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  • I honestly forgot this was isekai until he mentioned the future events. I like that Vio wants to protect and provide for his village, but I feel like a better alternative would be to stop the impending war, saving the entire kingdom. It would be a nice journey to see as well. He could stop his brother Rupheus from attending or simply attend himself.

  • I’m living for this twist!!!

    Just when I thought this novel couldn’t get any better, here the author comes with a bulldozer knocking over me off my feet yet again. I applaud this author so much dammit! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!

  • Wow, so intense. I feel so sad for Ji. My body involuntarily jerked with a light spasm at the mention of rape and it happened again when he threw himself in the fire. It’s killing me, the emotions are too raw. However, now that Chi is here, I know things will turn out better for Ji and I can’t wait for that.

  • That glove moment was so smooth, even I swooned. Wow. I’m so happy for them. I love this world so much, I’m really going to miss it 🙁

  • Omg yes! yes! yes! I love this chapter so much. The descriptions were the best. I could see it so vividly. The emotions so real. Thank you guys so much for translating this masterpiece!

  • Ah! This was so satisfying, my God! I was waiting for that stamp album! WAITING! I can’t believe I feel this satisfied. It’s be a long time since a story has made my heart swell. I’m floored with emotions that I can’t even properly express them. I am thoroughly enjoying every second of this. I never want this story to end OMG.

  • “I’m black. Go fuck yourself.”

    ya’ll I’m Simon, Simon is me lol

    In all seriousness I am black, so that was my sentiment exactly!

  • That part with the 5 yr old with one hand wishing to be Iron Man almost made me tear up. So precious, so sad. I’m glad he was able to make that boy smile if only for a moment. The feels are too real

  • I binged up until this point, reading all night and I have yet to comment. But, I NEEDED to comment about this chapter because this was a great plot development which I did not see coming at all. I applaud the author, because many times we never truly delve into how these transmigration or world hopping novels actually work. We also never know what happens on the other side to the person whose body they are using. This revelation made this story go from interesting to the most engaging plot I have read in a long time. Even makes me want to look back at my own writing and broaden my already vast imagination.

    I really appreciate this story. I wasn’t quite gung-ho when I first began reading this. In fact, I trudged through the first few chapters debating whether to continue, but as the story unraveled it got increasingly better and far more interesting. I’m glad I never gave up on this, boy am I glad. Now I simply can’t wait to see what will happen next!

    This is easily shaping up to be one of my favorite novels of all time!