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  • I love the illustrations so much~ ☺thanks for reading~

  • sorry about that haha happy reading

  • (i. am. so. disgusted. not like at GYZ, i just cant stand wriggling/squirming bugs)

  • Yea, me too.. I think they can’t just take over anybody’s body tho, LSM is barely alive before, and Guang Yun already died, so Song Yao can take over just fine. With my limited understanding with taoism and buddhism, imo they also can’t just randomly use an emperor’s body… like karma and things, moreover emperors are revered like gods, SY is like, random dude, with what should be normal average life/fortune.

  • This was why I was shaken, I thought he’d use him until the end D:
    thanks for reading yall!

  • you’re taking this rly calmly, i was so shook when i read this chapter

  • oooo interesting

  • on Peach Blossom DebtChapter 1 2 months ago

    yes and no~ in the book this is the foreword/prologue so it is that short, yes
    thanks for reading

  • Thanks for reading (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • they met! i like the saint-type girls, I don’t like the whiny ones, like omg
    if you can’t fight, at least run well!
    I’m so so so looking forward to Bai YangXprotagonist! although… it’s rly disappointing that this leader of YY harem looks worse than demon king (or is this BY’s bias???? xD)

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