This World Has Gone CrazyCh59.2 - Crying (Part 2)


Yi Hang looked at Qi Le and said, “What on earth did you… Never mind, forget it. First of all, what did you say to the doctor about me? He gave me several sleeping pills and wanted to watch me sleep.”

Qi Le’s mouth twitched. “The next time he gives you something, you say that you don’t believe they are sleeping pills and ask him to take them first. When he falls asleep, you call Yu Mingjie to get rid of that idiot.” KZbSwR

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Qi Le side-eyed him. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

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“It’s okay, I should’ve known that you were horrible.” Yi Hang comforted himself silently, then nodded excitedly after thinking it over. “That’s a good idea. I’ll do that next time. I’ll also provide them a room and record a video of his chrysanthemum being fucked. When he pesters me again, I’ll show him the video.”

“…Good luck.” Qq1crw

“What the hell did you tell him though?”

“It’s nothing. He’s been asking me about the two of you. I said that you usually act up at night.” Qi Le simply explained, “I said that the soul in your body is probably not the same one from before because every time you guys fall asleep, one of you starts to speak in a language that human beings can’t understand, while the other starts to dance, and it looks related to witchcraft. He glanced at me and turned away.”

“…” Yi Hang ran to him and wrapped his fingers around his neck. “You’re such an asshole. Why did you say that? What if they lock me up in a research lab?”

“He was pestering me at night. I couldn’t help but say that.” Qi Le pried his hands open, sounding especially calm. “If you’re afraid of being taken away for research, just say I lied to him.”


Yi Hang thought that it was reasonable, so he slowly withdrew his hands and said discontentedly, “In theory, he should also go to the Taoist priest. Why is he only pestering me?”

“I guess he was tired of looking at the nonsense that Taoist was up to. He’s more interested about you,” Qi Le said. “When he can’t get what he wants from you, he’ll probably go to the Taoist.”

Yi Hang nodded and looked at him as he gloated. “This time, you’ve provoked the Taoist priest again. Be careful, he might really make a voodoo doll and prick you to death.”

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Tl Ljcu kjr regqglrfv. “C wegvfgfg? Tbe vbc’a wfjc atf wegvfgfg ktb’r yffc lc j wfcaji tbrqlaji?”

Qi Le was surprised. “How do you know? Do you know him?”

“I don’t know him. Do you still remember the professor I told you about who’s nuts?”

“I do, isn’t he pursuing a student?” 3WKsYf

Yi Hang nodded. “He said that his favorite student hasn’t been very normal since he got sick. At first, he didn’t say that he was a murderer. He said that the student was extremely beautiful and some kind of abstinent iceberg type. Even if he took a rope and hung himself naked in front of the student, his student wouldn’t blink.”

Qi Le, “……”

“The murderer you mentioned is his student?”

Qi Le took a second to react. “It’s very likely.” He paused and grabbed his hand. “This is valuable news. I’ll tell the Taoist priest how to successfully pass the subject taught by his professor when he comes to settle debts with me next time.” iAPcq

Yi Hang stared at him in confusion. “How?”

“Hold his older brother’s thigh. If his older brother is willing to say a few words, his professor might at least give him detailed review tips, even if he can’t pass him just like that.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…” Yi Hang said, “He’s a murderer. Will the Taoist dare to?”

Qi Le was particularly calm. “With the threat of failing, he will.” ICksTd

“…You’re so smart.”

“I know, right.” Qi Le grabbed some potato chips and stuffed them into his mouth. “You can’t compare to me.”

Yi Hang groaned discontentedly. He was about to open his mouth to say something when his cellphone suddenly buzzed. He took it out to have a look and couldn’t help frowning. Qi Le, who was sitting beside him, could clearly see everything. “Who’s meeting you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have his number saved on my phone. It should be a former friend of this body. He sent a message some time ago, telling me that he’s come back. He probably changed his number,” Yi Hang said. “He wants to meet now. What should I do? Say no?” zTeAQJ

“Ask your man if he knows who this is.”


Lu Yanbin came back soon, bringing two bottles of water. He handed one to each of them. Since he got the information he wanted, Yi Hang got up and left. He opened the door to get in the car and showed Lu Yanbin his cellphone. “Who is this? He asked me to meet him.”

Lu Yanbin glanced at it and put it into his pocket without a change in his expression. He was silent for a moment. “You already know all the things you did before. The people you knew aren’t very good. I’ll change your sim card and transfer the numbers of your new friends and my friends, okay?” bdtNsf

Yi Hang didn’t have any objections. He obediently responded. Seeing that Lu Yanbin was starting to drive, he pulled his sleeve and said, “Give me your cellphone. I want to play some games.”

Lu Yanbin nodded and handed it to him. Yi Hang quickly searched for the damn audio and deleted it. He was happy and only felt relaxed at once. Lu Yanbin glanced at him at a traffic stop and calmly said, “Wife, I have a backup.”

Yi Hang, “…”


Qi Le had class in the second period in the afternoon. This was his first class. He sat alone with his potato chips and water. When it was almost time, he got up and went into the classroom. Ning Xiao didn’t come in the afternoon while Wan Lei sat in the front row, reading as usual. No one bothered him. He was very calm and waited for Gu Bai to go home together after class.

Gu Bai parked his car and watched his wife jump up into his arms. He couldn’t help rubbing his head. “That’s enough, I’ll drive.”

Qi Le hugged him, his voice muffled. “No.”

“I’ve thought about it. If your mother really knew, she would’ve gotten you to move, not change the sheets for you, right?” erQ5Nd

Qi Le paused slightly and finally looked up. “No, she doesn’t seem to want to make me uncomfortable, so that’s why she’s not mentioning it for the time being.”

Gu Bai considered his words. “That’s not entirely impossible…” Qi Le rushed at him again before he finished. Gu Bai was helpless and hugged his wife. He really felt that Mother Qi hadn’t find out, but the matter was really strange and still needed to be observed. He coaxed his wife patiently and drove off.

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After Mother Qi had prepared dinner, the three ate with their thoughts elsewhere. Qi Le and Gu Bai didn’t have classes at night, so they sat together and chatted. Mother Qi looked at her son and said tentatively, “Don’t look for Xiao Ying yet. Let me look for her and prepare her, lest you frighten her.”

In fact, she had already looked for Xiao Ying. The child was very surprised, but she soon recovered and told her to wait until she thought it over. Mother Qi felt that she could only do so at the moment. 97v4TX

Gu Bai heart trembled as he thought of the text message from Xiao Ying after his class in the afternoon. She asked him if he was with Zheng Xiaoyuan and what the current development of their relationship was. She said wanted to talk to him about something. At the time, he was going to pick up his wife and made an appointment for tomorrow. He wondered how she knew about them. Now, it seemed that Mother Qi had looked for her, so she contacted him. What did Mother Qi mean by not letting Xiao Le meet Xiao Ying? He pondered and suddenly understood her intention. She probably already knew that Xiao Ying didn’t like Xiao Le and was afraid of hurting him, which is why she did these things?

Of course, these were only guesses. He had to meet Xiao Ying first. As he thought about this, he turned to comfort and calm down his wife, only to see his wife fall to his knees with a torn expression.

Gu Bai, “…”

Mother Qi, “……” 97vBjf

Qi Le couldn’t stand it any longer. He didn’t want to end up in a complicated love triangle or let Xiao Ying find out that he was fighting for the same man. He sobbed, “Mom, I was wrong. Don’t go looking for Xiao Ying. She doesn’t like me. I don’t like her either, nor do I like any other girls. Please stop making things difficult. Just bless us ah!”

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    I’m a little confused by the Taoist priest’s plot (it’s been a while since he had a part, maybe)- is it that his original body is in a love triangle between his teacher and his senior? ish?

    thanks for the chapter!

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