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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.6


After easily getting Seno’s promise, Sui Yuan acted like he wanted to quickly get rid of a hot potato, quickly stuffing the cinnabar into the other’s hands, telling him to quickly give it to Allen. Seno naturally kept close attention to his own little brother’s affairs, and thus naturally he heard of the matters that occurred at the field to some extent. Seeing Sui Yuan’s abnormal expression this time, he naturally could not let it go. Furrowing his brows, he questioned him closely to the very end as to what made him suddenly change his decision.

Sui Yuan’s expression was difficult to read, and he answered ambiguously, allowing Seno to faintly guess that it concerned Leonard —— indeed it was only Leonard who was capable of making his spoiled little brother lower his head, making him go against his own feelings. However, once he prodded him for more details, Sui Yuan clammed up and wouldn’t open his mouth no matter how hard he pried. This sort of behaviour caused Seno’s imagination to run even more rampant. PWioSC

With a glance, he used his eyes to question Moya, who had come with Sui Yuan. However, Seno soon discovered that the other simply looked at Sui Yuan with eyes full of pity, also shaking his head. Seno, who could not come up with what he ought to ask could only temporarily give up, expressing that he will absolutely fulfill the task Sui Yuan has entrusted to him so that he will not have to feel anxious.

After getting what he wanted, Sui Yuan finally relaxed his tone of voice, stretching taut the wooden expression on his small face.  He nodded. Soon after, he turned to leave. Moya also bid Seno farewell, blindly following Sui Yuan’s every step, doing his utmost to protect him from behind.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Seno watched the two people leave, sighing. With his head lowered, he looked at the cinnabar in his hands, discontent and suspicion towards Leonard deepening. He has always felt that having his brother who chased after the other finally give up was unfortunate. Even if everyone respected Leonard, he thought that the modest Moya was a more worthy  man to entrust his brother to.

Seno worked very rapidly. Very quickly, Sui Yuan received the news that Allen had used the Pangluo cinnabar to heal his own admirer. The Sui Yuan who had been on tenterhooks finally was able to take his heart out of his stomach. Towards Leonard, he once again began to show a good face. After all, his character settings was his biggest weakness, and he took it very seriously, not beating any grudges. This matter passed by in a short amount of time to the satisfaction of all. GHP6qw

At the same time, another rumour began to circulate throughout the beast people. Because of this rumour, Sui Yuan became a pitiful sub-beastman who was let down, and Leonard became the sort of person who let down others.  

  Under Sui Yuan’s meticulous indulgence and his unintentional display of his moodiness, this rumour gradually blew up. The masses love to discuss the gossip surrounding famous people. It was as if the whole word shared one principle: everyone pool wisdom from the masses—unity is strength, even if it’s bogus talk. The number of people discussing this rumour grew, and its entire cause and effect became more real than gold.

Evidence one, was the confrontation between Leonard and Monroe that had caused onlookers to be confused. On the surface, it seemed that the two people had mentioned Allen, as if they had been contending for his affections. It basically had nothing to do with Eli. Furthermore, Eli’s facial expression facing the field that day was ugly, not the slightest bit happy. Only the rumour could explain this situation.

Evidence two, although Allen had not been able to obtain the Pangluo cinnabar from Eli on the field, however on the second day, he had taken that cinnabar and drawn an incantation to heal that injured beastmen. It was during this time that Eli and Leonard seemed to have a dispute. dXN9zm

Evidence three, the good-tempered Moya that always used to follow Eli blindly, has recently acted as if no matter what Leonard did, it was displeasing to the eye, everything was nitpickingly criticized, even to the extent that daily communication was incapable of being harmonious. There was no grudge between the two people. The only thing that could have caused Moya to react in this way would be the fact that Leonard let down Eli, causing him (Eli) to suffer and feel upset.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In great abundance, the beast people’s imagination, guesses, and some facts, were all insisted on being brought together for no good reason, and thus formed a vivid, reasonable, backed with evidence kind of rumour. When Sui Yuan heard this, he was stupefied for half a day, until he was able to accept that he was able to achieve such unexpectedly powerful results because he had learnt Leonard’s method of leading the public opinion and distorting the truth.

Suddenly, Sui Yuan felt that he had attained an extraordinary piece of knowledge, leading 5237 to particularly admire his learning speed—— although this achievement was basically due to blind luck.

So, regarding this uncontrollably spreading rumour, the Allen who had cured his admirer and thus finally relaxed, had naturally also heard about it. It was impossible not to say that he and his friends were shocked! Unlike Leonard who deserves his punishment, Allen was simply getting shot while lying down ah! In the first place, he didn’t know Leonard in the slightest, all right! This kind of rhythm that turned him into a third party made him a bit unable to keep calm. 1 ViM8Rj

For the sake of giving his thanks to his benefactor, and also for the sake of washing clean his own body, the Allen who felt pressure as great as a mountain upon his head, went to find Sui Yuan, honour-bound to not turn back. He then cool-headedly and calmly expressed his thanks beneath Eli’s penetrating and haughty gaze.

“Rather than thank me, you might as well go thank Leonard,” Sui Yuan coldly said, “If it wasn’t for his request, it would definitely be impossible for me to have given the cinnabar to you.”

Hearing his words, Allen incessantly forced a smile onto his face: “To the end, I really don’t know from where that rumour came from. Please believe me. I swear to the Beast God, I have never spoken a single word to His Excellency Leonard! Even during the event, he had only spoken to you…….”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Zjsyf atf akb bo sbe jgf yflcu jogjlv bo yflcu obecv bea, rb sbe qgfafcv ab cba xcbk bcf jcbatfg! Snfc lo sbe rkfjg ab atf Dfjra Xbv, P mjc’a yfilfnf sbe!” Vel Tejc fzqibvfv lc gjuf, “Snfc lo atf akb bo sbe vbc’a jvwla ab la, atf gewbeg jybea kts tf kjcafv ab gfqgfrfca sbe, kts wera P ulnf atf mlccjyjg ab sbe?!” MhidPV

Having made Leonard into his own scapegoat, Sui Yuan was not afraid in the least of being routed out. Was it not him (Leonard) who brought out the root of the problem? Serves him right, being set up in this way!

“Perhaps……it was just His Excellency Leonard’s kindness? As fellow beastmen, and with regards to my injured admirer, I take it that he may have sympathized with the situation, having thought of his own previous experience of being injured. You also were like me, anxious and unstable. So he did not measure others by his own standards, and thus decided to lend a hand?” Allen himself could not understand what this meant in the end, however it did not hamper his soft words of self-admonishment at all, working hard to extract himself from the situation.

Having heard this, Sui Yuan was momentarily left with his mouth gaping, only thinking that what Allen had said was in fact not wrong. If it had been the original Eli, he would most likely have been fooled! Between saving his low IQ and displaying his enmity towards the protagonist in accordance to the plot, Sui Yuan found it extremely difficult to choose, but ultimately chose the latter. Although his face relaxed slightly, his gaze was as firm and ice-cold as before: “Don’t think that by saying these few words that you can fool me! I have ears that can hear and eyes that can see. No matter whether you and Leonard have something going on, this is definitely an account that I must settle with you!”

Only, it was a pity that Allen, completely contrary to his expectations, was not at all infuriated but instead seemed to smile conivingly towards him: “Of course, last time I told you that as long as you gave me the cinnabar, I’d be willing to do anything to pay for it in exchange.” LP39uM

Sui Yuan:“………………”

  ——Where’s the agreed upon “give tit-for-tat” kind of conflict! This kind of “You’re good”, “I’m good”, “everybody’s all good” rhythm is what it’s going to be?!

As Allen helplessly looked at the face of the little teenage kitten whose expression conveyed that he was at a loss for words, as if he wanted to lose his temper but simply didn’t know what kind of appearance he ought to put out, the smiling expression in his eyes deepened. Eli was bossy but he did not deliberately go out of his way to make trouble. Last time, the words he said on the field caused Allen to have no way to refute. After all, he and Eli basically had no relation between them. He basically could not have demanded the other party, without rhyme or reason, to sacrifice his own interest (Eli) for the sake of himself, which would then result in him giving up a potential cure for his own sweetheart to heal Allen’s admirer.

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Allen had planned to give up and search for another way. However, without waiting for him to think of another method, Eli’s brother Seno came to find him while holding onto the cinnabar, solemnly handing it over to him. This was undoubtedly a case of helping someone out in their hour of need. Feeling immensely grateful, Allen did not have any other thoughts aside from doing his utmost to repay this kind deed. It was even more unnecessary to say that the words Seno said when handing over the cinnabar made Allen not only form a good opinion of Eli, but also made him take pity on him. bcvAMY

After having met twice, it made Allen feel that Eli resembled his little brother — or rather, it ought to be little sister? — from his original world. Arrogant and willful, however was not capable of making another dislike them, only making them feel that he was too childish.

“Don’t think that I will let you off!” Sui Yuan gritted his teeth, trying for the second one to declare war on the protagonist Allen.

Allen smiled, clearly nodding his head: “I know, when the time comes, I will let you handle it.”

Sui Yuan: “…………” 4f3QcG

—— This sentence basically made him lose balance!

Allen: Indeed, it is just like Seno had said. Aside from speaking ruthless and childish words, he really can’t do anything.

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He had to say, as a brocon, Seno’s capability to brainwash was without a doubt really powerful. In his eyes, Eli was immeasurably good, simply without flaw— a little angel. He even successfully influenced Allen to be grateful to Eli after delivering the cinnabar. At present, deeply rooted in Allen’s mind was the idea that Eli was truly a good child.

The first time he argued with Allen, his appearance was that of a winner. However, in reality, he had lost. As for the second time, Sui Yuan had undoubtedly thoroughly lost. EfVJwb

Seeing Allen leave, Sui Yuan wanted to cry in his head. He secretly swore to make a better effort at acting even more fierce and vicious. This kind of “good friends” kind of development was simply wrong!

“Allen himself is a tolerant and kind-hearted protagonist type. Even if you were to touch his reverse scale, he would not bear a grudge against you. You gave him the cinnabar, and waited until after he finished healing his admirer to come stir up trouble. So, the result basically completely lost to that of the original Eli, who had purposely made trouble by running up to Allen’s face to snatch the cinnabar away, therefore delaying him in saving his person, making the treatment less effective.”

5237 calmly analyzed, not comforting him in the least, “However this was only the first scene. Later, perform well, and the problems should not be too big.”

“En……” Sui Yuan’s tail hung low, dispirited, feeling truly vexed. Although the surrounding public opinion ended up being as he had wished, it was as if it had no effect whatsoever on the protagonist. Instead, it seemed that he had taken a step to sever Allen’s good opinion of Leonard—— What use was this?! 6PYAue

 ……Really quickly, Sui Yuan at last found out what use this was→ →

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While walking back towards the school building, he racked his brain, pondering on how he could become more vicious and malicious in their next conflict. Suddenly, he was grasped from behind, a hand covering his mouth, preventing him from calling out like he wanted to. Afterwards, he was straightforwardly dragged to one side, behind a grove.  

Sui Yuan was frightened from head to toe, body stiff, strongly wanting to turn to 5237 for help. He then heard the person behind him sigh in a low voice. Immediately, he relaxed, casting a glance at the other person, furrowing his brows: “What do you want to do? You scared me to death!”

Leonard loosened his tight hold of his body, only weakly embracing him, and smiled while raising his eyebrows: “Me? Obviously I came here for compensation.” Yx9Qzw

“What compensation?” Sui Yuan was dumbfounded.

 Leonard did not respond, and asked a question instead: “Regarding the recent rumour, don’t you have something you need to say?”

Leonard’s tone did not seem wrong, but to the ear of the listening Sui Yuan, it nevertheless sounded all kinds of dangerous. His body stiffened, and he averted his gaze due to his guilty conscience. However, his mouth remained steadfast: “You are unqualified to act with me, so I could only put on a one man show. You can’t blame me!”

”The effect of your one man show isn’t bad. In a blink of an eye, in the eyes of everyone else, I have been cast aside as a scoundrel who is straddling two boats,” Leonard smiled especially amiably. znqOka

“……In any case, the original Leonard is more or less like this. I’m just retrieving the plot in your place!” Sui Yuan defended himself, assured that he was in the right.

“Then, I must thank you?” Leonard laughed in spite of himself, “You should know, that brother of yours, and that Moya—- even some beastmen who I don’t recognize have come to fight me in the name of defending you from an injustice. I think that my reputation has received a critical blow. The road to pursuing you is filled with thorns. You must compensate me to settle my heart.”

“……How do you want me to compensate you?”

Although Sui Yuan did not think that he had to compensate Leonard at all, however the other seemed to be too determined. He already lost to the other’s strength and lacked the ability to revolt. Thus he had no choice but to compromise for the time being. aINobx

“Come with me. You’ll know,” Leonard’s smiled, satisfied. He placed a hand on Sui Yuan’s back as he placed him onto his shoulder. He then lightly jumped, leaping onto a big tree.

Sui Yuan was carried by Leonard, and was jolted into confusion. 5237 was by his side, turning in circles anxiously. However, he could not help. He could only helplessly watch his partner get rudely carried off.

Leonard aloofly headed towards the beastmen dormitory. Leonard, like Sui Yuan, had his own room. Although it wasn’t that big, it was very comfortable.

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Sui Yuan had a bad premonition and made great efforts to struggle, like a fish on a chopping board, he flopped around on Leonard’s shoulder. However, Leonard single-handedly controlled him. Not even feeling like pulling out his key, he decided to jump to his windowsill. He simultaneously spanked Sui Yuan, on one hand punishing him and on the other teasing him, while also jumping gracefully into the room. UCas d

When Sui Yuan was pushed onto a soft bed, his brain only held one sentence: serves you right for doing something so stupid. If he had known earlier that spreading such rumours would result to this, then he would have thought thrice before acting.  At least he would go far away from Leonard after seeking death!

With one hand, Leonard held down both of Sui Yuan’s hands. With the other, he pulled open his own shirt, revealing a wide expanse of a thick and broad, well-built chest. Leonard looked at the Sui Yuan beneath his body and spoke in a particularly amiable tone: “Is there anything that you’d like to say?”

“My……my body is still underage……” Sui Yuan slightly choked, trying to push down his own body’s natural reaction.

“In the previous world, I already endured for over ten years. Did you really think that I would endure for another year, waiting for you to come of age?” Leonard smiled, understanding Sui Yuan well. Then, he waited for Sui Yuan to nod his head before calmly spitting out three words, “In your dreams.” 52dcLn

Sui Yuan:“…………”

“Before, I didn’t bother you. That was out of consideration for you. I wanted to give you a grace period, so as to not frighten you when the moment arrived. However, seeing your recent behaviour……” Leonard’s slender and graceful fingers stroke Sui Yuan’s face, then followed downwards to stroke his clavicle, directly pulling open his shirt, “You’ve simply been really impatient to seek death, huh?”

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   Sui Yuan:“………………QAQ”

The author has something to say: IHeazg

I know what you guys want to say……you bitterly hate me for clipping out the smut. *mutter*… I don’t care! *sorrowful face* Recently, the censorship has made me feel really pressured……

The translator has something to say: Do not fret, friends. I have found the locked smut elsewhere and it will be there next chapter. Also, there will be a warning and a spoiler with next chapter who may feel that they will get triggered. Do read it unless you’re certain nothing can faze you lol.

With that said, next week will also be a double release so that our friends who choose not to read the smutty chapter will also have an update to read (Yes, there’s like, a whole 4000+ characters of pure smut lol)~

1. [To be attacked/ridiculed/etc. for just being present] JiBUEf

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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