Aj0nIm

He was shocked because he knew that Shen Yuan would have an Ouroboros tattoo if he tried to use the power of the devil, but right now everything was good, so why did Shen Yuan’s tattoo pop out?

He quickly looked up at Shen Yuan, but he was met with Shen Yuan’s hazy eyes.

Shen Yuan’s black eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of fog. He also looked at Xiao Tangqiu with the same confusion. He didn’t seem to know where the tattoos came from and why it suddenly appeared.

Xiao Tangqiu quickly asked Shen Yuan, “Do you know what is going on with this tattoo?” S2Foxs

Sure enough, Shen Yuan shook his head, “I don’t know, don’t you know?”

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Xiao Tangqiu sighed, “I don’t know, maybe you should ask your teammates.”

Shen Yuan gave a snort, “They are all bad guys.”

Xiao Tangqiu was silent for a few seconds and quietly took his hand back from Shen Yuan. 6WbQn0

There was a trace of loss in the Shen Yuan’s eyes, and a moment later, the Ouroboros’s tattoo over his heart disappeared.

Xiao Tangqiu was amazed. He paused and put his hand over Shen Yuan’s heart.

Soon, the piece of Ouroboros tattoo came out again.

Xiao Tangqiu was silent. Was there some kind of magical power in his fingers? NDLdxi

He paused, moved his hand down a bit, touched the Shen Yuan’s lower abdomen, and soon there was another piece of the Ouroboros tattoo.

It was as if he found a toy and he played around happily. He touched it here and there, touched from top to bottom, and the places where he touched all showed the mysterious black tattoo. It was amazing.

Xiao Tangqiu touched and touched Shen Yuan. After a while, Shen Yuan suddenly groaned and looked at Xiao Tangqiu with confusion.

The hand Xiao Tangqiu used to touch Shen Yuan’s abs stiffened. He only touched Shen Yuan’s abs, thought that they felt nice and touched a few more times, who would’ve thought… LlHiao

Shen Yuan looked down in confusion, then looked up at Xiao Tangqiu, his eyes hazy, “Qiuqiu, why am I…”

“Cough!” Xiao Tangqiu quickly interrupted Shen Yuan. “I finished washing! You should hurry up and wash! I will go out first!”

Running as soon as the flames were lit, this behavior could be said to be very scummy.

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However, when Xiao Tangqiu turned to run, he was dragged back by Shen Yuan. GvXab3

Shen Yuan embraced Xiao Tangqiu’s waist from behind and buried his face in Xiao Tangqiu’s shoulder, his voice muffled, “Qiuqiu don’t abandon me…”

“Not abandoning you! I will wait for you outside! Outside this shower!” Xiao Tangqiu had no choice but to emphasize.

Shen Yuan whined, “Do not run!”

The two of them were closely attached, and the contact at some places was rather awkward, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but uncomfortably shift his butt, “I won’t run.” 9Fi1 0

“If you dare to run, I will…” Shen Yuan thought about it and pretended to become ferocious to threaten him, “kill all the bad guys outside!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” This kind of threat had absolutely no use on him, okay!

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But he still nodded. “Ok, I won’t run, I will wait for you outside, no more than one meter away.”

Shen Yuan reluctantly let go and let Xiao Tangqiu leave the small shower. enPdHw

Xiao Tangqiu had started to suffer from a lack of oxygen in the brain. He took a deep breath and stood by the shower door to wait for Shen Yuan while putting on clothes.

Despite the glass door of the shower between them, he could still feel Shen Yuan’s line of sight on him. The person who was taking a shower was Shen Yuan, but he felt like the one being peeped on was him.

He turned his back to the shower and changed his clothes stiffly. Not long after he finished changing, Shen Yuan pushed open the glass door of the shower.

Looking back, Xiao Tangqiu realized that Shen Yuan didn’t have any clothes to wear. But then again, he only wore a set of pajamas when he came in. The pajamas were now wet so naturally, he couldn’t keep wearing them. B9QsDj

Shen Yuan’s naked body was covered by the Ouroboros tattoo, from the neck to the lower abdomen, from the thighs to the ankles. At this moment, his entire body was covered with black tattoos!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This scene was bewitching to the max. Xiao Tangqiu also felt like Shen Yuan was full of a dangerous atmosphere and couldn’t help but hold his breath, subconsciously wanting to escape, “I am going to find clothes for you!”

Xiao Tangqiu left the bathroom as if he was escaping. Fortunately, there was a bathrobe in the closet in the room. It was probably prepared for guests.

He just took the bathrobe down and was covered by Shen Yuan’s aura. C0DmFz

Shen Yuan once again hugged Xiao Tangqiu from behind and complained in a sullen tone, “You clearly said that you would not be more than one meter from me!”

Xiao Tangqiu was bewildered, “I have been waiting for you outside, when didn’t I?”

Shen Yuan hmphed, “When you went out to get clothes.”

Xiao Tangqiu mouth twitched, “Big bro! The time it took for me to go out to get clothes adds up to less than ten seconds!” Vsv3k

Shen Yuan humphed, “No even a second is allowed!”

Xiao Tangqiu was speechless, so he turned and handed the bathrobe to Shen Yuan, “Put this on first, then let Xue Junli find clothes for you.”

Shen Yuan cooly refused, “No, I only wear clothes you get for me.”

Xiao Tangqiu rubbed his temple and felt that he was practically becoming a full-time nanny. m0ywPQ

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