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This World Has Gone CrazyCh55.1 - Pitiful (Part 1)


P.S. Thank you Baozi, Lenette, Anon, Lorenzo and Xinue123 for your support! I feel motivated hehe :blobcheer: I’ll upload the rest of the chapter later tonight and another chapter tomorrow!

~~~ 9vTSHl


Caught off guard, Ning Xiao was pushed half a step back. It took two seconds for him react to what he had just done. He was dazed for a moment but he didn’t feel any regret. He took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. He ignored Gu Bai, looking at Qi Le in silence. His eyes were still full of complexities.

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Gu Bai didn’t get an answer but he didn’t mind either. He didn’t need to think about what to do with someone who flirted with his wife because a man knew what to do in that moment.

Qi Le was still angry. But before he could attack, he was suddenly pulled behind by his own man. He couldn’t help looking up and subconsciously grabbed him. “What are you doing?” ekMntJ

Gu Bai rubbed his head and said with a gentle voice, “Be good, let go.”

Qi Le knew his temper like the back of his hand and naturally refused to let go. Although this man was usually quite polite, he couldn’t bear to see him being bullied. This was one thing he couldn’t let go. This man had trained for a period of time just because of him. Now that their relationship was confirmed, plus the fact that Gu Bai had seen him being held in Ning Xiao’s arms with his own eyes, he was unlikely to let it go. He was probably about to go over and give Ning Xiao a beating. However, this was an inconvenient time because his father was still staying at home with them.

“Calm down,” he said in a low voice. “Although I think he deserves a beating, what if dad finds out where you got hurt? If he asks, how do we explain everything?”

“Just tell him that someone bullied…”Gu Bai kept quiet. According to Father Qi’s love for Xiao Le, he would definitely ask till he got the truth. Then, he would angrily rush at the culprit and teach him a lesson. Not only would Xiao Le’s identity be revealed, even their relationship would be in danger of being exposed. However, he couldn’t say that he had been in a fight with someone over a contradiction because it would leave a bad impression on his father-in-law. GmurYD

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Ning Xiao was already back to normal and was even ready to take a fist at any moment. But when he saw that Qi Le had asked Gu Bai not to fight and even asked him what was wrong, he was shocked and subconsciously wanted to explain. However, on second thought, if he told Qi Le that he thought this personality had gone to sleep and was particularly regretful and upset about it, which led to some excitement after meeting again tonight, he would probably be laughed at. He wasn’t stupid and naturally wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

This was the bar where many people were sitting at. When they saw this scene, they stopped what they were doing and silently looked on. Shen Shu and Baby Face were sitting nearby and chatting with a few other little zeros. After seeing this, they came forward to persuade them not to make any trouble. At this moment, they had just overheard Qi Le’s question. Baby Face was silent for a moment. “Xaioyuan ge, I know.”

Qi Le raised his eyebrows in confusion. “?” nPTW7y

Baby Face nodded and pointed to Ning Xiao. “He was in a bad mood today. In the afternoon, he chatted with a few zeros from the circle and said that someone he liked was gone. The zeros asked him, but he didn’t say who it was. I’m guessing he meant you. Why didn’t he think that even if you went to sleep for a while, you would still come back in the future? It’s not like you’re dead. He overreacted over nothing and behaved so stupidly that he was embarrassed to tell you.”

Ning Xiao, “…”

“…” Qi Le looked at a certain someone. “When did Laozi disappear?”

Ning Xiao was very patient. “Think carefully, do you remember how you got to school in the morning?” IFVHEz

“Of course I remember. Was I sleepwalking…” Qi Le suddenly remembered that this guy and Wan Lei came only after he did, so they probably saw his father. Then, they both seemed to be a little off… He pursed his lips and pondered about their behavior, then asked with discernment. “Was it Wan Lei who said I switched to another personality?”

Ning Xiao froze. After finding out that he was gone, he had been out of sorts all day and didn’t examine the situation carefully. Even if he looked at Qi Le a few times, this guy’s face was beaming with happiness. It was far from last week’s performance. Naturally, he was more and more sure of Wan Lei’s conjecture. He frowned. “You didn’t? Do you still remember this morning? He said that another personality had emerged and that you hooked up with an old man God knows when. You both looked pretty close. He even saw him send you to school. Don’t tell me you’re just ordinary friends.”

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai, “…” deL GW

Qi Le looked at his man. “Look at how pitiful he is. He believes anything they say. Let’s forget about this whole thing and go home.”

“…” Ning Xiao asked, “What does this mean?”

Qi Le was about to squeeze out a few more words when his cellphone suddenly rang. He took a look and found that it was his father. He hesitated for a moment but felt that if he didn’t answer, his father would keep calling. He pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

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“Son, is class over yet?” Father Qi asked affectionately. “My dinner is over. If you’re still at school, dad will come pick you up.” RQucaB

“No, it’s over. Don’t come. Gu Bai has already picked me up.”

“Oh, good… Why is it so noisy over there? Where are you now? School?”

Qi Le blinked and explained earnestly. “The roller skating club organized some activities and brought out the stereo. It’s a little noisy. Hang on, we’ll be right back.” He hung up and looked at Gu Bai. “Let’s go.”

Gu Bai was pulled away by his wife. Before he left, he shot Ning Xiao a look, a cold light gleaming in his eyes. “This is the last time I’m warning you. He’s mine for the rest of his life. It’s better you give up as soon as possible.” ZnEN5x

Ning Xiao paused slightly and didn’t ask his earlier question. Instead, he stood and watched them leave. Then, he slowly turned his eyes to a certain someone. Somehow, he thought of the hug and bowed his head. He felt as if his arms still had that lingering warmth and his gaze became complicated again.

Baby Face looked at him and brought his older brother to continue chatting with their friends. “Ge, you were right.”

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Shen Shu replied lazily. “How do you expect a person who doesn’t even know what love is to have a relationship with you?”

“Makes sense.” UBvtlu

“Why don’t you just change your target? There are so many men. Don’t worry about finding the right one.”

“I’ll seriously consider that.”

Gu Bai opened the car door. He wasn’t in a hurry to drive off and turned to push his wife to his seat, raised his chin and kissed him. The tip of the tongue rudely pried Qi Le’s lips open and fluttered, hooking Qi Le’s tongue as they intertwined. Suddenly ambushed, Qi Le gave a low, throaty moan, then grabbed Gu Bai’s arm and obediently responded to the kiss. Gu Bai became short of breath. He couldn’t help probing his tongue deeper and lingering for a long time. It wasn’t until both their bodies were a little hot that he reluctantly let go of Qi Le. Then, he planted a few light kisses. These next few days, he was doomed to forego kissing his wife. He had to seize the opportunity and was a little addicted.

Qi Le was repeatedly teased by him. His breathing was rather chaotic at the moment. He gasped, “What’s wrong?” g5GYt6

“Nothing.” Gu Bai gave him one last kiss. Feeling his mood improve, he started driving. 

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The two soon reached home. Father Qi had already returned. Seeing his son, he happily pulled him for a chat. The next day, he continued to send him to school happily. Yesterday’s happiness had passed, so Qi Le calmly went to class.

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