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Waiting Upon You

Waiting Upon You 等你仰望

Author: 易修罗
Total Chapters: 68
Genre: BDSM, Drama, Entertainment Industry, Modern, Romance, Showbiz, Smut
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Translators: Dan-dan Mein
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Ling Lang is thirty-two years old and an A list movie star. He is also the youngest to become the king of the silver screen. Known for having a cold and aloof disposition, people nicknamed him king iceberg of the silver screen. His biggest secret? He is a masochist down to his very bones.

Read the previous chapters here: https://www.ainushi.com/projects/chinese/waiting-upon-you/

Ainushi has the “Acts” (what I would consider just a normal chapter of the novel) split into arcs which they label as “Chapters”, but the raws I have don’t split the Acts/chapters into arcs/Chapters, so after what Ainushi labels “Chapter 7, Act 18” is just “Chapter 19” on CG.

Dan-dan’s Note:

Hello~~~ I fell down another pit ;-;;; I adore this novel–it combines one of my fave kinks with showbiz! I highly recommend :3

I would really like to pick this up as a main project, but I’m really juggling too much right now @[email protected]

Best case scenario would be another translator willing to co-translate this with me, or even just letting me edit, preferably still hosting it on CG, but it would make me super happy just to simply have it picked up!!!

I don’t know how long it will take for either scenario to happen, but I found myself translating this as a self-indulgent break from my other projects and will do my best to continue releasing as frequently as possible <3

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