This World Has Gone CrazyCh57.1 - Mother Qi (Part 1)


Qi Le simply sent away the idiot and was pulled by Gu Bai into the bedroom, then pushed onto the bed. What followed was Gu Bai’s domineering tongue that slid into his mouth, constantly stirring him. His movements carried the right amount of urgency – aggressive enough to provoke him but not so rough that he hated it. He looked up slightly, opened his mouth cooperatively and moved his tongue, grabbing Gu Bai’s shoulder as he began to respond to his touch.

Gu Bai was short of breath and kissed him more deeply. Then, he pulled up his wife’s T-shirt up, slowly stroking his desire and his back. He applied a little pressure, his touch igniting the tender skin under his palm. Soon, he heard Qi Le’s breathing get heavier. He quickly took off their clothes, held him firmly in his arms and kissed his lips. “Do you want me?” 1dlVhS

The most vulnerable part of his body was being held and comforted. Qi Le felt the sweet sensation of tiny electric currents running through his nerves, shooting straight into his brain. He couldn’t help narrowing his eyes comfortably and nestling in Gu Bai’s arms.

Gu Bai bit his earlobe, exhaled and asked again, “Do you want me?”

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Qi Le gasped. The skin around his ear felt numb. Then, he twisted his head slightly to dodge and look at him. Gu Bai’s gaze held a faint trace of a smile, his eyes deep and bewitching. Right now, Gu Bai was looking straight at him. It made his heart quiver. The dam that was just about to burst open was maliciously blocked by Gu Bai’s hands. Qi Le immediately issued a loud moan.

“Tell me.” Gu Bai’s lips pressed against Qi Le’s. “I want to hear what you think.” IX4dBK

Qi Le was silent for a moment. He grabbed Gu Bai and shrank into his arms, burying his face in his neck. His earlobes that were exposed were a little red. “…I want you.”

Gu Bai suddenly tightened his arms and fiercely pulled his wife closer, his actions growing more passionate and urgent. The two hugged each other, their breathing sounding more and more chaotic, even the surrounding atmosphere was filled with lust. In the end, Gu Bai was still holding him, reluctant to stop. He recalled his schedule; he didn’t have class tonight. As for his wife… He touched his head. “Do you have class tonight?”

“Mmm.” Qi Le grunted and nestled in his arms.

Gu Bai glanced at the time, sighed regretfully and kissed him. “What would you like for dinner? Do you want to eat at home or go out? I’ll take you to school after dinner.”


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“Yqfgjalbcr Efrfjgmt. P vbc’a kjca ab ub,” ugewyifv Hl Of. “Ccskjsr, P’w reqqbrfv ab yf ja kbgx ja cluta. Pa vbfrc’a wjaafg lo P rxlq bcf mijrr.”

Gu Bai nodded. “Don’t go if you don’t want to.” 2m6g0N

“Mmm, go get dinner.”

“No hurry.” Gu Bai smiled and straightened his body, bowed his head and kissed him. At first, Qi Le responded to him obediently but he soon realized the changes in Gu Bai’s body and his wicked intentions, and immediately dodged. “Erquan, are you…”

“Mom should be here within two days after Dad’s return,” Gu Bai held him into his arms, grabbed his hips and thrust in. The mindless pleasure made him breathe heavily at once. He looked at his wife. “If she wants to sleep in the same room as you, I won’t be able to feel you again.”

The soft, warm passage that had just been invaded didn’t have the slightest rejection and was easy to enter again. Qi Le breathed out a long moan and stretched his hand to push Gu Bai away. “I want to go to class.” FbUd8R

Gu Bai’s smile looked a little dangerous. He lifted Qi Le’s chin. “It’s too late.” He pulled out a little and slammed into the deepest part of Qi Le. The friction brought a sudden wave of pleasure that threatened to drown him. Qi Le’s breathing was all messed up again. He took a breath. “…Then let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

“I’ll order takeout later, but now… you have to feed me first.”

Qi Le tried to move, but when he found that he couldn’t break away, he had to resign himself to being ravished again. Gu Bai was absorbed in enjoying his delectable feast. It wasn’t until he had enough that he was willing to let Qi Le go. He took a shower and ordered takeout. Qi Le had been tossed around and wanted to take a nap. Naturally, Gu Bai accompanied him. He went to bed and pulled him into his arms. “Sleep, good night.”

Qi Le yawned and turned over to look at him. “When do you think Mom will come?” gsGeWd

“Two days at most.”

Qi Le asked uneasily, “With how unreliable Dad is, what if Mom doesn’t believe him?”

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Gu Bai rubbed his head with a smile. “Don’t worry. It won’t happen. As long as Dad makes it clear, Mom should know that he wouldn’t joke about this.”

Qi Le thought about it and felt that it was reasonable. Then, he shrank into Gu Bai’s arms and closed his eyes to sleep. After his earlier release, he slept very deeply. Even until the next day when Gu Bai was done with breakfast, he still didn’t wake up. Gu Bai opened the door and entered the bedroom. Knowing that his wife didn’t have class in the first period in the morning, he wanted to leave a note on the bedside table to remind Qi Le to heat the food if it was cold. pOUmat

Qi Le was still dreaming at this moment. In his dream, Mother Qi held him in her arms and wept bitterly. She refused to let go for a long time. He stretched out his hand and held his old Mom, crying vehemently. Then, seeing that the current atmosphere was good, he sobbed and came out of the closet. His old Mom froze, patted him on the shoulder and said that it was alright. As long as he was still alive, it didn’t matter. When were they going to get married? They should do it as soon as possible!

He was so happy that he openly brought Gu Bai home. There was red carpeting all over the floors. Red cloth covered the entire villa. Two lanterns hung high at the door. The entire place was filled with a joyous atmosphere. He and Gu Bai were in their wedding suits. Under the gaze of relatives and friends, they each held one end of the red silk and slowly walked inside. In his ears, a loud voice came shouting, “First bow to heaven and earth. Second bow to the parents. The couple bow to each other. The ceremony is complete-“

The firecrackers outside the door were deafening. The scene of the wedding hall changed and there was Gu Bai kneeling down respectfully. He held the cup and obediently said, “Mother, father, daughter-in-law serves you tea.”

Qi Le looked at the harmonious and warm scene in front of him and was completely satisfied. He grinned, “Haha… Hahaha…” l02e7n

Gu Bai had just put down the note and was about to go for class when he suddenly heard the strange laugh. In that instant, he was silent. He turned to the bed and sat down, touching his wife’s head. “……Xiao Le?”

In Qi Le’s dream, Gu Bai respectfully called him “husband.” His ego and vanity as a man rose to the highest level at once. Even his mouth was open. “Hahahaha…”

Gu Bai, “…”

“Erquan, say it again. Hahaha…” Qi Le woke up laughing. After opening his eyes, he immediately met Gu Bai’s line of sight. Before he could speak, he choked. “Cough, cough… What are you doing?” LrUdlA

“…” Gu Bai pinched his chin. His intuition told him it wasn’t anything good. “What do you mean by ‘say it again’?”

Qi Le blinked. “……Whaa?”

“Don’t play dumb.” Gu Bai stared at him. “I heard what you said in your sleep.”

“Really? Was I dreaming?” Qi Le looked innocent. “I don’t know, I don’t remember.” zt3dgF

Gu Bai looked at him again and finally caressed his face affectionately and let him do as he pleased. Because of the dream, Qi Le was in a good mood. He hummed a tune as he got dressed, jumped into Gu Bai’s arms, then went to wash up. Suddenly getting a hug, Gu Bai was sure that his wife had made a bargain in his dream. He looked at him helplessly, smiled and shook his head, ready to go to class. However, as soon as he took a step, he heard a knock at the door and went out in surprise only to see his wife, who was already in the living room, hopping towards the door.

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