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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh92 - Celebratory Feast – Side B


The next ingredient to be taken out was the flying insects that looked like locusts. Each one had their feet, wings and tails removed beforehand. After washing, he let it drip dry. Without a doubt, this was the one the audience rejected the most so far. Countless people expressed their unwillingness to eat it.

However, these objections did not affect Ruan Tang at all. He knew, that when faced with delicious food, these audiences would throw their principles out the window. He believed that after the finished product was served, they would be conquered by its deliciousness. X6tO0h

He heated the pan and smeared on it a layer of oil. He slowly fried it at a low temperature. When the moisture of the flying insects had evaporated and they’d dried up and turned brown, he put in the fragrant green onion and minced garlic that he’d fried with hot oil. He also added in soy sauce, Chili oil, pepper powder and other seasonings. The browned flying insects began to exude an exceedingly delicious fragrance.

[Dazzled with Flowers: Hmm … Smells so good … stop seducing me!]

Chrysanthemum Garden.

[The scenery from my hometown: Oops, you can eat it with your eyes closed! It tastes pretty good, kind of a bit like fried chicken. Delicious!]

[ID30145859: To the commenter above, do you intend to tempt me with false advertisements! I won’t be fooled!] YQ64rL

[Li Yue: Hmph, you cowards! It’s so delicious! So fragrant and crispy!]

The carefully roasted locusts with the spring onions and minced garlic brought out its own aroma. The locusts were crisp and tasty, and adding it with just a little bit of soy sauce and seasoning brought it to whole another level. The flesh inside the bug was delicate and tasted a bit like chicken. The spicy taste of the peppers had penetrated into it, and the spicy and fresh flavor invigorated the viewers, making them want to eat the entire plate clean.

Sure enough, as Ruan Tang expected, the audience couldn’t resist such a delicious scent. Many people took a bite with the intention of just tasting it, but things got out of hand pretty quick.

Finally, three kinds of Zerg eggs were brought up. The first was milky white, about the size of a pea, and looked a bit like an ant’s egg. This was the ragworm eggs. The second was beige in color and slightly pointed at both ends, a bit like a bee pupa. From this kind of egg, a flying insect could be hatched. The last one was the size of an adult man’s thumb and was dark brown. It looked a bit like a silkworm pupae. This one hatches into a beetle.


The ragworm eggs were very easy to handle. After washing, they were boiled, then mixed with fresh corn kernels, chopped cucumbers, carrots, and other similar vegetables. Once it was seasoned with a special sauce made with salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, pepper, and other seasonings, it was basically done.

Yellow, white, red and green — four bright colors were mixed together, creating a very bright and clear scene. The specially prepared sauce exuded a sweet and sour flavor with a hint of spiciness. It was a taste that made peoples’ mouths water. The bug worms were tender and delicious. They were mixed with the sweet corn, the crisp yet tender of cucumbers, and the sweet carrots. Combined with the special sauce, a myriad of flavors emerge. It was a taste that danced on the tip of their tongues and eating this dish was simply a pleasure. This cooking method seemed simple, but the taste was unexpectedly amazing.

As for the flying insect eggs, they were fried golden. It was sprinkled with peppercorn powder and salt.  It was crispy and crunchy and the taste was not bad, not bad at all.

The audience had a much higher acceptance of these two kinds of food made from Zerg eggs and they tucked right in. K1biB8

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

The third type of eggs was too dark and was quite large. They didn’t look as good as the other two, so the audience was a bit resistant.

Lbkfnfg, ktja atfs vlvc’a fzqfma kjr atja joafg yflcu oglfv, atlr xlcv bo Ifgu fuur ajrafv rjnbgs jcv ajras. Pa kjr mglrqs bc atf bearlvf jcv afcvfg bc atf lcrlvf. Ktf bearlvf rtfii kjr mglrqs jcv rilutais yegca, yea atf lcrlvf kjr jr rwbbat jr aboe, klat j ilaaif rqglculcfrr. Pa tjv delaf j ylaf ab la. Ktbrf qiewq yjiir bo wfja, rlwqis yegra ktfc sbe ylaf vbkc bc la, oliilcu sbeg fcalgf wbeat klat j rjnbgs-rkffa pelmf. Qtfc vlqqfv lc j yla bo nlcfujg, la ecfzqfmafvis tjv j yla bo mgjy wfja ilxf ajraf. Pa ajrafv fnfc yfaafg atjc atf qgfnlber akb fuur.

[The devastatingly beautiful steamed stuffed bun: If the anchor hadn’t told me what it is, I would have finished off the entire plate as soon as it was set down → _ →]

[Can’t stop Hugging Trees: Even now, I could still eat a whole plate of this! I am a foodie, I do not have principles nor do I have a conscience!] 0iyIdS

[Monkey Enjoying the Moonlight: Hu Hu Hu, Boo Hoo, I never thought these bug eggs could taste so delicious!]

[Cool Babe: Although I’m afraid of bugs, this is virtual data. I can eat these consequence-free! So I’m just gonna let go and eat!]

Considering that there were still audiences who couldn’t accept these bugs, Ruan Tang also made a few cold dishes. When they were served out later, they could provide a break from the heavy dishes for the soldiers. These viewers could only nibble on the cold dishes while smelling the delicious smell wafting from the bug dishes. The more they ate, the crueler it felt.

These ugly bugs were unexpectedly so damned tasty! CHGNRm

But we won’t eat it!!

However, the majority of the audience was still more honest, and for the sake of good food, quickly forgot their initial resistance. They ate with great pleasure and soon started to flood the chat with their praises and gifts.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The protagonists of the celebration feast — the imperial soldiers and the Rutes had already experienced eating the Zergs and they were very accepting towards eating these insects. Not only did they eat with gusto, they also scrambled for these dishes as soon they were laid down. Having undergone Ruan Tang’s cooking, these dishes tasted much better than the bugs that were simply roasted with fire or the canned versions! It was very refreshing to take all the damn bugs that tried to devour their country and their compatriots and use them to fill their stomachs. It was perfect — they got their revenge and filled their stomachs!

In the end, Ruan Tang was afraid that the soldiers’ meals were too dry and he decided to make a simple tomato and egg drop soup. He cooked it in a large iron drum and gave each person a large bowl. Although today’s celebration feast was packed full of Zerg meat, eating too much of it might be too cloying. A sweet and sour dish was just right to adjust their appetites. ETcKH4

Because the preparation of these dishes was not difficult, the rest could be left for the smart robots to do. Ruan Tang was quickly pulled over by He Yun Chen to the table to eat dinner.

“Oh—my cute little candy (Tang = candy)! I eat and eat, but I still think that your dishes are the best ~ This time, you’ve already come all the way here. Why don’t you just stay? You can live on our Capital Star. I will grant you a rank of nobility! And a fief!” While chewing on the crispy and delicious fried eggs, Gilbert tried to win him over. Because he couldn’t bear to put down his chopsticks, he didn’t even give out the hugs that he was so fond of.

Although Ruan Tang didn’t want any hugs.

“Your Majesty, thank you for your kindness. But I still prefer to live in the Empire.” Ruan Tang could not adapt to the enthusiasm of this familiar leader and quickly declined politely. rPekol

“Ah, that’s a shame! My heart is now like snow in June. So incomparably cold!” Gilbert sighed exaggeratedly, and then turned to look at He Yun Chen, “He, my good brother, you really are the most powerful fighter I have ever seen. Would you consider staying? I will give you titles of nobility and fiefdoms, as well as your choice of Rute beauties! ”

He paused and said, “Of course, if you would prefer our strong Rute warriors, you may also pick any one of them … Anyone except me.”

“…” He Yun Chen refused categorically, “No, thank you.”

Gilbert expressed deep regret, and then ate two more plates of spicy stir-fried bug meat. mPak2I

After everyone had eaten and drank their fill, it was almost dark. Seeing them all filled to the brim with happy smiling faces, Ruan Tang felt very happy as well.

The war was finally over, and they would soon return in triumph. Who wouldn’t be happy?

Everyone started to put on performances to liven things up. Some went up to sing and some when up to dance. Everyone was all dizzy and from time to time, someone would let out a loud belch, inviting a lot of boos and jeers.

Ruan Tang looked at the scene for a while and then turned to He Yun Chen and said, “I’m filled to bursting! Let’s go for a walk?” skZqr7

“OK.” He Yun Chen immediately got up and walked off with Ruan Tang.

The night was very quiet. The cool night breeze blew across their faces and felt very comfortable. The Celtic Star’s night sky was a charmingly deep purple. There were no stars, but you could see the light from other celestial bodies countless of light years away. It had another kind of rough and wild beauty.

“Chen Ge, will we be able to go back soon?” Ruan Tang asked He Yun Chen who was right next to him. It’s been a few days since he started to miss his cute little brother. Xiao Yu should be able to leave the hospital now. After he returns, he will go to have him discharged immediately.

“You can go back tomorrow, I will send a team of soldiers to escort you.” J8g 43

Ruan Tang was surprised, “Aren’t you going back with me?”

He Yun Chen nodded, “It’ll probably be some time more before I can go back.”

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

“Why?” Ruan Tang stopped and suddenly looked at He Yun Chen in surprise. “Do you have something else you need to do?”

“I just received orders from headquarters. I am to set off for an expedition to the Valen’s star territory tomorrow.” Those insidious and deceitful Valens broke up the armistice agreement at the most critical moment and repeatedly robbed the transport ships filled with important military supplies. They couldn’t let them off so lightly. UDKYGf

“Ah …” Ruan Tang nodded in disappointment and couldn’t help worrying. The Valens had fought the Empire for a thousand years. They were definitely not an easy opponent to deal with. “In that case, a lot of people would get hurt, right?”

“It’s okay.” Seeing him worried, He Yun Chen couldn’t help but to rub his head. Just as he thought, it felt soft and he looked lovable. “We’re just going to give them a lesson. Now morale is very high and we have the new mech. We will surely win and return very soon.”

“En …” Ruan Tang lowered his head and sighed lowly. “If worse comes to worst, we could release the Zergs and have them harass the Valens!”

Anyway, they have insecticides on hand. They weren’t afraid of these Zergs biting back. It would be just to let these scheming Valens have a taste of the terrible might of the Zergs. 7ysRTV

“Hm, that’s a good idea.” Looking at Ruan Tang, who was babbling beside him, the smile on He Yun Chen’s face widened a bit more. He couldn’t help reaching out and holding Ruan Tang’s hand, he said, voice low. “Wait for me.”

“I, I know, I wish you a triumphant and speedy return!” Ruan Tang didn’t know why his face suddenly turned hot. His eyes kept darting about and he didn’t dare to look directly at He Yun Chen’s eyes, which were particularly bright in the dark.

He thought of taking his hand back, but He Yun Chen held on and was unwilling to let go.

In this way, the two held hands and walked side by side. The moonlight elongated their shadows and it gradually overlapped with the mottled shadow of the trees until their shadows could no longer be distinguished from the other. QDVd8f



Translator’s note: Pictures to follow later. I don’t have full use of my computer right now. I just wanted to get this out. =)


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