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This World Has Gone CrazyCh51.2 - Matters From The Past (Part 2)


Qi Le snorted and continued to read. There wasn’t any class at the moment and the corridor was full of people coming and going. Although it was noisy, the row he was sitting at was near the front and was very close to Wan Lei who was in the front row. The man could hear their conversation clearly and was in a good mood at once. He was an out-of-town student so he didn’t know many people here and had gotten Ning Xiao check a few days ago. However, since he discovered the truth, he didn’t have much contact with the man. After all, Ning Xiao was mostly to blame for Xiaoyuan’s current state and it was already great that he could hold himself back from punching him.

He glanced at Xiaoyuan and couldn’t help coming over. He hesitated before asking, “How do you know about this? Did you recall anything or did someone tell you that?” ZC72zJ

“I overheard others talking.” Qi Le looked up at him. Although the video was blurry, it was this person who came forward to wipe his face and wave the crowd away. He asked curiously, “Why do you want to cure me of my illness? When I’m all cured, I’ll continue chasing that scum relentlessly. What’s the point?”

Wan Lei was silent for a moment. “You don’t understand.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le felt that it was even more strange. Seeing that he was still standing, he pointed to the seat beside him. Wan Lei glanced at him, turned back to get his books, then sat down.

What I meant was to have a chat with you, not for you to sit here during class… Qi Le’s lips twitched but he felt that it was too impolite to drive him away now and had to endure. He lowered his voice, “You’re also gay and like the previous person, right?” qP r1A

Wan Lei paused slightly and laughed bitterly. “Gays have always had very accurate radars.”

What stupid radar… Qi Le blinked. “Did the person before know you were gay?”

“I think so. That’s why we have a better relationship than the others in class.” Wan Lei paused slightly and looked at him. “I asked the doctor and he said you could try hypnosis in this situation, but I’m guessing you’re unwilling.”

“My life is great now. Why would I want to switch back?”


“Then what does your older brother think?”

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“He showed me some Buddhist scriptures.”

Wan Lei, “…”

Wan Lei palmed his forehead. He knew that the man’s parents had died and that he had come out of the closet in high school. He had fallen out with his aunt a long time ago and didn’t intend to go back to them. So now, only Gu Bai and Ye Shuichuan had the right to involve themselves with his matters. The former certainly didn’t want him to switch personalities. He could only place his hopes on the latter, but he had forgotten that Xiaoyuan’s older brother… had always been unreliable. AOsIQU

He thought about it and felt that he should find a chance to speak to Gu Bai. Since the man liked Qi Le now, he certainly wouldn’t want Xiaoyuan’s situation to worsen, or even develop into murder.

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Qi Le raised his eyebrows. “What’s the matter?”

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Hl Of uijcmfv ja tlw jcv jrxfv bea bo meglbrlas, “Qts bc fjgat vb sbe kjca ab mtjcuf wf yjmx?” LIUygd

Qjc Ofl rwlifv ylaafgis. “Po sbe vbc’a mtjcuf yjmx… atfgf’r fnfc ifrr tbqf obg wf, gluta?”

Qi Le was surprised. “Did he know you like him?”

“No,” Wan Lei thought of the man, his eyes a little distant. “Although he has a good character, he’s more persistent when it comes to emotions. If I told him that, he would only stay away from me and we won’t even be friends.”

“But since he’s so persistent, aren’t you equally hopeless?” 542pDd

“At least I could still try,” Wan Lei smiled. “Now… I can’t even do that.”

The result was that on the day Zheng Xiaoyuan died, you didn’t even get to say those three words to him. Qi Le looked at him and said, “He may never come out, do you regret it?”

Wan Lei was silent for a long time, sighing. “A little bit.” He paused slightly. “Are you willing to receive treatment?”

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I’m not sick to begin with… Qi Le looked at him sympathetically and turned around. “Class is starting.” chL1lK

Wan Lei smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything after that.

Qi Le listened attentively all the way till noon. Then, he packed up and went to Gu Bai. Wan Lei subconsciously wanted to ask for Gu Bai’s number from him so that he could talk to the man later. But on second thought, he might make this person resent him. He had to forget about it and wait for another chance.

Gu Bai parked his car at the main building and waited patiently for his wife. He saw him open the door and asked with a smile. “What do you want to eat?”

“Anything.” Qi Le turned to look at him. “Do gays have a gaydar?” cw9S8Q

Gu Bai paused slightly, rubbed his head and asked softly, “Who did you hear that from? Ning Xiao or Wan Lei?”

“Wan Lei.”

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“Oh, what else did you talk about?”

“A lot of stuff.” fbXvPR

Gu Bai sounded even more gentle. “So you and he were sitting together in the class?”

Qi Le blinked in confusion. “……Whaa?”

Gu Bai continued to rub his head, his touch getting more and more forceful. “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from him?”

“…We just suddenly talked.” Qi Le felt guilty and rubbed against Gu Bai. “Let’s go and eat.” TU1xsu

Gu Bai stared at him for a while, turned around to start driving, and decided that next time they rolled in the sheets, not only would he make Qi Le call him husband, but also get him to listen to him. He watched the road ahead and turned to important matters. “Your father will come back for some business talks in a few days. Do you want to see him?”

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Shocked, Qi Le opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

Gu Bai held his hand and comforted him. “Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you.”

Qi Le muttered an “Mmm” and then thought that if the process of recognizing each other went smoothly, then the matter between him and Gu Bai would have to be solved sooner or later. He immediately felt his liver quiver. Damn it, would he die if he came out of the closet? m9lck1

Gu Bai seemed to know what he was thinking. His hands held him tightly. “Don’t worry. Leave it to me. Don’t leave me no matter what happens.”

Qi Le trembled a little. “Mmm.”

Gu Bai took his wife to lunch and had a regular but warm day.

Yi Hang stared at the items on the Internet, specially found a store in this city, got someone to deliver to his door, then happily went to fetch his parcel, ran into the bathroom, and was finally satisfied. v7a2LA

Lu Yanbin came back in the evening. He put down his briefcase, poured a glass of water and went to the study to find his wife. When Yi Hang saw him come in, he was happy at once and ran over to him, “Darling, what do you want to eat tonight?”

He looked up and saw a scar across his face that stretched from the corner of his right eye to his left cheek, which looked extremely ferocious. In addition to that, a mole the size of a thumb was stuck to his chin, and there was even a short strand of hair sticking out from it, floating in the air with his movement.

Lu Yanbin was drinking when he saw his appearance and instantly spit out his mouthful of water. “Cough, cough…”

Yi Hang immediately dodged and asked happily, “Darling, what’s wrong with you?” xIzQ58

Lu Yanbin, “……”

“Darling, what are we eating? I’m hungry. “

Lu Yanbin, “……”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Lu Yanbin quickly hid his emotions, stared at him, and put the glass down. Then, he threw him over his shoulder, dropped him on the couch in the study and lifted his chin. 7TQGvM

“Ouch, ouch, ouch…” Yi Hang immediately whined. “It hurts ah. I used super glue so you can’t tear it off. Aiyo, stop! It fucking hurts!”

Lu Yanbin, “……”

Yi Hang snorted twice and looked up at him. “You like me, don’t you? If you can, then fuck me like this. I’ll see if this makes you sick.”

Lu Yanbin was silent for a moment. He let him go and stood up. iJdeE1

Yi Hang immediately showed off in an ostentatious manner. “If there’s nothing, I’ll continue playing games. Go get dinner.”

Lu Yanbin didn’t answer. He slowly began to unbutton his shirt, looked at him from above, his expression calm.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Hang. “=口=!!!”


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