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Waiting Upon YouCh41 - Actor


Translator: Joyce

Editor: GlitteryPanda kfwAqu

The filming that had lasted for three months finally came to an end. The production team held a grand wrap-up banquet as they rarely participated in such activities. Even when they did, Ling Lang rarely stayed.

The legendary Head who appeared and disappeared with wizardly elusiveness also came. He said a few beautiful opening remarks while he was on stage, all of which were to thank the director, the actors and the crew, and especially wished for the film to be a big box office hit and so on. sLIOnz

Ling Lang looked at the person on the stage whose face bore a striking resemblance to Feng Hao’s, yet felt entirely different. How profound was the impact of one’s influence and inner temperament on their appearance.

“What are you looking at?” Feng Hao came up to him and whispered.

Ling Lang answered him with his eyes.

Feng Hao also looked over. “Do you think I resemble my big brother?”


Ling Lang shook his head.

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“I’ve heard an interesting theory,” Feng Hao pursed his lips and sipped his red wine. “That is, the first two children of any household always have completely different personalities, even if they’re twins.”

It was the first time Ling Lang had heard such a theory and he felt it was very novel. Unfortunately, he had no brothers to validate this.

The crowd broke out into applause. Brother Feng finished his speech, nodded to the masses and walked directly to their side. He took two glasses of wine from the tray of a passing waiter and handed one to Ling Lang. INnZha

“Congratulations,” He raised his glass to Ling Lang. “The show was excellent.”

Ling Lang was puzzled, “You’ve seen it already?”

“I haven’t. I’m just being polite.”

Ling Lang: “…” SXjxPn

The two took a sip out of courtesy and ended their routine exchange of civilities.

“Follow me.” Elder Brother Feng said to his younger brother, sparing him the civilities.

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Feng Hao stealthily pinched Ling Lang’s palm. “Wait for me.”

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Xiao Ling Lang, after finishing this film, wo will go back to my country. Wo don’t know when we’ll meet next time, mud still won’t drink with wo?” He pointed out with injustice.

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The director took a long-winded way to leave until it was the actor who played the adversary’s turn. agwCl7

“Young and promising.” The old adversary’s words were efficient.

According to seniority, Ling Lang should take the initiative to venerate the other party. Now, the other party had graciously done it first, giving him great face. Ling Lang certainly wouldn’t refute his kindness and subsequently drained his glass.

It was then the little brother’s turn who considerately brought an extra glass of wine to Ling Lang. “Senior, thanks a lot for the advice about acting and thanks especially for rescuing us in that critical moment. Here’s a toast.”

He raised his head and drained his glass in one gulp. Ling Lang couldn’t evade it and also took a sip. 5DIdh8

“From now on, I’ll keep working hard and strive towards displaying my unceasing efforts. Please keep cheering for me, Senior!” The little brother bowed respectfully to him.

This kind of formality happened over and over again. When spectators saw that Ling Lang didn’t refuse the previous ones, they mustered up their courage and advanced forward to propose a toast with Ling Lang. Ling Lang barely recognized some of them while some he didn’t even have an impression of.

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If time were to go back to a few months ago, Ling Lang simply wouldn’t pay any attention to them. However, the crew had adequately taught him the spirit of indomitable persistence. Having accepted it once, he had to accept it the second time as well. Soon, the entire production team came up to offer a toast to the iceberg film emperor who usually wasn’t easy to get interact with.

Ling Lang’s alcohol tolerance was actually so-so but he didn’t dare to give himself a chance to verify. After a few drinks, his eyes began to waver. His reason told him that he should eat something to make up for it, but two whole months of dieting had made him lose his appetite for food.

Feng Hao still hadn’t come back. Ling Lang was surrounded by the crowd and couldn’t walk away even if he wanted to. He looked at the eager expressions on all their faces and wondered how long he could hold on.

While Ling Lang was raising toasts with everyone, Feng Hao, in a hotel room, received a white pill sealed inside a transparent zip lock bag from his brother. fwYMVk

Feng Hao opened the seal and sniffed it, his face immediately changing color.

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“It was retrieved from a sneaky waiter’s pocket.” Brother Feng leaned against the table with his arm on the side. “He’s really got it in his head. Your little pet would have died at least three times this month if we hadn’t been careful.”

Feng Hao put the pill into his pocket with a surly face. “Have you found him?”

Brother Feng pursed his lips at the stack of information on the table. Feng Hao picked them up and looked through them one by one. The more he looked, the stronger the nip in the air felt. ZcNYqM

“Ten years ago, we failed to get rid of him. Who could have thought that ten years later, he would have become prosperous abroad.” Brother Feng picked up a sheet in passing. “Moreover, he has a triad backing him. This is even more intractable. What are we going to do?”

Feng Hao put the information back on the table. “No matter how intractable he is, we must do it. We will not tolerate him going on like this.” NZ0Yqt

“He was indeed kicked to half-sanctity as a man. He won’t just leave the matter at that until he gets his revenge.” Brother Feng clicked his tongue. “It’s too hard to strike this time. I’m really worried.”

“You don’t have to go to great lengths for this.”

“Furthermore, security measures are by no means surefire. The surest way to avoid an accident is to put your pet in a cage, which, of course, isn’t necessary for the time being.”

Brother Feng smiled astutely. “He has just caused a little trouble. I suppose he has no time to have qualms about this issue.” He leaned forward. “How is it, isn’t it sweet? Come then, let’s sign another three-year indenture.” fmPhJS

“Don’t even think about it.” Feng Hao flatly rebuffed. Brother Feng shrugged ruefully.

”I’m going.” He strode out. “Have fun in the entertainment circle.”

When Feng Hao returned to the lounge, Ling Lang was only five percent sober and was barely standing still. This was the first time Feng Hao had seen Ling Lang in an inebriated state. His eyes resembled peach blossoms, his complexion flushed crimson, the tip of his brows were full of amorous feelings. He seemed to have released an unknown side of his character.

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Feng Hao went over. His bearing was obviously not as friendly as before. Of course, everyone sensed the situation around them. Fearing they’d be blamed, they rapidly dispersed in a hubbub. BDLtJ1

When Ling Lang saw Feng Hao, he thought he was also coming to propose a toast and he reflexively raised his glass, but Feng Hao suddenly pressed it down, pulled his arm and walked out.

All the way home, Ling Lang was very quiet, with his eyes closed and his breathing even, as if he were fast asleep.

When they arrived home, Feng Hao supported him as they went inside. As soon as the door closed, Ling Lang turned about and put his arms around Feng Hao’s neck.

“You’re drunk.” Feng Hao said to Ling Lang, who obviously was seducing him. rRKN6S

“I’m not.” Ling Lang leaned against him and sniffed at his neck.

“You change into a different person when you get drunk, or is this your inner personality?”

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Ling Lang seemed somewhat dissatisfied. “I said I’m not drunk.”

Feng Hao took Ling Lang by the shoulder and slightly pushed him away from himself. LxM7hQ

“Look here, who am I?”

Ling Lang raised his misty eyes and recognized, “Master.”

Feng Hao smiled. “It seems you’re not so drunk.”

Ling Lang looked towards Feng Hao, eyes full of resentment. “Master, why don’t you top me?” a7hpLB

Feng Hao couldn’t help but laugh. “Take back what you just said.”

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Ling Lang happily rubbed Feng Hao’s crotch. In fact, he wasn’t that drunk and knew what he was doing in his mind. However, the effect of alcohol made him do what he really wanted to do but dared not do. Perhaps, as Feng Hao had said, this was his inner personality.

Feng Hao pinched his chin. “If you do it while you’re drunk, it’ll be your fault when you wake up.”

Ling Lang rolled his eyes. “When I wake up, it’ll be your fault for not taking advantage of me while I was drunk.” 4Oyjkc

Feng Hao chuckled and then Ling Lang vaguely saw his entire aura change. He looked at him coldly. “Right, do you still need me to take advantage of you? Why don’t you just wrap your fingers around yourself, strip naked and lie flat…”

The last few words he said were attached to Ling Lang’s ear as his hot breath spewed into Ling Lang’s ears. As Ling Lang obeyed those words, his eyes widened in disbelief and his whole body began to tremble uncontrollably.

As if having expected such a reaction, Feng Hao straightened up, moved his lips and uttered the words silently.

Ling Lang actually understood. He painfully closed his eyes. Flaming desire ignited within him in just a split second. He had flirted with Feng Hao for such a long time yet the latter still remained unmoved. However, merely a word from him and it was already making him burn with a desire that was hard to control. A0dzHR

“You can’t bear the stimulation any longer?” Feng Hao caressed his neck. “It seems that you’re still far from being usable.”

He stroked Ling Lang’s check and rubbed his lips that had reddened as a result of his blood congesting there. “Still, it’s not impossible for me to give you a chance. If you want it, then you should use practical actions to strive for it.”

Without waiting for his reaction, Feng Hao clasped his wrist and dragged him towards a door that had never been opened before. His actions were a bit rough. With Ling Lang’s unstable gait, he staggered all the way.

Ling Lang swallowed nervously. He thought this room must be Feng Hao’s “dungeon”, he even prepared himself to confront all the torture equipment. VXx1Nc

When the door opened, darkness enveloped him. Feng Hao swung his arm and threw Ling Lang in. Before he could adapt to the darkness in the room, he was blinded by a sudden strong light. Ling Lang instinctively raised his arm to cover his eyes.

After a while, Ling Lang slowly put his arm down. What he saw
before his eyes surprised him so much that he was gobsmacked. Nothing in the room was close to what he had imagined at all—no torture rack, no wooden spanking horse, no leather flogger and whips… but instead there was a plethora of things that he was very familiar with—cameras, quadruple lights, shutters… this room was simply nothing less than a lost film set.

Feng Hao turned on the lights that were arranged around Ling Lang one by one. Due to the mutual neutralization of the lights, Ling Lang’s shadow thoroughly disappeared beneath his feet. Then the cameras started one after another. The two machines mutually formed a ninety degree angle with each other. Ling Lang subconsciously turned his face to the right angle, an almost professional instinct.

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“You are indeed a qualified actor.” Feng Hao praised, but instead of the usual gentleness, his voice seemed cold and pitiless. “I just don’t know if you can be regarded as an outstanding actor.” O3rwRo

“An outstanding actor can handle any subject matter.” Feng Hao stationed himself behind the camera. “We might as well try it. Let’s start the film.”

He talked so gently, his voice so tranquil yet so irresistible. “Take them off.”

Translator's Note

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be secretive in one’s movement and trace; a person who’s quite mysterious at his whereabouts, appearing at one moment and disappearing the next; who stays in the background

Translator's Note

(idiom) keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks; to be undaunted by repeated setbacks uvbX5N

Translator's Note

organized crime syndicate

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