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Class Teacher SystemCh29 - Poison poison poison (5)


Since Teacher Ren found a student he suspected to be the poisoner, he must seize the moment to act. A lot of things should be done sooner rather than later.

Hence, in the morning, he used the fastest speed to complete his inspection. After confirming that he could already be discharged, without even going back home first, Ren Zhu held the food box and headed directly towards Lu Ming’s house. kofnhy

Ren Zhu knew where Lu Ming lived, although the reason he knew wasn’t particularly good. However, being able to use this information at this moment, his predecessor finally had some use. However, if he hadn’t personally seen the shabby residential building in front of his eyes, Ren Zhu would have never believed that the family of a former star chef list chef would actually live in this kind of place.

Thinking up til now, Ren Zhu again looked at the food box that Lu Ming had given him. To him, 500000 yuan was not at all a large amount. He could even say that this was fairly easy to obtain. However, regarding Lu Ming who could only live in this kind of place without any other income and had a brother who was quite depressed, this 500000 was incredibly significant. It was simply like drowning their last straw of hope.

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Ren Zhu sighed and carried the food box up the building.

Even though Ren Zhu was not dressed that formally, the temperament he exuded certainly did not match this small shabby building. On the way, he ran one of the building’s residents, a madam who still looked full of vitality but also a little harsh. Since the corridor was narrow, Ren Zhu very courteously gave way, instantly causing the madam to switch on her chatterbox mode. yXJHzf

“Aiyo, young man. Thank you ah. This young man looks very spirited. However, did you walk the wrong way? This rundown place is only full of small families. There are no young masters living here.”

Ren Zhu showed an appropriate smile. He had learnt this kind of smile that did not have much emotion or expression from Professor Ning. Professor Ning had stated that if he practised this smile well, he could use it unconditionally. Teacher Ren now felt that this was reasonable. “Whether a building is new or old, so long as you can live comfortably, it doesn’t matter if it’s old and rundown right? Madam, are you a resident here? I want to ask you if Lu Ming lives here. If you don’t know this name, then is there a pair of brothers living in this building? The older brother’s leg and hands are not very good. The younger brother goes to school every day.”

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Originally when Ren Zhu mentioned Lu Ming, the madam still blankly looked at him. However, when he mentioned the pair of brothers, the madam suddenly clapped her hands together and used a very flamboyant tone to say: “So it turns out that you actually came here to find those two brothers? This is indeed very strange ah. Those two brothers moved in half a year ago. On the day that they moved in, they had startled the entire building. The younger one is a little better. Apart from his unpleasant expression, the other aspects are all passable. However, the older one who has injuries is particularly bad. At the drop of a hat, he would shriek at his brother to shut up. He would also randomly throw and smash things. You don’t know ah, those two live on the fourth floor of this building. Every night, that older child would create a ruckus for a long time. The people living on the third and fifth floor have gone over to protest before, but they were all ultimately scared away by that youth holding a knife, randomly hacking and throwing it. Ze ze ze, young man, are you really going to look for them?” The madam’s tone became a little sympathetic: “Then you should be a little more careful. That family’s older one is not normal. He might use a knife to hack you. It’s better for you to wait for the younger brother to come back before finding them.”

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The madam immediately became spirited: “Aiyo! If that’s the case, then that’s just great! If you can persuade those two children, you must make sure to tell them to pay a little more attention at night. Our building is already shabby, the soundproofing quality is not at all good. As soon as those two make a ruckus, the several surrounding households cannot have peace. No matter how you say it, they should still let others sleep well at night right? They’re both so big, in any case they should understand some sense.”

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Ren Zhu continued to smile: “Alright. I will tell them. Then I’ll head up first. Thank you for informing me. Good bye.”

That madam felt that Ren Zhu was truly a very polite and elegant young man. This young man looked to be only 27 or 28 years old. If he wasn’t married, just by relying on his looks and manner, he was definitely a very good marriage target.

Just when this madam was completely immersed in her imagination, Ren Zhu had already arrived at Lu Ming’s house on the fourth floor. KGqviW

Just from standing at the door, he could feel the oppressive and stifling atmosphere. He couldn’t help but look around at his surroundings, and suddenly heard the system that had been playing dead for two days make a sound.

[Ding. The host has triggered the class teacher’s detailed perception skill: For 20 minutes, the power of observation is doubled, information gathering is doubled. The person being observed will reveal their truest face.]

Ren Zhu paused for a moment and then smiled.

This was honestly a pretty good skill. dBDvKo

Hence, he started to carefully survey the situation. At a glance, he could see that there were a lot of problems. For instance, the Lu household’s security door seemed to be broken. There was nearly a half finger width gap between the door and the door frame. It looked like it could be opened just by pulling it by hand. Another point was that there were a lot of scratches on the outside wall opposite the door. It was just as though someone had deliberately damaged it. Ren Zhu also found a very deep thin mark, and when he traced it, he suddenly discovered that this mark was very much like it was from a knife that had been sent flying and then lodged into the wall.

In conclusion: Just from his observations, he could tell that this was a very dangerous rundown place. Based on the knife marks and the information he collected, even if he didn’t need to face a large bear child, this kind of child was no better. It seemed that the mission objective this time was quite tricky and difficult.

However, Teacher Ren’s experience was rich. The person he didn’t fear the most was this kind of tricky and difficult bear child.

Consequently, Teacher Ren simply grabbed the door and forcibly pulled it open. He was about to walk into the place but before his foot could take a step, he suddenly felt a chill. He quickly took a big step back and in the next second, he heard several sharp and vicious clangs. After the sound stopped, Teacher Ren saw that where he had previously stood, there were several knives lodged into the wall. He was very familiar with these knives. The kitchen knives that the school students used were like this. Therefore, he was not particularly alarmed. It’s just that he couldn’t help but think that whenever Lu Ming had free time, did he secretly steal a few kitchen knives? If that was the case, then Ren Zhu needed to properly educate him. If Lu Ming doesn’t say anything, then Ren Zhu would consider that he had stolen them. FTIxMn

Ren Zhu was just thinking this when he heard a cold sneer: “This time you hid pretty fast. I had thought that no matter what you guys say today, I will make you lose an arm or a leg like me. If that’s no good then I should also make a big hole in your head or shoulder. We haven’t seen each other for only a few days. I really didn’t expect that you guys would……”

Teacher Ren directly interrupted this eccentric voice. He took a step forward and said: “Put away these things. Your little brother did something bad. I came to tell you this news.”

This morning Lu Xiao had strongly braced himself and set up three traps in his house. He was waiting for when that group of people come to his house to cause a ruckus to give them a lifelong unforgettable lesson. The first knife mechanism was the most ruthless and surefire trap, but it was destroyed by this person. This person actually also wanted to use Lu Ming’s matter to threaten him?

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Lu Xiao’s face did not have the least bit of expression. At this moment, he really wanted to start the second trap mechanism to subdue this person. However, thinking of the words that this person just said, Lu Xiao’s constantly crazy and dispirited face suddenly looked a little distressed. After a short period of time, he withdrew the remaining mechanisms. Sitting in an electric wheelchair, he expressionlessly looked at Ren Zhu with eyes filled with ridicule and contempt. L2mviK

Teacher Ren: …… He always felt that this youth sitting in the wheelchair needed a spanking. However, if after a while this child is still this vicious, then don’t blame him for really spanking him.

Teacher Ren’s detailed perception skill still hadn’t lost its effect. He did not talk with Lu Xiao, who not at all concealed his unwelcoming attitude. Ren Zhu just kept to himself and looked around this shabby and very gloomy house. The entire room emitted a dark and pessimistic atmosphere. There was so little furniture that it was pitiful, there wasn’t even a couch in the living room to accommodate guests. There were a few pots of small flowers and green radishes in the room, but each of them had withered beyond recognition. He couldn’t see a single bit of vitality in them.

These two points still didn’t count as anything. However, what made Teacher Ren feel the most intolerable was that this house was honestly really really really extremely messy. All kinds of things were thrown to the ground. Dirty clothes were piled up into a small mountain and placed on a seat. The windows were tightly shut and not a trace of fresh air could penetrate inside. This kind of environment was simply bad to the extreme. Teacher Ren felt that even if he didn’t get hit by those knives before, he still received sufficient damage to his spirit and sense of smell.

Fortunately, when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he could actively block his sense of smell. Otherwise, after today, his nose would be broken. He would no longer be able to smell out different kinds of flavours. Z7IAlR

Ren Zhu did not in the least bit conceal his expression of dislike, which immediately pricked the mood of Lu Xiao sitting in the wheelchair. He gloomily looked at this person who was about the same age as him, but looked full of vitality and had a successful career. With great difficulty, he resisted the impulse to pull out the knife from under the seat of his wheelchair and throw it at him. He coldly urged Ren Zhu: “Alright. This place doesn’t welcome you. Just directly tell me about Ah Ming’s matter. However, I advise you not to deceive me. Although my body isn’t good, stuff like murder and arson, I am still capable of doing. Moreover, Ah Ming and I are not alike. He is a good intelligent child with lots of ideas. He definitely wouldn’t do things like violating the law.”

Teacher Ren heard these words and coldly laughed in his heart. Not saying anything further, he opened the food box in his hand in front of Lu Xiao. Inside, the neatly stacked banknotes appeared in front of the two people, fiercely slapping Lu Xiao in the face.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Oh. This is the money that your little brother used to bribe me. I came here to return it.”

Lu Xiao: “………………………………” kf6orw

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