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This World Has Gone CrazyCh53.2 - Recognizing Family (Part 2)


Although Ning Xiao didn’t talk to him during this period of time, he couldn’t help looking at him. Naturally, he could also see the problem at this moment. However, he had always been arrogant and felt it was too embarrassing to take the lead in speaking. He endured it the whole time, but started to pay more and more attention to that person, even going a little out of control.

“Ning Xiao, Ning Xiao?” HDKM7V

Ning Xiao snapped out of it and found it was the class representative. He asked indifferently, “What’s up?”

“Well, this assignment is supposed to be handed in next Thursday and the class will be divided into groups.” The man placed a list in front of him. “Six people to a group. This is the namelist. Keep a record of the people in your group. Then, you can discuss and choose a group leader and let me know. I will hand in the information afterwards.”

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Ning Xiao glanced at it. Ordinarily, in this sort of situation, groups were divided according to their dormitory. Dormitories were arranged in descending order according to the major and student number. Therefore, one or two people whose student number was first or last in class would be in the same dormitory as students from other majors. At this time, these people would either be put into other groups or form a group together. The latter was usually more likely.  He and a certain someone didn’t live in school. Naturally, they would be put together. His mood suddenly changed for the better. He nodded and watched the class representative pass the list elsewhere. Then, he quickly placed it in front of Qi Le.

Qi Le came to class on time every day and left immediately after class. He had few friends. In the list of names, he only knew Ning Xiao. He had only heard of the other names when they were called by the teacher during roll call, but he didn’t know who they were. He threw the list to the class representative, thinking that since they were in a group, those people would definitely come to him. eYRsaX

Ning Xiao knew that he would continue to sit there, so he got up and went to consult with the others in his group. Then, he walked up to Qi Le and said, “They’re done with selecting. They told me to ask what you think.”

Qi Le grunted and replied, “I don’t know anyone anyways. We can pick anyone. I don’t mind.”

Ning Xiao nodded and finally got down to business. “What’s the matter with you lately?”

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“Rb mbwwfca.” x XOsU

Rlcu Wljb kjr rlifca obg j wbwfca. Ccs batfg alwf tf tfjgv atlr, tf kbeiv tjnf ifoa. Ufgtjqr atlr mbiv kjg kjr abb tjgv ab yfjg. Lf vlvc’a wbnf, yea tlr fsfr ugfk mbivfg. “P mjgf jybea sbe.”

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“Ktfgf’r cb cffv.” Hl Of kjnfv tlw jkjs. “Xfa bea bo tfgf jcv ifjnf wf jibcf.”

With the situation reaching this point, Ning Xiao would only stay if he was completely shameless. He glanced at him coldly, turned around and walked away. Returning to his seat with a cold expression, he remained silent for a moment. Then, he pulled out his cellphone to look for someone to chat with. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t find someone else that he would like. After chatting with a few people, he suddenly got a text message. When he opened it, he found that it was from a Qi Le’s little brother, whom a certain someone often called “little baby.” The message read: “They said that you have finally started to get in contact with the little zeros again. Are looking for a fuck buddy?”

He banged on the keypad. “Even if I am, you don’t have a chance. I’ve long been bored of you.” HEFoSd

Baby Face on the other end quickly replied, “I know. I just want to ask you if it’s because you been beaten by Xiaoyuan ge.”

Ning Xiao, “…”

Baby Face continued, “I heard my brother say he has multiple personalities. I checked on the internet and found that each personality has their own memory and preference. In view of the current situation, this personality is completely opposite to the former Xiaoyuan ge, and the things he likes are also two complete extremes.”

Ning Xiao thought for a moment. It really did seem to be the case. He held back his temper and asked, “So?” F0IzZW

Baby Face answered, “The old Xiaoyuan ge really loved you.”

“…” Ning Xiao’s face darkened immediately. The man was obviously saying that the current person hated him very much. He wasn’t interested in talking rubbish with him again. He immediately blocked his number, threw his cellphone on the table, and subconsciously looked over at the man. His eyes which were cold looked a little confused.

Qi Le struggled to go through class and kept pulling out his cellphone to look at the time. Finally, he made it until noon. As soon as he heard the teacher say that class was over, he picked up his bag and ran off. He stood downstairs waiting for Gu Bai and asked him when he would see his Dad.

Gu Bai knew that he was growing more and more nervous lately, so he had to be patient with him. “Where would you like to eat?” 1wSr2N

Qi Le opened the door, got into the car but didn’t answer. He looked at him impassively. “Where’s my father?”

“He has just arrived. He’s going to the hotel for a business meeting. With all the socializing, I don’t think he’ll have the time today.” Gu Bai rubbed his head. “I’ve already called and said I have something to talk to him about. I’ve made an appointment to see him tomorrow.”

Qi Le muttered an “Mmm,” and sat down obediently.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai drove off. “Where should we go for lunch?” aqrEWv

“Up to you.”

“Don’t say that, just think of somewhere. Use your head so you won’t think of anything else.”

Qi Le pouted. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly asked, “You said you would treat me to roast duck. You haven’t, have you?”

Gu Bai smiled and drove to the roast duck restaurant near S University. The food in this restaurant tasted pretty good but Xiao Le used to have heart disease and couldn’t eat anything oily. Now that he had switched bodies, he didn’t have this concern. The two of them went in, looked for a place to sit down, ordered, and waited patiently. It was noon and the place was already crowded. Most of the customers were students from nearby. Qi Le looked around to see if he would meet any of his former classmates only to see someone who looked rather familiar sitting among five or six people at another table. It was the Taoist priest. HPkipC

They were all students from S University and were sitting at a good table. Obviously, they came early. They had already finished eating and were ready to leave. The Taoist priest suddenly saw him when he turned around and asked his friends to leave first. He came over to sit down and stared at a certain someone unblinkingly.

Although he looked calm, his eyes were gleaming faintly. Qi Le had never been looked at by this person with such a passionate gaze. He immediately shrank behind. “…What do you want?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Taoist priest stared at him. “Your ideas are very good. I can make hundreds of Yuan in a day.”

Qi Le’s lips twitched. He thought to himself that each talisman cost 10 yuan, and 10 customers would earn him 100 yuan. This person was the student body president. Even if he had amnesia, he should have quite a few supporters. Besides, the names of these talismans were rather interesting. Curious people would buy them, especially girls. He nodded, “Oh, is there anything else?” lAQsoH

“Not many people want to buy the guarantee talismans. They don’t sell at all.”

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  1. Ah now I’m getting more nervous like Qi Le is. Hoping his father would take the news calmly and positively. Thanks for the translation.

      • remember Lu Yanbin’s mentioned friend who was an S University professor pursuing a cold personality student. he bought two strange items and even showed him an AV just to get a reaction from him. I think that’s our boy’s future husband. 🤣🤣

        • Ahhhh~ that’s right, I’d forgotten that bit. Wonder just how he reacted 🤔 it was probably priceless 😂