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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 7.5


Translated by Eve

Edited by Sora & Cat qe1wZU

On the first night after Max had taken Sui Yuan home, Sui Yuan basically spent the entire night on guard, clinging onto Ya.

As expected, he had not judged Max’s integrity wrongly. Max did not feel burdened at all, with regards to attacking him at night. Sui Yuan and Max looked at one another in a deadlock amidst the darkness for a long time. It was only because Sui Yuan made his position clear– that he will steadfastly guard his chastity — that Max finally withdrew temporarily.

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—– Naturally, the real reason for Max’s retreat was that he truly could not endure looking at Sui Yuan’s appearance. He was obviously very sleepy but did not dare to sleep, as if he was facing a matter of life or death.

After Max has left, Sui Yuan handed night-watch duty over to 5237 and finally fell asleep in a daze. Nevertheless, he did not dare sleep too deeply. Thus, his sleep quality wasn’t too great. Upon being shaken awake on the second day, his whole person appeared muddled and confused, as if he would fall asleep at any moment. 1YOHEp

“……Lan? Did you not sleep well last night?” When he saw Sui Yuan appear a bit out of sorts, Ya obviously felt very worried. “Is it because you’re not able to sleep in a bed that’s not your own? Or are you not used to sleeping with me and miss Dima?”

“……It wasn’t bad,” Sui Yuan replied, voice soft and sleepy, carrying quite a bit of grogginess.

“If you’re this tired, will you be alright with going to the hospital today? If it’s too difficult, then we can leave you here to rest.”

Ya truly felt that “forcing” this kind of Sui Yuan to accompany him to the hospital was simply a bit too inhumane. s3dZNn

When he heard Ya’s words, Sui Yuan was startled and finally his head cleared a bit. He cautiously shot a glance at Max who was sitting off to the side with breakfast in both hands. Max’s eyes lit up. He was obviously coming up with a good-for-nothing scheme. Sui Yuan naturally was resolute in his unwillingness to be left here alone. He desperately insisted on going with Ya.

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Upon seeing Sui Yuan’s insistence, Ya did not object further and had no choice but to agree. The three people boarded the car after finishing breakfast. Max dropped them off at the military hospital before he headed off to work. He’d come to pick them up and go home when they got tired of playing, or when he got off work.   

When they saw him once more, they saw that Dima’s condition had already improved a lot. He, however, could not move as he wished just yet. Dima was naturally very happy upon seeing that Max had brought Ya and Sui Yuan to visit. He looked impatiently at Sui Yuan, wishing that Max would give his merman to him. However, he soon discovered that Max still went to place Sui Yuan into a chair a distance away from him.

“You’re still injured. To hold a merman in your situation would not be good for you or him,” Max turned towards Dima, who had a face full of disappointment, and spoke righteously. UGJY8z

“……I know,” Dima nodded, and didn’t insist anymore. After all, what Max said made sense. He could not refute the other’s “good intentions.”

After having delivered the two mermen to Dima to watch over, Max needed to head to work. Before he left, he sternly warned Sui Yuan with his eyes, telling him to obediently play far away from Dima.

Sui Yuan coughed, and nodded his head slightly in agreement. Max left, still feeling uneasy.

Dima saw that his family’s merman spirit wasn’t too good, and became very worried. He repeatedly asked Sui Yuan exactly what it was that he felt unaccustomed to. Sui Yuan whimpered for half a day, before finally spitting out an answer that Dima would accept — Max. vwhkM

Dima suddenly realized that it was indeed his family’s cold-looking boss that had gave Sui Yuan a fright. On the other hand, Sui Yuan, who recalled yesterday’s affair in the bath, felt awkward from head to toe and averted his gaze.

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Since this was Dima and Sui Yuan’s “reunion after a long separation”, Ya, who didn’t want to be a lightbulb, naturally drove away in his merman car, giving the two people some time alone. It was just unfortunate that Sui Yuan’s character design was untalkative. Furthermore, he and Dima were not very familiar. They only spoke a few sentences about their days, before they fell silent. The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

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When he saw his family’s merman’s desire for sleep, Dima laughed as he called for the robot nurse. He had it help Sui Yuan into bed. Soon after, his gaze was warm as he watched Sui Yuan softly lay onto the mattress on his stomach. In a flash, he entered the land of dreams.

The warm rays of the morning light spilled atop of the blue merman, further highlighting his smooth, pale skin, making it appear even more delicate. His blue tail glittered slightly, appearing like the sparkling reflection of sunlight off of a lake’s surface. His long blue hair splayed out on top of the white bed, and it half covered his beautiful face. His sleeping face was serene and sweet……Dima’s gaze become increasingly tender. His heart was full of satisfaction, feeling that he could practically watch him all-day.

Yi? Lan is asleep?” After having wandered around one full circle, Ya, who had felt extremely bored, had just arrived at the ward in time to see this scene. He immediately lowered his voice, and for a moment, did not know whether or not he should leave, so that he wouldn’t destroy this soft and warm situation.

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Dima turned his head to look at Ya, and smiled amicably. Ya hesitantly drove the merman car over, stopping at Dima’s bedside. His voice carried a bit of happiness: “Indeed, Lan is really dependent on you.” dZmE7L

“Is that so?” Dima’s tone was as low as possible, but his joy and content still bled through.

“Yes. After leaving your side, he couldn’t sleep well at all,” Ya nodded, “But as soon as he came to you, he was able to fall asleep immediately, free from any worries.”

Dima could not control of the corner of his lips from raising. The implication from Ya’s mouth made him feel extremely delighted.

With Sui Yuan as an icebreaker, the originally slightly stagnant atmosphere between Dima and Ya immediately became lively. The two people went from Sui Yuan’s behaviour last night to chatting about mechas, the military, and just about every aspect of this world. The atmosphere between them were completely unlike that of Dima and Sui Yuan’s previous state of having nothing to say. pwVb7g

Dima’s personality was warm and patient. As the deputy of the cold and taciturn Max, he naturally had to be resourceful, and be adept at communicating. Dima’s knowledge was extensive and profound. To Ya, who had just arrived in this new world and thus felt that everything was a novelty, Dima was the best person to go to for knowledge.  

Ya had countless questions, as well as an innumerable number of doubts. Max never answered his disorderly mess of questions. Sui Yuan did speak with him for a bit, however what he had to say was obviously superficial. Basically, it could not compare to the experienced and knowledgeable Dima’s profound and deep words.

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Ya listened, fascinated. Furthermore, towards this kind of avid listener, Dima who had been extremely bored following his injury, completely welcomed him.The two people, from the very first question and answer, discussed enthusiastically. Evidently they got along well.

Sui Yuan was woken up by these two people’s conversation. Bewildered, he raised his head slightly, just in time to see Ya naturally peeling Dima an apple. Furthermore, upon receiving the apple, Dima was touched and appeared embarrassed, completely at a loss. The mood between the two of them held an unspeakable sort of intimacy. jVupaY

Sui Yuan closed his eyes once more, yawning lazily in secret. He guessed that Max’s plan would soon succeed.

——-What he didn’t know was whether disturbing his sleep last night was because Max had really wanted to do shady things or if it was to prevent him from hindering Dima and Ya’s interaction today.

“I’d say that it’s the latter,” 5237 seriously analyzed, swaying his body as he rubbed against the side of Sui Yuan’s head, “Whether mermen had….that done to them or not, is probably detectable. Right now, before you legally belong to him, Zhao Xihe would probably only dip his toes in a bit before stopping. He cannot touch you for real, or else he will certainly be punished. And if that happened, all of his laborious preparations would go to waste. Secretly seducing someone else’s merman, that’s more intolerable than robbing someone in broad daylight. His purpose last night was to make sure you wouldn’t sleep well, most likely to make sure that you would not be awake for the majority of the time during which you and Dima would interact. If you were awake, Dima would certainly pay more attention to you, rather than Ya. This kind of plan is certainly twice the effort for half the result.”

“Since it’s like this, why didn’t you tell me this last night? Letting me foolishly spend half the night on alert.” Sui Yuan complained. GyjTFK

“Even if I had told you, would you have been able to sleep soundly while being eyed at covetously by him?” 5237 snorted, as if it felt it to be below its dignity, “Moreover, I’m not too convinced by his moral integrity. If he were to come for you for real, wouldn’t you blame me to death?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan, with no way to respond, fell silent. He knew that 5237 was right. He long knew Max’s thought process, and had no choice but to go along with him.


The next time he woke up, the sky had already reddened. The ward was silent, interrupted only by the faint sound of electronic beeping. Sui Yuan turned over and sat up and looked around. He discovered that Dima and Ya were not around. Unexpectedly, it was Max sitting to the side, head lowered to skim a document. dNa1AB

Hearing movement, Max raised his head and looked at Sui Yuan, the corners of his lips raising slightly, “Awake?”

“……Where’d they go?” Sui Yuan was a bit lost.

“Dima went for a check-up. Ya went to accompany him.”

Max stood up and walked to Sui Yuan’s side. He swept a glance to the door. When he was certain that there was no one around, he bent down at the waist and kissed Sui Yuan’s forehead. His voice was full of content, “It seems that those two people got along well today.” dNbrSd

“Yes, it wasn’t bad.”

Sui Yuan’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know why, but seeing Max scheme like this, with an attitude of having everything in the palm of his hands, made him particularly uncomfortable.

“I only need to add a bit more fuel to the fire,” Max mumbled quietly, eyes slightly squinting. Soon after, he sighed in regret, “Moreover, I can’t act overly hasty with regards to this matter. At the very least, I have to wait until Dima has recovered completely. I’ll come back to this later, after they’ve gotten more familiar with one another.”

Sui Yuan quickly averted his gaze. He couldn’t help but light a candle for Dima. 28vCN9

From the corridors came the sounds of approaching footsteps and voices. Max straightened his body and turned to face the door. At the same time, the room’s door also opened. They watched as Dima and Ya entered while speaking and smiling, looking like they were old friends.

Upon seeing Sui Yuan who had already awoken, and Max who was clearly waiting for them, Ya happily greeted them. It was obvious that he had a good day today. His mood had risen considerably. However, Dima appeared distracted for a moment, his expression appearing a bit unnatural.

When he saw Sui Yuan’s pair of teary eyes that were full of dependency and longing fall on himself, Dima’s first reaction was not one of happiness, but of guilt. He subconsciously averted his gaze, but he did not understand why he felt this way.

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Dima shook off this ineffable feeling and walked towards Max, slightly smiling as he greeted him with a nod, “You came?” N51uhD

“Was the results of your check-up good?” Max seemed to not detect any abnormalities in Dima whatsoever.

“I’ve recovered well. However, I still need to stay at the hospital for a few days. Then, I’ll have to rest at home.”

Dima helplessly shrugged his shoulders and sat down on his bed with the help of the robotic nurse.

Max nodded and glanced at Ya, “Today, they inconvenienced you. Did they cause any trouble?” CqyGUX

“Of course they didn’t,” Dima responded with a smile, “Lan slept the whole day very obediently. Ya was also very capable and helped me out a lot.”

“Then, can I come again tomorrow?” Upon hearing that his performance wasn’t bad, Ya seized the opportunity to speak. He looked at Dima with eyes full of expectation , “Staying at home all the time is so boring. I want to go out more often!”

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“This…..” Dima stared blankly.

Although he really liked Ya’s company, however subconsciously, he felt that something was not quite right. His instinctive response to crises made him feel that it would be better for him to restrain himself and refuse. H52gCw

However, obviously, Max who had been long awaiting for this opportunity could not give Dima the opportunity to restrain himself and refuse. He politely retreated in order to advance, “If it doesn’t inconvenience you too much — actually, I’m not too at ease with leaving them at home all on their own.”

Dima looked at Ya, and then also looked at Max. Finally, since he was incapable of understanding this instinctive feeling of alarm, he thus suppressed it, as usual, “Of course, there’s no problem. Recuperating on my own is also very boring. If they are willing to come keep me company, then that would be great.”

Max’s expression softened a bit upon hearing Dima’s agreement and nodded his head in satisfaction, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard you be this polite!” Dima mocked, acting in an over-exaggerating manner, as if he was overwhelmed with flattery, “In the past, didn’t you just casually toss whatever you wanted me to do at me, without any regard for my wishes?” kmOWEt

Max raised an eyebrow, and didn’t respond.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——-That’s because he’s scheming against you now, planning to push you into the pit of fire. Sui Yuan answered Dima’s question silently in his heart.

“Alright. Don’t you also help me take care of Lan at night? During the day, bring them here. Treat it as if we are dividing the work.”

Dima waved his hands, putting an end to the subject. wD3GtW

Carrying his anticipation for tomorrow, Ya’s voice was especially cheerful as he left. On the other hand, Sui Yuan was full of so much pity for Dima that he even forgot to conjure up the emotions for his routine pre-separation crying act. In the end, he was directly carried off by Max.

Before leaving the hospital room, Sui Yuan caught sight of Dima who was laying on the hospital bed. Dima, who appeared absent-minded because of his wandering thoughts and slightly relaxed expression, heaved a long sigh.

——To have a no-good boss who is always scheming against you, playing with your body, mind and even feelings……My condolences.

The author has something to say: tu3zH6

Yesterday, the little sisters seemed to be very excited about the *coughcoughcough* scene? Actually, I didn’t write anything, right? In fact, the chapter is very pure right? wwwwwww

Eve: Novel rec! Ling/Silverneko has picked up a new project called “The Last Cat in the Universe.” It’s a super fluffy read with cat!MC and war god! ML. Check it out here.

And if you don’t read Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother which she also translates… you really should try it out 😉


Translator's Note

A third wheel

Translator's Note

A sound of surprise

Translator's Note

Original idiom: 长袖善舞 – lit. long sleeves are an advantage in a dance

Translator's Note

Ahem. The frick frack. The deed. The horizontal tango. *cough* sex…you get the point

Translator's Note

以退为进 – The first part refers to the progress achieved by acting modesty, and the latter refers to the attitude of concession as a means of progress.

Translator's Note

请节哀顺变Dictionary translation: Please restrain your grief and accept your fate — a condolence phrase.

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