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  • Oh dear Oh dear, this chapter definitely made it to my top 5 fav chapters so far, gosh Liang Liang parents are so good to him in a way that feels so real also seeing You Ming care so much even though he shows it the least is priceless; loved this chapter to bits <3 Thank you so much!!

  • While we’re all talking about Boss Yi clearly acting like a good concerned boyfriend to Yanyan, I wanna bring up that Lu Xiehe’s online “girl”friend is from the same city as Yi Chen and that must definitely not be a coincidence ;))

  • I always thought the gong/shou distribution came about because of the power of height, but I’m so satisfied to see a way more down to earth reason! Also Liang Liang being sort of maybe ace is unexpected yet makes so much freaking sense my ace heart is thrilled :3 <3

    Also crying out of happiness in his first time is such a KSZ thing xDD gosh these two are so real and lovely!!! thanks a lot for digging up this bit!!!

  • Ahhhh Admin 03 it’s the worst, even more so when yanxyan is his own charge >_< Can’t wait to see Boss Yi face-slapping this people!!! Our Yanyan can’t be easily bullied!

    Also, LXH unwittingly outing his bro’s feelings in a live stream xD I think I can guess whats up with his gf ;3 Ahh can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Thanks a lot for this chap!!! <3

  • hahahahah that little skit at the end is the best; I love Hong Jun :3 Ahhh can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you so much for this chapter! <3

  • Oh boy, I feel a bit bad for Qiu Yan (^-^’) Poor guy just wanna have a nice date with his ideal beta, but Ning An just wanna do his homework xD Hope things don’t get to awkward when it’s known Fu Ke ie following them around

    Also AHhhh at Derek inviting He Xin on a date for real!!!! Love this side ship :33

    Thanks for the chapter! :3

  • I love YLX and how he is so straight to the point and true to his feelings. He accepted he had already fallen for KSZ and didnt even see anyone else as a choice, and he knows KSZ likes him back so he just goes “yes you can, Im willing” and thats it, no need for complications or long speeches about feelings, just, letting things be as they should.

    Also, praying for KSZ and his future as a part-time punching bag xD At least he kind of likes it (?) Hopefully LYX gets more careful nevertheless >~<

    Thanks for thr chapter!!!

  • Though I dont like this kind of stolen first kisses( consensual or nothing), the fact that he lost a freaking tooth for his troubles appeases most of my dislike, not gonna lie xD

    Brother Liang Liang rocks!! He’s the coolest (0)/

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  • Hahahaha this took the Best possibly turn!!! Serves that scummy trio right (^-^) Little Feng Yang must be laughing his ass off from heaven watching this

    Also yusss our ML is back in the picture! Cant wait to see what will happen next!

    Thanks for the chapter~~

  • Ahhhh here it comes!!! Gong abuse, gong abuse, gong abuse!! Can’t wait to see President Xie teach the little vixen how to love ;3

    Thanks for the chapter!