This World Has Gone CrazyCh55.2 - Pitiful (Part 2)


P.S. Here’s the second part of the first extra chapter. Thank you Baozi, Lenette, Anon, Lorenzo and Xinue123! ❤️❤️❤️

  Ic0G Q


After observing for a while, Wan Lei walked up to Ning Xiao during break. “Do you feel like he’s changed again?”

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After thinking about it yesterday and the phone call he had heard in the bar, Ning Xiao made a probable guess – the strange man should be Zheng Xiaoyuan or Gu Bai’s relative, that’s why they were so close.

When Wan Lei didn’t receive a response, he automatically thought that Ning Xiao was observing the situation and continued to say in a low voice, “The current situation is very similar to that of some time ago. I don’t know whether it’s him or not. How many personalities does he have? After checking up on it, some patients like him have a positive personality they call “self-help.” If we can successfully find that personality, we can help the patient integrate his personalities and finally recover… Why are you looking at me like that?” nlkcu8

Ning Xiao said coldly, “Poor thing.”

Wan Lei, “…”

Ning Xiao’s anger at how this person had misled him yesterday had cooled off. He stopped talking to him and bowed his head to play with his phone.

Wan Lei, “…”


Qi Le had only one class this morning and went back home after class. His father had other things to do but he was free. He played computer games and waited for Gu Bai to come back for lunch. He had a quiet day. However, his father didn’t have any social events tonight and he grabbed his son for a chat. Qi Le blinked innocently. “I have class.”

Father Qi nodded and got up. “I’ll drop you off and pick you up after class.”

“No need,” Qi Le quickly grabbed him. “Gu Bai also has class. Let him send me and we can go back together.”

Gu Bai helped persuade, “Uncle, after a busy day, you should rest.” t7YmP2

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Mjatfg Hl rjlv xlcvis, “P’w olcf, ecmif lrc’a algfv.”

“Gjv, pera tjnf j gfra.” Hl Of ibbxfv ja tlw klat rlcmfgf joofmalbc. “Pa’r gfjiis ecolilji ab tjnf sbe rfcv wf ab rmtbbi fnfc joafg sbe’nf kbgxfv rb tjgv obg atf ojwlis!”

Mjatfg Hl ogbhf. “…Vbc.”

“Gjv, vbc’a ajix jybea atlr jcswbgf.” Hl Of klqfv jkjs tlr cbc-fzlrafca afjgr, “P xcbk sbe ibnf wf, yea P ibnf sbe abb! Pa tegar wf ab rff sbe kbgx rb tjgv, vjv!” Or31DB

Gu Bai, “…”

Father Qi was instantly touched. “Son, dad doesn’t feel tired.”

Qi Le grasped his father’s hands and said, “This makes me feel more distressed! Dad have a good rest. When I come back from class, I’ll give you a massage, fulfil my duty. All right, let’s do that. We’re going to be late. Goodbye!” He pulled Gu Bai out the door.

Father Qi ran to the door. “Son, be careful on the road, Dad loves you-“ DaBW4q

“I will, I love you too!”

Gu Bai, “…”

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Father Qi stood by the door and looked out, watching as their figures completely disappeared. He shut the door and went downstairs. He grunted twice. Laozi watched you grow up. Do you think you can trick me? Has Laozi lived all these years for nothing? There’s obviously something going on today!

He hurried down the path to the gate of the neighborhood and saw Gu Bai’s car leaving. He hailed a taxi and told the driver to follow them. All the way till they reached the bar, he watched his son go in and was shocked at once. He couldn’t believe it. He dropped some money and got off the car without even taking his change. hAjCvb

Qi Le was about to enter the bar when he was suddenly pulled back. He turned around and his face immediately fell. “=口=!!!”

Qi Le’s voice shook. “D-d-d-dad…”

“Speak only when you’ve stopped stammering!” Father Qi was furious. He grabbed his shoulder and said, “This is a bar huh. Were you also here last night? What are you doing here? Have you learnt from those losers? Going to bars, drinking, taking drugs and fighting?”

Qi Le, “=口=” 1cmzX6

Gu Bai, “…”

“Dad has always spoiled you. From young, I’ve always taught you to be a good child. How come you’ve gone bad?” Father Qi continued scolding. “Wake up, son. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll improve. You’re still so young, do you want to die from a drug overdose?”

Qi Le, “=口=”

Qi Le had simply been scared silly. Like the little leaves falling in the cold wind, he was shaking in fear and couldn’t say a word. vdocDw

Gu Bai quickly snapped out of it and took them elsewhere, reminding them in a low voice. “Uncle, Xiao Le has switched bodies after all. Don’t make such a scene.”

Father Qi coughed dryly and restored a face of calmness. He pinched his son’s soft skin, threw him into Gu Bai’s car, sat next to him and glared. “Tell me, what are you doing here?”

Qi Le shuffled to the side and said, “W-w-working…”

Father Qi grew even more angry. He took out his wallet and threw it at him. “Laozi has plenty of money. Why do you have to work? And why work in a bar? Even if you want experience, you don’t have to come to this sort of place.” AQTh3G

“Dad, listen to my explanation…” Qi Le trembled as he spoke. Thinking about the fact that it was a gay bar and that almost everyone knew his relationship with Gu Bai, he was immediately more nervous and almost knelt down in front of him.

Seeing his wife’s state, Gu Bai knew that Qi Le wouldn’t be able to explain well and got him to keep quiet first, while he explained the matter himself. He patiently coaxed Father Qi, “He plays for an hour and a half every day. The boss here knows him and takes good care of him. I’ve also persuaded him but he said that he’s an adult and has the ability to support himself.”

Father Qi looked at his poor son. He rubbed his head under those frightened eyes and sighed emotionally. “My son has grown up, but you can’t come to such a place. Quit and find another part-time job.”

Qi Le nodded hastily. “I’ll still have to finish up for today and then I’ll talk to my boss.” p0qi9l

Father Qi thought about it and reluctantly agreed. “Okay then.”

Qi Le wiped his cold sweat and took a look at the time on his phone. Seeing that it was time, he got off to go to work. But halfway there, he heard Gu Bai shouting “Uncle” from behind him. He couldn’t help looking back. He found that his father had followed him and immediately rushed at him. “Dad, what are you doing?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pray for father to put on a kind face immediately: “Relax, do your job, dad won’t make any trouble. I’ll wait for you to get off work and go home together.”

“…” Qi Le shook his head. “N-n-no need…” Dsqr3m

Gu Bai palmed his forehead and looked at them. Indeed, he saw Father Qi looking at his son suspiciously. Then, he grabbed his head and asked, “Is there anything else you haven’t said? Say it all at once.”

Qi Le was silent for a long time and choked out the words, “This is a gay…”

Father Qi took a second to respond. Looking at his son who was as beautiful as flowers and as pure as jade, he got agitated again. “That is to say, everyone inside is gay? Are you crazy? Did you allow them to take advantage of you? How can you beat anyone with that small body?”

Qi Le trembled and said, “The boss takes good care of me. I-I-I’m all right.” o1RtMP

“Are you sure he doesn’t want to sleep with you? Or are there other men who want you? If there are, tell your father. Hmph, how dare they have such thoughts towards my son! Laozi will castrate them!”

Gu Bai, “…”

Qi Le, “=口=”

“No, no, no! Y-y-you’re mistaken…” PL8toU

Gu Bai quickly calmed down. He sent his wife to work first, then pulled his uncle aside to reason things out with him – “They don’t know you,” “For a strange man to suddenly appear by his side will really lead to doubts,” “I will protect Xiao Le, please be rest assured,” “It’s only for tonight, there won’t be any accidents,” etc.  Only then did he manage to persuade him. He respectfully opened the door, got the old man to stay in the car and play with his phone and was finally relieved. He entered the bar to find his wife.

Father Qi felt bored playing the game. He looked around the bar and thought that he would sit for a while. As long as he wasn’t too close to his son, it should be fine. Then, he opened the door and leisurely walked in.

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