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Waiting Upon YouCh42 - Film Emperor


Translator: Joyce

Editor: GlitteryPanda k3ogOn


Ling Lang’s desire aroused completely. He didn’t need to look at his own face to know that he must be bright red and that it wasn’t entirely the alcohol’s effect. He touched the button of his suit but couldn’t undo it because of his shaking hands.

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“Stop.” Feng Hao called out unpleasantly. “What do you think we’re filming? A documentary?”

Ling Lang’s hand rigidly halted in front of his chest, not knowing what to do. bj6xtC

“Turn around and face the camera.”

Ling Lang faced the camera after a difficult thirty degree rotation. Even actors seldom faced cameras in this way, but when it came to this kind of filming, unless it was a great piece of psychological drama, it was necessary to interact with the audience. Ling Lang could almost see countless people watching his every move through the screen at this moment.

He swallowed again. He definitely hadn’t formally started yet when the pit of his stomach undulated uncontrollably. He could no longer perform the meticulous act of undoing a button with one hand and had to use the other and it took him a while longer than usual to undo just the one.

Feng Hao was very satisfied. “Keep up this speed.”


Ling Lang’s hands moved to the next one. It took even longer for his suit to be taken off and thrown aside. He eagerly loosened his necktie, as if so he could thoroughly breathe.

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The necktie had been untied one thirds of the way and hung loosely on his neck. The first button of his shirt was also now undone. It was only a step away from abstinence to lewdness. Compared to just a moment ago, his whole temperament was now substantially different.

Feng Hao, who hadn’t uttered a word, spoke, “The second button of the shirt… hold it with your mouth.”

In accordance with what he said, Ling Lang undid the second button and brought it to his lips. Then he lightly rubbed it with his lips and extended the tip of his tongue to lick it. He kept his eyes on the camera the whole time, doing everything he could to please the audience in front of him. 5hYw1e

Ling Lang held half a button in his mouth, slightly raised his head and began to remove the next one. Finally, he undid the third button. He inserted his hand through his lapel, where it could be seen stroking his chest through his shirt.

A bright light flashed. Ling Lang discovered that Feng Hao had an extra camera in his hand that was directly pointing at Ling Lang, who did not know when he had begun shooting him. He was somewhat nervous, but more excited than ever. The click of the shutter rang through his ears and every flash of bright light recorded his lascivious posture.

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Feng Hao slightly shifted in his position. Ling Lang loosened his teeth and followed the lens until his head tilted to the right. He slowly lowered his shirt collar, exposing half of his shoulder. His delicate collarbone loomed in the shade of his wrist. He faced upward and revealed the most fascinating curve of his neck to the camera. His Adam’s apple wriggled up and down, as if it was indicating how hungry and thirsty he was.

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Ling Lang raised his hand as the white shirt floated to the ground. His upper body completely exposed to the air, his russet nipples became hard and warped because of excitement. He grabbed his necktie and lifted it into the air. The charm in his eyes was swept away and replaced by rebellion and ruthlessness.

He shifted his tie from his neck to his wrist. His hands were held high and his wrists were tied together while he was still staring straight at the camera, his face painted with defiance and enmity.

At this moment, Ling Lang exuded a kind of irresistible beauty from head down to his toes. Each and every move evoked the beholder’s wild desire, letting them want nothing less than to pulverize the unruly spirit before their eyes, ruthlessly trample him underfoot, spare no effort to destroy his dignity and completely enslave him.

The atmosphere of the scene suddenly changed. Ling Lang turned around and showed the attractive dip in his back. It was all the more intriguing because the camera couldn’t accurately capture his movements. PhjeXt

He took off his underwear along with his trousers little by little until the gap between his butt crack was indistinctly exposed, but then he stopped midway letting the trousers slip to his feet alone.

Ling Lang turned his back to the camera. He slowly lifted his right foot, took a step back and repeated with his left foot. Each time he raised and lowered his feet, he would slowly and effortly advance so that the lines of his leg muscles could be fully displayed in front of the camera.

He bent down and deliberately held that posture for a long time before picking up the trousers on the ground and throwing them aside. At last, he was stripped to the last piece of clothing. The pure white underwear, flushed to his skin, perfectly outlined the beautiful lines of his hips and slightly exposed the spring’s sunshine that emerged to bring the world alive. The warm, orange light set off the ambiguous atmosphere of the scene to its zenith.

Ling Lang stood still, as if he was worried about what would happen next. Feng Hao didn’t allow him more time to think and sternly ordered, “Proceed.”

Ling Lang turned around again, faced the camera and knelt straight down.

His instep was bent, his toes on the ground, his knees wide apart and his manhood in his underwear had long become erect—seemingly ready to burst through the material and emerge into the open at any time. ETvnUg

Ling Lang leaned back. His right hand propped himself up on the ground and his left covered his bulge while fondling it up and down through his underwear. His breathing intensified with obvious gradient, lips slightly open, his fine eyelashes that resembled brushes faintly quivered, his eyes becoming blurred as steam gradually condensed in his eyes.

After playing with his own body for some time, his right hand, not to be outdone, shifted to his chest. His two fingers nipped his nipples and rubbed them round, making the already stiff peaks even more warped.

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After touching that side, he moved to the other. His left hand unwittingly reached into his underwear and fondled it where it couldn’t be seen, arousing people’s infinite reveries.

Ling Lang’s hands withdrew from his underwear, pulling out a long transparent thread. He sucked his finger into his mouth, his face looking very intoxicated. DfsYA0

“Take it off.” Feng Hao ordered again. Ling Lang gnashed his teeth as the last loincloth finally left him. Kneeling in front of the camera, he was now completely naked, even his shaven pubic hair not in the least covered.

The sound of the shutter kept falling. Ling Lang was completely motionless as he felt an unprecedented excitement. Feng Hao brought the lens towards him and took a close-up of his private part. Ling Lang even sent his crotch forward to get a clearer shot.

He took hold of it, going up and down and from slow to fast. Something dropped from the roof down towards him. Ling Lang’s voice gradually echoed in the narrow space, one after another, from brief to prolonged. It turned out to be a radio mouthpiece. His moans were such an ecstasy that anyone who heard would crumble.

“Stop,” Feng Hao interrupted Ling Lang’s pleasure. Although he was in a hundred and one ways unwilling, Ling Lang forced himself to stop. 7iKNfS

He saw Feng Hao open the cabinet on the wall. A row of adult products were neatly laid out, ranging from the smallest egg vibrators to those the size of a baby’s arm. There were also protruding dots on some of them that made Ling Lang dazzled.

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“There are exactly ten in this row.” Feng Hao counted. “Now you can tell me your next phone number.”

Ling Lang squinted as he struggled to recall his next phone number. His mind wasn’t as sober as usual. It took him some time to solve this originally easy problem.

It should be six. Ling Lang counted the row of objects from the left—one, two, three, four, five, six… the sixth was a G-spot thrusting vibrator which was more than one finger thick with its head slightly bent. He breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, it didn’t look scary. 6oVtIa

“It is six.” He answered Feng Hao’s question.

Feng Hao nodded and held his hand to the cabinet. “Take six from the inside.”

Ling Lang was struck dumb.

He considered it over and over again, and finally picked out six of the comparatively milder ones. Naturally, the ones with the protrusions were not among them. qX6S8T

“Have you chosen yet?” Feng Hao confirmed to him.

Ling Lang nodded.

“The ones you have chosen will not be used.”

He helplessly watched as Feng Hao strode off with the few kinds he had picked out. Each of the others that were left in front of him struck terror into his heart. He didn’t even know how to use them. QsxJfH

Feng Hao picked up the first bottle. “I’m curious why you didn’t choose this one… perhaps you don’t know what’s inside?”

This bottle had been with Ling Lang every day, it was the liquid that Feng Hao had given to him, but his intuition told him that the bottle would not be so simple this time.

“This is an enhanced version of the liquid you normally use. The second bottle you used was the first part of it. Recently, you’ve been using the second part. As for this bottle,” Feng Hao placed it in front of him. “It is the final part.”

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Ling Lang hesitantly looked at the bottle. Nevertheless, he reached for it, squeezed two drops on his fingertips and then evenly daubed it on his back pressure point and slowly massaged it until the liquid completely ingested. 5A0tiI

This time, the liquid didn’t take the desired effect as slowly as usual. Instead, Ling Lang’s body was instantly blown away and ignited. His whole back entrance was itchy and tingly and his whole body was limp and numb.

“How do you feel?” Feng Hao asked a question he already knew the answer to.

Ling Lang was burning with desire. Feng Hao’s voice seemed to be separated from him by a layer of cellophane.

A sharp mechanical rotation sounded. Feng Hao turned on the switch of the second item. Ling Lang couldn’t name it at all. At the top of it was a hemisphere, both the radius of the sphere and the frequency of vibration made Ling Lang shudder. It was even connected to an electric power source as even a battery couldn’t provide it enough power. lIjVwD

“Don’t worry. This won’t be put inside you.” Feng Hao said as the thing in his hands reached Ling Lang’s chest. The latter let out a cry of surprise, his delicate organs couldn’t withstand such rough treatment. In a short second, his nipples had flushed deep red in friction.

Ling Lang instinctively ducked… But under Feng Hao’s gaze, he went back to his original position bit by bit. He thought this torment would continue for a long time, but unexpectedly, the other party turned off the switch soon.

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“What are you nervous about? This cannot be used for a long time anyway. Its explosive force is too strong and its durability naturally cannot keep up. This is just a chicken rib.” Feng Hao put it aside in abhorrence. Ling Lang let out a long sigh of relief.

The tension had made him ignore his physical abnormality for a moment, but now that he relaxed, the effect of the smeared liquid was so overwhelming that it was even several times stronger than before.

Ling Lang’s line of sight drifted to the remaining two distinct things. Even the frightening vibrator now looked so tempting that he subconsciously licked his lips.

“Do you want it?” The voice of temptation rang in his ears. A2pvNH

En.” Ling Lang impulsively replied. When he realized what he had said, he immediately felt ashamed and seemed to be unable to show his face.

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Feng Hao chuckled.

The thing in front of him was picked up. “Since you want it so much, then you can use it next.”


Translator's Note

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to give a glimpse of something intimate (e.g. inside one’s underwear) dnRhXj

Translator's Note

things of little value or interest; something one is reluctant to give up though it is both tasteless and meaningless emb12B

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