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This World Has Gone CrazyCh53.3 - Recognizing Family (Part 3)


“…Duh, it’s not exam week now. If you sell it during exam week, people will definitely buy it.”

The Taoist priest nodded calmly, indicating that he had jotted it down and stared at him. “Any other ideas?” cN5Asz

Qi Le, “……”

Seeing that he didn’t answer, the Taoist priest drew something out from his pocket. “An amulet. Wear it for safety.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t want to, thank you.”

“I won’t charge you anything.” yrB6Yx

Qi Le looked at him in surprise. “Are you so nice? The last time you were in the hospital, you said you were going to prick a voodoo doll.”

The Taoist priest was silent for a moment and said sincerely, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, don’t worry. I will take it apart when I go home.”

Qi Le, “……”

You really did it? ! You’re absolutely insane!


Gu Bai could hear their conversation clearly and frowned. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I’ll tell you when we go home.” Qi Le quickly appeased him, just in case Gu Bai “took care” of a certain someone he could even take apart the voodoo doll.

Gu Bai stared at him for a moment and said nothing after all.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Hl Of delfais gfmflnfv la. “……Pr atfgf jcsatlcu firf?”

Ktf Kjblra qglfra atbeuta obg j wbwfca. “P vbc’a tjnf jcsatlcu firf gfujgvlcu ws yerlcfrr. Cr obg ws raevlfr… mjc sbe afii wf tbk ab wfwbglhf atf qfglbvlm ajyif?”

Gu Bai, “…”

Qi Le, “……” gq7kdj

The Taoist priest pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that showed the periodic table. “I have been memorizing it for several days but I still can’t remember it all.”

“…” Qi Le said, “What was your previous education level?”

“I grew up in an orphanage and I stopped in junior high.” The Taoist priest’s voice was soft and calm. “Now that I suddenly transmigrated into a college student’s body, I want to study properly.”

Qi Le was silent for a moment. “It’s almost a month since school started. You should have gone for lab class, right? How did you do?” 7YEwL5

The Taoist priest sighed. “I watched them and I did what they did. But their finished product was powder while mine was clumps. They scooped the powder with a spoon while I cut it with a knife… The teacher stood in front of me for a long time and said the words, “very good.”

“…Very good?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Mmm, he took me away the next day and put me in cram school with a senior. This senior of mine is said to have failed an experiment and was injured before and has lost his memory. Now, he’s studying again.”

A piece of news quickly flashed in Qi Le’s head. He was shocked. “Chemistry Department?” DsWdMb

“Mmm, why?”

Qi Le didn’t answer. He used to be a student of S University. Naturally, he was more informed about certain things than the average person. He remembered that a top student from the chemistry department caused an explosion due to a failed experiment last year and blew up the laboratory, turning the first floor of the lab building in the east block into a pile of debris. However, he miraculously survived and was sent to the hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, he woke up crazy and was immediately sent into a mental hospital. Thinking back now, it seemed that the hospital the man was sent to was… Shen Ai Hospital. He quickly asked, “Is your senior especially good-looking, even more beautiful than a woman?”

The Taoist priest nodded. “But he doesn’t like to talk. He doesn’t speak at all. He’s rather cold.”

Qi Le looked at him sympathetically at once. “Be careful, your senior is a murderer.” OsCToM

Taoist priest, “……”

Gu Bai, “…”

“Why are you looking at me like this? Laozi is speaking the truth.” Qi Le explained the matter quickly. “The matter was on the news at the time. He woke up and said that he was a murderer and was sent to a mental hospital. Who knew that he was actually released?”

Taoist priest, “……” 9Pd4Bp

The Taoist priest was so shocked by the news that he felt sick all over. He got up as if he were floating and left without saying goodbye. Q iLe silently watched him leave, then thought that since the Taoist priest since knew the truth, he probably wouldn’t offend the man. Then, he bowed his head and started eating. After lunch, he went back to class. When he went back to the apartment in the evening, he tossed and turned, unable to sleep because he would see his dad tomorrow.

Gu Bai knew that he was under great pressure. Now that he has set the date for the appointment, this guy would definitely be unable to sleep. Without a second thought, he pushed him onto the bed and got ready to “eat” him. This way, he could help him destress and satisfy himself at the same time. He looked down at him. “Be good, say it.”

Qi Le was stirred so much by him that he could no longer stand it. His eyes were misty. “Let go.”

“Be good, say it and I’ll let you cum.” 4J9B7A

Qi Le struggled for a while. There were more tears in his eyes. He said pitifully, “Hubby.”

Gu Bai’s gaze deepened as he grew more excited to eat his wife up. Thanks to him, Qi Le slept quite well tonight. Although his back ache a little the next day, he felt refreshed. Gu Bai rubbed his head happily. “Look, you don’t have any dark eye circles and eye bags. You look good, perfect for reuniting with your dad today.”

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le remembered how much he was tormented last night and immediately pounced on Gu Bai to bite him. thTzfL

Gu Bai dodged with a laugh. “Don’t bite me. What will your father say if he sees it?”

Qi Le froze, then continued to jump on him. “Laozi will take a bite somewhere that he can’t see!”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai, “…”

The two rolled around in bed for awhile before getting up. It was the weekend so they didn’t have class. They cleaned up the apartment. When afternoon came, Father Qi finally arrived. Qi Le sat on the sofa and looked at him unblinkingly. His father was in good spirits, but he seemed to have gotten older. His eyes turned red at once. He couldn’t restrain his excitement and had lost all reason. He rushed forward and sobbed, “Dad!” Do3Llk

Father Qi, “……”

Gu Bai, “…”

Father Qi was silent for a while as he looked at Gu Bai. “Xiao Bai, you said that you have something to tell me… Did you want to say that I have an illegitimate child?”

Qi Le, “……” dhwHZL

Gu Bai, “…”

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  1. So good husband helping his wife sleep no doubt QL took out the hahaha lottery and his father haha I know because QL is like that. Thank you for the translation

  2. Ah im glad that they now act like an old couple.

    Dad reaction was funny. He seems open minded and easy going. Hope he could accept it properly.

    Thank you for the chapter!