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PBD Lore



[Humans and their addresses]

❈ Junwang, commendary prince(2nd rank)/state ruler (king):
our Junwangs are actually military border kings, Fanwang (藩王), they rule a county/region of one of the borders and command their own armies.
the title is junwang/fanwang, but the address is wangye
zh wikipedia | use in history | border king

❈ Gong zi, young master/noble sons/young lord/gentleman

❈ Shaoye, young master/employer/employer’s son

❈ Fa shi/Bhanaka, buddhist monk who mastered the sutras:
zh wikipedia


[Gods and their standing]

❈ Jade Emperor – high god in Taoism
he’s not the highest god in charge but he is the most often seen in stories,

❈ Tai Bai Jin Xingjun – in charge of Venus,
太白金星, great white golden star, Venus
usually the Imperial Commissioner of Jade Emperor

❈ Tian Shu Xing Jun – star lord of Dubhe/Alpha Ursae Majoris (first star of the Big Dipper/Northern Dipper)
en wikipedia
more about his name

❈ Old Lord Lao-Tzu – legendary figure in Taoism
The Lao-Tzu, that Lao-Tzu

❈ Yue Lao – Old man under the moon, God of marriage and love

❈ Dong Hua Di Jun – an emperor lord,
appears in books and movies a lot, quite popular
zh wikipedia dao info

* Bai Hu Xing
the white tiger referred to guard the east (‘great’ stars of east/west/north/south)



❈ Jade Emperor’s palace hall 
baidu/another spelling

❈玄率府 – Xuan Lu manor (melody), Song Yao’s home in heaven, no backstory

❈尚川 – Shang Chuan (yet/value – river/plains) – the region under the rule of Dongjun Wang



(xianxia) Terms

❈ Cultivation/cores/stages
cores and how long it takes
different types of cores
cultivation terms and address

❈ Xianxia terms and explains tao terminology
wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan terms



❈ Basic Taoism
general glossary of dao terms
three flowers condensing onto the head

❈ Auspicious cloud/magic cloud : floating cloud immortals use to move around

❈ Xian – fairy, immortal, god in Tao
en wikipedia

❈ Taoist immortals
different types of immortals

❈ Lords in heaven:
types and hierarchy / weibo
loose immortals
Lords in heaven, seniority:
Dijun (emperor lord) > Daojun (lord of the way) > Zhenjun (true lord) > Xingjun (star lord) > Qingjun (pure lord/lord of clarity) > Tianjun (celestial lord) > Yuanjun (first lord/primordial lord)




❈ Misc. idioms:
chinese idioms (wuxiaworld) 


Hard words to translate

this entire novel is hard to translate

* 王府 wangfu, king’s residence/manor/mansion
can refer to the place, the building, and the people of it/household
for example when someone marries into the wangfu they’re marrying into the family
Junwangfu is the residence of the state ruler, state residence


I intended this list for everyone, first-time xianxia/ancient china reader and vets, so don’t feel like I’m insulting your intelligence haha.

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