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Recent Comments

  • I had to go back to old chapters to remember this stuff. There’s just too many stuff to keep track of. There’s not many novels that would make me do that since most novels usually follows single path and revolves around the MC. 😅

    I suppose that’s one aspect that makes this novel interesting. There’s so many characters and they all have their own slew of mysteries that’s revealed only a little bit at a time.

  • Wow. Same pronunciation but different characters. That’s so confusing! 😅

    Also, I forgot that LMC got injured when LZ transported to the Nine Realms. So perhaps LMC just simply didn’t get the chance to retract his orders and his lackeys simply continued to follow their original orders to harass LZ’s business.

    LZY told Esteemed LY that LMC was still in seclusion when LZY departed for Profound Sky Sect. He didn’t specify how long LMC was in seclusion so I would assume that LMC entered closed door cultivation after he recovered from his injuries.

    Basically LMC didn’t have the mind to think about LZ anymore and may have even forgotten about the sabotaging matter altogether. 😅

  • Regarding LZ’s businesses, I recall that LXZ mentioned that they flourished under YTH in their last life. If so, does this mean that QZ was able to resolve his old grievances with LMC on his own?

    Idk if we’ll ever get our answers because the information revealed regarding their past life is always limited to what LXZ’s recollection. The novel never reveals what LXZ doesn’t know. Because LXZ never heard from QZ again, the fate of LZ businesses is the only clue.

    I would imagine that QZ probably handled the sabotaging cases the same he did in his last life and confronted that traitor and the two mystery cultivators in the same manner.

    Speaking of those two cultivators, since it’s confirmed that the backers were the Liu family, these cultivators would have likely reported the confrontation to LMC as soon as he got out of closed door cultivation. I’m sure LMC would realize quickly that the intruder was QZ.

    Since LXZ is involved with the confrontation in this life, LMC will probably seek LXZ at his Sinking Peak pretty soon now that he’s finished his closed door cultivation.

  • How did LXZ establish friendly relations with the Liu family so easily? Weren’t they responsible for sabotaging LZ’s properties? I’m so confused 🤔

    Also, did LXZ not encounter LMC at the gathering? It said the Liu family heads were there. LMC probably would have questioned LXZ hard about QZ.

    QZ didn’t actually say whether or not LMC managed to get what he wanted. QZ’s damaged cultivation seems to suggest that LMC attempted to get it.

    I’ve been wondering: why did the sabotaging continues to this day even after LZ’s disappearance? It doesn’t make sense to continue to expand efforts to cause trouble when the person whom LMC seeks to extract info from is long gone. Didn’t LMC personally witness LZ being transported out of the Five Continents? So he should know that it’s no longer possible to get answers from LZ.

    What does LMC intend to do once he finds QZ? I’m wondering if he persisted in his search because he didn’t get the Immortal Grass…..or if he actually seeks to reconcile with QZ.

    AHH which is it? 😵😵😵

  • “because we argued and broke up, “

    Uhh, that was pretty straightforward. 😂 But how it did the tale devolved from a typical lovers quarrel case into a messed up story filled with deception and exploitation? Poor QZ. He wanted it believe in love but it turned out to be a big fat lie from the very beginning. 😰 Liu Mengchen is unexpectedly similar to Han Yuren. Playing with people’s feelings is not cool! 🤬🖕 He didn’t seem like a bad character since JYX seemed to have a positive opinion of him when he compared him to JZY. It’s hard to view the reclusive as evil villains when you see little JZY and JYX quibbling. 😅 At the end of the day, I wanna hope that this was a big misunderstanding just like with Lin Zhan. 🥺

    But there’s no denying that LMC had deceptive intentions from the beginning. The fact that his cultivation was hidden in their first encounter is proof. 😞

  • Esteemed LY and LXZ smiling at each other like evil minions 😈 , lmao 🤣

    Looks like YTH didn’t need to drink vinegar. LXZ handled the two like da boss! 💪I don’t understand the green hat reference. Was he saying that LZ cheated on LXZ’s father with the manual? Lmao that makes no sense.

    Still, it was hilarious to see LXZ dissing the manual while LY was like, “why me?” 😝

  • Lol, the two of them were best buds? And their mischiefs gave rise to the most powerful generation? 🤣

    The trouser thing pretty much confirms that MaoMao has a human form. 😉 I really wonder if he has something special with Ah Gu.

  • What? YTH’s parents don’t have high status? Lol are they even talking about the right people here? Their bloodlines alone should be enough to explain the whole thing

  • What? Another hundred chapters? 🤯 Not a few? 🥺

    The agony of waiting. LXZ is probably on the verge of pulling out his beautiful hair and screaming, “I WANNA KNOW!” 😛

  • I can’t tell if LXZ is feeling resentful towards the reclusive families over their involvement with the assassination attempt since the families were skeptical of the order and sought to get an explanation first. It’s interesting that the reclusive families aren’t blindly following orders and aren’t blood thirsty. I guess this also rules out the theory that the were behind the decline of Serene Herb Manor.