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Waiting Upon YouCh37 - Biscuits


Translator: Joyce
Editors: Katie, GlitteryPanda

WARNING: Instances of abuse, forced confinement, depictions of depression, violence towards animals and schizophrenia. iFGBSQ

The shooting of the film progressed to the final stages at last. Ling Lang, who already knew the truth, began to surreptitiously oppose Feng Hao. He released the old adversary who was imprisoned in the underground basement. The two coordinated external and internal offensives in order to create a lot of troubles for Feng Hao, yet all these troubles were solved by Feng Hao’s formidable skills.

When Feng Hao finally found out who was causing mischief behind his back, he dispatched the old adversary and imprisoned Ling Lang in the villa. Outside the villa was an overhanging cliff and under the overhanging cliff was a merciless sea. In the last film, Ling Lang ended his life in order to save Feng Hao.

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In the latter half of the current film, Ling Lang’s character was completely different from the preceding period. He changed from a rife ruffian, greedy for petty gains but brimming with youthfulness, to a somber and unscrupulous avenger overnight. In the end, under Feng Hao’s imprisonment, his heart turned to ashes and he lost all interest in life.

In the three stages, these three distinct personalities must suggest a distinction between clouds and soil and also imply an inextricably linked unity. After all, ever since the start, he was still the same person. Even if his feelings for Feng Hao were forcibly suppressed, they still existed.

Whenever Ling Lang had the chance, he immersed himself into the role of the movie, trying to figure out the character’s psychology. He jumped and shuttled through three kinds of characters. At such times, Feng Hao was his optimal target to cooperate in his practice sessions. His expression showed fervent worship in one moment, changed to intense hatred in another moment, and finally settled into dull despair in the last moment. Whenever Feng Hao looked at him, he knew which stage of his practice he was at.

“What made you want to be an actor in the first place?” Feng Hao wiped the cup and asked Ling Lang in passing. He was waiting at the kitchen door to practice their lines with Feng Hao.


“It’s none of your business,” Ling Lang replied coldly.

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Feng Hao gave him a rather surprised look. Ling Lang seemed to realize that he was out of line and gradually drew out from the role he was practicing.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized, and then reflexively answered Feng Hao’s question, “Because when I was a child…”

“You liked watching movies, didn’t you?” Feng Hao said on his behalf. “Don’t deliver your official answer. I’ve read the magazine.” dQejVH

Ling Lang pondered for a moment. “Because I, I… when I was a child, I enjoyed watching ancient costumes or Anti-Japanese War films. Moreover, my interest seemed to be different from others.”

“Looking at it now, you wanted to perform it yourself, didn’t you?” Feng Hao smiled. “It seems that my guess is right. You must have worked hard to win the role in ‘The Brave Lives Forever’ for this reason.”

Ling Land didn’t deny him. “However… I was very happy when I appeared in the show, but once it ended, I had a very strong sense of self-denial.”

“It’s like how you don’t want to have sex after an orgasm, is it?” i7FRIc

“I can’t face myself like that. I feel dirty.” Ling Lang lowered his eyes as he entered a stage of penitence as if there was nobody else present. “After the show, I couldn’t accept any more comments related to it. So I destroyed the VCR, kept the photo, and hid it out of sight. I was thinking that I could cover the traces of the other side of me.”

Ling Lang rarely spoke so much, so Feng Hao listened quietly and didn’t make any sound the whole time. “But when I got another chance to perform again, I was still eager to try these roles. I then sank into a deeper cycle of self-loathing that kept repeating and intensifying until I could no longer get out.”

Feng Hao waited for a while. Seeing Ling Lang no longer speak, only then he asked, “So, when you saw the VCR in my house, was it the first time you watched your play again?”

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Ling Lang nodded, “Yes.” zT0SBu

“Gb sbe offi atf rjwf kjs ktfc sbe qfgobgw abufatfg klat wf?”

Olcu Ojcu’r fsfr oilmxfgfv j ofk alwfr jcv vlvc’a ulnf jc jcrkfg.

Mfcu Ljb qea atf ijra meq yjmx bc atf rtfio. “Ktja’r olcf. Tbe vbc’a tjnf ab ulnf wf jc jcrkfg. Ycmf sbe’gf kliilcu ab rjs la, atfc atja’r qgfaas ubbv abb.”

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He walked over to him and rubbed his hair. “As much as I like a quiet golden retriever, sometimes I won’t mind if you’re saying more words. Especially if it’s something like this, when you feel like it hurts to hold it in your heart for too long.” Il8nLK

Ling Lang heaved a sigh of relief. Their short conversation had made him feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Since he left Mr. Mo, he hadn’t really conversed with anyone for long.

“Come on.” Feng Hao went towards the living room. Ling Lang followed soon after. “Since you are so keen about performing, let’s go over tomorrow’s lines.”

Ling Lang finally saw the golden retriever again. Starting from today, the film returned to the theme of prison break. Ling Lang repeatedly attempted to escape from Feng Hao’s imprisonment, but each time ended in failure. W2KJr9

Every time he was caught, Feng Hao would severely punish him. However, Ling Lang still didn’t give up and tried to devise ways and means to create another opportunity to escape.

His lines became fewer and fewer as he had almost nothing to say to Feng Hao. Hence, by the end, he was acting only with his expressions and body language. He was shackled and violently beaten but the hatred kept his expression sharp indicating that he was still alive.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The golden retriever was Feng Hao’s last tender sentiments towards Ling Lang. In order to prevent Ling Lang from feeling depressed when he was imprisoned alone in the villa, he gave him the golden retriever as a present.

This golden retriever became Ling Lang’s best friend in the last days of his life. Only when he was with it would Ling Lang smile and only then could others vaguely trace the shadow of the former youth from him. KQUANq

At dusk, Ling Lang would always lean over the window with the golden retriever. Two entities with the same hair color watched the sun slowly disappear into the horizon of the distant sea through the metal grille.

Even though Ling Lang only spoke to the golden retriever for a few hours in the movie, no one could understand what he was saying. The psychologist that Feng Hao called over to inspect him had suggested that he must send Ling Lang to receive regular treatment. However, Feng Hao remained unmoved.

Ling Lang’s outward appearance was cold in his regular life but he was especially soft in his innermost being towards animals. He soon developed affection for the golden retriever. The latter also liked to stay with him on the set. But, aside from the trainer, it only obeyed Feng Hao’s oral commands. eH7yM4

“Sit,” Feng Hao ordered. The golden retriever obediently sat up straight. Ling Lang also almost kneeled down with his knee jerking sharply.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I asked it to sit, but it didn’t respond.” Ling Lang was somewhat dissatisfied. He was undoubtedly the person who spent the longest time with it everyday.

“It seems that it regards you as its companion and me as its master,” Feng Hao replied smilingly.

“You are not its owner.” 4Nu8Tn

Feng Hao looked around and saw no one. He quickly stroked his head. “Why do you have to get jealous over a dog?”

Ling Lang was stunned for a long time before realizing what he meant. The original meaning of his words was that Feng Hao wasn’t the owner of the golden retriever. Instead, it was the trainer. However, Feng Hao misinterpreted it as jealousy borne from him owning another dog apart from Ling Lang. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Look at this,” Feng Hao pulled out a dog biscuit from his pocket. When the golden retriever saw the food, its eyes lit up as its tail swept from side to side on the ground.

Freeze,” Feng Hao gave another order to the golden retriever. The well-trained dog immediately froze in place and didn’t move a single jot, looking like a statue. d0gMe6

Feng Hao carefully put the dog biscuit on the bridge of the golden retriever’s nose. The latter stared at it intently, looking cross-eyed with saliva almost dripping down but still remained motionless.

Ling Lang was surprised by its endurance. Only until Feng Hao said “Alright” did it hurriedly lower its head and the biscuit rolled to the ground. It then came forward, asking Feng Hao for a reward.

“The training is difficult. Not every dog can do it,” Feng Hao explained. “Even if they knew they’d end up with two biscuits, they still wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of the first one.”

Ling Lang admitted that it was really difficult for a dog. UhCGrH

“How about you? Can you do it?” Feng Hao suddenly turned to Ling Lang and asked with a teasing smile.

Ling Lang felt that his IQ had been insulted.

As the shooting started, Ling Lang’s mood today was unusually good. He spoke some language to the golden retriever that no human beings could understand. At the trainer’s gesture, the dog barked back at Ling Lang in response. Ling Lang said a few more words, and the dog gave another bark. One man and one dog talked without pressure.

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When Feng Hao pushed the door open, it was this scene that greeted his eyes. The setting sun stained their hair, which was already the same color as the sunlight, with a layer of golden radiance. He was dazzled for a split second. e3StdW

When Ling Lang found that there was one more living person in the room, the faint smile on his face disappeared without a trace. The all-around contrast of his attitude offended Feng Hao, who thought that he wasn’t even as good as a dog in the other party’s eyes.

He seized Ling Lang by the collar and pulled him up, the sudden force causing the shackles on his feet to make a dull noise.

“Give me a smile,” he ordered irrationally.

Ling Lang looked at him indifferently, as if there was no such person in his eyes. rd9QjL

“I said give me a smile,” he once again ordered sharply.

Ling Lang’s face remained expressionless.

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Angry and ashamed, Feng Hao clutched him by the throat. The force in his hands grew so great that he almost killed the man in front of him. Throughout his life, he was irreverent to heaven and earth and fearless of gods and demons. Only two people had ever given him the frustration of helplessness. It just happened that these two people had the same face. It was as if this face had been born to be his nemesis that made him wish to obliterate it forever.

Ling Lang let him clutch his throat without struggling. And even seeming like he was looking forward to dying like this. The golden retriever angrily rushed to protect his master but was kicked away. It flew in an arc and dropped down unceremoniously. It struggled to get up and whined anxiously. 3oyd8E

When Ling Lang was almost on his last breath, Feng Hao finally realized what he was doing. As soon as he let go, Ling Lang fell to the ground, completely powerless.

Feng Hao narrowed his eyes and called the psychologist.

No matter what the psychologist asked, Ling Lang refused to say. After examining Ling Lang’s condition, he gathered his courage and once again proposed to Feng Hao that he send Ling Lang for treatment. However, he was still rejected with no room for objection.

“Last time you said he had depression, so I gave him a dog.” Feng Hao’s voice was so callous that anyone who heard him would feel afraid. fIOPXH

“Now he talks with the dog every day, and you say he has signs of schizophrenia?”

Feng Hao’s eyes fell on the golden retriever who crawled over with difficulty beside Ling Lang. “In that case, it would be better to simply wipe out the root cause of his schizophrenia and let him go into depression.” pAqFe3

Ling Lang’s eyes widened. Realizing what the other party would do, he recklessly protected the golden retriever behind him. The golden retriever also seemed to feel the murderous spirit coming from Feng Hao. It whimpered and shrinked back.

Feng Hao walked over step by step. Ling Lang and the golden retriever were cornered together with no way to retreat.

Ling Lang spoke at last. After not speaking human words for so long, his pronunciation had become stiff. “No… o… k…”

Feng Hao turned a deaf ear. He took out a pistol and aimed at the golden retriever’s head from a distance. Without thinking, Ling Lang tried to block it. PvEBmF

“No… ok…” He repeated once through.

Feng Hao finally responded, saying only one word.


Ling Lang was silent. Feng Hao also didn’t move. The two men faced each other silently, one of them pointing a gun at the other’s head. kSWPdZ

It seemed almost after a lifetime that the corners of Ling Lang’s mouth turned up a few invisible radians. Then a little bit more. A little bit further. Pointing upward, until he pulled out the world’s most poignant smile.

The two had just returned home from the set. Feng Hao was still thinking about the question that he had asked Ling Lang during the day and said, “It would be better if we test it together. Sit.”

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Ling Lang, whose intelligence had been insulted twice this day, kneeled submissively. G5HDFk

“Don’t move,” Feng Hao ordered a second time.

Ling Lang originally wasn’t moving either.

“Even if you were interested in dog biscuits, I wouldn’t be able to put one on your nose without it becoming unbalanced,” Feng Hao joked cheerfully. “Why don’t we exchange it for something that you are interested in? Something that could build your endurance?”

He stepped forward, pulled out his manhood, and placed it on Ling Lang’s lips. hvxPWC

IMPORTANT, Note to Readers

We were contacted by Chaleuria recently and notified that they were in the process of getting a license for WUY in English. They asked us to stop translating this novel. However, after careful consideration, our team decided to continue releasing the rest of the novel.

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The last chapter ainushi (a hobbyist blog affiliated with Chaleuria) posted was on 07/09/19. Impressed by the novel, dandan made a teaser for it on 01/04/20. Finally, our dear Joyce picked it up on 04/12/20. We want to emphasize that we followed NU policy and waited the requisite amount of time before picking up this novel. Precisely 9 months to be exact. During this considerable span of time, we were not made aware that there were licensing talks going on regarding WUY. Hence, we picked it up like any other regular novel.

If and when they get the license, we will negotiate whether we need to move our current translation or take it down. FpZXco

In conclusion, please note that there may be further developments based on the progress of obtaining a license for WUY. Until then, you can enjoy the rest of the chapters being posted here. 

Thank you for understanding. If you appreciate this novel, please make sure you support the author of this novel. Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/oneauthor.php?authorid=845368

Translator's Note


great difference between social standing; be vastly different as between heaven and earth

Translator's Note

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. it can cause confused speech, delusions, and social withdrawal.

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