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Desharow MermanChapter 53


Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Pigeon fdP i9


NSFW: descriptive sexual content. Basically smut but in a very … descriptive(and long) way


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  My vision was blurry as if obstructed by a special magnetic force. I couldn’t see anything around me except for Agares’s outline in front of me. It was like the world contained nothing and the only existence that was true and real…was him. I almost thought I was inside a shrouded dream and began to doubt where I was. 

  Yet clearly, I could hear the excited, low cries from the mermen around me, as if they were whispering to each other because they were looking forward to our appetizing and exquisite show. I could even hear Rhine’s loud shouts from above, leaving me with a small trace of awareness and shame.   yokN3x

   “Let me leave…leave this place.“

  My cheeks felt like they were burnt by the boiling blood that hotly flowed in them; even my mouth wasn’t listening to me. I was only able to lean against the crook of Agares’s arms, panting heavily in disorder, all the while, being incapable of diverting my gaze from his body. That strong body, so close at hand, was strung up with trickling water droplets that meandered down his relaxed, toned chest and abdominal muscles. One by one, they trickled onto me, as if they were some kind of catalyst that made every single one of my pores expand,  calling out in yearning for Agares’s touch and kiss.

  I can’t let him invade me again. I don’t want to be marked up in public. Most of all, I don’t want to be transformed into a merman! 

  These were the last remaining thoughts that I had left amidst all the confusion and dizziness that made me try to resist the violent incoming surging tides of desire. Agares gently stroked my back with one of his webbed claws that was placed there, and it caused my severely sensitive body to tremble all over. My penis had already risen high, and the small part between my thighs felt wet and sticky. The bubbling desire inside of me desperately wanted to burst out. My mouth had also become very dry, however, my throat was secreting so much saliva, like that of a ravenous person’s, giving out a longing, yet dissatisfied, swallowing sound.


  My rear entrance was like a thirsty mouth, clenching and contracting, which simultaneously aroused a soft and itchy craving out of me. I had to clamp my legs shut in order to cover up that embarrassing moment. 

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  And the initiator of all of this clearly knew what it was that I desired.

        Agares lowered his head and intensely stared down at me. I interpreted the turbulent lust in those narrow, deep pupils of his and was shocked to realize that there was a deadly determination in them as well. I don’t know how I came to this assumption, but for sure, his current state could be said as calm, like he was executing out a well thought decision into action. This kind of meaningful stare made me feel even more ashamed because it was like you telling another person a dirty joke with high spirits and interest, however the other party would just be remaining calm and controlled. 

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  Agares didn’t only want to fuck me here purely out of instinct, instead, he merely wanted his people to see that I was becoming his; all of this was to put a protective marking on me. Still, damn it, I didn’t want this kind of marking at all. I just wanted to leave this ghastly place quickly!

  I wished to close my eyes to at least mentally escape from all of this, but a certain  pair of bright, eye-catching pupils seemed to have trapped me inside of them. Through  Agares’s eyes, I saw my appearance—I was looking at him with a meaningful, yet blurry, stare. My wet bangs were matted against my forehead, and my messy pants and gasps escaped from my half-opened mouth. I looked as though I was unable to refuse my desire, like I was welcoming him, signalling for his vicious infringement. 

  Curses, I didn’t want to even reveal such an expression at all!

  However, I couldn’t control myself, because, at this moment, Agares was precisely like a strong magnet that attracted my very existence. My body eagerly wanted Agares to be satisfied. My willpower was rapidly collapsing, and there was a hidden volcano inside of me that was ready to erupt. kRZfbz

  My body was scalding and unbearable, so Agares forced his cool, slippery and wet tail between my legs. I clamped down on it instinctively to relieve that hotly bothered part on the lower half of my body. I could not help rubbing against those small, compact scales with my legs, which created an inexpressible pleasure that made my breathing more rapid and heavy. Suddenly,  my waist was raised, and my two round buttocks were pried open by Agares’s webbed claws. Then his already dangerously hard pillar pressed in between my legs, followed by a low and hoarse growl.

  All of a sudden, around me, a series of high-pitched cries sounded in response, resembling loud cheers from a grand wedding.

  If, right now, was really a merfolk’s wedding, then even the special hidden night of newly wed was being observed by countless other eyes too. This was how miserable I was! These voices ended up bringing me back to my last dying rationality that was nearly burned away by the overpowering desire I felt a split second ago. I used both of my helpless hands to fasten around Agares’s neck. “Fuck, not here…you bastard!”

  I shrunk into his shadow as I scolded him boggle-mindedly. The voice that overflowed out from my lips sounded rather hoarse and soft, even the hands that were clenched around his neck ended up sliding down powerlessly, as if I was touching his chest intimately. BK4mwx

  Agares’s webbed claws touched my cheek. His eyes were deep, more than ever, like a black hole that could swallow me in. Then suddenly, my vision turned dark as I was heavily kissed by him. His sexual organ was rubbing against the inside of my thigh, and the swollen tip seemed like it was going to enter my territory at any moment. 

  The lust in my body rose to its peak, and the muscles on the root of my legs twitched obscenely. I could not help but close my eyes. My throat constantly secreted salva out of desire, which resolutely produced hoarse moans 


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  Suddenly, this chaotic world suddenly shattered apart like a glass. Immediately, I opened my eyes only to see Agares’s entire body jolt upwards once before gathering me into his embrace and slipping into the water with a flip.  fUaBHb

  From a quick backwards glance, I instantly took notice of Rhine’s face and the black muzzle that was aimed directly at Agares’s tail as the trigger was being pulled resoundingly one after another! In a split second, the open water hollow was filled with loud splashes. Amidst all the chaos, I only felt myself being hugged closely by Agares as we sank down. Then quickly, we concealed ourselves into a dark underwater hole that was below the hollow. It was rather narrow there. I had to saddle up on Agares’s fish tail that was curled into a lumpy ball and face him until the tip of our noses touched against each other. 

  At this time, all the merfolk outside seemed to have ran off, leaving only Agares and I alone. The secluded space instantly relaxed me, but it had also intensified our bodies’ coquettish movements. I could not help swallowing as I clamped more tightly onto the fishtail under me.

  Agares, however, was looking out of the hole with vigilance. The inner corner of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows were nearly solidified together, staining a fierce color on his face. I suddenly realized that he was hit by a bullet when I saw a bullet shell floating into my sight. The blue blood that flowed out carried out a strong hormonal scent, which infiltrated my nose, and, like a working fuse, a growing burning sensation ignited into flames. That swelling desire exploded within my body, obliterating my last trace of reasoning.

  I don’t want to become a merman, but damn…I can’t handle this anymore. JvrNVW

  This sorrowful cry slowly faded from my mind. My hands took the initiative and circled around Agares’s neck. Clumsily and impatiently, I licked at his wound, sucking at his blood like a hungry newborn vampire. Agares’s blood was like fine wine; it exuded a delicious fragrance that left me intoxicated and drunk once I  swallowed. It made every cell in my body swell and ferment. I couldn’t help but become a restless stray cat with unrestrained emotions from getting close to the source of my addiction—his neck.

  At first, I only stuck out my tongue and gave it a small lick, but then I couldn’t help myself from getting another bigger lick soon after.  Agares did not move under my harassment at all, just like a stone statue. It was like he was still on guard. His erected sex organ seemed to also retract back into his scale covered membrane, until I was unable to feel the existence of it. 

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  His interest may have actually been destroyed by Rhine, but I was still at the peak of madness!

   “Agares…” lvfKg7

  Buried in his neck, I murmured hoarsely, while the bottom of my heart was crying hysterically. Did this guy deliberately want to torture me to death? Fuck, what I haven’t done yet was shouting at him directly to fuck me! 

  I raised my head and glared at him. My eyes were wet and muddled, and I could not see anything clearly. I couldn’t even tell what expression Agares was making. I only knew that he was looking down at me as I gasped like a dying fish.

  Perhaps, he had really lost interest, or maybe he wanted to punish me for running away behind his back, or he was waiting for me to actively cater to him. But in spite of what the hell he thought in that fish head of his, I only knew that I was going to collapse. And if I didn’t have sex with him, I will actually fall apart!

  An instinctive impulse burst from my nerves to my fingertips. I closed my eyes and kissed his lips with my quivering ones, but because of the restless blood stirring continuously in me, I instead began to suck and nip away. All the while, he still remained unmoving. Cdt25w

  “Agares, fuck me…” I closed my eyes and rubbed my ears against his face like a tamed kitten. It sounded like I was crying, and indeed I was near the point of bursting out into tears from being tortured by this strong urge and desire. I choked out with emotions again, “I won’t escape anymore, forgive me. Just fuck…quickly come and have me, come and fuck me to death!”

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  As soon as my voice fell, Agares’s body suddenly moved. His heavy body fell towards me, like a mountain collapsing over, pressing me high up against the rock wall behind me. His webbed claws stroked my legs from bottom to top,  finally stopping at my buttocks to hold me higher out of the water. I leaned back against the rock wall as I lost my gravity. Both of my hands were restrained behind me with my legs  pried apart and my buttocks tilted backward. There was no shelter given to my private part as it was being lifted further up to Agares’s face like a sacrificial offering.  

  My genitals became even more stiff, and the erotic juice from my hole dripped onto Agares’s chest. However, he just narrowed his eyes and gazed at it in an erotic and fantasizing way, as if enjoying the scenery between my legs.

  I didn’t feel any shame any more. I merely let out a pleading sob and closed my eyes as I hugged his neck tightly, waiting for his intrusion as I trembled all over.  pmkuNy

           Agares didn’t seem to take any consideration of my suffering. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry either and was simply using his moist, soft tongue to crudely and wantonly sweep across my inner thigh. Agares’s damp, heavy breathing carried a streak of sparks across my navel, then up towards my chest and nipples. His lips and teeth nibbled onto my sensitive little, round nipples, licking and sucking on it heavily. Then he bit down very hard, as if to put his own mark on it, causing my toes curled up in pain. His webbed claws then reached between my legs and caressed my most deadly part. His sharp fingernails occasionally scraped through the softest and fragilest part of my inner thighs, causing a series of itchiness.

  The extreme stimulation made my brain nerves tense up, like a rubber band pulled to the extreme, right before being snapped in half. I lost control and cried out loud, “Ugh… ah… Agares…”

  All of a sudden, I felt my body being lifted up again by his webbed claws. As he leaned forward, I lowered my head. Tears fell from my face and onto his, and soon my sight finally became clear. I saw that I was almost kneeling on top of his chest, my high tilted sexual organ close to his face. As he slithered down my body, the liquid that secreted from my tip had dropped along the bridge of Agares’s nose. His lips curled up at this, the liquid trailing towards his sharp chin. Like he was tasting honey, he greedily used his tongue to lick at it into his mouth, his dark eyes staring back at me, as if asking for more.

  “Desharow…you can not leave me …ever.” MGvwZ9

  He murmured the phrase word by word, his rough breath like a violent sea breeze blowing onto my face. His dark pupils were constricted, resembling an arrow that could pierce my heart. His lips came forward to block my rapid and disorderly breathing, while, simultaneously, his webbed claws held my waist tightly in place, giving a single thrust upward.

 The incomparably thick sexual instrument, just like a bullet, shot into my buttocks, and the huge sacks bumped against my hip, making a lewd slapping sound. I shook sensitively and had almost toppled over him, fainting right on the spot. My scream was stuck in my throat and only a hoarse, broken cry came out of me. 

  My back hole was like a starving fish who had suddenly obtained food, contracting together eagerly. The sticky secretion within my buttocks flowed out of me more than what had trickled out from the front. My rim sucked in Agares’s huge object like a billowing mouth, right up to the point that I even felt that my body was swallowing him in a hurry. This aroused Agares, in which he let out a husky groan as he whispered softly into my ear, “You… want me…”

  I couldn’t even speak a single decent word in response, and with the lust driving me crazy, it forced me to bite onto his ear. My waist began to recklessly wiggle around, but before I could seek out the feeling I wanted, the webbed claws on my buttocks suddenly pushed my waist forward to his hard abdomen, resulting Agares’s large sex organ to be pulled out. This action made the root of my leg shake as though it was suffering from a cramp. As my tears continuously drip down onto his neck, Agares once again stabbed ferociously straight into me, thus beginning this storming shower of ferocious thrust. An explosive pressure immediately rushed straight throughout my head. I thought I was going to be fucked until I eventually saw heaven. In mid-air I was being deliciously made love to and I could not stop myself from crying out. sRPcSC

  I’ve never experienced such a strong desire. It’s like my soul was torn into two. Half was still inside of my shell in my body, while the other was taken away by Agares. Only by completely combining with him, was I able to fill that huge missing gap. And right now, it was still not enough. I longed for him to invade me faster and fiercely, until he filled up the empty hole in my body. “Agares… Agares… Ah… Aha…”

  I closed my eyes and hung my neck back. I felt that my whole self was going to fall into a bottomless black hole as I repeatedly called out his name. The more violent each thrust was, the more loudly I would moan. Riding on his rapid shaking fishtail, my lower body had widened up greatly. 

   He also seemed to be indulging in the pleasure of attacking me, making me surrender, like he truly held that other half of my soul. Sweat silently rolled down my body, merging with the sweat that came from Agares which dripped down while he was topping me. The blood in my entire body gathered closely together at the area where Agares and I were connected. At the peak of his pleasure, sounds were unable to be made. His sex organ rushed in and out of my body, pulling away and inserting deeply, nailing into me like a wedge. His lips wreaked havoc onto my entire body, leaving behind trails of bite marks. Agares then let out a primitive low roar, sending me straight to an endless summit.

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  I couldn’t even figure out how many orgasms I had from being fucked by him to the point where my penis couldn’t shoot anything out anymore. My entire body felt like it was completely dried up. The lustful fire in my body was finally relieved; only then did I feel Agares, all at once, shoot inside of me. It was a strong rippling spurt, as if he was an ill patient that had been holding his hunger and thirst in for so many years. After his final convulsion, he brought me into a hug, bringing us both to collapse against the rock wall, gasping and panting together from being totally spent, immersing. 0ucMD6

Hello, translator here! Sorry for the late update!

This chapter was a tad bit difficult to translate mainly because I got a bit confused while translating, but in the end, I manage to overcome that. if any of you readers need me to explain anything, feel free to ask. With how descriptive the author writes, things do end up being forgotten or confused haha. Any way, i hope this chapter doesn’t bore you guys!



Translator's Note

Last chap we put cave, but it’s basically the same thing. So it’s something like this, but underneath theres’s many other routes and smaller caves with open air ways probably :  

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