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Game, Live StreamChapter 28


District A’s strong player?

Thorn Team? jGP ti

Countless question marks flashed through Xiao Tangqiu’s brain. Without waiting for him to speak, Su Manluo seemed to know that he had questions. She smiled faintly, “I know you must have a lot questions you want to ask. We can’t stay here for long. Let’s talk as we walk.”

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other. Anyway, they had no better choice now, so they followed Su Manluo.  

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Su Manluo led the two men to the exit of the square, explaining as she walked, “This is the transfer square. Players enter the instance from here and come back here after returning from the instance. The instance is what we call those missions and we call ourselves players…… The world is actually similar to a game. We players get stronger and stronger through constant missions, defeating monsters and upgrades. However, there isn’t a resurrection point in the game for revival. So, once you’re dead, you’re really dead.”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned slightly, “Did those people who suddenly disappeared just now enter the….. instance?”  


“No, they were transferred to the main city. To be transferred into the instance, you get in those white transfer modules; those over there.” Su Manluo pointed to the white cylinders and lightly added, “But in fact, once the time comes, no matter where you are, you’ll be directly transferred into the instance. The old players would rather use the transfer modules to enter the game, because the transfer modules have a protective function. Of course, once you enter the instance, your body will be transferred in as well, but when you return from the instance, your body may be weak for a period of time, especially after being injured in-game. The more serious the injury in the instance, the longer this phase lasts. If you made enemies during the mission, your enemies can attack you when you’re vulnerable. But if you’re in a transport module, you can spend that period inside until your body restores itself to the best condition before leaving.”

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly understood; it’s no wonder he was in a coma for some time earlier. It was Tang Mianmian who had woken him up. So it was because he had been injured in the instance….. He subconsciously touched the spot where the wound had been, only to find that it had restored back to normal.  

“No matter how badly injured you were in the instance, even if you broke your arms and legs, as long as there’s still a breath left in you, you can be restored after you get back here.” Su Manluo watched Xiao Tangqiu’s move and smiled, “Even those who originally didn’t have their arms and legs in the real world can become just like a normal person after getting here…… Isn’t it amazing? But then again, there are many amazing and strange things here.”

Xiao Tangqiu laughed dryly. In his heart he thought, this setting wasn’t unusual at all. It was so damn tacky! Xzh2 y

“What does District A mean?”  

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“Just outside of here, is the city of the abyss, which is the place where we players live. The city of the abyss is very big but I can’t say exactly how big it is. It’s shaped like a huge circle. The four districts are sectioned from the outside in. From the outermost, they are District D, District C, District B, District A, and the center is District S.” Su Manluo said faintly, “As the name implies, the District A players are qualified to live in District A and so on. District S players are the top powerhouse above all the other players. Apart from District D, it takes a lot of points to enter these districts. District D doesn’t require any points. It’s the place for newcomers to settle down when they first enter this world. It’s also the most chaotic, where you’ll find a mix of good people and crooks. We call it Newbie Village. The place outside Newbie Village is also the main city, which I mentioned earlier.”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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“C iba bo qijsfgr tjnf rfa eq atflg bkc afjwr, pera ilxf rfaalcu eq j ueliv lc jc bcilcf ujwf. Uijsfgr bo atf rjwf afjw mjc tfiq fjmt batfg ys rtjglcu lcobgwjalbc, jcv fnfc kbgx abufatfg lc jc lcrajcmf.” Ve Zjcieb uijcmfv ja atf akb wfc, jcv rtf atfc tbcfrais jvwlaafv, “Ktbgc lr ktja P cjwfv atf afjw P mgfjafv. Crlvf ogbw wf, atfgf jgf rfnfgji batfg qijsfgr. Ciatbeut kf’nf cba sfa wjvf la ab atf gjcxr lc Glraglma C, P’w mbcolvfca atja kf klii yfmbwf bcf bo atf ragbcufra rdejvr lc Glraglma C lc atf oeaegf… Mbg cfk qijsfgr ilxf sbe, jiatbeut sbe tjnf qbafcalji, sbeg ifnfi lr ralii abb ibk rb atbrf ragbcu afjwr kbc’a kjca sbe. C vfnfibqlcu afjw ilxf begr lr atf yfra mtblmf obg sbe uesr.” SbxVc8

Xiao Tangqiu got what she meant. Su Manluo had entered the instance in order to recruit new players. No wonder an experienced old player her hadn’t done anything, as if she was just following along for the experience. All along, her objective was to secretly observe the newbies and see if there were any diamonds in the rough.  

Su Manluo smiled faintly, “If you’re willing to join Thorn, I can take you guys on your next mission. Although I can’t guarantee you’ll make it, it’s definitely better than attempting on your own. How about that? Would you like to join our team?” Although Su Manluo sounded like she was asking, her face was full of confidence, as though she was already sure that the two would agree to her invitation.

Xiao Tangqiu immediately thought of something – the silent trio in that last instance seemed to be the case of an old player bringing two new players. But the brother and sister should be newcomers who had at least experienced one instance before that. Unfortunately, they had died in that last instance.  

“How did you manage to escape that last instance?” Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help asking Su Manluo the one thing that he just couldn’t figure out. 3NAeqf

Su Manluo paused, then smiled, “It’s not a big deal if I tell you since you’ll find out sooner or later. I used a prop that allowed me to forcibly exit the game.”

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian both froze at the same time, asking in unison, “A prop that allows you to forcibly exit the game?!”  

“That’s right, players have a certain probability of receiving skill cards and props in the instance. Of course, it mostly depends on luck and personality.” Su Manluo grinned, “Skill cards are divided into ordinary skill cards and special skill cards, and props are divided into many types. You’ll come across them in the future. The one I used was one of the more special props, but it’s a one-time prop, so I can only use it once.”

Xiao Tangqiu instantly remembered the special skill card he got. He opened his mouth and wanted to ask, but when the words reached his mouth, he was swallowed them back down. mKwdSp

“So, have you decided?” Su Manluo asked again.  

Xiao Tangqiu hesitated and was wondering whether to accept Su Manluo’s invitation or not when suddenly a burst of chatter sounded from somewhere nearby.

Tang Mianmian and Xaio Tangqiu instinctively turned to look in the direction where the noise was coming from and saw several extremely eye-catching people emerge from the crowd. This sort of conspicuousness was not only reflected in their appearance, but also in their aura.

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The appearance of these people were very prominent, and their aura was even more powerful and harder to ignore. The excited and hardly-restrained whispers of onlookers all the more gave away they extraordinary identities.   gDxnRU

Su Manluo noticed their looks and narrowed her eyes slightly, “……Those aren’t people you can afford to offend. They’re all strong players of District S and members of Samsara Team.”

“Samsara Team?” Xiao Tangqiu looked puzzled.

“Samsara is one of the top three teams in District S. All of their members are District S players and are among the top players.” Su Manluo sighed, “You don’t even know how many players want to join them. They have the strongest teammates, the best skill cards and props, the most advanced intelligence, but they don’t simply accept anyone……”

She smiled wryly, “Even a District A player won’t be taken seriously by them, what more rookies like you. Just stop your wishful thinking.”   HuOJ86

Xiao Tangqiu hadn’t expected to be able to join such a strong team either; he was just curious. But when caught sight of one of the players in that group of people, he felt his head heat up as if all the blood in his body had rushed up to his head at once.


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That was a young man in his twenties. He had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes and a tear mole under his left eye. His appearance was dreamy and romantic but he had a cold, distant temperament. His eyes were like a frozen spring that seemed to give off the impression that nothing was ever good enough to deserve his attention, and his eyebrows had a touch of icy indifference.  

This face! Even if he were to be burned to ashes, he would still recognize that face! This was clearly the face of a grown-up Meng Xinghe. h8eYNP

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart pounded violently, and he cried out loud, “…… Xinghe! Xinghe!”

He didn’t care about anything else as he single-mindedly pushed himself through the crowd of onlookers, all the way to the front of the crowd, making his way to the front of the man with great difficulty. He shouted fervently, “Xinghe! You didn’t die! You’re still alive!”  

But the man didn’t even spare him a glance and merely walked straight past him.

Xiao Tangqiu froze for a moment, it was as if his body had been struck by iceberg, “Xinghe? Xinghe…….. Meng Xinghe!” TXJpog

Perhaps his voice was too loud because the man finally stopped and gave him with a sidelong glance, his gaze completely calm and without any fluctuations. Although he was looking at him, it was as if he hadn’t seen anything.

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Xiao Tangqiu felt his entire body go limp, like he had been nailed to the spot by that one glance.  

Very quickly, the man and his companions entered the transfer array, their figures disappearing at once. The crowd of onlookers gradually scattered away, leaving Xiao Tangqiu alone, still at the same spot.

Su Manluo walked over and sighed, “You must’ve mistook him for someone else. The man’s name isn’t the name you called out, nor is his surname Meng.” jEMYGu

Xiao Tangqiu asked blankly, “Who is he then?”

“That’s the captain of Samsara Squad, one of the strongest players in District S….. His name is Shen Yuan.”


~~~ dF xmD


P.S. MXH translates to river of stars…. Isn’t that so dreamy and romantic (just like his face)?:blobnosebleed:

Translator's Note

Just a fun fact: In Chinese culture, a tear mole, which is a mole under the eye, actually isn’t a good thing. Most Chinese usually get it removed because it is believed to bring tears, which translates to misfortune. I find it odd so many MCs and MLs have tear moles….

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