This World Has Gone CrazyCh64.1 - Self Helper (Part 1)


A certain idiot grabbed the box from the vehicle and held it tightly. His face turned pale as he trembled all over. The atmosphere downstairs was a bit strange at the moment. Lu Yanbin looked calm and wasn’t dissatisfied. He turned to a certain someone and asked lightly, “Do you think that I can’t do it?” He didn’t make himself clear, but except for the courier who didn’t know anything, the rest of them understood the implication clearly–do you think I can’t satisfy you?

Yi Hang suddenly shivered and subconsciously wanted to throw down the box and run away but he loathed to give up his goddess. His eyes shifted between Lu Yanbin and the box. He looked at them piteously and asked naively, “If I said I bought it back for my collection… Would you believe me?” kdNuls

Liu Yanbin didn’t answer but continued to look at him. Hearing his reason for the second time, Qi Le didn’t really believe him. On top of that, he still wanted to speak with Lu Yanbin. Naturally, he couldn’t help the idiot. So he obediently stood beside Gu Bai, his eyes wandering around with a vacant look as if he weren’t in the right state. Gu Bai looked at him with a smile and said nothing.

The courier was still waiting for someone to sign for the delivery. Seeing that these people weren’t speaking, he said earnestly, “Of course not bro. We’re all men. Who doesn’t know what this is?”

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Yi Hang, “=口=”

Yi Hang keenly noticed the change in a certain someone’s eyes. After this period of time together, he understood the meaning of it better than anyone else. He immediately felt a strong sense of crisis and quickly pushed the box to the courier. “I-i-it’s for you. Take it, I don’t want it…” zMXlfT

The courier, being a straightforward man, shook his head. “I don’t want it. I have a wife and she’s better than this. Bro, I think you look pretty good. You should quickly marry a wife.”

Yi Hang, “=口=”

“Bro, please sign.”

Yi Hang silently glanced at Lu Yanbin and saw him nod. He couldn’t help but look at him suspiciously with a trace of disbelief. “……Whaa?”


Lu Yanbin said calmly, “You’ve already bought it anyway. Sign.”

Yi Hang’s eyes lit up instantly. He quickly ran forward to scoop up the box and signed for the delivery. He held it in his arms with alacrity. Instead of running upstairs immediately, he stood obediently waiting for a certain someone and said hello to the other two. “What a coincidence. Would you like to go up and sit for a bit?”

Qi Le muttered “Mmm,” and stared at him speechless. He thought to himself, you really are an idiot. Your man only asked you to sign in order to send the courier away. Do you think he will let you keep this thing? You still dare to show a happy expression? You definitely have a death wish. He thought for a moment and guessed that this idiot’s character would lead himself to trouble and waste more time, so he reminded him in a low voice. “Remember to call him husband.”

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Lu Yanbin’s expression remained the same. He dragged him along as he walked. “Anyway, you’ve already wasted thousands before this. I don’t care about wasting thousands more.”

“No! Don’t throw my goddess into the garbage bin! Do not defile my goddess!” Yi Hang clung to him desperately. “Big brother, I’m really a collector. Believe me. Believe me!” 5XqvzR

Lu Yanbin went on walking, determined to throw it away.

Seeing that he couldn’t stop Lu Yanbin, Yi Hang turned back to look for support. Then, he remembered a certain someone’s words and cried out, “Husband, I was wrong!”

Lu Yanbin was so shocked he immediately stopped and turned back to face him. Yi Hang looked at him pitifully. “I’m really just a collector. I won’t lie to you. Look at my innocent little eyes.”

Lu Yanbin turned a deaf ear. “Say it again.” xdbZd3

Yi Hang blinked. “Husband.”

The softest part of Lu Yanbin’s heart had been accurately hit. His gaze became gentle as he rubbed Yi Hang’s head with satisfaction and kissed his lips.

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“Husband.” Yi Hang carefully observed him and pointed to the box. “I’m really only collecting it. Look?”

Lu Yanbin looked at what he was holding and then looked back at him. He hesitated. EVlh1D

“Really, you can trust me.”

Lu Yanbin thought for a moment and nodded. “Return it and send them the recording you sent last time. Let them install it. In case you want to use it while I’m at work, you’ll hear yourself moaning in bed. I don’t think you’ll be interested.”

Yi Hang, “=口=”

“Hmm?” S7nU a

“…As you wish.” Yi Hang’s heart was bleeding profusely. His goddess was no longer perfect when matched with his “Ohh ahhh~ Yamete~!” When it comes back, how is it still a goddess? Clearly it’s a transvestite!

Lu Yanbin brought him back and calmly added, “Don’t open it. Just send it back.”

You won’t even let me look at it… Yi Hang sniffled. “Oh.”

“Call me again.” 6TEyqD


Lu Yanbin muttered a pleased “Mmm,” took him upstairs and also called the other two to follow them. They took the elevator up. When Lu Yanbin opened the door to the apartment, he simply put the box aside and invited them to sit down on the sofa. He poured a few glasses of water and brought his wife to sit down as well. The latter took a sad look at the box and held his glass as he nestled silently, resigning himself to his fate.

Qi Le chatted casually before turning to the topic. “How has Yu Mingjie and his wife’s relationship developed?”

“Quite good,” said Lu Yanbin. “A few days ago, Ah Jie was planning to get their license.” LAMh4C

Fucking hell! He was even more unreliable. Qi Le’s mouth twitched. “Will the doctor agree?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

Qi Le hesitated for a moment and narrated the matter again, excluding the part that he had also transmigrated. At the end, he said, “I just want my classmate to give up. Do you think Yu Mingjie has a way to get the doctor to cooperate with me?”

Lu Yanbin thought for a moment and said, “You might as well act on the spot. Don’t worry. Ah Jie said that his wife’s medical skills aren’t very good. He won’t do anything to you.” 4C2NdU

Qi Le raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

Lu Yanbin nodded. “You don’t have multiple personalities anyways.”

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Qi Le and Gu Bai froze as they looked at a certain idiot who slowly shrank back and said with little momentum. “He was curious about the violent personality in your body. He insisted that I ask you. I said that there’s no way you’re ill and he kept asking… So I told him everything… Does it matter?”

Lu Yanbin calmly lifted the glass to take a sip. “I have seen transmigration. I thought I could really see someone with multiple personalities, but it wasn’t the case.” mzdFJL

Qi Le was worried as he asked, “…You didn’t tell others, did you?”

“No, I just like to listen but I don’t like to spread it elsewhere.” Lu Yanbin paused. “Your brother-in-law likes to share this sort of unimportant things with others. I haven’t bought any entertainment magazines since I met him.”

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai, “…” V5L4au

You really don’t look like a person who reads entertainment magazines. Don’t you successful people like to read Financial Weekly? Qi Le’s face was covered in black lines. “I have an appointment with the doctor this evening. Yu Mingjie should also be there. Would you like to go?”

Lu Yanbin said without a second thought. “No, I have something on.”

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